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7 Unique Youth Sports Fundraiser Ideas

Youth Sports Fundraising

Sports Fundraising Ideas

7 Unique Youth Sports Fundraiser Ideas

Youth sports fundraisers can get a bit old if you’re always selling the same things. Maybe you’re sick of selling candy bars, cookies, pizzas, or one of the other food items often associated with these fundraisers.

There are many unique youth sports fundraiser ideas you can use instead of the most common options. Here are 7 great options if you’re in charge of the youth sports fundraiser this year.

1. Car Magnets

Instead of selling something people consume, why not sell something parents can proudly display? Custom car magnets are great for youth sports fundraisers. They are inexpensive and very easy to sell.

Whether you’re trying to raise money for a baseball team, cheerleading squad, or a youth hockey team, custom car magnets are a great choice!

2. Rent-A-Kid

Another unique idea for youth sports fundraising is a rent-a-kid fundraiser. You can literally rent out the kids participating in the sports for tasks, such as mowing the lawn, cleaning the garage, babysitting, or anything else.

3. Have a Scrimmage

Teachers, parents, and others in the community can support your youth sports team with a scrimmage. They can pay to participate and you can even get sponsors for the event, as well. Then, you can hold a scrimmage with the youth sports team playing against the teachers, parents, and other members from the community.

4. Do an A-Thon Fundraiser

A unique youth sports fundraiser you could do is an A-Thon. It could be a shoot-a-thon, walk-a-thon, or a hit-a-thon, depending on the sport you’re raising money for.

Have the kids get sponsors for each hit they get, basket they make, or mile they walk. Then, as they play the games or do the walk-a-thon, they can collect the funds after the final tally.

5. Silent Auction

A popular fundraiser used by companies and other organizations, a silent auction can work well for youth sports leagues. You can pair it with a dinner or a picnic and sell tickets. Local companies can donate items for the auction and those in attendance can bid on the items to help support the league.

6. Partner with a Restaurant

Some restaurants will partner with you to raise funds for your youth sports league. This is known as a sports night out and a portion of the proceeds from sales of a specific night will go to support your league.

7. Partner with Local Businesses

Many local businesses will be happy to sponsor a team or even buy a sponsorship for advertising in a newsletter or on a sign at the field. Local partnerships are a common way for youth sports teams to raise money for equipment, uniforms, and more.

When you’re sick of selling food items for your youth sports fundraiser, you can use any of these unique ideas. Selling custom car magnets is by far the easiest on this list and takes very little time to set up. For more information on running a custom car magnet fundraiser for your youth sports team, contact Arc Marketing here.

Car Magnets

Choose the Right Car Magnet Font

Car Magnet Fonts

Choosing Fonts for Car Magnets

4 Quick Tips to Choose the Right Car Magnet Font

Custom car magnets are great for many purposes. The right car magnet font can transform your design into something truly special.

Whether you’re using a car magnet for fundraising or advertising, the right font makes a difference. As you choose the design for your magnet, you’ll want to use these four tips to help with choosing the right car magnet font.

Top Tips for Choosing Your Car Magnet Font

1. Make Sure it’s Clear

The right car magnet font isn’t the fanciest or the most unique. Usually, the right font will provide a nice look and will be easy to read.

If those looking at your magnet struggle to read it, they won’t get the message. Make sure to choose a font that’s bold, simple, and easy to read from a distance.

2. Choose a Good Border

According to, adding a border to a sign increases the reading speed by up to 25%. This is the same with car magnets, as they are basically a sign on the side or back of your car.

Since your audience will be automobile traffic, increasing the ability for those seeing your car magnet to read it faster is a good idea. A good border will help the viewer focus their attention on the most important text.

Automobile traffic is moving fast and they need to get your message in a blink of an eye. If your car magnet font doesn’t stand out, they won’t get the message you’re trying to get across.

3. Size Does Matter

It’s a pretty simple strategy for choosing your car magnet font; larger is easier to read. According to an article on, each inch of letter height will be best read at about 10 feet.

