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A Few Unique Ways to Partner with Businesses for a Custom Car Magnet Fundraiser

School Car Magnets
School Car Magnets

A Few Unique Ways to Partner with Businesses for a Custom Car Magnet Fundraiser

When you want to run a fundraiser, you can partner with a local business to help. Often, they will cover the cost or some of the cost of the school car magnets you want to sell. This can be a very powerful type of fundraiser and bringing on a partner can make it even better.

There are several ways you can partner with a business when running a custom car magnet fundraiser. Let’s look at a few of the best options to consider.

Top Ways to Partner with a Business for Your Custom Car Magnet Fundraiser

1. Straight Sponsorship

You can allow the business to add a small section to your magnet with the text “sponsored by:” and their business name. If there is room, you can even allow them to include a contact phone number or website.

With the straight sponsorship option, you might ask the business to cover the entire cost of your custom car magnets. In exchange, they get the advertisement on your magnet. This is a great way to make the magnets you sell bring in 100% profits.

2. To Support a Specific Cause

Maybe your fundraiser magnets will be sold to help support a cause. If this is the case, you might be able to get a business to sponsor your magnets for a mention at another fundraiser event or in a flyer.

You can even partner with the actual cause, if there is a non-profit in your area. They might split the cost of the magnets with you if you split the funds raised with them.

3. For a Discount

Maybe a local pizza shop will pay for all your custom magnets if you hand out a discount coupon with each magnet. This is a great way to get a local business to sponsor your fundraiser and pay for your custom car magnets.

If you know of a local restaurant, oil change company, shop, or anywhere else a coupon might work well, they might partner with you. This is another way to turn your magnets into pure profit for your fundraiser.

4. In Conjunction with an Event

Maybe you’re holding a golf outing and you need sponsors. Often, sponsors for an event like this will sponsor a hole or tee box for a specific cost. It’s also possible to give away a sponsorship to a business willing to foot the bill for your custom car magnets.

This can be done if you plan to hand out magnets at the event or if you plan to use the magnets in the future as a fundraiser. Either way, you can get the cost of the custom car magnets covered and give a business a sponsorship they will be happy to have.

There are many ways you can partner with local businesses when running a custom car magnet fundraiser. Often, this can help boost your profits and might turn each magnet sale into 100% pure profit for your organization.

Fundraising Car Magnets

How to Increase Your Fundraiser Turnout & Profits Fast

Fundraising Car Magnets
Fundraising Car Magnets

How to Increase Your Fundraiser Turnout & Profits Fast

Choosing a fundraiser is just the beginning of the journey to profiting for your organization. Whether you choose a custom car magnet fundraiser or another option, you need to know how to increase your profits and turnout.

If you plan to hold an event fundraiser, sell a product, or hold some other type of fundraiser, you need the right tips to help. Let’s look at a few tips to help you increase your fundraiser turnout and profits.

Top 6 Tips for Better Fundraiser Profits and Turnout

1. Keep Things Simple

One of the reasons fundraisers don’t bring in nearly as much cash or people is due to a complicated promotion. When you sell something, keep the pitch simple. Whether it’s a product, a ticket to an event, or asking for donations, keep the pitch simple.

2. Take Advantage of Technology

Even if you’re simply selling a product, you can use social media and other forms of marketing to sell more. You can even allow people to donate through their mobile phones or online. No matter the type of fundraiser you’re running, you need to use technology.

3. Communicate Clearly

You need to make sure your message is clearly communicated to your donors or participants. This is very important but doesn’t have to be difficult. Simple thank-you cards after a donation or a purchase can go a long way to increasing your profits in the future.

4. Brand Everything

Whether it’s a flyer, a pamphlet, a school car magnet, or anything else, make sure it’s branded to fit your organization. This will help communicate your fundraiser faster and easier.

5. Keep Things Personal

You need to connect with donors and buyers, no matter the type of fundraiser you’re running, it needs to connect personally with your audience. When people can connect with your organization on a personal level, they are more likely to donate more, buy more, or participate more.

