How to take care of your new school magnet

Car Magnet Care

How to take care of your new car magnet

So, you’ve finally decided to get serious about fundraising and now you’re ordering custom car magnets for your school, little league team, church, etc. Trust me, you are going to be thrilled with the response as long as you had ARC Marketing design and print your magnets.

Car magnets are easy to take care of, but there are a few things you can do to make them last longer (and protect your car!). Most of these tips are really intended to protect your car’s paint. We know that our magnets are bullet-proof. We don’t know what condition your car’s paint is in, so most of these steps will prevent damage to your car.

Never put your magnet on a dirty car

The first thing you need to do before you put your magnet on your car for the first time is to clean the area that you will be putting the magnet on. For best results, wash and wax your car (for some people this is an annual chore!). Putting your magnet on a dirty car will probably result in small scratches over time beneath the magnet. Our magnets have a tremendous amount of “pull strength” (this is the metric used to measure a magnets strength). Since the magnet will be pulled tight against your car, any movement of the magnet will scratch the paint if there is dirt or grit between the magnet and the car.

Make sure your magnet and car are dry

Don’t let moisture stay beneath your magnet for long periods of time. That moisture can get very warm in the sun. Also, if the magnet is over a paint blemish, the water could be in contact with bare metal and might promote rust. This doesn’t mean you need to dry your magnet every time it rains but leaving moisture between your magnet and car can cause problems for your car’s paint.

Remove and clean both sides of your magnet at least once a month

A clean magnet will look better and it will be easier to read. But there are other benefits of a clean car magnet; it will last longer! Again, the purpose of this step is to protect your car. Here’s another thing you should do while you’re cleaning your magnet… put it somewhere else on your car! Why? Because your car’s paint is slowly fading from the sun. Leaving your magnet in the same spot over a long period of time will leave a spot the same size and shape of your magnet in your car’s original color!

Put your magnet on the back or side of your car

Do not put your magnet on the hood of your car or on your car’s roof. Putting the magnet on a horizontal surface like the hood, roof or trunk lid will generate a lot of heat from the sun. Putting it on a vertical surface like the back or side of your is not only safer, it looks better. Besides, nobody can see if from another car if it’s on your hood.

Remove magnet by lifting entire magnet from surface

Important… do not slide the magnet across the surface of the car’s paint. Any debris, dust, etc. will act like sandpaper and will damage the paint. Duh.

Simple, right?

It really is! Just remember these two things… put your magnet on a clean car and move it around occasionally.

Here’s something just as simple… getting customized car magnets from ARC Marketing. We have a full service art department standing by to help design your new magnet. And guess what? All artwork is free at ARC Marketing. So just give us a call at 760-743-6340. or email me at

Easy Fundraising for your PTO or PTA

school magnets

Custom school magnet

Wow! We’re almost to the end of another year, and hopefully this has been a successful fundraising year for your PTA or PTO.

PTA’s and PTO’s exist to create a bridge between parents and their schools, but one of your most important jobs is FUNDRAISING! That’s in capital letters for a reason… it’s IMPORTANT!

How many fundraisers do you conduct during the school year? I would be willing to bet that it’s more than 10.

You probably have a large annual event which might include dinner, entertainment and a silent auction. Planning and conducting events like this take a lot of time and a lot of help. You can raise a lot of money with these, but they are very labor intensive. PTO Today Magazine published a great article on Silent Auction fundraisers. You can read that article here.

You probably have a few other slightly less labor intensive (but lower revenue) fundraisers such as

  • Car Washes
  • Bake Sales
  • Carnivals

These are going to eat up a lot of your time, and honestly won’t bring in much money. Most PTA/PTO’s conduct this type of fundraiser just one time before they learn! Just take the simple car wash for example. First, you need to convince a business, or someplace with a large paring lot, to let you hold your car wash on their property. That can be more difficult than you might think. Next you need to get all the supplies:

  • A dozen buckets
  • 3 or 4 hoses (at least 50 feet long each)
  • Sponges
  • Car Washing Detergent (yeah, it’s different. You can’t use Dawn.)
  • Buckets
  • Chamois, paper towels, drying rags
  • 15 – 20 unlucky volunteers
  • And more

Do all of that and you might make a hundred bucks.

