Fundraising Car Magnets

School Magnets

Fundraising Car Magnets

Okay, now it’s October and you haven’t decided on all your fundraising projects for this school year. So it looks like you’re going to come up short on your fundraising goals.

Not so fast. Did you know that car magnets are one of the highest profit fundraisers available, and that if you get started right now, we can have custom magnets in your hands in 2 weeks? That’s just 14 days for a unique, on-of-a-kind promotional tool that will bring tons of attention to your school, plus make a 100% profit or more.

Some people are intimidated by anything custom, preferring the ease of using a generic, “me too” item to sell to parents as a fundraiser.

  • We invite those of you who are intimidated by JPEGS, GIFS, PNGS and Vectored art files.
  • We invite you to experience the ease of getting a customized, me-alone item to sell to parents.
  • We do not charge a single penny for a professional magnet design (or 10 designs, if that’s what you need).

And don’t think that it can’t be good if it’s free. We have some amazing designers. Most of us got our experience designing promotional items (like magnets) for all the Professional Sports Leagues and Major Colleges. We’re talking NFL, Major League Baseball, NBA, NHL and NCAA. You don’t get paid to do work for those guys if you aren’t the best in your industry.

Bottom Line: your procrastination doesn’t need to ruin this school year. Reach out to us ASAP and we’ll design a magnet that you, your school and all your students can be proud of. And we won’t tell anyone that you kept putting this off (our little secret)!

Want more info on our amazing car magnets? Visit our website at

Get started now. Give us a call at 760-743-6340.

School Fundraising Magnets

Fundraising Magnets for your school

School Car Magnets

Okay, school has started, and your PTA or PTO still does not have all of their fundraising options lined up.

Well, there’s still time to run a successful custom car magnet promotion.

Combine our brilliant art department with our amazing production facility and we can have your new, custom magnets in your hands in about 2 weeks.

Car magnets are a year-round fundraiser, but it’s always best to start before the beginning of the school year. But with all the other things going on in your PTA or PTO, fundraisers tend to get put off. In fact, most of our customers call about this time a year and explain that they are late getting started. This is where we take over for you.

We will design your magnet at no charge, and we will use a professional human designer; not some automated do-it-yourself online template program that will leave you wondering how your magnets will look. We’ll print them on our state-of-the-art printing equipment, using the best magnetic material and the most durable UV resistant inks. We’ll package them with care and deliver them to your door via UPS. All you need to do is sit back and take all the credit!

Getting started couldn’t be easier. We just need a little info about your school (colors, mascot, wording on magnet, etc.), and we have a simple questionnaire that makes it simple.

Are you ready to get started? Click here to go to the “Design Questionnaire” and prepare to be amazed.  

School Car Magnets for PTA’s and PTO’s

PTA and PTO car magnets

School car magnets for fundraising

PTA and PTO Fundraising

Welcome to 2018. Another year, another budget cut. Some things never change, right?

Well, if you are an officer with your school’s PTA or PTO, fundraising is a big part of your job. You can help your school fill that funding gap with a high profit fundraiser.

You have many choices when it comes to fundraisers. In fact, most PTA/PTO’s run several fundraisers during each school year, many of them at the same time.

Car magnets just might be the easiest and most profitable item you can sell as a fundraiser. You can easily double or triple the amount that you pay us to design and print your weather-proof magnets. And it couldn’t be easier… we’ll design your magnet for free, then we’ll print your magnets and ship them to your door.

To get a few design ideas for your new custom car magnet, just visit our “Custom Car Magnet Design Gallery” on our website. Once you have a basic idea of how you want your magnet to look, just request a Free Virtual Magnet (that’s what we call the digital image of your new magnet) by clicking here and answering a few questions about your design.

Boom! You’re done. In about a day, you’ll get an email from us with your design. If you want us to make changes, that’s easy! We’ll do all the heavy lifting. You just sit back and take all the credit! In fact, you’re going to look so good after this fundraiser that you could be inducted into the Fundraising Hall of Fame.

Ready to get started? Give us a call at 760-743-6340 and be prepared to look like a fundraising rock-star.

