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6 Tips to Help Promote Your Fundraiser

6 Tips to Help Promote Your Fundraiser

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6 Tips to Help Promote Your Fundraiser

Choosing your fundraiser is a good start. However, if you choose a fundraiser that requires you to market, you need to know how to promote your fundraiser.

Selling custom car magnets doesn’t require a ton of promotion. Of course, the more you promote, the more you will sell, and the more money you will raise.

Holding an event for your fundraiser, you’ll likely need more marketing. Let’s look at some of the best tips for promoting your fundraiser.

Promote Your Fundraiser Fast With These 6 Tips

1. Social Media

One of the best ways to promote any fundraiser today is through social media. Most people will be happy to share your fundraiser, especially if they support it by purchasing a custom car magnet. This allows you to go viral in your local community and reach a larger audience without spending a dime.

You can promote on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and other social media channels. It’s not necessary to spend a dime and you can use local hashtags and tag local people involved in your fundraiser.

Get everybody involved in your fundraiser to share the same message a few times leading up to the fundraising date. You might be surprised by the reach you can gain with social media.

2. Take an Ad Out

You can take an ad out in the local newspaper to promote your fundraiser, too. This is usually a good way to promote an event fundraiser and won’t work well for other fundraisers, typically.

3. Get Excellent Sponsors

If you want to get others to promote your fundraising event, choose good sponsors. Good local businesses will promote you without you even having to ask. You can even provide them with some promotional materials, such as graphics for their website, flyers, and more.

4. Use Flyers

Putting flyers up throughout your community can help. Many apartment complexes, restaurants, libraries, and supermarkets allow you to hang up flyers. You can spread the message fast with flyers and they don’t cost much to create and print.

5. Have Participants Spread the Word

Often, with custom car magnet fundraiser and other fundraisers, getting those participating in the fundraiser to spread the word is powerful. For example, if you’re going to sell custom car magnets for your baseball team, you can get all the players to talk about the fundraiser to their family before it happens.

6. Create a Video

You can couple a video with your social media marketing for your fundraiser. Create a video and upload it to YouTube. Then, share it everywhere you can. Videos can be very powerful when it comes to spreading the word.

It’s much easier to run a successful fundraiser when you promote it properly. Even when you’re going to sell an item as your fundraiser, such as custom car magnets, you can promote it. The best part, you can promote your fundraiser without spending a dime, if you choose the right options, such as making a video and using social media.

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How to Choose the Right PTO Fundraiser

PTA and PTO Fundraising

PTA and PTO car magnets

How to Choose the Right PTO Fundraiser

Schools offer several types of fundraisers throughout the year. Some of the fundraisers are specific to certain groups, such as a PTO fundraiser.

If you’re in charge of the PTO and you want to make sure you run the right fundraiser, you need to look at all your options. From selling popcorn or cookie dough to holding car washes to selling custom car magnets, you have several options to consider.

Your job is to choose the right fundraiser that members of the PTO will be excited about. Most PTO members will likely want a hassle-free fundraiser that actually works. Here are some of the things you want to consider when it’s time to choose the right PTO fundraiser.

4 Tips for Choosing a PTO Fundraiser

1. Start with a Plan

The right plan goes a long way to the success of your fundraiser. You want to get as many parents involved as possible. Of course, you also have to strike the right balance as you don’t want to be known as the PTO that only runs fundraisers non-stop.

Create a plan with a budget and put limits on how many fundraisers you will run. For most PTO groups, running two or three fundraisers will be plenty, if they are done correctly.

2. Consider Your Current Resources

Some PTO fundraisers will require specific resources, such as volunteers with specific skills. Evaluate the resources you have and make sure you choose a fundraiser fitting those resources.

You will also want to consider the amount of time you have to plan the fundraiser. Bit events, such as silent auctions, golf outings, and galas take quite a bit of time to plan. If you don’t have the right people for these bigger events, they can become a huge flop.

Choose your fundraisers based on the abilities of your members and the time they want to put into the fundraiser. Custom car magnets fit very well for PTO fundraisers because they aren’t time-consuming and don’t require a ton of planning.