6. Be Transparent

When you raise money for any organization, you should be transparent about where the money goes. For example, if you’re raising money for a baseball team to buy new equipment, once you buy the equipment, show donors what they helped you get for the team.

Transparency helps bring donors back as they know their money is used for what they were told it will be used for. This can be a powerful way to keep donors coming back, whether you’re selling custom car magnets or asking for direct donations.

There are many ways to bring more people to your fundraiser and make more from each fundraiser. Whether you’re raising money for your school, church, or another organization, these tips can help. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling a product or running an event, these tips can help.

One final way to boost your fundraising is to combine different fundraisers together. For example, you could hold a car wash and give away custom car magnets for any donation above $20. This can help to give you higher donations and more profits.

If you’re planning to hold a fundraiser, you’ll want to use these tips to increase turnout and profits. Put together a plan and use this information to help make your fundraiser a success.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Top Fundraiser Ideas for Elementary Schools

School Car Magnets
School Magnets

Top Fundraiser Ideas for Elementary Schools

When you need to raise money for an elementary school, you have to know the right fundraising ideas. There are plenty of things you can sell or use as a way to raise money for an elementary school.

Some schools use golf outings and other events. Others sell food products or custom car magnets. Often, schools use multiple fundraising ideas throughout the school year. Here are some of the top options for elementary school fundraisers.

Best 4 Elementary School Fundraising Ideas

1. Custom School Car Magnets

One of the best ways to raise money and spread brand awareness for your school is through custom car magnets. This type of fundraiser can be paired with another fundraiser or stand on its’ own. It can even become something you sell throughout the year to raise money for your school.

With a well-designed custom car magnet, you’ll be able to spread your school throughout the community. This can lead to new students paying tuition, new donors, and money raised from each school magnet sold.

Custom car magnets are very budget-friendly, customizable, and can become an annual fundraising idea. They can be used in many different ways to help raise money for your elementary school.

2. Sell a Food Product

Another popular fundraiser for elementary schools is selling food products. From cookie dough to pizzas to popcorn, you can sell all types of food products. The main benefit of this type of fundraiser is how easy it can be to sell a food product.

However, you will also have to store and distribute the items you sell. Often, this type of fundraising idea will require special storage, order taking, money collecting, and delivering the product. It can be hard to organize this type of fundraiser.

3. Hold a Car Wash

While elementary school kids are not always old enough to do all the work at a car wash, they can contribute. With the help of some of the parents, a car wash can be a great fundraiser idea for your elementary school.

You can even pair this with custom car magnets to get higher donations. Maybe the regular donation for a car wash is $10. You can give away a magnet for every donation of $15 or more to make more money from your car wash.

4. Sell Another Product

From candles to flowers, you can also have elementary school students sell a non-food product as a fundraiser. This can work well, but will still require order taking and delivery. However, at least with a non-food product, you won’t need special storage.

Sometimes, this type of fundraiser will work well during a specific time of year. For example, selling flowers is great around Mother’s Day, but might not be so good during the winter.

There are many great elementary school fundraising ideas to consider. If you want to enjoy a successful fundraiser for your school, consider one of these four ideas and you can certainly raise the money your school needs.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Most Common Types of School Magnets

Most Common Types of School Magnets

When you’re considering a new fundraiser for your elementary school, middle school, or high school, you want the right one. Selling custom school magnets often makes a lot of sense.

Not only will you get a high profit margin, but you will also be able to promote your school at the same time. Custom school car magnets offer a great way to raise money for your school or for a school program or club. Let’s look at some of the most common types of school magnets to consider.

5 Popular Types of School Magnets

1. Custom School Car Magnets

A magnet designed to match your school and be displayed on a vehicle is a custom school car magnet. These magnets offer a durable design to withstand the weather. They give your supporters something they can display and use to promote your school.

