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Top 7 Tips for a Successful Fundraiser

School Magnets for Fundraising
School Magnets for Fundraising

Top 7 Tips for a Successful Fundraiser

Running a fundraiser for your group isn’t easy. Whether you’re new to the idea of running a fundraiser or you just want to make sure it’s successful, you need the right tips. Here are 7 tips for a successful fundraiser.

1. Figure out Your Needs

Before you start looking into the right fundraiser for your group, you need to figure out how much you need to raise. Maybe the new fundraiser will be one of several you run throughout the year. If you know how much money you need to raise, you can start to figure out the right fundraiser for your needs.

2. Set Goals

It’s best to set goals for your fundraiser and you might want to set goals a bit higher than your needs. If you’re trying to raise $4,000, consider setting your goal at $5,000. That way, if you fall a bit short, you’ve still met the need for your group.

3. Choose Good Leaders

Every fundraiser needs leaders. You need someone in charge of the entire thing, along with people to organize and run different areas of your fundraiser. You might want to choose a treasurer to handle the money and a few other leaders to keep things organized and on task.

4. Choose the Right Fundraiser for Your Group

Every group is different and there are several types of fundraisers you can choose from. Some of the most popular fundraisers include:

  • Selling food items
  • Selling custom car magnets
  • Running a Gala event
  • Running a Silent Auction
  • Holding a car wash
  • Organizing a golf outing

Many other fundraisers are also available. Selling custom car magnets is a great option because it’s easy and highly profitable. Choose the right fundraiser for your group and you’ll be better equipped for success.

5. Have a Plan

If you’re going to sell something and the members of your group are going to be your sales force, make sure you include sales training in your plan. A plan is the best way to ensure you run a successful fundraiser. With a good plan, you’ll be better equipped to run a successful fundraiser without as many issues along the way.

6. Check the Tax Laws

You want to make sure you follow the federal, state, and local tax laws for non-profit fundraising. Make sure you don’t do anything you shouldn’t and check with your accountant or attorney about the specific tax laws you need to cover.

7. Offer Prizes and Incentives

If your fundraiser includes children selling a product, prizes and incentives can be very powerful. Children will go nuts trying to reach certain levels to earn prizes, especially if they fit with what they enjoy.

Even adults can be motivated with the right incentives. If you offer top seller prizes and other prizes for other levels of sales, you will likely be able to increase your overall sales for the fundraiser.

These seven tips will help you run a successful fundraiser. Make sure you have a plan and you choose the leaders wisely.

Fundraising Car Magnets

How to Run a Successful Youth Group Fundraiser

School Magnets

School Magnets

How to Run a Successful Youth Group Fundraiser

Running a successful youth group fundraiser isn’t easy. It can be difficult to generate the necessary sales and create the demand you need.

Motivating your members to sell any products to prospective buyers is key to the success of your fundraiser. Let’s look at a few key tips to help you create a successful youth group fundraiser.

4 Tips for Your Youth Group Fundraiser

1. Choose the right fundraiser

Picking a good fundraiser is the first key to success with a youth group fundraiser. Custom car magnets offer an easy option to raise money. They are easy to sell and offer the ability to display any message you want.

You want to make sure you choose a fundraiser your participants will be excited about. If those selling the product aren’t excited, it will become difficult to raise money from your fundraiser.

2. Make it easy on participants

Several fundraisers require you to take orders, collect money, and distribute a product later. Some even require special storage, such as food products.

The easier you make it on your participants, the more you will likely sell, and the more funds you will raise. Custom car magnets offer an easy option since you’ll order the magnets, and then sell them.

You can even partner with local sports teams and split the funds. Just have the custom magnets printed to represent their team and sell the magnets at the sporting event. Offer to do all the work and give the team a cut of the funds you raise.

If you don’t want to deal with taking orders, collecting money, and distributing a product later on, choose a fundraiser you can invest in upfront and deliver the product the second someone makes a purchase.

3. Create enthusiasm

Providing good incentives for those participating in your fundraiser can help foster enthusiasm. If you want to run a successful youth group fundraiser, you must create enthusiasm within your sales force.

Prizes can help excite those selling. If the prizes make sense for your group and they are linked to the sales goals of the individual, it can go a long way to helping to create enthusiasm.