This means, if your letter-size for your car magnet is three inches, it will have the most impact at about 30 feet for the viewer.

4. Correct Font Color

The right color for your car magnet font will have a huge impact. You want to choose colors to create a high contrast design. Of course, your logo and brand colors makes quite a bit of sense, but make sure the actual text is bright and bold.

When you choose a different color for the most important part of your message, such as your website address or phone number, you can increase reader retention. Consider the colors you plan to use when choosing the right car magnet font for your advertising or fundraising magnet.

Car magnets can be used for several different purposes. For some, they make the perfect advertising tool at an affordable price. Others will find running a car magnet fundraiser provides an easy way to raise funds and awareness at the same time.

No matter your reason for buying car magnets, the design makes a difference. Use these four car magnet font tips, along with the expert designers at ARC Marketing to ensure your magnet is easy to read and really stands out.

Car Magnets

School Magnets are Popular

School Magnets

School Magnets are the best fundraiser

Why Are School Magnets So Popular?

Schools (with the help of the PTA and PTO) are one of our largest categories of sales. But we also make magnets for Little League Baseball, Youth Football magnets, Youth Soccer magnets  and almost every other sport.

If you are on the fundraising committee of any of these, you know that custom car magnets are an amazing way to raise money for your group. In fact, I’d be willing to wager that a car magnet fundraiser is easier and more lucrative than any other merchandise fundraiser.

More and more schools and youth teams are selling their magnets for $10 each, and they are not running into any pricing resistance. The reason for this, I think, is that the parents realize that the $10 is going towards their children’s school or sports team. It’s as though they were donating $10 and receiving the magnet as a Thank You Gift as opposed to just buying a magnet.

Even the smallest school or team can sell 50 magnets, and if you use the $10 price you will earn a profit of just under $300 even after you have paid for the magnets.

But most schools and teams order and sell much more than that. Our average order size for the past 6 months is 390 magnets, meaning that most groups are ordering between 300 and 1,000 magnets.

Even if it takes a full year to sell out (remember, our magnets do not have a limited shelf life as opposed to those over-sized chocolate bars that you probably still sell) you’ll still make well over $4,000 if you had ordered 500 magnets.

But other than money, there is a very important reason to sell custom car magnets to your parents.

Do It For The Kids

Look at it from your kids point of view. Let’s say that your son or daughter is on your local youth soccer team. We’ll call their soccer team the “Thunder”. We will also assume that you made an informed decision and chose ARC Marketing to design and print your magnets. Because you chose us, your magnet was designed as though the Thunder were a professional sports team (all of our designers have experience working with the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, NCAA and more; so we know how to design a killer magnet!).

So you put a Thunder magnet on the back of both of your cars. What does your son or daughter feel like whenever they get into the car, or even see the car in your garage? They feel like a Soccer God (or Goddess). That magnet reaffirms their love of the sport and justifies the long hours of practice, the long drives to matches and all the lost time with their PlayStation.

It makes your kids feel good.

And isn’t that the point of being a parent?

Make your kids feel good and contact us so that we can design a magnet for your team or school.

You can reach us by phone at 760-743-6340, or visit our website at

Car Magnets

How to take care of your new school magnet

Car Magnet Care

How to take care of your new car magnet

So, you’ve finally decided to get serious about fundraising and now you’re ordering custom car magnets for your school, little league team, church, etc. Trust me, you are going to be thrilled with the response as long as you had ARC Marketing design and print your magnets.

Car magnets are easy to take care of, but there are a few things you can do to make them last longer (and protect your car!). Most of these tips are really intended to protect your car’s paint. We know that our magnets are bullet-proof. We don’t know what condition your car’s paint is in, so most of these steps will prevent damage to your car.