Often, this type of school magnet will include the school logo, URL, phone number, or address. They can be customized to fit your specific needs and design wants.

2. Calendar Magnets

Usually displayed on a refrigerator, a calendar magnet can help parents and supporters remember important dates. These magnets can be designed to show the schedule of a sports team, the schedule for the school, or any other schedule you want. They work great as a give-away item or as a fundraising magnet.

3. Team Spirit Magnets

Another type of school magnet you can design is a team spirit magnet. These magnets will represent a club or a sports team from your school. They are very popular for all types of sports and can work great to help fans support the teams from your school.

4. School Picture Magnets

These magnets are a little less popular, but can still work well. They typically include a cutout to display a picture behind them. It might be best to sell these around school picture time.

5. Contact Number Magnet

It’s also common for schools to design a magnet with all the important contact numbers. This may include the number you call if your child won’t be able to come to school that day. It may also include the number for the principal and for other school departments.

All of these types of school magnets can be very powerful. You can use them as a give-away to help remind parents of events or important contact numbers. Some can also be used for fundraising, such as the team spirit magnets and the custom school car magnet.

Of course, with the right custom car magnet, you can also promote your school throughout your community. This works great for private schools or those counting on tuition to help support them.

No matter the type of school magnet you choose, it will likely go over very well with parents and supporters. You can start by creating your design with our free virtual design tool. Of course, if you need additional help, we are always here to help you.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Top Fundraiser Ideas for Middle Schools

School Car Magnets
School Magnets

Top Fundraiser Ideas for Middle Schools

Middle schools need the right funding for programs and other things throughout the school. Finding the top fundraiser ideas for middle schools can help. There are plenty to choose from, but they are certainly not equal.

Before you make your final decision, make sure you consider what fits best for you. Some options may not work as well for your specific situation as others. Let’s look at some of the top fundraiser ideas for middle schools.

4 Top Middle School Fundraiser Ideas

1. Custom Car Magnets

One of the best fundraiser ideas for middle schools is selling custom car magnets. These magnets can be created to match your school and provide something supporters will like. Plus, they do more than just raise money for your middle school.

When you decide to sell custom car magnets as a fundraiser, there’s is no expiration date. You can sell a new magnet every single year and raise money throughout the entire year.

School magnets also have a higher profit margin than other middle school fundraisers. You can get these magnets for as little as a dollar. They can be sold for as much as $15. Even if you sell these magnets for just $5, you will make a very nice profit margin.

2. Hold a Car Wash

Middle school students are old enough to help out with a car wash. You can hold a car wash in the school parking lot or in another location and raise money for your school.

This fundraiser can even be combined with selling custom car magnets. You can offer the magnets for a higher donation amount or you can flat out sell them at the car wash.

3. A Food Fundraiser

There are dozens of food fundraisers you can consider. From candy to cookies to pizza. These are popular fundraiser ideas for middle schools. However, they do require a bit more work than other fundraisers.

When you choose a food fundraiser, you’ll have to deal with storage, order taking, and order delivering. It’s a bit more of a process and the profit margin is only about 50%.

Food fundraisers may work well, but they can also be a bit difficult. You might struggle to sell to people trying to diet or those that practice a healthier lifestyle. Most food fundraisers are sugary foods or foods that would be considered junk foods.

4. Selling Flower Bulbs

In some cases, selling flower bulbs can be a good fundraiser. However, this type of fundraiser is a bit seasonal. You can’t run this type of fundraiser all year long, but it can still be a profitable option.

When you sell flower bulbs, you will also have a bit of a limited audience. Not everybody has the ability to plant flowers on their property. Compared to a custom car magnet fundraiser where anybody can buy a magnet, flower bulbs might be a bit harder to sell.

There are plenty of fundraiser ideas for middle schools to consider. These are just a few of the top ideas with custom car magnets leading the way.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Celebrate a Milestone with a School Car Magnet

School Car Magnets
School Car Magnets

Celebrate a Milestone with a School Car Magnet

School car magnets work great for fundraisers, as handouts, and for many other reasons. If you have an upcoming milestone, these magnets can help you celebrate. You can even use school car magnets for a special fundraiser around the milestone.

