Hockey Car Magnets…Game On! Let the world know which Hockey Team is your team. Tough and durable, just like your hockey team, our custom car magnets will turn your fundraising effort into a power play! Raise money for uniforms, equipment, ice time… anything!

Your kids play hard and they all want to play in the NHL some day. Reward their efforts with a custom car magnet that they can be proud of. Our awesome team of artists can create a magnet that any NHL team would be proud of. The most important part of your new hockey magnet is the design, and no company has better designers than ARC Marketing. It’s not even close. Compare the designs shown on our website to the designs shown on our competitors websites. See the difference?! You can’t get our design expertise anywhere else; at any price.

Don’t forget about Girls Hockey either. We are doing more and more car magnets for the girls. It’s not all about the guys anymore.

Make easy money for your hockey team. Browse through the magnets below to get few design ideas, then click here to have one of our artists begin designing your Free Virtual Magnet.