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Top 7 Fundraising Mistakes to Avoid

Top 7 Fundraising Mistakes to Avoid

Top 7 Fundraising Mistakes to Avoid

Top 7 Fundraising Mistakes to Avoid

Understanding some of the things you should do and tips to help you run a successful fundraiser can help. However, it’s also important to look at the other side and know the fundraising mistakes you want to avoid.

When you’re in charge of organizing a fundraiser, you want to make sure you do things correctly. Here are some of the top fundraising mistakes you want to avoid, if possible.

Fundraising Mistakes You Should Be Aware Of

1. Low-Quality Item to Sell

When you choose a low-quality item to sell for your fundraiser, you are making a fundraising mistake. Customers will turn you down if they feel like they are overpaying for something they don’t need, want, or believe is worth the money.

One of the best ways to avoid this mistake is to sell custom car magnets for your fundraiser. You can sell these magnets for $5 to $10 and give your buyers great value!

2. Fundraising Too Much

If you’re consistently running fundraisers, you’ll end up with burnout. Those helping will get tired of always fundraising and those supporting you will get sick of sales pitch after sales pitch.

Instead of making this fundraising mistake, choose the right fundraisers. Fewer fundraisers can help you raise even more money if they are run properly

3. Low-Profit Margin Fundraiser

Choosing a fundraiser without much meat on the bone is a mistake. You want a solid profit margin so you can raise plenty of money for your efforts.

4. Poor Planning

Without a good plan, you’ll likely fail with your fundraiser. When you want to run a successful fundraiser, you need a good plan.

Poor planning is one of the worst fundraising mistakes you can make. You want to create a good plan and make sure you follow through with your plan, once you start your fundraiser.

5. No Promotion

Sure, those participating are promoting your fundraiser, but you need more. Social media is a great way to spread the word. You can also promote through your organization or partnerships you have with sponsors or businesses.

6. Poor Timing

Be careful not to make this fundraising mistake. You don’t want to run your fundraiser during the holidays, during bad weather (if it’s weather dependent), or at the same time as school exams. Anything that could take away from the success of your fundraiser should be avoided.

It’s best to choose the right timing to ensure you run a successful fundraiser.

7. Choosing the Wrong Fundraiser

Every group is different and so is every type of fundraiser. Not all fundraisers fit with your group. Avoid this fundraising mistake by choosing to sell custom car magnets for your group.

For some groups, holding an event doesn’t make much sense, while an event might fit perfectly for another group. Most groups can certainly benefit from selling car magnets, however.

These fundraising mistakes can be avoided. Now that you’re aware, you can create a plan to avoid making any of these mistakes.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Top 3 Reasons to Use Custom Car Magnets for a Non-Profit

Top 3 Reasons to Use Custom Car Magnets for a Non-Profit

Top 3 Reasons to Use Custom Car Magnets for a Non-Profit

Top 3 Reasons to Use Custom Car Magnets for a Non-Profit

Non-profit organizations need to spread awareness and continually raise money. No matter what you’re non-profit organization supports, custom car magnets offer a great promotional tool and fundraising option.

When you’re ready to put your message in front of your local community without being intrusive, car magnets just make sense. You can hand them out in hopes people will display them on their vehicle or sell them as a fundraising option. Either way, you spread awareness throughout the community by turning other people’s vehicles into advertising machines for your non-profit organization.

If you’re not sure if you should use custom car magnets for your non-profit, consider these three reasons.

Reasons Why Non-Profits Should Use Custom Car Magnets

1. Affordable

You can order custom car magnets in high quantities for less than $1 each (depending on the design). Even in smaller quantities, custom car magnets are very affordable.

If you plan to use the magnets for fundraising, they become very profitable with a profit margin of more than 100%. For non-profit organizations, the budget-friendliness of custom car magnets provides a great promotional and fundraising tool.

At ARC Marketing, our custom car magnets range from around $4 per magnet to as little as $0.95 per magnet (custom shapes cost a bit more). The more you order at one time, the lower the price is, and the more you can profit from a fundraiser.

Most organizations have success selling the custom car magnets for $7 to $10. If you order 1,000 of our magnets for around $1 each, you could be receiving a return of more than 500%!

