Fundraising Car Magnets

Fundraising: A Key Role of the PTA and PTO Boards

PTA and PTO Fundraising Car Magnets
PTA and PTO Fundraising Car Magnets

Fundraising: A Key Role of the PTA and PTO Boards

As the school year comes to an end, it’s important to recognize the hard work of our outgoing PTA and PTO boards. These dedicated volunteers have given countless hours to support our schools. They’ve organized events, fundraised tirelessly, and made our schools better places to learn and grow. Their dedication has made a huge difference. It’s a job that demands time, energy, and a real love for the school community. We owe them a debt of gratitude.

Welcoming the New PTA and PTO Boards

Summer will bring new faces to the PTA and PTO boards. These fresh volunteers have a big job ahead. They’ll need to hit the ground running to prepare for the upcoming school year. It’s a challenge, but we know they’re up to it. They’ll spend the summer learning the ropes, making plans, and gearing up for a successful year.

Fundraising: A Key Role of the PTA and PTO Boards

One of the main tasks for the new board is fundraising. Schools rely on the funds raised by these groups to supplement their budgets. This money helps pay for vital resources, field trips, and equipment. It’s a crucial role that can shape the quality of our kids’ education.

The Perfect Fundraising Solution: Custom Car Magnets

One of the best fundraising solutions is selling custom car magnets. This is a cost-effective, fun way to raise money. Here’s how it works. The PTA or PTO orders a batch of magnets designed with the school logo or mascot. Parents, teachers, and community members can purchase these magnets to show their school spirit.

This method has several advantages. First, it’s easy to organize. Second, it doesn’t require a large upfront investment. And finally, it’s a fundraiser that the whole community can get involved in. Who doesn’t want to show off their school pride?

PTA fundraising car magnets and PTO fundraising car magnets have become a permanent part of helping the school achieve its financial goals.

Importance of Effective Fundraising

Effective fundraising isn’t just about the money. It’s also about bringing the community together. When people see their car magnets around town, they feel a sense of pride. They know they’re part of something special. This helps create a strong, supportive community around our schools.

ARC Marketing: Your Fundraising Partner

The answer to a successful car magnet fundraiser could be as simple as custom car magnets, and ARC Marketing is your ideal partner for this. ARC Marketing is known for crafting America’s best car magnets. Boasting a talented team of magnet designers, we create eye-catching, high-quality magnets that proudly display your school’s logo or mascot.

Working with ARC Marketing is a breeze. We handle everything, from design to production, while you get all the credit. It’s a hassle-free, effective way to raise funds for your school.

Looking Ahead to a Successful Year

As we bid farewell to this school year and the outgoing PTA and PTO boards, we also look forward to the year ahead. With the new boards taking charge, we can expect great things. They’ll bring fresh ideas, energy, and commitment to the role. And with effective fundraising strategies like the custom car magnet fundraiser, they’ll have the resources they need to make a difference.

Let’s give a big thank you to the outgoing PTA and PTO boards for their hard work. And let’s give a warm welcome to the new boards. They’re stepping up to continue the important work of supporting our schools. We wish them every success in the year ahead.

Get In Touch with ARC Marketing

If you’re interested in starting a custom car magnet fundraiser, reach out to ARC Marketing. We’re ready to help you achieve your fundraising goals. Visit our website at or give us a call at 760-743-6340. We’re excited to partner with you for a successful school year.

Fundraising Car Magnets

The Importance of Fundraising for PTAs and PTOs

PTA and PTO Fundraising Car Magnets
PTA and PTO Fundraising Car Magnets

The Importance of Fundraising for PTAs and PTOs

Fundraising is crucial for Parent-Teacher Associations (PTAs) and Parent-Teacher Organizations (PTOs). It supports school programs, enhances educational opportunities, and improves the overall school experience. When PTAs and PTOs raise funds, they can provide essential resources that enrich students’ lives. One of the easiest and most profitable ways to fundraise is through the sale of custom car magnets.

Why Custom Car Magnets are the Perfect Fundraiser

Custom car magnets offer a simple, effective fundraising method. They’re easy to sell and cost-effective to produce. Plus, the unique designs showcase school pride and create a sense of community. In addition, these magnets have a high profit margin, making them an ideal choice for PTAs and PTOs.