PTA and PTO fundraising car magnets


Car magnets for PTA and PTO Fundraising

PTA and PTO Fundraising

Welcome to the new PTA and PTO Officers

School’s out for summer, and that means relaxing days, hanging out with the kids at the pool. Unless you are one of the new officers in your PTA or PTO.


If you are one of those lucky souls, then your summer will also include planning for the upcoming school year. The duties and functions of your PTA/PTO are many and varied, but there is one constant…fundraising. Your PTA/PTO will be constantly raising money to help your school. The money you raise and gift to your school might be helping to purchase things as important as computers for the students, or even florescent vests for your Crossing Guards. There are hundreds of ways that your donated money will be used.


If you Google “PTA fundraising ideas” you’ll get dozens of ideas, and most of them are very labor-intensive. In fact, they will resemble a full-time job. Most of these fundraisers will make you scratch your head in disbelief (will these events actually make money?). To get an idea of what I’m talking about, just click on the link from PTO Today.  I can’t even guess at how much preparation these fundraisers require to pull off successfully, but these type of events are critical to fundraising.


Your fundraising year does not include a single event that will meet your financial goals by itself. PTA and PTO fundraising is a year-long effort that will include several different events. A successful fundraising year is a mixture of various money making opportunities.


The easiest fundraisers are those that do not involve scheduled events (car washes, bake sales, etc.), but involve sales of merchandise to the parents of your students. Again, you can Google this and get a lot of ideas, but most of the items offered to PTA/PTO’s are pretty lame. But there are some items that you can sell that don’t insult your intelligence, like car magnets customized for you school (I’m a little biased because ARC Marketing makes the highest quality car magnets in America).


Car magnets should be part of your fundraising mix. We will do all the design work for free (we have awesome artists who know how to create cool designs), and we’ll print them and ship them to you in 2 weeks or less. Car magnets can be stored forever, so you can sell them all school year long. And you can make a lot of money with a custom car magnet. For example, if your school bought 500 oval magnets (customized with your school colors, your school mascot, your school name, etc.) and sold them for $6 each (that’s our suggested selling price), you would make $2,260.00!!! Not bad!


So, here’s what you need to do next; have one of our artists start working on your design. It’s free, it’s easy and it’s fun. All that we need to know from you is a little bit about your school (name, mascot, etc.) To get started, just click here and complete a short questionnaire. In about one day, your new magnet design will magically appear in your in-box and you’re ready to go. Rather talk to a real person? Give us a call at 760-743-6340 and we can handle everything over the phone.

Happy Fundraising!


Fundraising Car Magnets for your School

School Car Magnets

School Fundraising Car Magnets

Okay, it’s the middle of August, and your PTA/PTO still hasn’t finished their fundraising. Well, today could be the day that you can finally say “We’re Done!”.

The car magnet experts at ARC Marketing can design, print and deliver your new custom magnets in about 2 weeks. That means in about 14 days, your parents could be rockin’ your new magnet on their cars, trucks, mini vans, SUV’s and more.

Want to use this magnet in your refrigerator? No problem; this is a fridge-magnet on steroids. The magnetic strength of this magnet is about 10 times as strong as your typical fridge magnet. You can hold up a week’s worth of homework with this magnet. The days of slamming the fridge shut and having everything fall to the kitchen floor are over.

On your car, on your fridge, on your school locker… this magnet is going to put your school on the map and your fundraising on the fast-track to success.

How much can you sell these for? Quite a few schools are selling them for $10 each with no price resistance. Most parents realize that the money they pay for the magnet is a donation to the PTA, and the magnet is a gift for their donation, so in essence… money is no object.

How much money can you raise with our magnets? Let’s say you have us print 250 magnets at $2 each (your cost). Now let’s say you sell them for $7.50 each (that’s the average fundraising price). That’s a $5.50 profit on each magnet. Sell all 250 magnets and your PTA will raise $1,375. Try doing that with magazine subscriptions. Have a bigger school? Order more magnets and double your profits.