4. Create incredible value

Those buying whatever you’re selling need to see the perceived value. Sure, parents and a few others will buy anything to support their children in the youth group. However, outside of the parents, you need to add value to the rest of the audience.

You can add value by providing something people want and like. Showing pride for their church or for other local organizations is a great way to add value. Custom car magnets provide this opportunity.

Maybe there’s a local organization or cause that you could spread awareness for. It’s easier to show added value by providing something buyers want to support emotionally, such as cancer awareness.

Partner with a local organization or cause and raise funds and awareness at the same time. This is a great way to add value and increase demand for your custom magnet fundraiser.

Use these tips to help you create a successful youth group fundraiser this year. With custom car magnets, you can raise plenty of cash and these tips will help you sell more magnets to your audience.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Creating an Amazing Custom Fundraising Magnet

Top Tips for Creating an Amazing Custom Fundraising Magnet

Top Tips for Creating an Amazing Custom Fundraising Magnet

Top Tips for Creating an Amazing Custom Fundraising Magnet

A custom car magnet for fundraisers offers something fun and simple. Creating an amazing custom fundraising magnet will help you spread awareness and raise money for your group.

Whether you’re creating a fundraising magnet for a sport team, youth group, school, or church, the right design makes a difference. It needs to connect emotionally, stand out, and provide value for your audience.

5 Tips for Your Custom Fundraising Magnet Design

1. Use Emotion to Your Advantage

If you have a cause you can spread awareness for, use it to your advantage. Maybe your group wants to spread awareness about breast cancer. Create a custom fundraising magnet with a pink ribbon will help you connect with your audience on an emotional level.

Consider the different ways you can connect with you audience. Partnering with a cause can go a long way. Look for causes in your local area that will have an impact on your audience.

2. Pick the Best Size

Bigger is better, sometimes. With custom fundraising magnet the size you choose depends on what you plan to display on the magnet. The size will also change the price, so make sure you consider your budget.

You might want a larger custom car magnet so it will stand out better. Larger magnets can also provide more room if you need to display the logo or name of a sponsor.

While a one-inch larger custom car magnet might not seem that much bigger, it can make a big impact. That extra inch might allow for more awareness and the magnet becomes easier to spot.

3. Choose a Custom Shape

Maybe the standard oval or round shape simply doesn’t work for your needs. A custom shape can make your fundraising magnet unique. It can make it stand out even more.

Football teams can choose the shape of a helmet, while churches can use the shape of a steeple or a cross. With a custom shape, your magnet won’t be like all the other magnets.

4. Pick Good Colors

For some, the colors will simply be the team colors, school colors, or the same colors found in your logo. For others, designing the right custom fundraiser magnet means choosing the best colors. You want to make sure the colors work together and get your message across boldly.

5. Get Creative, but Keep it Simple

Creativity will go a long way in ensuring your magnet stands out. However, if you go overboard, it could become too busy and your message might become blurred.

Take your magnet to the next level with creative graphics and fun colors. Just make sure it’s simple enough to get your message across without seeming too busy.

Designing the perfect custom fundraising magnet doesn’t need to be difficult. Use these five tips to ensure you have the perfect custom car magnet for your upcoming fundraiser.

Our professional design team will help you every step of the way. We can make recommendations to ensure you have a great fundraising magnet your audience will love.

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Custom Car Magnets vs. Candles for Fundraising


Custom Car Magnets vs. Candles for Fundraising

Custom Car Magnets vs. Candles for Fundraising

Custom Car Magnets vs. Candles for Fundraising

When it’s time to choose the right fundraiser for your group, you should look at custom car magnets vs. candles. Both offer the ability to make money for your group, but only one will be the right option for you.

It doesn’t matter if you’re raising money for a sports team, church, school, or any other group, the right fundraiser makes a huge difference. Let’s compare the custom car magnet fundraiser to selling candles as a fundraiser.

Custom Car Magnets vs. Candles: Your Target Audience

Custom car magnets provide a very large target audience. Anybody wanting to show support for your group or team will be happy to buy a magnet and display it on their car. Heck, they will likely buy a new magnet every single year, which makes it very easy to use this fundraiser annually.

Candles are very popular, of course, and about 72% of homes in the United States have candles. However, the target audience is lower, especially without the ability to allow potential customers to smell the candles first. Some buyers can be very picky about the scents they like and candles don’t appeal to everybody.