3. Supplement Larger Event Fundraisers

If you do choose to run a big event, like the Colonia Middle School Basketball Tournament or a Carnival event, you can supplement these fundraisers with smaller fundraisers. Within the bigger event, you will likely sell concessions and other items. Why not sell custom car magnets to support your cause, too?

By combining a larger event fundraiser with a custom car magnet fundraiser, you will already have a captive audience ready to support your cause. Plus, magnets can easily be carried around while people are playing games or watching an event.

4. Consider Your Audience

When choosing a sales fundraiser, especially with food products, consider your audience. Maybe you live in a community filled with very healthy and active people. Selling cookie dough or pizza probably won’t go over well.

Many food products are harder to sell because of the variety of diets people practice today. You will always be excluding somebody from the gluten-free dieters to the keto groups to the vegans.

A sales fundraiser can still be used, but you may want to avoid food products. Instead, consider designing a custom car magnet as your PTO fundraiser.

These four tips will make it much easier to figure out the right PTO fundraiser for this year. Consider what you have at your disposal and match the right fundraising idea with your group’s abilities.

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Custom Car Magnets vs. Cookie Dough Fundraiser

Custom Car Magnets vs. Cookie Dough Fundraiser


Choosing the right fundraiser isn’t easy. There are so many choices today including custom car magnets and cookie dough.

So, the lesson of this blog post is to which makes a better fundraiser. Custom Car Magnets vs. Cookie Dough Fundraiser…

While both offer a unique way to raise funds for your school, sports team, youth organization, church, or other cause, they are certainly not the same. Let’s look at these two fundraising options to see which one is the better choice for your specific needs.

The Downfall of a Cookie Dough Fundraiser

If you choose to sell cookie dough as a fundraiser, you will need plenty of refrigerated storage. You might even need to store it in a freezer.

It will start with going around and taking orders for cookie dough. Then, once all the orders have been placed, you will order the cookie dough from your supplier. It will arrive and you’ll need to keep it safe until it can be delivered.

Keeping cookie dough safe requires special refrigerated/frozen storage. This means you need to use a large cooler or freezer unless you simply didn’t sell much.

Another issue with a cookie dough fundraiser is the limited shelf life. It will be eaten, and then those purchasing it will have nothing left. In addition, they have to do the work of baking it to create cookies.

Why a Custom Car Magnet Fundraiser is Better

The obvious point here is the storage issue. With a custom car magnet fundraiser, you don’t need any special storage. This makes a custom car magnet fundraiser more appealing for many groups and organizations.

Along with the storage issue, custom car magnets provide long-term value. They don’t go bad or run out. Instead, you can show your pride for the organization or group for as long as you want.

Custom car magnets also offer a way to grab your audience and make a statement. Cookie dough can be found at any grocery store, but a custom magnet is a one-of-a-kind item with a message. If you’re trying to make a lasting impression, cookie dough isn’t the answer.

Spreading Awareness & Raising Money

The decision between custom car magnets and cookie dough for your fundraiser really shouldn’t be difficult. With cookie dough, you gain hassle, stress, and obstacles to delivery. Custom car magnets are easily sold, delivered, and make any statement you prefer.

Cookie dough won’t do anything to spread awareness for your organization or cause. With a custom car magnet, you get a one-two-punch. You can raise money and spread awareness as your supporters drive around with the magnets on their cars.

While there may be some merit to a cookie dough fundraiser for some groups, most groups will find custom car magnets easier to sell and more profitable. Raising funds isn’t easy, but the item you choose to sell can make it quite a bit easier.

The convenience, durability, flexibility, and custom options make running a custom car magnet fundraiser the right choice. Cookie dough just doesn’t offer the same one-two-punch. It may taste good, but you can buy it in any grocery store, likely for a cheaper price.

When it’s time to raise funds for your group, design a custom car magnet. It’s an easy fundraiser allowing you to spread awareness throughout your community.

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How to Get Children Involved in Your Fundraiser

How to get Children Involved in Your Fundraiser

4 Tips to Help Get Kids Involved in Your Fundraiser

How to Get Children Involved in Your Fundraiser

Many fundraisers require you to get the children participating in the activity involved. From baseball teams to school fundraisers, the children are likely on the front lines for your fundraiser.

If you don’t do something to help get the kids involved, your fundraiser may become a flop in a hurry. Here are a few tips to help get children involved in your fundraiser.