Now, we’re not saying that our car magnets are going to be all you need to do for fundraising this year, but custom car magnets should be part of your fundraising “mix”.

Let us help you get started with a free magnet design created just for you by one of our expert designers. It’s fast, it’s easy and it’s free. Just fill out a simple form, giving us an idea of how you would like your magnet to look, and we’ll get a design to you ASAP. Just click here, or give us a call at 760-743-6340.

Christian School Fundraising Ideas

Christian Academy car magnets

Christian School Car Magnets for Fundraising

Public Schools are not the only option for education in America. They are, however, the only option for an education paid for by your tax dollars.

Christian Schools and Christian Academies do not enjoy the funding advantage of public schools. The parents that opt for a Christian Education know full well that this is going to be a financial sacrifice from kindergarten through the 12th grade.

The tuition that the parents pay for a Christian education does not cover all expenses at Christian academies. Most Christian schools offer extra-curricular activities just like the public schools do (sports, bands, cheerleading, debate teams, etc.) and those activities need to be paid by the parents. It’s no surprise that fundraising plays a large role in paying for these.

As mentioned in many other posts on this blog, there are an almost endless number of fundraising ideas out there. Some are first class and generate a large amount of money for capital programs. Most are time-consuming, barely profitable and require that your student go door-to-door selling something that nobody wants.

Using a custom car magnet as a fundraising item is a bit different. The door-to-door aspect is unnecessary, the PTA or PTO handles the sale of the car magnets and word-of-mouth is the most common way that parents learn about the availability of the custom car magnets. Once theses magnets start appearing on cars around town, everyone is going to want one.

Here’s another strong benefit of a customized car magnet with your school name and logo… awareness! These car magnets will create a lot of brand awareness for the school. They create a sense of “community”. Imagine walking through the local mall parking lot and seeing dozens of cars with the same car magnet from your school. It’s a good feeling!

Let us show you how easy it is to get a custom magnet for your school. We’ll do all the work. We’ll design, print and ship your magnet, usually in 2 weeks or less. Our magnets are weather proof and fade resistant, so it will look awesome for years. To get started, just give us a call at 760-743-6340!

Car Magnets for Montessori Schools

Montessori School Custom Car Magnets

Montessori School Fundraising

Hey, you learn something new every day. We have been making custom fundraising car magnets for Montessori Schools for about 10 years, and I just realized that I really had no idea what a Montessori School was. So, I Googled it. There are an endless number of sites that try to explain how a Montessori School works, and what makes it different from traditional public schools.

After reading through about a dozen sites, I have distilled this down to the following sentence: “Montessori education is an educational approach developed by Italian physician and educator Maria Montessori and characterized by an emphasis on independence, freedom within limits, and respect for a child’s natural psychological, physical, and social development.”

Obviously it’s much more in-depth than that, but it sure sounds like it would have been a lot more fun than the public schools I went to in the 60’s.

Okay, so why would a Montessori School need a car magnet? In America, the majority of Montessori Schools are privately owned and do not receive financial support from the government. A growing number of them are joining the Public School System, but almost all of their money comes from tuition. This leaves a funding gap that needs to be filled by fundraising.

Most private schools put on elaborate Black Tie events to do the bulk of their fundraising, usually under the classification of Capital Funding Campaign. This is where like-minded patrons with deep pockets write the big checks that pay for the new gymnasium or new science lab.

But for the smaller projects which are funded by the PTA or PTO, a car magnet fundraiser could be a very important piece of the fundraising puzzle. An average size school could make several thousands of dollars by selling custom car magnets designed by ARC Marketing.

We’ll do all of the hard work; we’ll design your magnet, we’ll print and ship your magnet, we’ll create the collateral material you’ll need to sell your magnet (flyers, website images, emails, etc.) and we will rush your re-order when you sell out! Couldn’t’ be easier. Call us at 760-743-6340 and we’ll get started today!