Winner: The custom car magnet fundraiser wins when it comes to the target audience. This type of fundraiser offers a larger audience for more sales.

Custom Car Magnets vs. Candles: Distribution

Another important thing to consider when looking at custom car magnets vs. candles for your fundraiser is distribution. With candles, you’ll receive a catalog or a free candle kit, along with order sheets and collection envelopes. Those participating will need to take orders and will distribute candles later on after all orders have been received.

Custom car magnets are purchased upfront and sold on the spot. When someone decides to buy a car magnet from you, they pay you and you give them a magnet. This makes it easy to distribute your product without needing to take and fill orders.

You can sell custom car magnets at sporting events, at school, at church, during festivals and fairs, and at other events. They can easily be sold just about anywhere and distribution is simple.

Winner: Custom car magnets beat candles again because the distribution is much easier. You won’t need to take orders and fill them later with car magnets.

Custom Car Magnets vs. Candles: Price

When you plan a fundraiser, you don’t want to sell something so high in price it’s hard to sell. Of course, you also want to make sure there’s enough of a profit margin to make it worth the effort.

With custom car magnets, you can set your price at $10 or less. This makes it very easy to sell custom car magnets as $10 isn’t a lot of money for most people.

A candle fundraiser is another good choice when it comes to price. Most candles will sell for around $15, which makes them another low price item good for fundraising.

Winner: Custom car magnets and candles both offer a good price. For this category, it’s a tie.

Custom Car Magnets vs. Candles: Profit Margin

One of the most important factors in choosing a fundraiser is the profit margin. You need it to be worth it if you’re going to send your students, athletes, or participants out to sell something to raise money.

Candles offer a decent profit margin of around 50%. If you sell candles for $15, you’ll make about $7.50 per candle. This means you need to sell 100 candles to raise around $750 for your group.

With custom car magnets, the more you buy, the lower the price becomes. If you buy 100, you’ll pay $3 to $3.50 per magnet, depending on the size. However, if you buy 1,000 magnets, you’ll pay around $1 per magnet. You can even find a sponsor to cover the cost of the magnets in exchange for their name as the sponsor on the magnet.

With 1,000 magnets at about $1 each, you’ve invested $1,000 into your fundraiser. If you sell each magnet for an average of $7.50 each (offer 1 for $10 or 2 for $15), you’ll have $7,500 in sales. After your cost, you will have raised $6,500. The profit margin is approximately 750%!

Winner: When it comes to profit margin, custom car magnets beat nearly every other fundraiser available, including a candle fundraiser.

If you’re planning a new fundraiser for your group, consider a custom car magnet fundraiser. It’s a better choice for most groups compared to a candle fundraiser.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Create an Amazing Back to School Promotion With Custom School Magnets

School Magnets

Custom School Magnets

Create an Amazing Back to School Promotion With Custom School Magnets

Custom magnets offer one of the most popular fundraising choices for back to school. Even if you don’t plan to sell the magnets, they can offer a great way to show off your school.

With back to school time coming up fast, it’s time to lock in your fundraising ideas. Custom school magnets should be high on your list due to the high return on investment, the fun designs, and how easy they are to sell.

They may a great gift for back to school, sports teams, and more. You can use different magnets throughout the year for fundraising and awareness spreading campaigns.

Choosing the right design can be difficult, however. Let’s look at a few unique custom school magnet designs to help get your creative juices flowing.

Oval School Magnets

The oval shape is very popular and offers plenty of room to add text and images. Whether you want to add an old school building or a chain of kids holding hands, you have plenty of options to choose from. Of course, you can stick with the classic school logo and name, if you prefer.

Round School Magnets

Another very popular shape for custom school magnets is the round magnet. This design allows you to add a mascot or logo to the center with the school name or slogan on the outer rim. Round school magnets fit very well onto cars and offer an attractive choice.

The round school magnets work great for certain sports teams, too. They fit well for all of the following sports teams:

If you’re working on a back to school fundraiser for your sports team and the ball is a circular shape, round school magnets are a great choice.

Custom School Magnets

Maybe you want a unique shape that’s not round or oval. If you want to really stand out, you can choose unique shapes of all sorts. For example, you can create a football helmet or a puzzle piece design. Many other unique shapes are possible with an endless number of options.