4 Tips to Help Get Kids Involved in Your Fundraiser

1. Choose the Right Fundraiser

When a child can get behind the fundraiser, they will be more willing to help. For example, if you design a custom car magnet to spread awareness about childhood cancer, and then you visit a cancer patient, they can make the connection easier.

Children will be more likely to help with the fundraising efforts if they understand why you’re raising funds. Sometimes, if they see the reason for the fundraiser and they engage in someone impacted by the disease, they are more likely to get involved.

2. Make it Visual

Maybe you’re raising funds for an upcoming field trip. When you design a custom car magnet and start selling it, your children need to know why.

Pictures of the place you will be going to may help them want to get involved. If they can see the end result or the reward, they are more likely to want to sell the magnets to help raise money for the field trip.

3. Make it Fun

Finding a way to make the fundraiser fun for kids will help get them involved. Children will want to help with your fundraiser if they think it’s fun or entertaining.

When you decide to sell custom magnets as your fundraiser, get the kids involved in the design process. Turn it into their own little business and they can play pretend as little CEOs to make the fundraiser fun.

4. Offer Incentives

Kids will go nuts over the right incentives. Do you remember when you had to sell something for school and the top prize was a new bike? Didn’t you want to sell as much as possible to win the bike?

Offering the right incentives can help your children want to be involved in the fundraiser. Prizes for different sales levels with multiple choices offer motivation for children to reach specific goals.

Teaching children how to become involved in a fundraiser is a great lesson. When parents just do the work for them and the child reaps the rewards, it’s not sending the right message. Getting them involved may not be easy, but it’s necessary.

When you choose to sell custom car magnets to raise funds for any reason, get your children involved in the process. If they feel like they had a say in the design, it becomes their own little business.

If you’re raising awareness, make it personal by visiting the cause you’re spreading awareness for. You can also offer incentives or show your kids what they will get if they participate.

Kids won’t just blindly help you with a fundraiser. However, you can get children involved in your fundraiser by using these four tips. When children are involved, fundraisers are more successful and the kids learn valuable lessons.

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Custom Car Magnets for Back to School Fundraiser & Campaigns


Back to School fundraising car magnets

Car Magnets for Back to School Campaigns

Custom Car Magnets for Back to School Fundraiser & Campaigns

The school year is right around the corner and it’s time to start figuring out your fundraising goals. Custom car magnets offer a great back to school fundraising opportunity with plenty of designs to choose from.

With the right magnet, you can provide necessary information or provide a way for parents and supporters to display their pride. Custom car magnets can be designed to be put on a car or even designed to be put on the fridge.

No matter the type of design you choose, a custom car magnet will help you raise money for your school. Here are some of the ways you can use custom magnets for your back to school fundraiser.

Display School Pride

Create a custom car magnet with your school logo on it so parents and other supporters can show their pride. These magnets will be easy to sell to parents and supporters, which makes for a great fundraiser.

When it’s time to go back to school, you can use custom car magnets to raise money for the school or other programs. Design magnets to fit each sports team and let them sell these magnets to raise money for their specific program.

Whether your school has a baseball team, football team, volleyball team, or basketball team, custom car magnets fit as an easy fundraising idea.

Provide Helpful School Information

Another option for custom magnets when doing a back to school fundraiser is designing a magnet with important information. You can include the most important phone numbers for the school, along with the school logo and name.

While this type of magnet won’t go on a car, it can be displayed on the fridge. Then, when parents need to call the school, for any reason, they will have the right phone numbers handy.

Support a Cause & Raise Awareness

Getting a custom car magnet designed to help raise funds for your school doesn’t have to be just about the school. You can have a magnet designed to support a specific cause, such as breast cancer awareness.

When you sell the magnets, you can even donate a portion of the proceeds to help support the cause. This will give you a triple-threat as you will be raising money for your school, supporting a worthy cause, and raising awareness all at once.

Provide a Useful Calendar

Another type of school car magnet you can design and sell as a back to school fundraiser is a calendar magnet. The top of the magnet can include the school name and useful information, such as the principal’s name and the main office phone number. The bottom can provide a calendar running from August through July for the current school year.