2. They Work Everywhere

While they are called custom car magnets, they can go on filing cabinets, refrigerators, school lockers, toolboxes, and any other metal surface. The versatility makes these magnets a great choice for anybody and everybody looking to support your organization.

When they are on vehicles, these magnets travel all over the community. They will be seen time and time again by people in parking lots, at stoplights, and whenever they are stuck in traffic. Not only do they work everywhere, but they also go everywhere.

3. Easy to Customize

At ARC Marketing, we make the customization process for your magnets easy. Choose a shape (round, oval, or custom) and create your magnet design online for free. Our design team will help and ensure you’re very happy with the custom car magnet design before any magnets are created.

Whether you’re promoting your non-profit organization or spreading awareness for a social message, we’re here to help. We help you choose colors that pop and lettering that can easily be read from a distance. Our team knows how to ensure you have a magnet that will help you achieve your goals.

No matter your reason for considering custom car magnets for your non-profit, we’re here to help. Whether you’re looking to raise money or spread awareness, our team will ensure you have exactly what you need, at an affordable price.


Fundraising Car Magnets

Pro Tips for Perfecting Your Custom Car Magnet

Pro Tips for Perfecting Your Custom Car Magnet

Pro Tips for Perfecting Your Custom Car Magnet

Car magnets give you something fun to help raise money and create awareness. There are plenty of options for the shape, color, and design of your custom car magnet.

It’s not easy to choose the right colors, design, or even the right size. With the following pro tips, you’ll be able to better choose the right custom car magnet for your specific needs.

5 Tips for Creating Your Custom Car Magnet

1. Picking the Proper Size

Your car magnet should be easy to spot and should stand out. The right size will help it stand out on the back of any vehicle.

At ARC Marketing, we offer 5″ and 6″ Oval, 4″ and 5″ round, along with custom shapes with different sizes. You can choose the size you prefer based on the price or based on the size you prefer.

2. Pick Proper Colors

The right colors will represent your group well. If you have a logo, it’s a good idea to match the colors to your logo. For example, if your logo is red and white, choose a magnet design using both red and white as the main colors.

It’s also good to remember to choose colors that provide a nice contrast. With the right colors, your custom car magnet will stand out very well.

3. Choose a High-Quality Magnet

Some custom car magnet companies try to pass off thin magnets meant for indoor use as outdoor car magnets. You want a quality magnet or it won’t last very long.

If you sell a cheaply-made magnet, you’ll have a poor representation for your group. This could make it harder to raise funds or it could cause people to think you’re cheap. Make sure you choose a high-quality custom car magnet made for outdoor use.

4. Consider Multiple Designs

Depending on your group and your needs, you may want to consider a few different designs. Even offering just two designs gives your buyers a choice.

When you offer multiple designs, some buyers might want to collect them all. You can even offer a deal. For example, if you create three designs, you can sell one magnet for $10 or all three for $25.

5. Choose the Right Shape

Oval magnets work great for football designs and some other designs. Round car magnets work better for soccer teams, basketball teams, baseball teams, and others with a round ball.

If oval and round don’t really fit well, you might want to choose a custom shape for your magnet. For example, if you’re selling magnets to support a bike-a-thon, you might want a magnet in the shape of a bicycle.

There are plenty of things to consider when designing a custom car magnet for your group. Whether you’re selling these magnets to raise money for your church, your sports team, or your school, you want to ensure it’s a great magnet.

Consider the professional tips above and don’t forget to try out our free car magnet design tool.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Important Tips for Excellent Custom Fundraising Magnets

Important Tips for Excellent Custom Fundraising Magnets

Important Tips for Excellent Custom Fundraising Magnets

Important Tips for Excellent Custom Fundraising Magnets

When you decide you want to use custom car magnets for your fundraiser, there are some things you need to remember. The design is important and with ARC Marketing, you have plenty of design choices.

Here are a few of the most essential tips to consider when designing custom car magnets.

Top 5 Custom Car Magnet Tips to Consider

1. Your Budget Comes First

The quantity and design of the magnet you choose need to fit your budget. Getting the right custom car magnet for fundraising matters, and if it’s too expensive, it won’t help you.

For example, if you plan to sell custom car magnets, you’ll want to figure the right quantity and size. Our 6″ ovals cost a little more than the 5″ ovals, just like custom shapes will cost more.