Now we move on to the “sales & product” fundraisers. These are where you go out and sell merchandise. In the past, you would send out the 5th graders to walk the neighborhood, knocking on doors and trying to sell merchandise.

  • Huge Chocolate Bars
  • Wrapping Paper
  • Discount Cards

I think the days when you turn the 5th graders into traveling salesmen are over. It’s a weird world out there in 2019 and most parents won’t let their kids participate.

But here’s another idea, and this product will practically sell itself. I’m talking about a customized car magnet. Along with your help, out talented art department will create an amazing looking magnet using your school name, your school magnet and in your school colors. Selling these are easy; no door-to-door sales. Just stand in the school parking lot during morning drop-off with a handful of your custom school magnets and sell them to the parents for $10 each. Sell 250 magnets and earn a profit of $2,000.

It’s easy. And we’ll make it even easier. We’ll do all of the design-work (for free, of course). We’ll print your magnets and ship them to your home or school. Then you just stand in the parking lot and make money.

Give us a call at 760-743-6340 for more info or visit our website at

School Magnets for Fundraising

Fundraising School Magnets

So, you’ve decided that a custom school magnet will give a boost to your annual fundraising. Well, you are 100% correct. In fact, school magnets will probably prove to be the easiest, highest profit fundraiser that you conduct all year. ARC Marketing has designed and printed custom magnets for thousands of schools over the years, so we know what we’re doing.

And getting your custom magnets is so easy.

We will…

  • Design your new school magnet at no charge (we have the best art department in the industry).
  • Print your magnets on the best outdoor magnetic material using the most durable UV Resistant Inks
  • Ship your new magnets to your home.

You will:

  • Sell your magnets for a 100% profit (or more)
  • Make a ton of money for your programs
  • Look like a hero to the rest of the school

I know it and you know it. You have many options when it comes to fundraising for your school. In fact, you will probably run about a dozen fundraisers during the school year. This will  include a mix of projects. Some will make a lot of money and some will end up being a waste of your time. Some will take a lot of effort to put together and some will be very easy.

This is going to change the way you think about fundraising. Sure, you’ll still need to conduct those labor-intensive, time-wasting fundraisers (like car washes and bake sales), and they will make a lot less money for a lot more work than your school magnet fundraiser will.

But you will still waste your time with those, because conventional wisdom says you must.

So, now it’s time to break the old habits of your previous PTA/PTO boards and add a fundraiser that will run itself.

Getting started is simple. Just click here and give us a little info about your school and your new school magnet. Then one of our talented artists will create your initial design and we’ll email it to you in about 1 day. After that, just let us know how to fine tune your design (remember, all artwork is free at ARC Marketing).

Old School? Then just pick up your rotary phone and give us a call at 760-743-6340!

School Magnets

School Magnets

Fundraising is a Year-Round Job!

I know, school started more than a month ago, and you had spent the month before that getting all of your fundraising projects in order. So now, you can just sit back and relax, right?

Wrong! You can never quit fundraising. In the old days, your PTA/PTO was little more than a way for parents to stay involved with the school and your teachers. Your big fundraiser (if you even held a fundraiser), was a cupcake sale. Well, the 80’s aren’t coming back. It’s 2019 and fundraising is an on-going 12-month cycle of ways to raise money for your school. Your PTA/PTO has become a critical source of “gap funding” for your school. You supply extra money for everything from school supplies to playground equipment.

You already conduct enough labor intensive high-maintenance fundraisers (car washes, social nights, etc.). To make your life just a little easier, you also need a couple of fundraisers that are “set and forget”. You know, the fundraisers that run themselves.

Well, custom school magnets are exactly that. ARC Marketing will do all the heavy lifting. We’ll design your school magnet for free. We’ll print them and ship them to your school. All you need to do is slap one on your car, let the other parents know that they’re for sale, and collect the money.

But will the parents want school magnets for their car? Absolutely! When properly designed (we have the most talented art department in the school magnet industry), this magnet will look classy on any car. Plus, your parents love to brag about their kids and their school. The design of your school magnet is one of the most important parts of this fundraiser and we have that covered. The other important part is the quality of the magnet. We make the most durable car magnet in America, and our magnets will not fade or fall apart. Guaranteed.

So let us help. Give us a call or shoot us an email, and we’ll turn our art department loose and create a car magnet that you can be proud of. You can call us at 760-743-6340, or you can email me directly at