No matter the type of custom car magnet or custom school magnet you choose, your back to school fundraiser will be a hit. These magnets are easy to sell to parents and other supports of the school and they provide a high profit margin.

When you need to raise money for your school or school program, a custom magnet fundraiser offers a great option. Get all the students involved and you’ll be able to easily raise funds quickly.

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Are Custom Car Magnets the Right Choice for a Sports Fundraiser?

Sports Fundraising Magnets

Are Custom Car Magnets the Right Choice for a Sports Fundraiser?

Are Custom Car Magnets the Right Choice for a Sports Fundraiser?

Choosing the right option for your sports fundraiser is important. Custom car magnets offer a very attractive option for sports teams to raise funds. Whether you need to fund your travel, buy new uniforms, or invest in equipment, custom car magnets can help you raise the funds you need.

If you’re trying to choose between the many food items you could sell and custom car magnets for your sports fundraiser, you have to make the right choice. Selling the wrong item could make it harder to raise enough money. Here are a few of the top reasons why sports teams should choose to sell custom car magnets for their next fundraiser.

5 Reasons Why Custom Car Magnets Work Great for Sports Fundraisers

1. High-Profit Margin

When you decide to sell custom car magnets for your fundraiser, you can get them for less than $1 each. These magnets sell for $5 to $10 easily, which means you can invest $1 to make $4+ in profits.

The high-profit margin of selling custom car magnets for your sports team just makes sense. With some of the other items out there you can sell, you’re lucky if you can double the money you invest.

2. Low Price Point

It can be difficult to get someone to shell out cash for a higher-priced item. For example, if you’re selling frozen pizzas for $15 each, most people know they can order a fresh delivery pizza for less money. They will be less likely to buy because of the higher price.

With custom car magnets, you can set your price at a reasonable level. Anybody willing to support your group can see the value in buying a magnet and proudly displaying it on their vehicle.

3. Easy to Sell Multiples

Since most families own more than one vehicle, it’s easy to sell more than one custom car magnet to each supporter. Each member of your team should be able to easily sell two or three magnets to each family member or friend they speak to.

4. Distribution is Easy

When you sell a food product, such as pizzas, you have to make sure you get the right pizza to the right person. With custom car magnets, there’s only one design. No worrying about someone getting the wrong size or wrong flavor.

5. Excelled Benefit to Consumers

Those looking for a way to support you, but cannot show up to each game can show their support by proudly displaying a custom car magnet. Since the magnet won’t cause any damage to the vehicle and can easily be removed when it’s time to sell next year’s magnet, consumers gain plenty of benefits.

If your players have extended family members that want to show their support, custom car magnets make it easy. Even if they prefer not to display the magnet on their car, it can be slapped on the fridge or any other metal surface.

Using custom car magnets for sports fundraisers just makes sense. The high-profit margin, ease of distribution, and consumer benefits make car magnets a great sports fundraising option.

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Create an Awareness Magnet for Your Fundraiser

Awareness Magnets for Fundraising

Awareness Magnets Work as a Fundraiser

Create an Awareness Magnet for Your Fundraiser

Your fundraiser can be about more than just raising funds for your group. When you create an awareness magnet for your fundraiser, you’ll be spreading the word, while supporting your group.

Awareness magnets can be created for any cause from cancer research to rebuilding after a natural disaster. Any cause your group wants to support works great with the right custom car magnet designed to create awareness.

Whether you’re a church group, sports team, or school, selling awareness magnets to support your group and raise awareness is a great choice. You can even do a fundraising split by donating some of the proceeds to the cause you’re spreading awareness about.

Why Awareness Magnets Work as a Fundraiser

There are many reasons why creating an awareness magnet might be the right choice for your group. Maybe you have a member suffering from something specific and you want to raise awareness, while fundraising. No matter the reason, awareness magnets work great for fundraising for many reasons.

Awareness Magnets Evoke Emotion

When you create an awareness magnet, it has the ability to evoke emotion. People considering supporting your cause may connect with your group, but they may also connect strongly with the design of the magnet.

For example, if you choose a ribbon magnet to support cancer research, you might evoke emotions in someone that lost a loved one to cancer. This emotional response often makes them more willing to buy and display the magnet, which helps raise awareness and raise funds for your group.