Make sure you consider the design and the cost before finalizing things. You can make the cost lower by ordering a larger quantity. In fact, you pay less than half the price when you order 300 or more compared to ordering 100 or less custom car magnets.

One of the best ways to make custom car magnets fit your budget is to find a sponsor or sponsors. They pay for the magnets you want to sell and you allow the sponsor(s) to add their business logo or name to the magnet.

2. Branding Matters

Your brand is the entire identity of the magnet. If you’re selling custom car magnets for your school, the school logo will likely become your branding. Of course, you can also brand the magnets to spread awareness for a cause.

It’s even possible to partner with a local business to sponsor your magnets. Let them include their logo on the magnet or a simple line of text that reads, “sponsored by: COMPANY NAME or WEBSITE”.

3. Use the Right Colors

Some colors simply don’t work well together. You want the right contrast of colors so the magnet looks attractive and grabs attention.

Our design team will help ensure you choose the best colors for your custom car magnet. You can even use our online free magnet design tool to get things started.

4. Include Contact Information

If your custom car magnet is meant to draw attention and interest (maybe for charitable donations) make sure to include contact information. Including a phone number, email address, or website gives people a way to find you and donate money or support the cause.

5. Get Creative with Sales

Custom car magnets can be sold in so many different ways. You can have those participating in the fundraiser sell them or you can package the magnets with something else, such as a car wash or another type of fundraiser.

You can sell custom car magnets at sporting events, concerts, theater events, and more. They can be sold by local businesses you partner with or you can give them away for free if you want to spread awareness.

You can even sell custom car magnets online through social media or other avenues. Get creative and you can find plenty of ways to sell custom car magnets in your local community.

Use these five important tips for custom car magnets and you’re sure to have more success with your fundraiser.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Reach Your Fundraising Goals with Custom Car Magnets

Reach Your Fundraising Goals with Custom Car Magnets

Reach Your Fundraising Goals with Custom Car Magnets

Reach Your Fundraising Goals with Custom Car Magnets

When it’s time to raise money for your group, custom car magnets are a great option. You’ll have an excellent tool to help you reach your fundraising goals faster and easier.

Have you tried selling other items as a fundraiser? Maybe you’ve sold pizza, flowers, or some other food item. It’s not easy to figure out how you’ll store the product and dealing with taking orders, and then delivering is a hassle.

Instead of worrying about taking orders, custom car magnets give you something you can sell on-the-spot. There are a few ways these magnets will help you reach your fundraising goals.

Easier to Sell

Instead of selling something just to raise money, selling custom car magnets allows buyers to show off their pride. They can spread awareness for your group by displaying the magnet on the back of their vehicle.

Pride is a big reason why people buy things, especially for sports teams. Having a magnet to display their pride in your team or organization goes a long way to making sure you can reach your fundraising goals.

High-Profit Margin

Custom car magnets can be sold for as much as $10 per magnet. Depending on the quantity you buy, you can make at least a 100% profit margin, often much higher.

Many of the other fundraising items you’ll sell will provide about a 50% profit margin. This means you have to sell quite a bit more pizza, flowers, or other items to raise the same amount of money.

Offer Multiple Designs

You can create multiple magnet designs and make your custom car magnets easier to sell. With two or three designs, you can offer special deals to buy the entire set instead of just one magnet. Most supporters will want the entire set.

Provide Reminder of Your Team/Organization

Donors looking to support you need to be aware and reminded you’re still in need of help. Custom car magnets help spread awareness and give you a way to stay at the front of your potential donor’s minds.

Partner With a Sponsor for Higher Profits

Allowing a business to sponsor your magnets with a small logo or company name gives you the ability to get your custom car magnets for free. You can charge a fee for the sponsorship equal to the price of the number of magnets you want.

With free magnets, every dime you collect when you sell them will be a profit. This helps you raise even more money and takes the risk out of the fundraiser.

Highly Customizable

Car magnets come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. You can fully customize the magnet to fit your specific needs with colors, design, shape, and size options.

Choosing to sell custom car magnets is a great choice for raising funds. When you want to reach your fundraising goals, you need to choose the right options for fundraising.

We will help you create the best custom car magnet to help you get amazing results. When you work with ARC Marketing, you get a professional team ready to create the custom car magnet you desire for your sports team, school, or another group.