ARC Marketing: Your Go-to Partner for Custom Car Magnets

When it comes to custom car magnets, ARC Marketing is the best choice. We produce the highest quality car magnets in America. With our outstanding art department, we offer free artwork and ensure your design stands out. Let’s delve into the reasons why your PTA or PTO should choose ARC Marketing for custom car magnets.

Unmatched Quality

ARC Marketing’s car magnets are the best in the industry. We use highest quality materials and state-of-the-art printing techniques. This ensures that our magnets are durable, fade-resistant, and able to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Free Artwork and Exceptional Design Support

The art department at ARC Marketing is second to none. They provide free artwork services, which saves you money and time. Our experienced designers work closely with you to create eye-catching and unique designs that represent your school. This collaboration ensures your custom car magnet looks fantastic and sells well.

High Profit Margins

Fundraising car magnets offer great profit margins for PTAs and PTOs. The low production cost means you can sell the magnets at a competitive price and still make a significant profit. This makes custom car magnets an ideal fundraiser for your school.

Boost School Spirit

Custom car magnets are a fantastic way to show school pride. They allow parents, students, and faculty to display their support for the school community. This can lead to increased morale, a stronger sense of belonging, and a more positive atmosphere at school.

How to Make Your Custom Car Magnet Fundraiser a Success

To ensure your custom car magnet fundraiser is a hit, follow these simple tips:

  1. Promote the fundraiser in advance: Spread the word through social media, newsletters, and school announcements.
  2. Collaborate with ARC Marketing’s art department: Work closely with their talented designers to create an eye-catching and unique design.
  3. Set a clear goal: Determine how much money you aim to raise and communicate this to parents, students, and faculty.
  4. Offer multiple payment options: Make it easy for supporters to purchase the magnets by accepting cash, checks, and online payments.
  5. Celebrate your success: Share the results of your fundraiser with the school community and thank everyone for their support.

In Conclusion

Fundraising is vital for PTAs and PTOs to support their schools. Custom car magnets provide an easy and profitable solution. ARC Marketing offers the best car magnets in America, along with free artwork and exceptional design support. By partnering with them, you’ll ensure a successful fundraiser and make a positive impact on your school community. PTA car magnets and PTO car magnets should be an important part of your fundraising efforts. Don’t wait – get started with your custom car magnet fundraiser today! For more information and your free car magnet design, visit our website at

Fundraising Car Magnets

Ways PTAs and PTOs Can Use Fundraising Car Magnets to Raise Money for Schools

PTA and PTO Fundraising Car Magnets
PTA and PTO Fundraising Car Magnets

Fundraising is an effective way many PTAs and PTOs help raise money for their school’s multiple projects. There are endless possibilities of activities and events to organize for fundraising. It is important to find affordable ways to engage both parents and students while raising funds for school projects.

Fundraising car magnets are a great way to raise money for schools and can be included in multiple fundraising activities. PTO’s and PTA’s can use custom car magnets for a variety of fundraising events to spread awareness and raise money.

Here are some effective ways fundraising car magnets can be used:

Touring the Neighborhood

PTAs and PTOs can use school car magnets to promote a fundraising event by touring the school’s neighborhood. Get the car magnets customized to highlight the event and encourage people to buy tickets. This is a great way for parents and teachers to know the neighborhood and gain their support.

Car magnets can also be given as a gift to those donating to the cause or those purchasing a ticket for the event.

Put the Teachers in Jail

One of the best ways to get students excited about raising funds for their school is by giving them an opportunity to put their teachers in jail to get some free time or extra recess time. Whether the students want a pizza party, a movie morning, or a free period to play, they would love to participate in this activity.

The personalized car magnets can be divided among the students to either sell to raise money for a project or give as a token to those purchasing a ticket for a fundraising event. If the entire class can reach a specific goal, they get to put their teacher in jail to get some free time.

Parents’ Night Off

Parents certainly need a break now and then, but it can sometimes be hard to get a reliable babysitter. PTO and PTA can use this opportunity to raise funds for a particular school project. Parents can buy fundraising car magnets and get a chance to enjoy a night out while one of the school teachers or volunteer babysit their kids for a few hours.