One of the most popular custom school magnets shapes fits well for cheerleading. You can have a magnet designed like a megaphone with the cheerleading school name and mascot.

Let Us Help You Design Your Custom School Magnet

When it’s time to figure out the right design for your school magnet, our team is ready to help. At ARC Marketing, we offer free car magnet design for all our customers.

All you have to do is fill out a simple form with some information about the magnet you’d like. We will create a design for your free of charge. Even if you want us to make some changes, once it’s done, we will be happy to adjust the design to suit your specific needs.

When it’s time to start your back to school fundraiser, custom school magnets offer a great choice. With several design options, you can get the perfect magnet for your fundraiser this year.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Are Custom Car Magnets Weather Proof?

Are Custom Car Magnets Weather Proof?

Are Custom Car Magnets Weather Proof?

Are Custom Car Magnets Weather Proof?

Before you decide to use custom car magnets for your fundraiser, it’s a good idea to know if they are weatherproof. Taking care of these magnets will help them last longer. If you want to try selling magnets this year for a fundraiser, make sure you know what you’re getting first.

Custom car magnets are used for many different purposes. They are designed to be put on any metallic part of a vehicle and displayed with pride. Business owners use them for promotion, while schools, sports groups, and others use them as a fundraiser and to spread awareness.

How Custom Car Magnets Hold Up in the Weather

No matter the climate you live in, custom car magnets will hold up. Whether you’re in the Florida sun or the cold of Minnesota, custom car magnets will last.

The custom car magnets you get from ARC Marketing are designed for outdoor use. They are UV safe and they will last a very long time. Our magnets offer protection against the elements, no matter your climate.

While no custom car magnet will last forever, most magnets will last three to five years. Some will last longer, and it does depend on how much they are outside.

For example, a custom car magnet on a car stored outside year-round probably won’t last as long as one on a car stored in a garage most of the year.

Regardless, our magnets are weatherproof and will hold up in the rain, wind, snow, sun, and other weather conditions.

You want to make sure the custom car magnets you get are made for outdoor use. They should be made with high durability and weather-resistant materials. If you choose a cheap imitation, you won’t get a magnet that will last nearly as long.

Will My Car Be Damaged By The Magnet?

Figuring out if custom car magnets are weatherproof is a good place to start. However, before you start selling magnets as a fundraiser, you should also make sure the magnets won’t damage cars.

At ARC Marketing, we take pride in providing the best custom car magnets in the business. Our magnets are not cheap imitations and they don’t damage cars.

Some of the cheap imitations are actually refrigerator magnets and they are not designed for cars. They may come with a paper coating and wrinkle or fade quickly.

While it’s always a good idea to remove your custom car magnets when washing your car, our magnets won’t damage your car. Make sure you apply the magnet to a clean and dry metallic surface on your car, as well.

Choosing the right product for your fundraiser isn’t easy. If you’re considering custom car magnets because they are inexpensive, easy to distribute, and offer a high return on investment, you’re on the right track.

Since our custom car magnets are also weatherproof and won’t damage the vehicle, they make a perfect choice. Whether you’re raising money, raising awareness, or both, we’re here to help you get the right car magnets for your specific needs.

Fundraising Car Magnets

A Few Unique Uses for Custom School Magnets

School Magnets for fundraising

School Magnets

A Few Unique Uses for Custom School Magnets

With the school year right around the corner, it’s time to consider some of the ways you can use custom school magnets. Whether you’re trying to offer something as a gift to the parents of your students or you need a fundraising idea, there are plenty of unique options for school magnets.

School Calendar Magnets

One of the most popular types of magnets for schools is a school calendar magnet. These magnets can feature the name of the school, along with important contact information and a calendar running from August through July.

These magnets can be used as a fundraiser, but they can also be used as a giveaway for parents. They make a good choice for the fridge, filing cabinet, or door frame.

School Locker Magnets

If you want to give the kids a cool magnet or raise money while selling magnets to kids, locker magnets are a good choice. Every student probably wants to decorate their locker and show off their school pride.

Pick a magnet design that the kids will like and you might just have a great option for your fundraiser. You can even do a contest and let the students submit their design ideas. Maybe the best one gets a prize.

Custom School Car Magnets

An easy way to raise funds, custom school car magnets allow parents and other supporters to show off school pride. They are inexpensive and easy to deliver unlike other fundraising products, especially food products.