Fundraising Car Magnets

How to Use Soccer-Themed Custom Car Magnets

How to Use Soccer-Themed Custom Car Magnets

How to Use Soccer-Themed Custom Car Magnets

How to Use Soccer-Themed Custom Car Magnets

It’s about that time of the year. You need to raise money for your soccer team and you’re not sure how. There are plenty of fundraisers to choose from, but selling custom car magnets is one of the best.

You can sell soccer-themed custom car magnets to help raise money for your group. This is a very profitable fundraiser with a small cost, compared to other fundraisers.

If you’re trying to raise money for your soccer team, you need to know how to do it with custom car magnets. Here are some of the ways you can use these magnets to raise money.

5 Ways to Use Soccer Car Magnets for Fundraising

1. Sell to Raise Money

The most straightforward way to use custom car magnets to raise money is to sell them. You can buy these magnets for just a few dollars, or less (based on quantity and design). They sell for $5 to $10 giving you a profit margin of more than 100%.

With the right quantity ordered, you can actually profit around 800% from each magnet you sell.

2. Partner with a Local Business

Finding a local business to partner with can make selling custom car magnets even more profitable. You can have the local business pay for the magnets, which means you can make even more money from each sale.

Trading a small mention on the magnet for the business, such as “sponsored by: COMPANY NAME” will give your partner something for their help.

3. Combined with Another Fundraiser

Custom car magnets are a great fundraiser on their own, but they can also be combined with another fundraiser. You can combine these magnets with a car wash fundraiser, an event fundraiser, or another type of fundraiser to add even more value.

All you have to do is build the cost into whatever you’re selling to create an even better value and profit for your soccer team.

4. Spread Awareness

Along with selling soccer car magnets to raise money, they can be used to spread awareness for your organization. Whether you’re doing a league-wide fundraiser or a team fundraiser, these magnets can be designed to spread awareness.

Parents and other supporters will enjoy displaying these magnets and showing their pride. Then, everybody in the local community will see them as the vehicles drive around.

5. Drive More Fans to Games

You can create a custom magnet and send it as a gift to all your supporters. This may not raise funds directly, but it can help to drive more fans to the games.

If you design the magnet with your game schedule on it, they will know when you’re playing and where. This is a great idea for soccer teams that sell tickets for games or make money from selling concessions.

When you’re trying to raise money for your soccer team, creative fundraising just makes sense. Soccer-themed magnets are a great option and they can be sold or used in other ways to help your raise money.

If you’re ready to design your custom car magnet, we’re ready to help. Try our free car magnet design tool today.

Fundraising Car Magnets

How to Create & Run a Successful Fundraiser

How to Create & Run a Successful Fundraiser

How to Create & Run a Successful Fundraiser

How to Create & Run a Successful Fundraiser


Kicking off a new fundraiser isn’t easy. You have to know what you want to do, how to organize your group, and how to make the fundraiser a success.

There are several steps to take when it comes to creating and running a successful fundraiser. Here are some of the basics to help get you started.

Basic Steps for Creating & Running a Successful Fundraiser

Step #1 – Figure out Your Why

The first step for any fundraiser is to figure out why you need to raise money. You want to have a solid reason for the money you plan to raise to help motivate the group.

For example, if you want to sell custom car magnets to raise money for new baseball equipment, this is your reason. Players can easily be motivated by the idea of new equipment for games and practice.

Step #2 – Know How Much You Need

Figure out the amount of money you need to raise before you choose a fundraiser. If you’re trying to raise money for a mission trip, this might include travel expenses, food, transportation, etc.

No matter why you plan to raise money, have a clear idea of how much you need to raise. This will make it easier to figure out the right fundraiser and if you plan to sell something, how many you need to sell to hit your goal.

Step #3 – Choose the Right Fundraiser

There are several fundraising options out there from hosting an event to selling custom car magnets. You want to choose the right fundraiser for your group.

Consider the cost of the fundraiser, the profit margin, the work necessary, and all other factors. For some groups, holding a dinner event with entertainment and a silent auction makes sense. For others, it will be much easier to sell car magnets.

Step #4 – Create a Plan

Once you know why you’re raising money, how much you need to raise, and the fundraiser you plan to use, you want to create a plan. This plan should include steps to help you achieve your ultimate goal.

