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Have you noticed how hard it is to find the prices on most of the other websites?

Or worse yet, no pricing, just “Call us for a Quote”. Uhh, no thanks. Our pricing is straight-forward and direct; just like everything we do. Plus, we do not charge for design work. Ready to get started?

How much money can you make?

We’ve created a simple “Profit Calculator” to show you how profitable your fundraiser will be with ARC Marketing car magnets: Everything you need to make an informed decision is just a click away… Click Here for our Profit Calculator.

Car Magnets are America’s favorite fundraiser.

Face it, nobody wants those big chocolate bars any more. We all have enough wrapping paper. Magazine Subscriptions? You already subscribe to all of the magazines you want. Car Magnets not only raise money for your cause, they also raise school spirit and team spirit. Our car magnets are weather proof and fade resistant. All you need to do is to clean the car magnet occasionally (just remove the car magnet and clean both sides when you wash your car). Occasionally, you should move your car magnet to a different area of your car. The sun is very powerful and will fade your car’s paint. If you leave your car magnet in one place and never move it, the car’s paint around your car magnet will fade, leaving an unfaded outline of your car magnet! You don’t want to let that happen! We also offer free marketing assistance to help sell your car magnets after you have ordered them. The same talented artists that designed your car magnet will create an E-Flyer that will help you sell your car magnets. It’s free and it’s easy!!!

Click here to see an example of a car magnet Flyer.

Did you know? $6 is only the suggested fundraising price for your car magnets! Many schools and teams sell their car magnets for $7.50 and even $10 each! The person who will be buying your car magnet is not doing so because he is getting $6 worth of magnetic material and ink. He is buying your car magnet to support your cause. He is actually giving you a donation to support you, and you are giving him the car magnet as a token of your appreciation. So consider selling your car magnets for $7.50 each (or maybe even a little more). You will be surprised with how easy this can be! Remember, car magnets are the Number One fundraising item in America. And ARC Marketing is America’s premier source of custom fundraising car magnets.