Never put your magnet on a dirty car

The first thing you need to do before you put your magnet on your car for the first time is to clean the area that you will be putting the magnet on. For best results, wash and wax your car (for some people this is an annual chore!). Putting your magnet on a dirty car will probably result in small scratches over time beneath the magnet. Our magnets have a tremendous amount of “pull strength” (this is the metric used to measure a magnets strength). Since the magnet will be pulled tight against your car, any movement of the magnet will scratch the paint if there is dirt or grit between the magnet and the car.

Make sure your magnet and car are dry

Don’t let moisture stay beneath your magnet for long periods of time. That moisture can get very warm in the sun. Also, if the magnet is over a paint blemish, the water could be in contact with bare metal and might promote rust. This doesn’t mean you need to dry your magnet every time it rains but leaving moisture between your magnet and car can cause problems for your car’s paint.

Remove and clean both sides of your magnet at least once a month

A clean magnet will look better and it will be easier to read. But there are other benefits of a clean car magnet; it will last longer! Again, the purpose of this step is to protect your car. Here’s another thing you should do while you’re cleaning your magnet… put it somewhere else on your car! Why? Because your car’s paint is slowly fading from the sun. Leaving your magnet in the same spot over a long period of time will leave a spot the same size and shape of your magnet in your car’s original color!

Put your magnet on the back or side of your car

Do not put your magnet on the hood of your car or on your car’s roof. Putting the magnet on a horizontal surface like the hood, roof or trunk lid will generate a lot of heat from the sun. Putting it on a vertical surface like the back or side of your is not only safer, it looks better. Besides, nobody can see if from another car if it’s on your hood.

Remove magnet by lifting entire magnet from surface

Important… do not slide the magnet across the surface of the car’s paint. Any debris, dust, etc. will act like sandpaper and will damage the paint. Duh.

Simple, right?

It really is! Just remember these two things… put your magnet on a clean car and move it around occasionally.

Here’s something just as simple… getting customized car magnets from ARC Marketing. We have a full service art department standing by to help design your new magnet. And guess what? All artwork is free at ARC Marketing. So just give us a call at 760-743-6340. or email me at

Car Magnets

Choose the Right Fundraising Magnet


Best car magnets in America

Best car magnets in America

Why Car Magnets are so Popular

Fundraising car magnets are great way to raise money for your school, little league team, football team, church and many other groups. Because they are removable (very different from those permanent old-fashion bumper stickers), nobody will object to putting this on their car. It doesn’t matter if it’s a brand new 2020 Cadillac or a rusted out 1999 Honda Civic, your fundraising magnet will look great on any car.

You couldn’t pay me enough to put one of those old bumper stickers on my car. They are almost impossible to take off and you need to scratch and scrape them to remove them. The result is a ruined paint job. Thanks for nothing!

With a fundraising magnet from ARC Marketing, the bumper sticker has finally been perfected. Our magnets are weather-proof and fade-proof. They are easily removable for car washing. The “pull strength” of our magnets is amazing. This means it will stay on your car at freeway speeds.

Are you using our magnets in a fundraiser? I have wonderful news for you. You can easily double, triple or quadruple your money with an ARC Marketing car magnet. Most schools and teams sell their magnets for anywhere from $6 to $10 each, but they only pay an average of $2 each to have us design and print them.

Watch Out for Those Cheap Car Magnets

Choosing the right company to make your magnets is critical to the success of your fundraiser. Choosing the least expensive magnet is going to come back to haunt you. Many car magnet companies use low grade inks, substandard magnetic material, and poorly maintained printing equipment. On top of that, a lot of these companies are buying their cheap magnets from Chinese suppliers; yuck.

ARC Marketing uses the best, most robust outdoor inks. We use the newest one-piece magnetic substrate (cannot de-laminate). We have the best printing equipment in the industry. And all our magnets are made in America with American components.

Here’s why that’s important.

First, let’s talk about low grade inks. Many car magnet companies cut corners everywhere they can in order to make their production costs as low as possible. One way they do this is by using standard printing inks. These inks were designed to be used indoors, so they don’t need to be concerned about fading from sunlight. Newsflash: car magnets are OUTDOOR MAGNETS and they will be exposed to the sun every day. ARC Marketing uses the best outdoor inks and they are designed to be UV Resistant, meaning they will not fade.

