It’s On! Basketball season is coming up and this is the easiest way on the planet to raise money for your team or league. A custom car magnet, designed for your basketball team or league will be slam dunk for your fundraising efforts. Raise money for uniforms, equipment, travel or anything else with a custom car magnet from ARC Marketing.

We make custom car magnets for hundreds of basketball teams all across America

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NBA Teams do it. NCAA Teams do it; your Basketball Team should do it too. I’m talking about selling custom car magnets with your logo on them! If you go into the gift store at your favorite NBA Arena, you’ll see car magnets selling for about $20 each. Now what if you could get your very own custom car magnet? I mean a customized car magnet with your basketball team’s name, logo and town name! You can sell them to parents, coaches, local businesses, etc. You can make hundreds, if not thousands of dollars for your basketball team. Start to think like an NBA Team and start selling your very own custom car magnets.

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