For example, if you decide to sell custom car magnets, you might set a goal for each participant to sell a certain number of magnets. You might also create a plan to find local business sponsors to cover the cost of the magnets.

Step #5 – Implement Your Plan

After you’ve created a plan, it’s time to put it in practice. Implement your plan and make adjustments, as necessary, along the way. You’ll find better success with a fundraiser when you have a plan you can easily follow and adjust, if necessary.

As you work through these five steps, make sure you take the necessary time and consider the opinions of those within your group. You want to know why you’re raising money and how much you need. You also want to make sure the fundraiser you choose will get enough participants excited to help you run a successful fundraiser.


Fundraising Car Magnets

Combining a Local Business Sponsor with Football Car Magnets

Combining a Local Business Sponsor with Football Car Magnets

Combining a Local Business Sponsor with Football Car Magnets

Combining a Local Business Sponsor with Football Car Magnets

A unique way to raise money for your football team is by selling football car magnets. These custom car magnets allow you to add any design you prefer and make a nice profit for each sale.

Unlike food fundraisers, you don’t have to store the items or take orders ahead of time. Just order your custom car magnets and start selling them.

When you want to make your fundraiser even more profitable, you can partner with a local business as sponsors. Allow them to include a small logo or website address as the sponsor for your magnets. In exchange, they will cover the cost of a set quantity of magnets, which makes every sale 100% profit for your group.

If you’re considering your fundraising choices for this year’s football season, consider custom football magnets. Here’s how you can get your magnets for free.

Figure out How Many You Need to Sell

Before you buy your custom car magnets, figure out how many you need to sell to raise enough money. Usually, you can sell these magnets for $5 to $10 and you can certainly offer deals and discounts for multiple magnet purchases.

It’s best to figure out what you plan to sell the custom football magnets for and the deals you plan to offer. Then, you can estimate an average sales price.

Once you have an average sales price, just divide the amount you need to raise by the price. You don’t need to worry about the cost, as the magnets will be free for you if you follow the next step.

Find a Sponsor or Sponsors

Depending on the number of magnets you need to sell, you might need to find one sponsor or multiple sponsors. You will be trading a small logo, website, or other text on your magnet (as the sponsor) in exchange for the sponsor covering the cost of the magnets for you.

For example, if you need to sell 500 magnets to raise the money you need, you can find one sponsor willing to cover the entire cost or five sponsors willing to cover 100 magnets each. Here’s how it would break down, based on the pricing from ARC Marketing assuming you use a 5″ Oval custom car magnet.

  • One Sponsor for 500 Magnets – They pay $575 to sponsor all the magnets
  • Five Sponsors for 100 Magnets each – Each sponsor pays $300 to sponsor 100 magnets

Of course, you can offer sponsorship at other levels, too, such as 150 magnets for $315 or 300 magnets for $435.

Who Will Sponsor Your Magnets?

Local businesses love to help out sports teams and they love to gain advertising for cheap. Paying a few hundred dollars to have their logo, website, or other information as a part of your magnet design gives them great publicity throughout the community.

You may have to contact several businesses before you find the right sponsor or sponsors. If you’ve asked businesses to sponsor other fundraisers in the past, or you have regular donors, it’s a good idea to start with these donors/sponsors first.

If you’re looking for a great way to raise money for your football team this year, consider selling custom car magnets. Find a sponsor or a few sponsors and you can even sell these magnets for a 100% profit.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Custom Car Magnet Fundraiser vs. Selling Flowers Fundraiser

Custom Car Magnet Fundraiser vs. Selling Flowers Fundraiser

Custom Car Magnet Fundraiser vs. Selling Flowers Fundraiser

Custom Car Magnet Fundraiser vs. Selling Flowers Fundraiser

When it’s time to choose your fundraiser, you’ll have plenty of options to consider. Two of the best options include selling custom car magnets and selling flowers.

These are two very different types of fundraisers, however. Making the right decision between a custom car magnet fundraiser and a flower fundraiser will help your group raise the necessary cash.

Let’s look at both types of fundraisers to help you make the correct decision.

Custom Car Magnet Fundraiser

A custom car magnet can be sold for a large profit margin, especially if you order in larger quantities of 300 or more. They don’t need to be stored and you can hand them to each purchaser as they buy them.