Next, let’s talk about substandard magnetic material. Many companies use the least expensive magnetic material they can find. Just like using low grade inks, the reason they do this is to make their magnets as inexpensive as possible. These magnets usually do not have the “pull strength” to stay on your car at freeway speeds. Also, many of these magnets can peel apart. Once the top clear coating peels off, your low-grade inks are exposed to rain, grit and sunlight. These magnets become unreadable in just a few weeks. ARC Marketing uses the newest generation one-piece magnetic material, so there is nothing to peel off. Since we also use the best UV resistant inks, we can print right onto the permanent vinyl magnet (no clear coat to peel off). This means your new fundraising magnet will look brand new for years (we guarantee it!).

Made in America.

That’s more than just a selling point, it’s your guarantee of high quality. Every magnet made by ARC Marketing is designed and printed in the USA. Magnets made by ARC Marketing 5 years ago are on cars across the country and they all still look great.

Don’t ruin your next fundraiser with the cheapest magnet you can find. Saving 10¢ per magnet might make you look like a hero during your next budget meeting, but it’s going to make you look like a zero when all those magnets start getting returned to you for a refund.

We’ll talk about design tips for creating the perfect design in an upcoming post, so stay tuned!

To get started on your fundraising magnets, just visit our website at or give us a call at 760-743-6340.

Car Magnets

Easy Fundraising for your PTO or PTA

school magnets

Custom school magnet

Wow! We’re almost to the end of another year, and hopefully this has been a successful fundraising year for your PTA or PTO.

PTA’s and PTO’s exist to create a bridge between parents and their schools, but one of your most important jobs is FUNDRAISING! That’s in capital letters for a reason… it’s IMPORTANT!

How many fundraisers do you conduct during the school year? I would be willing to bet that it’s more than 10.

You probably have a large annual event which might include dinner, entertainment and a silent auction. Planning and conducting events like this take a lot of time and a lot of help. You can raise a lot of money with these, but they are very labor intensive. PTO Today Magazine published a great article on Silent Auction fundraisers. You can read that article here.

You probably have a few other slightly less labor intensive (but lower revenue) fundraisers such as

  • Car Washes
  • Bake Sales
  • Carnivals

These are going to eat up a lot of your time, and honestly won’t bring in much money. Most PTA/PTO’s conduct this type of fundraiser just one time before they learn! Just take the simple car wash for example. First, you need to convince a business, or someplace with a large paring lot, to let you hold your car wash on their property. That can be more difficult than you might think. Next you need to get all the supplies:

  • A dozen buckets
  • 3 or 4 hoses (at least 50 feet long each)
  • Sponges
  • Car Washing Detergent (yeah, it’s different. You can’t use Dawn.)
  • Buckets
  • Chamois, paper towels, drying rags
  • 15 – 20 unlucky volunteers
  • And more

Do all of that and you might make a hundred bucks.

Now we move on to the “sales & product” fundraisers. These are where you go out and sell merchandise. In the past, you would send out the 5th graders to walk the neighborhood, knocking on doors and trying to sell merchandise.

  • Huge Chocolate Bars
  • Wrapping Paper
  • Discount Cards

I think the days when you turn the 5th graders into traveling salesmen are over. It’s a weird world out there in 2019 and most parents won’t let their kids participate.

But here’s another idea, and this product will practically sell itself. I’m talking about a customized car magnet. Along with your help, out talented art department will create an amazing looking magnet using your school name, your school magnet and in your school colors. Selling these are easy; no door-to-door sales. Just stand in the school parking lot during morning drop-off with a handful of your custom school magnets and sell them to the parents for $10 each. Sell 250 magnets and earn a profit of $2,000.

