• How long will my new custom magnets take to produce?

    Once your magnet design is finalized, we can usually ship in 2 weeks or less. If you have an event coming up in less than 2 weeks, let us know! Quite often we can rush your order (at no extra charge). We just need to know your event date as soon as possible.

  • How thick are your magnets?

    Our magnets are 3 mil thick.

  • Are your magnets weather proof?

    Yes! Our magnets are both weather proof and fade resistant. We use the highest quality one-piece magnetic material (cannot delaminate). We also use the highest quality UV resistant inks to prevent fading from the sun.

  • How many colors can I use in my magnet design?

    You can use any number of colors, and we do not charge extra for additional colors.

  • What’s the best shape for my car magnet?

    The most durable magnets have a single, unbroken outside shape, such as a circle or an oval. However, we can make your car magnet in any shape and we do not charge extra for unique outside shapes. We will round all sharp corners and “inside cuts” during the production process so that your unique shaped magnet will have a long life span.

  • How do I take care of my new car magnet?

    Your car magnet does not require any special care, but a few common sense steps should be taken to keep your magnet looking new.

    • Never put your magnet on a dirty car (you could scratch your car’s paint!).
    • Clean both sides of your magnet whenever you wash your car (or more often!)
    • Do not place on horizontal surfaces (such as automobile hoods!)
    • Remove magnet by lifting entire magnet from surface (do not slide the magnet across the surface!)
  • Can your art department help me design my magnet, or should I hire an independent artist to design it?

    Our art department will design your new car magnet for free! We just need a little information from you regarding the design (shape, colors, words to be used, logo, etc.). And we will keep making artwork revisions for you until we have just the look you want.

  • What’s the best size for car magnets?

    We can make your car magnet any size you want, but bigger is not always better. First of all, bigger magnets are more expensive. And bigger magnets fit on the back of fewer cars. Most people want their magnet on the back of their car (where other cars can see it at stop lights, etc.). The backs of most newer passenger cars have a lot of plastic (plastic bumpers, plastic license plate frames, plastic spoilers, plastic taillights, plastic emblems, etc.). Sometimes it’s difficult to find more than 6 inches of uninterrupted metal surface. The magnet should be entirely on a metallic surface (not partially over a plastic surface) to reduce the risk of it falling off of your car at freeway speeds. For this reason, our most popular size magnets are the 6×4″ oval, or the 5″ round magnet. Many of our clients choose the next size down (5″ oval or 4¼” circle) to save money and increase their fundraising potential.