Not only can these magnets be used as a fundraiser, but they can also make a good promotional item or giveaway item for parents. You can partner with a business and let them put their logo on the magnets in exchange for the business paying for them.

Custom College Car Magnets

Even college students can use custom car magnets for a fundraiser. They can design an attractive magnet for their group and use it to raise money. Whether the funds are to support a group or an event, custom college car magnets are a good way to get people involved and raise the necessary funds.

Why Choose Custom Magnets for Your School?

With so many uses, it’s easy to see why so many schools already use custom magnets. They are very affordable and make a great option for fundraising.

PTAs, sports teams, and other school groups use custom car magnets for fundraising for a variety of reasons. Many groups don’t want to deal with food fundraisers anymore because of the difficulty and the need to take orders, store food, and deliver it. Custom car magnets don’t require all this hassle.

The cost is a huge reason why schools use custom car magnet. They are very cheap to buy and can be sold for a very nice profit.

No matter how you plan to use custom school magnets, ARC Marketing is here to help. We will help you choose the right type of magnet and the right design. When you’re ready to start your next school fundraiser, our team is ready to help you make it a success.

Fundraising Car Magnets

6 Tips to Help Promote Your Fundraiser

6 Tips to Help Promote Your Fundraiser

School Magnets

6 Tips to Help Promote Your Fundraiser

Choosing your fundraiser is a good start. However, if you choose a fundraiser that requires you to market, you need to know how to promote your fundraiser.

Selling custom car magnets doesn’t require a ton of promotion. Of course, the more you promote, the more you will sell, and the more money you will raise.

Holding an event for your fundraiser, you’ll likely need more marketing. Let’s look at some of the best tips for promoting your fundraiser.

Promote Your Fundraiser Fast With These 6 Tips

1. Social Media

One of the best ways to promote any fundraiser today is through social media. Most people will be happy to share your fundraiser, especially if they support it by purchasing a custom car magnet. This allows you to go viral in your local community and reach a larger audience without spending a dime.

You can promote on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and other social media channels. It’s not necessary to spend a dime and you can use local hashtags and tag local people involved in your fundraiser.

Get everybody involved in your fundraiser to share the same message a few times leading up to the fundraising date. You might be surprised by the reach you can gain with social media.

2. Take an Ad Out

You can take an ad out in the local newspaper to promote your fundraiser, too. This is usually a good way to promote an event fundraiser and won’t work well for other fundraisers, typically.

3. Get Excellent Sponsors

If you want to get others to promote your fundraising event, choose good sponsors. Good local businesses will promote you without you even having to ask. You can even provide them with some promotional materials, such as graphics for their website, flyers, and more.

4. Use Flyers

Putting flyers up throughout your community can help. Many apartment complexes, restaurants, libraries, and supermarkets allow you to hang up flyers. You can spread the message fast with flyers and they don’t cost much to create and print.

5. Have Participants Spread the Word

Often, with custom car magnet fundraiser and other fundraisers, getting those participating in the fundraiser to spread the word is powerful. For example, if you’re going to sell custom car magnets for your baseball team, you can get all the players to talk about the fundraiser to their family before it happens.

6. Create a Video

You can couple a video with your social media marketing for your fundraiser. Create a video and upload it to YouTube. Then, share it everywhere you can. Videos can be very powerful when it comes to spreading the word.

It’s much easier to run a successful fundraiser when you promote it properly. Even when you’re going to sell an item as your fundraiser, such as custom car magnets, you can promote it. The best part, you can promote your fundraiser without spending a dime, if you choose the right options, such as making a video and using social media.

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How to Get Children Involved in Your Fundraiser

How to get Children Involved in Your Fundraiser

4 Tips to Help Get Kids Involved in Your Fundraiser

How to Get Children Involved in Your Fundraiser

Many fundraisers require you to get the children participating in the activity involved. From baseball teams to school fundraisers, the children are likely on the front lines for your fundraiser.

If you don’t do something to help get the kids involved, your fundraiser may become a flop in a hurry. Here are a few tips to help get children involved in your fundraiser.

4 Tips to Help Get Kids Involved in Your Fundraiser

1. Choose the Right Fundraiser

When a child can get behind the fundraiser, they will be more willing to help. For example, if you design a custom car magnet to spread awareness about childhood cancer, and then you visit a cancer patient, they can make the connection easier.