Whether it’s an anniversary for the school, a development milestone, breaking ground on a construction project, or any other milestone, celebrate with a school car magnet fundraiser. This allows more people to feel involved in the milestone, as well.

How to Celebrate a Milestone with a School Car Magnet

You can use milestone school car magnet every five or ten years if you want. Celebrate your school’s fifth anniversary or tenth anniversary. Heck, you can even celebrate 25 years or 50 years if your school has been around longer.

These magnets can also work great when you have a new project going on. It could be renovating the library or adding on to the gym. Maybe you’re adding a few new classrooms. No matter what the project is, you can have a magnet designed to fit the milestone.

Of course, you can also have a special magnet designed if a sports team won a championship for your school. Maybe the football team is the state champions for the year. A special magnet to mark the milestone can work great!

There are many other things to celebrate, too, such as:

  • Honor Roll Students
  • Perfect Attendance
  • Blue Ribbon School Status
  • Other School Awards
  • Academic Achievements
  • And more!

You can use school car magnets to celebrate milestones every single year. The process is quick and easy.

Where to Start?

The design of the magnet is where you will start. You can use the free magnet design tool here to get you started. When you need help with the design, our team at ARC Marketing will be happy to help. We design magnets for all types of school milestones.

You will want to choose the shape you prefer. Maybe it’s a milestone that deserves a custom shape or maybe the oval shape will fit perfectly. Then, choose the fonts, logo, and colors. It’s best to match the colors to your school colors, in most cases.

If you are celebrating a sports achievement, using the school mascot makes sense. If not, maybe the school logo makes more sense. There are many design elements to consider to make your magnet perfect.

Celebrate & Raise Funds

In some cases, it makes sense for your milestone magnet to be a fundraising magnet. If the football team just won the state championship, selling a custom magnet to commemorate the event should be pretty easy. Most students that support the team, along with other fans, will want to show off their pride in the team for the rest of the year.

Even an anniversary magnet can make for a good fundraiser. Milestone magnets work great as fundraising magnets, especially if you usually use a common school car magnet for fundraising. Offering something unique can help draw in more supporters for your school.

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Top Fundraiser Ideas for Kindergartens and Preschools

Kindergarten and Preschool car magnets
Kindergarten and Preschool car magnets

Top Fundraiser Ideas for Kindergartens and Preschools

Kindergarten is a unique age. When you need to raise funds for a kindergarten or preschool, you need the right fundraiser. There are many different options to choose from.

Whether you’re trying to raise a small amount or a large amount, the right fundraiser goes a long way. Some fundraising ideas might not fit for this age group. Let’s look at some of the best options to choose from.

Best 5 Fundraising Ideas for Kindergartens and Preschools

1. Sell Custom Car Magnets

A custom car magnet can easily be designed to represent your kindergarten or preschool. It’s a great fundraiser to allow parents and other supporters to show their pride in the school. Plus, the awareness gained from the magnets can help drive up enrollment at the school.

These magnets are inexpensive and come with a very high-profit margin. You can get your custom car magnets for as little as about $1 each. They can sell for $10 each or even more for your fundraiser.

2. Sell Fruit Rolls

Another good fundraiser for this age group is selling fruit rolls. Kindergarten students are at the age where these rolls fit with something they would like. This makes it a bit easier for this age group to sell them. They come in a variety of flavors and can help you earn a decent profit margin on your fundraiser.

3. Put on a Play

The students can put on a play and charge admission as a fundraiser. The play can also include concessions, which can be another form of raising money. Of course, the play is going to attract the parents and other family members to attend.

While you might not raise a large amount of money from putting on a play, it can easily be woven into the school year. It can provide an easy way to raise some funds without much extra effort.

