Middle School Car Magnets… let your students, faculty and parents show off their School pride with a custom car magnet.

PRIDE! Middle Schools are not much different than High Schools when it comes to school pride. What better way to show off than with a car magnet displaying your middle school logo or mascot, in your school colors. Your students, parents and faculty are going to love these and they are going to want the rest of the world to know which middle school is the best. They want that car behind them at the stop sign to stare at their school logo!

Middle School students are at that awkward age when they begin leaving their childish ways behind. Why would they want a lame magnet on the family car? Our art department is the best in our industry. The actual magnet design is so important that we offer all of our artwork at no charge. We want you to experiment with different design ideas, and our team will keep fine-tuning your car magnet until you have exactly the “look” you want. You don’t want less, and your kids will not accept less (they are in charge, right?). Take a look at the magnet designs shown on this page. Compare these to the middle school magnets shown on the other websites. Now, which would your kids want to see all over town? Duh! ARC Marketing for sure.

Make easy money for your middle school. Browse through the designs below to get few design ideas, then click here to have one of our artists begin designing your Free Virtual Magnet.