Children will be more likely to help with the fundraising efforts if they understand why you’re raising funds. Sometimes, if they see the reason for the fundraiser and they engage in someone impacted by the disease, they are more likely to get involved.

2. Make it Visual

Maybe you’re raising funds for an upcoming field trip. When you design a custom car magnet and start selling it, your children need to know why.

Pictures of the place you will be going to may help them want to get involved. If they can see the end result or the reward, they are more likely to want to sell the magnets to help raise money for the field trip.

3. Make it Fun

Finding a way to make the fundraiser fun for kids will help get them involved. Children will want to help with your fundraiser if they think it’s fun or entertaining.

When you decide to sell custom magnets as your fundraiser, get the kids involved in the design process. Turn it into their own little business and they can play pretend as little CEOs to make the fundraiser fun.

4. Offer Incentives

Kids will go nuts over the right incentives. Do you remember when you had to sell something for school and the top prize was a new bike? Didn’t you want to sell as much as possible to win the bike?

Offering the right incentives can help your children want to be involved in the fundraiser. Prizes for different sales levels with multiple choices offer motivation for children to reach specific goals.

Teaching children how to become involved in a fundraiser is a great lesson. When parents just do the work for them and the child reaps the rewards, it’s not sending the right message. Getting them involved may not be easy, but it’s necessary.

When you choose to sell custom car magnets to raise funds for any reason, get your children involved in the process. If they feel like they had a say in the design, it becomes their own little business.

If you’re raising awareness, make it personal by visiting the cause you’re spreading awareness for. You can also offer incentives or show your kids what they will get if they participate.

Kids won’t just blindly help you with a fundraiser. However, you can get children involved in your fundraiser by using these four tips. When children are involved, fundraisers are more successful and the kids learn valuable lessons.

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Custom Car Magnets for Back to School Fundraiser & Campaigns


Back to School fundraising car magnets

Car Magnets for Back to School Campaigns

Custom Car Magnets for Back to School Fundraiser & Campaigns

The school year is right around the corner and it’s time to start figuring out your fundraising goals. Custom car magnets offer a great back to school fundraising opportunity with plenty of designs to choose from.

With the right magnet, you can provide necessary information or provide a way for parents and supporters to display their pride. Custom car magnets can be designed to be put on a car or even designed to be put on the fridge.

No matter the type of design you choose, a custom car magnet will help you raise money for your school. Here are some of the ways you can use custom magnets for your back to school fundraiser.

Display School Pride

Create a custom car magnet with your school logo on it so parents and other supporters can show their pride. These magnets will be easy to sell to parents and supporters, which makes for a great fundraiser.

When it’s time to go back to school, you can use custom car magnets to raise money for the school or other programs. Design magnets to fit each sports team and let them sell these magnets to raise money for their specific program.

Whether your school has a baseball team, football team, volleyball team, or basketball team, custom car magnets fit as an easy fundraising idea.

Provide Helpful School Information

Another option for custom magnets when doing a back to school fundraiser is designing a magnet with important information. You can include the most important phone numbers for the school, along with the school logo and name.

While this type of magnet won’t go on a car, it can be displayed on the fridge. Then, when parents need to call the school, for any reason, they will have the right phone numbers handy.

Support a Cause & Raise Awareness

Getting a custom car magnet designed to help raise funds for your school doesn’t have to be just about the school. You can have a magnet designed to support a specific cause, such as breast cancer awareness.

When you sell the magnets, you can even donate a portion of the proceeds to help support the cause. This will give you a triple-threat as you will be raising money for your school, supporting a worthy cause, and raising awareness all at once.

Provide a Useful Calendar

Another type of school car magnet you can design and sell as a back to school fundraiser is a calendar magnet. The top of the magnet can include the school name and useful information, such as the principal’s name and the main office phone number. The bottom can provide a calendar running from August through July for the current school year.

No matter the type of custom car magnet or custom school magnet you choose, your back to school fundraiser will be a hit. These magnets are easy to sell to parents and other supports of the school and they provide a high profit margin.

When you need to raise money for your school or school program, a custom magnet fundraiser offers a great option. Get all the students involved and you’ll be able to easily raise funds quickly.