4. Sell Flower bulbs

If you hit the right time of year for your fundraiser, you can sell flower bulbs. These are pretty easy to sell for kindergarten students and provide a good profit margin. However, this is a bit of a seasonal fundraiser, so you do have to plan ahead.

It’s also the type of fundraiser where you will take orders and deliver the product later on. The profit margin is about 50%, which is good, but not as high as other options on the list. You may also need to hit a minimum number of orders or pay a high shipping cost.

5. Sell Lollipops

Another fundraiser idea that fits well with the kindergarten school age is selling lollipops. It’s one of the easiest fundraisers to run and actually let the kids sell them. They provide a 45% profit margin, which is decent, but not as high as some of the other ideas on the list.

However, lollipops can be very easy to sell. They are inexpensive to buy, which can help students to sell more and earn your school more funds.

There are plenty of good kindergarten school fundraiser options out there. Choose one of the options on this list and you can raise money for your school this year.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Why Custom Car Magnets Work Great for Catholic Church and School Fundraisers

Catholic Church and Catholic School car magnets
Catholic Church and Catholic School car magnets

Why Custom Car Magnets Work Great for Catholic Church and School Fundraisers

Are you in charge of the fundraising for a Catholic church or school? Do you need a new idea to help raise more money? Custom car magnets can work great for your Catholic church or school fundraiser.

These fundraising magnets offer an easy way to promote your church or school through parishioners and the parents of students. Since your school or church likely depends on more students paying tuition and more people giving to support the church, these car magnets can offer a great way to raise funds.

Three Ways Custom Car Magnets Can Benefit Catholic Churches and Schools

1. Spread Awareness

When parents of students or those attending your Catholic church put a magnet on their car, they can spread awareness throughout the community. It can be a conversation starter or just a way for your church or school to get more members.

If you choose a good design, your magnet will stand out. This will help to draw attention. More people might want to join your church or even attend your school. With more members and students, you gain more tuition and donations to better support the entire community.

While church and school shouldn’t be all about money, gaining more members does grow the community. Growth is an important aspect and a wonderful benefit of growth is more money in the budget to support the school or church.

2. As a Fundraiser

You can use a custom car magnet to raise money for the school or church. Of course, these magnets can be used for more specific needs, such as raising money for a sports program, the building fund, or for the youth group.

You can even pair the magnets with other fundraisers. For example, you can sell them at the concession stand at sporting events or use them for specific donation levels at a car wash. There are many creative ways to raise more money with custom car magnets.

3. As a Reminder

While they are called custom car magnets, they can also go on the fridge or a filing cabinet. Any magnetic surface is a place where you can display these magnets. This means you can use them as a reminder.

You can put the school schedule on the magnet and include important dates. Maybe you would rather put Mass times on the magnet or church events. It’s even possible to create a schedule magnet for sports teams at your Catholic school.

Using these magnets as a reminder can help ensure more people show up for important events. This could include fundraising events, sporting events, church community events, and more.

There are many ways your Catholic church or school can use custom car magnets. Whether you give them away or sell them, you can gain many benefits from these affordable and versatile items.

With the right design, you can gain even more attention for your church or school. Start by using our free design tool and if you need help, you can always contact our design team.

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3 Great Custom Magnet Options for Schools

School Car Magnets
School Car Magnets for Fundraising

3 Great Custom Magnet Options for Schools

Schools are always looking for ways to raise money. A school magnet offers one of the best options as it can be sold year-round and have a very high-profit margin. With the right design, you can sell a ton of school magnets as a fundraiser.

Of course, before you choose the right type of magnet for your needs, you should know which ones are most popular. Many schools use custom magnets to represent their school, along with their sports teams. Let’s look at three very popular options you can use for your school.

Three Top School Magnets to Choose From

1. Car Magnets

When you choose to use custom car magnets for your school, they make a great option for parents and supporters. When someone puts the magnet on their vehicle and drives around the community, it helps to spread awareness. This is great for private schools and other schools trying to garner more attention.

