Softball Car Magnets… do you hit like a girl? Most of the guys wish they could hit like you do! They probably wish they could throw as hard as you do too. Rub it in with a custom car magnet from ARC Marketing. Perfect for fundraising and just showing off!

We make custom car magnets for softball teams and softball leagues all across America. What makes our magnets so much better (other than better material and better inks)? It’s the design! The actual magnet design is the most important part of your new car magnet. Not everyone knows how to properly design a car magnet. Our awesome team of magnet artists design car magnets all day, every day. It’s what we do and nobody does it better. There is an art form to balancing the text with the logo to get a design that can be easily read from a car length away. Take a look at the softball car magnet designs shown on this page. Now compare our designs to those shown on other car magnet web sites. The difference is like night and day! Don’t embarrass your players with a lame magnet design. We’ll design your magnet for free! Just click here to get started on your amazing new car magnet!

Make easy money for your softball team. Browse through the magnets below to get few design ideas, then click here to have one of our artists begin designing your Free Virtual Magnet.