Makes People Feel Included in the Cause

Sometimes, people want to get involved in helping to solve a problem or support a cause, but they don’t know how. An awareness magnet gives them the right outlet to show their support, spread awareness, and feel included.

They can display the magnet with pride just like a bumper sticker, but without the damage to their car’s paint. It becomes a great conversation starter and they will spread even more awareness because the magnet is on a moving vehicle.

Includes More than just Direct Supporters

When you choose to sell a custom car magnet as a fundraiser, it might be designed to represent your sports team, church, or school. This works great, but it will be harder to sell to those not directly involved with your group.

An awareness magnet allows you to raise funds for any group while expanding your target audience. You’ll be able to sell these custom car magnets to anybody looking to support the cause on the magnet, along with your group.

Commonly, people are more willing to support a group when they are also raising awareness. If you split the funds by making a donation to the cause you’re spreading awareness for, it can make it even easier to raise funds.

Creating an awareness magnet for your group’s fundraiser offers a great way to do more than just raise money. You can spread awareness for a cause your group feels strongly about, make a donation to that cause, and also raise money for your group, all at the same time.



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A Few Things You Should Understand About Fundraising

Things You Should Know About Fundraising

Things You Should Know About Fundraising

A Few Things You Should Understand About Fundraising

When you decide it’s time to start raising funds for your group, it can be a bit difficult to get everybody on the same page. Everybody has an opinion about how you should raise funds and which fundraiser might work the best.

The leadership of your group has to make important decisions, such as do we sell custom car magnets to raise funds or hold a car wash? Let’s look at a few things you should understand about fundraising before you get started.

5 Fundamentals of Fundraising for a Successful Campaign

1. Support is Vital for Success

You cannot run a successful fundraiser without gaining the help and support of everybody in your group. Whether it’s board members leading the effort or participants selling custom car magnets, you need everybody to work together.

If your entire group cannot get on board with your fundraiser, it will struggle to be successful. However, if you can get everybody to work together and on their own for the benefits of the group, you can run a very successful fundraiser.

2. Leaders Need to be United

How can you expect anybody else in your group to get on board if the leaders are not on the same page? Before starting any type of fundraiser, you should make sure all leaders of your group are on board with the idea.

Without the support of the leaders, you will likely have others in your group not so excited about the fundraiser. Make sure leadership agrees and can provide a united front before starting any fundraising effort.

3. Success Takes Time

Most fundraisers will get better if you repeat them each year. For example, the first year you decided to sell car magnets as a fundraiser, you might get feedback on the design. In the second year, you come up with a better design and you might sell twice as many.

It’s common for fundraisers to grow from one year to the next. You can build on a foundation you’ve already established by adding in new sales channels, new ways to take in donations, and even more fundraisers to couple with your current option.

4. Fundraising Should Be a Profit Center

When you invest $1 in any type of fundraiser, it should bring you back $3 or $4, at least. Fundraising should always be a profit center, not a cost center.

5. Events Tend to Be the Least Efficient Way to Generating New Funds

Holding a gala or a golf outing seems like a great way to raise funds, and it can be. However, events tend to come with much higher costs and you have to depend on filling seats to make them worth your time.

Selling the right item, such as custom car magnets, doesn’t come with the same high cost. Instead, this type of fundraiser allows you to make a profit from each item sold.

Before you start any new fundraising effort for your group, make sure you understand these five fundamentals. Leadership needs to be on the same page and the more excited your group it; the easier it will be to get everybody involved.

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Car Magnet Fundraiser vs. Candy Fundraiser

Car Magnet Fundraiser

Car Magnet Fundraiser vs. Candy Fundraiser

Car Magnet Fundraiser vs. Candy Fundraiser

Car magnets and candy can both be sold as a way to raise money. When looking at the right fundraiser for your specific needs, comparing a few options is always a good idea.

While most people are more familiar with a candy fundraiser, don’t discount using custom car magnets for your fundraiser. Everybody has seen the groups selling candy and there’s really nothing unique about selling a chocolate bar to raise money.

However, when you choose a magnet fundraiser, you have a unique edge for your specific group. Whether you’re raising money for a school, sports program, church youth group, or any other cause, comparing a custom car magnet fundraiser to a candy fundraiser is a great place to start.