It’s easy. And we’ll make it even easier. We’ll do all of the design-work (for free, of course). We’ll print your magnets and ship them to your home or school. Then you just stand in the parking lot and make money.

Give us a call at 760-743-6340 for more info or visit our website at

Car Magnets

High School Magnets

Magnets to promote your high school

High School Magnets

Designing school magnets can be a time consuming process. Before beginning, our designers consider several factors that will affect the final design. One of those factors is the type of school; preschool, elementary, middle or high school.

For instance, when a preschool wants a custom design, we tend to use simple artwork and the primary colors (red, blue, green and yellow). Unless the client has an existing logo that they want to use, we will generally go with very “friendly” designs.

Elementary schools, middle schools and high schools have a different philosophy for their designs. For example, If the school mascot is a bear, an elementary school might want a bear cub. A middle school might want an adult bear and a high school might want a snarling bear showing his teeth. Obviously, the mascot is designed to be “age appropriate”. You don’t want to scare the little kids with a ferocious bear and you don’t want to embarrass the High School kids with a soft and cuddly bear. Middle School kids tend to align themselves with the High Schoolers… make it mean and aggressive!

Focusing on high school magnets, our background designing promotional items for the NFL, Major League Baseball, the NBA, the NHL and the NCAA has proven invaluable. Our designers have over 20 years’ experience for all the Professional Sports Leagues, and we leverage this experience to create a “Pro Sports” look for our high school magnets.

Look at the 2 magnets shown above. One was designed for James Madison High School in Vienna Virginia and the other magnet was designed for Plymouth North High School in Plymouth Massachusetts.

Both utilize the “minimalist” approach preferred by professional sports teams;

  • Very few words
  • Bold logo
  • 3 colors or less for impact

High school students are adults and they have abandoned their childish ways. They are very tribal when it comes to their school, and they want a car magnet that would not look out of place in an NFL Gift Shop or in the bookstore on the campus of any university. Not only that, but the seniors are now driving, and they will not put a lame magnet on their car!

Did you know that ARC Marketing does not charge for artwork? This means that you can leave all the heavy lifting to our art department. With just a little input from you, our team will design a magnet that every student will approve.

Getting started is simple. The easiest way is to fill out our “Virtual Magnet Request Form”. This form will give our artist the information they will need to begin the design process. After the initial rendering is completed, it will be emailed to you. Then you just let us know what changes to make and the next rendering will be emailed to you. We will make as many changes as you need to get the perfect design. It’s not only easy, it’s fun!

Have questions? We have answers! Give us a call at 760-743-6340 or visit our website at

Car Magnets

School Magnets for Fundraising

Fundraising School Magnets

So, you’ve decided that a custom school magnet will give a boost to your annual fundraising. Well, you are 100% correct. In fact, school magnets will probably prove to be the easiest, highest profit fundraiser that you conduct all year. ARC Marketing has designed and printed custom magnets for thousands of schools over the years, so we know what we’re doing.

And getting your custom magnets is so easy.

We will…

  • Design your new school magnet at no charge (we have the best art department in the industry).
  • Print your magnets on the best outdoor magnetic material using the most durable UV Resistant Inks
  • Ship your new magnets to your home.

You will:

  • Sell your magnets for a 100% profit (or more)
  • Make a ton of money for your programs
  • Look like a hero to the rest of the school

I know it and you know it. You have many options when it comes to fundraising for your school. In fact, you will probably run about a dozen fundraisers during the school year. This will  include a mix of projects. Some will make a lot of money and some will end up being a waste of your time. Some will take a lot of effort to put together and some will be very easy.

This is going to change the way you think about fundraising. Sure, you’ll still need to conduct those labor-intensive, time-wasting fundraisers (like car washes and bake sales), and they will make a lot less money for a lot more work than your school magnet fundraiser will.

But you will still waste your time with those, because conventional wisdom says you must.

So, now it’s time to break the old habits of your previous PTA/PTO boards and add a fundraiser that will run itself.