Color Guard Fundraising

Color Guard Car Magnets

Color Guard Fundraising Car Magnets

Is Color Guard a sport, or a discipline? Both, according to those who participate. Either way, Color Guard is an Extracurricular Activity and is not funded by the school. This leaves most of the heavy lifting to the parents. This is why fundraising is just as important for Color Guard parents as it for parents of any high school sport or activity.

Like most sports, there is a lot of gear to buy for Color Guard. Of course you have uniforms to buy, but you also might need to provide your own Flag, Rifle and Sabre. Have you priced this stuff lately?

But wait… there’s more! We just Googled “Color Guard Expenses”, and here is what one school says you should expect to pay:

  • Marching Band Fee $100 per student
  • Uniform Cleaning Fee $50 per student
  • Instrument Rental Fee $45 per student
  • Travel Expenses $500 – $550 per student

And there could be more. There could be additional fees for Auxiliary Instructional Staff, Materials for the Field Shows, and on and on.

The point is that Color Guard is just as expensive as the main-stream sports such as basketball and football, except that the parents need to pay a greater portion of those expenses than most other sports.

Let’s bottom line this, fundraising is critical to the continued success of your school’s Color Guard. Every dollar raised through fundraising is one more dollar not coming out of the parent’s pockets. You can hold a car wash every weekend, and a bake sale every weekday, but those fundraisers are really not well received. We’re biased, but we think the easiest way to raise money is with a custom car magnet. Depending on how many magnets you sell, you can make $500 to $5,000 if you sell the magnets for $10 each (and that’s the price that most Color Guards sell their magnets for).

Let us design a Color Guard magnet for your school; no obligation. Then you can decide if this is something that will help your Color Guard (it will!). Give us a call at 760-743-6340 or visit our website at today.

Catholic School Fundraising

Catholic School Fundraising

Fundraising Car Magnets for Catholic Schools

Why do Catholic Schools love our custom car magnets? Is it for the money that can be made as a fundraiser, or is it so that they can show off? The obvious answer is “Both”.

Catholic schools are private schools, and do not receive any public funding. Most of the funding comes from tuition, but tuition alone does not pay all of the bills. The really creative Catholic School Parent/Teacher groups will find ways to help close this budget gap with various fundraisers.

Some of our Catholic School customers buy 500 or 1,000 customized magnets before the beginning of each school year, and then just give one to each parent for free. Their goal is to increase the awareness of their school in their community. You can imagine the impact of have a thousand cars driving all over town with your Catholic School logo on each car. This is the type of exposure that cannot be achieved with any other method of advertising.

Some of our other Catholic School customers are actually the PTA’s, PTO’s and other Parent/Teacher groups. They have us design an awesome car magnet, then they sell them to parents and faculty for $10 each. The same number of cars now have their magnet on them, broadcasting their school logo and mission statement day in, and day out. The big difference is this… the PTA now has $8,625 to donate to the school to help with scholarships, computers, and anything else the school needs.

Taking advantage of a car magnet fundraiser is easy… we’ll do all of the work! We’ll design your magnet, print your magnet, provide you with flyers, create the email images you need to inform your parents, create the website images you need to post on your school website… we do it all!

To get started, just give us a call at 760-743-6340 or visit our website at

Die Cut Letter Car Magnets for Schools

Die Cut Letter car magnets for schools

Die Cut Letter car magnets

School Car Magnets…

Your new custom car magnet does not have to be round or oval shaped (although those are the most durable shapes). Your new car magnet can be almost any shape, and we do not charge extra for uniquely shaped magnets.

Die Cut Letter Magnets, like those shown above, are very popular with schools. Combining your school colors with your letter or initials, and adding the school name creates a very impactful car magnet.

One downside to the die cut letter magnets is that there is not much room for words. Adding more than just the school name can mean hiding the die cut letters behind all of the text. Since the most effective car magnets have just one or two words (don’t forget that most people will be trying to read your car magnet from several car lengths away and sometimes at freeway speeds), our die cut letter magnets get your message out there. The key is to be bold with your school initials and school colors, but keep the text to a minimum for greatest impact.

Let our expert designers help you with your design (at no charge!). Give us a call at 760-743-6340 and let’s get your new magnet designed.