Why Custom Car Magnet Fundraiser Work

Deciding to use car magnets for your fundraiser means you’ll gain many benefits. They are very inexpensive and have a high-profit margin for fundraising groups.

Compared to a candy fundraiser, you don’t have to keep car magnets refrigerated or worry about the magnets going bad. They can be stored pretty much anywhere and nobody has ever heard of a custom car magnet attracting bugs or other pets.

The main reason you may decide a magnet fundraiser makes more sense is the profit margin. In most circumstances, you’d have to sell 5 or more candy bars to make the same profit as selling just one custom car magnet.

Another good reason to choose a custom car magnet fundraiser is the ability to raise awareness. Candy doesn’t really raise awareness for very long. People buy it, consume it, and move on.

Custom car magnets, on the other hand, get displayed on a vehicle and stay there for a much longer time. You can have the magnet designed with your brand or even with a specific cause to help spread awareness.

What Does a Candy Fundraiser Offer?

While custom car magnet fundraisers offer plenty of benefits compared to a candy fundraiser, there are some benefits to selling candy. Most people enjoy eating candy, so it’s pretty easy to sell, but it’s also not healthy. Any health-conscious people probably won’t buy candy from you, no matter the reason.

Candy is pretty inexpensive, too, which makes it easier to get people to buy. However, the lower price point also means you have to sell quite a bit more to make the money you need.

Of course, a candy fundraiser can be very helpful in specific circumstances. If you were selling candy at a sporting event to raise funds, it makes quite a bit of sense. However, it shouldn’t be considered as the only fundraising option or the main fundraiser for your group.

When comparing a custom car magnet fundraiser to a candy fundraiser, it’s easy to see which one offers more benefits. Selling custom car magnets offers a higher profit margin and provides a way to spread more awareness. Plus, you won’t have to worry about storage issues with custom car magnets.

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Top Fundraiser Choices for Your Baseball Team

Baseball Car Magnets

Baseball Fundraising Magnets

Top Fundraiser Choices for Your Baseball Team

Raising money for a travel baseball team, high school team, or youth baseball team is important. Fundraisers often support the purchase of uniforms, equipment, tournament entry fees, and travel expenses. If you need to raise funds for your baseball team, you need the right fundraiser.

Baseball car magnets, selling food products, doing car washes, and other fundraiser ideas might provide the home run you’ve been looking for. Let’s look at a few baseball team fundraising ideas.

Selling Food Products

For decades, baseball teams have sold pizza, popcorn, and candy as a way to raise funds. Usually, each team member will take home an order sheet and take orders for the food product they are selling. They may also collect the money upfront, depending on the fundraiser.

Then, a few weeks later, they will deliver the goods to each person who placed an order. The profits help the team with expenses and many people will likely buy to support your baseball team.

While food products can sell pretty well, they do come with some disadvantages. If you’re selling pizzas, for example, they may not appeal to health-conscious people or those practicing a specialized diet. In addition, some buyers could decide to skip the fundraiser since they have to wait for the delivery of the product.

Car Washes

Holding a community car wash is a great way to raise funds for your baseball team. The player can volunteer their time to wash cars on a busy Saturday and you can accept donations for the work. It’s a low overhead fundraiser with built-in labor provided by the players.

The only issue with running a car wash is the unknown. If it rains or it’s not a nice day out, you could end up with few or no customers. A car wash is great when the weather is good, but can quickly become a disaster if the weather doesn’t cooperate.

Selling Baseball Car Magnets

Custom car magnets are one of the best products you can sell as a fundraiser. They are very inexpensive so you can likely purchase them ahead of time with a custom design specifically for your baseball team.

The profit margin on baseball magnets is much higher than most food products and you won’t have to worry about the weather killing your fundraiser. Parents will likely buy a magnet for each car they own and some may even buy one for their fridge. They may even buy one for their baseball player to put on his/her locker at school.

Since baseball car magnets offer a way to show off pride, it’s a great way to sell something to other family members and friends to support you. These magnets will stick to any magnetic surface and offer a great option for displaying support for the baseball team.

If you’re looking for the right fundraiser for your baseball team, you could sell a food product or hold a car wash. While these could be successful choices, they also come with risks and issues. Selling baseball car magnets offers a better fundraising option without all the hassle.