With the right design, you can capture the attention of a ton of people within your community. These full-color magnets can help your school grow in popularity, too. They can also be used to boost school spirit when used to represent sports teams.

2. Fundraising Car Magnets

Of course, your school magnet can also be a fundraising magnet. These magnets can be sold to supporters to raise money for the school, for clubs, or for sports teams. Not only will these magnets spread awareness, but they can also help you raise money.

3. School Calendar Magnets

With this type of magnet, you get a design that will likely be fit for the fridge. It shows everything that’s going on during the school year, such as different events, conferences, and more. These magnets can be designed to represent a sports team and show off their schedule, too.

A Few Things to Consider with Your Custom School Magnet

Before you choose from the types of magnets, it’s important to consider your goals. Are you trying to raise money, remind parents of important events, spread awareness, or do you have another goal? The right type of magnet will make a difference, but there are a few other things to consider, too.

The Shape

You can create a custom car magnet for your school in the standard round or oval design. However, you can also create a custom-shaped magnet. This can give you an edge over other options as it will stand out even more.

The Colors

Of course, you want the colors to match your school colors. Make sure they are bright and bold. The right design should be easy to read and the colors should stand out quite well.

The Quantity

If you’re creating a school magnet to represent the entire school, you can give this away or sell it all year long. Consider how many you think you can sell before you choose the quantity if this is going to be a fundraiser.

A school magnet just makes sense for many different schools. Whether you’re trying to raise money or spread awareness, the right custom car magnet can make a huge difference.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Top Fundraiser Ideas for Private Schools

Fundraising car magnets for Private Schools
Top Fundraiser Ideas for Private Schools

Top Fundraiser Ideas for Private Schools

When you need to raise money for a private school, there are plenty of options. School fundraisers come in all shapes and sizes. With the right options for your private school, you can raise the money you need.

Before you make your decision, make sure to consider some of the top fundraiser ideas for private schools. Here are a few of the best choices.

5 Private School Fundraiser Ideas to Consider

1. Custom Car Magnets

With a custom car magnet fundraiser, you get the right product to sell to your supporters. Not only will they get to support the school financially, but they can also show off their pride in the school year-round. Custom magnets offer an option for parents, students, and anybody else to spread awareness for the school.

This type of fundraiser comes with a high profit margin and they don’t require any special storage. Some of the products you can sell will require cold storage and won’t have nearly the profit margin as custom magnets have.

2. Gala/Silent Auction

A private school can also hold a gala event with a silent auction for the fundraiser. This type of event usually requires some type of meal and entertainment. You can even have the students provide the entertainment with the band playing or by putting on a stage show.

Adding a private auction helps get the community involved. Have local businesses donate items you can auction off and the proceeds all go to help support the school.

3. Walk-A-Thon

You can get the students involved in a walk-a-thon fundraiser. Have them get sponsors that are willing to pledge a specific amount per mile they walk. Then, hold the event and see how far they can walk within a certain amount of time.

You can even pair a custom car magnet fundraiser with this event. If a sponsor pledges a specific amount (make it higher than the average) per mile, they get a custom car magnet.

4. Sell a Food Product

Many food products make good fundraiser ideas from cookie dough to pizzas. While these products may require special storage, they are usually pretty easy to sell. However, the one drawback is the lower profit margin this type of fundraiser has.

It can also be hard to sell food products at specific times of the year. January is a difficult month since many people are starting diets after the holiday season.

5. Gift Wrapping Fundraiser

Offering gift wrapping services or selling gift wrapping paper is a fun idea for your private school fundraiser. This idea can help you get the funds you need, but it only works well during the holiday season. The rest of the year, it will be difficult to make much money off this type of fundraiser.

There are plenty of great ideas for private schools to use for their upcoming fundraisers. Custom car magnets are a great choice and can even pair with other fundraisers to make them more effective. When you need to raise money, consider starting by designing a free virtual custom car magnet with our design tool here.