Not only will custom car magnets help you raise money, but they will also help you spread awareness for your group. You can even partner with a local business as a sponsor to cover the cost of the magnets.

Flower Fundraiser

When you choose to sell flowers or flower bulbs, you will get an eco-friendly fundraiser with little risk. Flowers are riskier than selling flower bulbs because they need special care.

Flower bulbs require you to take orders and fill them. A flower fundraiser may provide you with the ability to sell on the spot, but you won’t be able to keep fresh flowers for long.

Typically, groups will do a flower bulb fundraiser and take orders. This means you will need to collect payment and fill orders once you receive the bulbs.

Which Makes More Money?

The big question for many groups is which fundraiser will make us more money? Comparing custom car magnets to a flower fundraiser provides a pretty clear answer.

Flower fundraisers typically come with a 50% profit margin, while custom car magnets have a profit margin ranging from 100% to 400% or more. In addition, you can partner with a sponsor for custom car magnets to cover the cost, while it’s harder to do this with a flower fundraiser. The sponsor can include their logo or business name on your magnet, which cannot be done with flower bulb fundraisers.

Along with the higher profit margin, custom car magnets are easier to sell to a larger audience. With a flower bulb fundraiser, you have to find people willing to plant flowers. Even with just a flower fundraiser, you still have to find people that like flowers and are not allergic to what you’re selling.

Which is Easier?

Do you prefer to take orders, and then track down those orders to deliver their flower, along with collecting payment? Maybe you’d rather take payment and hand the person a custom car magnet on the spot.

Selling custom car magnets is easy and you won’t need to take orders. Just collect payment and deliver the magnet at the same time. It’s easy, the magnets can be sold for a low price, and there’s no doubling back to deliver the order.

When you decide a custom car magnet fundraiser makes more sense than a flower fundraiser, we’re here to help. At ARC Marketing, we help you choose and design the perfect magnet for your needs. Start the free online design process today!

Fundraising Car Magnets

All You Need to Know About Custom Awareness Magnets

All You Need to Know About Custom Awareness Magnets

All You Need to Know About Custom Awareness Magnets

All You Need to Know About Custom Awareness Magnets

Whether you’re just trying to raise awareness or you’re also trying to raise money, custom awareness magnets give you the right tool. With the right awareness magnet, you can promote your cause, along with raise money.

Ribbon awareness magnets are the most popular and really started to take off after the tragic events of 9/11. Today, these custom awareness magnets are used for a number of things from Breast Cancer to Military Support.

While the main goal of an awareness magnet is to raise awareness, it can also be used for fundraising. You can purchase custom awareness magnets to give away for free, but you can also sell them for a nice profit.

If you’re looking for a way to spread the word and raise money, choosing one of our custom awareness magnets might be the perfect choice. Here’s a look at a few things to consider when it comes to custom awareness magnets.

Spread the Message Far and Wide

When you give away or sell custom awareness magnets they are designed to be displayed on cars. Every single person that receives one might put it on the back of their vehicle and drive around town.

Not only will you be spreading awareness to the person receiving the magnet, but you will also be spreading awareness to those seeing the magnet.

More than Just Ribbon Magnets

While the ribbon awareness magnets are great and provide an excellent tool, there are other choices, too. Custom awareness magnets come in all shapes and sizes including round, oval, and custom shapes. You don’t have to choose a ribbon magnet and you might spread even more awareness by using a round or oval magnet instead.

Your magnet design can include easy to read information and can include a ribbon if you prefer. It doesn’t have to be cut to look like a ribbon to spread awareness, however. Check out some of our custom awareness car magnets in our gallery here.

Support a Cause While Raising Money

Whether you’re trying to raise money for a church youth group or a sports team, custom awareness car magnets gives you a great option. You can support a cause and raise money at the same time.

For example, you can choose to raise money for your group, while spreading autism awareness. With autism awareness car magnets, you’ll be able to help spread awareness while raising money you need for your group. You can even donate a portion of the proceeds to a charity to support autism.

It doesn’t matter the reason you want to sell or give out custom awareness magnets, we’re here to help. At ARC Marketing, we provide a number of custom car magnets for raising money and raising awareness. Our professional design team will help you choose the best option for your needs and the virtual design process is always free of charge.

Start your custom awareness car magnet design today by going here now!