Getting started is simple. Just click here and give us a little info about your school and your new school magnet. Then one of our talented artists will create your initial design and we’ll email it to you in about 1 day. After that, just let us know how to fine tune your design (remember, all artwork is free at ARC Marketing).

Old School? Then just pick up your rotary phone and give us a call at 760-743-6340!

Car Magnets

Swim Team Car Magnets

Swimming and Diving car magnets

Raise money for your swim team with a custom car magnet

Swim Team Car Magnets

Competitive Swimming. Now this is a sport that you can grow old with. Like golf and cycling, swimming is a sport that you can do for the rest of your life.

Unlike “Impact” sports like running, football and tennis (which can wear out your knees, ankles and elbows) swimming puts little pressure on your joints and muscles. In fact, after 50 laps in your 25-meter pool, you are going to be stretched out and relaxed, ready for your work week. Try running 5 miles on pavement and all that most of are ready for is a visit to our Orthopedic Specialist.

I can’t find any hard statistics on this, but I think that the average age of most recreational swim teams is in the 30’s. My wife’s swim team has a few teens on it, and few swimmers in their 20’s. But the core of the swim team is a bunch of people in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. They even have two swimmers in their 70’s! It’s a sport that you never outgrow.

Like most other team sports, swimming teams need money to operate. They need to buy equipment (timing clocks, pool land dividers). They need to rent the pool (usually) in order to keep the little kids out during practice and meets. They need to buy swim jackets and team logo’d swim caps, etc.

Swim Teams might not be as expensive as youth football or baseball, but money does need to be raised.

Of course, I’m going to offer up custom car magnets as an excellent way to increase your fundraising potential. I’ll bet there isn’t one member of your team that wouldn’t pay $10 for a custom car magnet with your team’s logo on it. They would put that on their car in 20 seconds.

Our amazing team of designers will work with you to create the perfect fundraising car magnet for your swim team. We will use your team colors, your team logo or mascot and your team name to make a magnet that your team will be proud of.

Give us a call at 760-743-6340 and let’s get this started. With our help, it will be easier than a kick turn.


Car Magnets

Church Magnets

Church Magnets

Fundraising Car Magnets for your Church

Promote your church with a church magnet

Are you looking for a fun, effective way to promote your church? A custom car magnet could be just the way to do this.

Combine your creative genius with our talented art department and I guarantee that together we will come up with a design that will impress your congregation and attract new members to your flock.

We design and print custom magnets for about 100 different churches every year. You can see a few examples by visiting the “Church Magnet” page of our Custom Car Magnet Gallery.

While some churches use their own logo, many have us design a logo for them to use on their magnets. Usually the wording on the magnet only mentions the church name and their hometown, but quite a few use the magnet for a higher purpose such as promoting an outreach program or to promote their preschool.

Imagine the impact of having this magnet on the car of every member. There would be hundreds of cars driving all over your town, promoting your church. Then picture hundreds of cars in your parking lot on Sunday morning, each of them with your car magnet; wouldn’t that be a beautiful sight!?

Making your church famous is just one of the ways a church magnet can help. Did you know that custom car magnets also make a fantastic fundraiser? For instance, you can have us design a beautiful custom Christmas magnet with your church name and you can sell them to all your members. Let’s assume you buy 250 custom magnets at $1.90 each. With shipping, these will cost you $1.98 each, so let’s just round up to $2 per magnet to make the math easier. Then you sell the magnets to your members (and other like-minded neighbors) for $5 each. So, for $5, your members are going to get a gorgeous one-of-a-kind Christmas magnet to put on their car throughout the Holiday Season. And you are going to get a $750 fundraising windfall to help you with the other programs at your church.

This is a classical example of a win-win situation.

How about if I told you that our art department (the best in the car magnet industry) would design your new custom magnet for FREE! It’s true… we do not charge anything to design your new magnet.

Let’s get started now! Just give us a call at 760-743-6340 or email me at and we’ll get busy. You can also visit our website at