Car magnets are everywhere

Why? Because they work!!! Budget Cuts? Fill that funding gap with a high profit fundraising magnet! Car Magnets are POWERFUL! Now is the time to have our Art Department create a FREE magnet design specifically for you. If you’re looking for a school fundraising idea that will earn money for your school, then a custom magnet is the answer to your fundraising dilemma. Nothing will raise money faster, plus custom magnets generate school spirit!

Take your fundraising to the next level! We understand that car magnets are a very unique item. The design of your magnet is critical to the success of your fundraiser. Car magnets are often small; 5 or 6 inches across usually. Also remember that your magnet will often be seen from a considerable distance; usually several car lengths away. Most people will only get a glimpse of your magnet if they are in another moving car, sometimes at freeway speeds. There is definitely a spatial relationship going on between your logo and the words you want on your magnet. Our designers are experts at creating eye-catching, fast selling magnets.

The actual design will be the most important part of your new magnet. Without a compelling design you are just throwing your money away. Our artists are the best in our industry. Designing magnets is what we do, and nobody does it better. Browse through our design gallery and take a close look at some of our magnets. Now visit the websites of a few other magnet companies. The difference is like night and day… Rembrandt vs. a Finger-Painter. We use the best magnetic material (a few other companies do also, but most don’t) and we use the best UV resistant inks (again, a few other companies do, but most don’t). But without the right design you might as well just throw your money away. Plus, all artwork is free at ARC Marketing; from your first “Virtual Magnet” design, through multiple revisions, to the final artwork.. all free.

Are you ready to begin on your free magnet design? Just click here  get started.