The school can even organize a game night or party at the school’s gym to give all the parents a free night on the same day.

Wrapping Up

PTA and PTO car magnets are a great way for parents and teachers to raise money for school projects in an easy and cost-effective manner. The car magnets are easy to design, with multiple colors and shapes options available.

These are small and affordable, making them a popular way to raise money for the school and improve school spirit. You can include the school or event logo, a line to describe the cause, and contact details to help people learn about the school.

The supporters get to keep these appealing car magnets on their cars to show their support, which also works as an affordable way to promote the school event and cause.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Top Fundraiser Ideas for Your PTA

Custom PTA Car Magnets
Custom PTA Car Magnets

Top Fundraiser Ideas for Your PTA

Any PTA fundraiser is going to be critical to the school. Parents love to help the schools and often do so through a PTA fundraiser. Choosing the right option will make a big difference.

With the right PTA fundraiser, you can meet or even exceed your goals. There is an endless list of fundraising ideas for your PTA. Some are classic options, while others are more unique.

The most important factor to consider with any PTA fundraiser is whether it can make you money. You might be limited on the number of fundraisers you can hold. Make sure you choose PTA fundraisers you can count on this year, next year, and into the future.

Top 4 PTA Fundraiser Ideas to Consider

1. Custom PTA Car Magnets

Your school can gain exposure and funds from a good school car magnet fundraiser. When you run this type of fundraiser, you get a very high profit margin of 100% or more. Plus, you get a fundraiser that can easily be repeated every year.

Creating a new magnet every year can turn this option into a collectible. Students, parents, and other supporters will look forward to the new design to add to their collection. Even if older magnets end up on the fridge or another magnetic surface, your customers will look forward to swapping out the magnets every year.

2. Coffee & Tea

Another good option is a coffee and tea fundraiser. Many people drink coffee and/or tea and will love the idea of supporting the PTA and school through this type of fundraiser. Plus, it makes quite a bit of sense for adults to sell as a fundraiser.

However, the one big downfall for this fundraiser is the low profit margin. You’ll earn around 40% off each sale, which is low for any fundraising product.

3. Wickless Candle Fundraiser

Many adults love candles and will be happy to buy a few to support the right cause. you can run this type of fundraiser for your PTA and raise some money. While the profit margin is 50%, you do have to sell quite a few to get free shipping, which can be an issue.

4. Gala Event

While it’s not a product you will sell, a Gala event might be the right type of fundraiser. You can sell tickets and provide entertainment, a meal, and more. A Gala event is a good option if you have the time and budget to put it on.

If you run a Gala event, you can add in a silent auction and even sell custom car magnets at the event. This can help combine multiple fundraisers into one larger fundraiser for the PTA.

There are many options for your PTA fundraiser. Choosing the right options and making sure they can become annual options can help you reach your goals. If you want to use a custom car magnet fundraiser, you can start with our virtual design tool. Of course, if you have any questions, just contact us.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Are Bigger Car Magnets Better?

School Car Magnets
School Car Magnets

Are Bigger Car Magnets Better?

Are you creating a school car magnet to prepare for your next fundraiser? Maybe you’re creating a car magnet for your church so you can raise money and spread the word.

No matter the reason for creating a custom car magnet for your organization, you might be wondering if a bigger car magnet is a better option compared to a smaller car magnet. While this type of magnet isn’t going to cover the door of a vehicle like a large magnet advertising sign, the size you choose will make a difference.

We offer 5″ oval, 4″ round, 6″ oval, and 5″ round sizes. We can also create a custom size and shape, which can take your magnet to an entirely different level.

It might not seem like one inch makes a big difference, but it can be the difference between other vehicles being able to tell what your magnet is about or struggling to understand the message. Of course, the shape, the font, and the colors used will play a factor, too.

What do your supporters prefer?

While you could survey your supporters to find out what they prefer, most of your supporters will have no idea you could have chosen a smaller or larger size. When it comes to selling your custom car magnets, the right size is the one you choose. Your supporters will only see your magnet and won’t know what it could have been or what you didn’t choose.

With that said, a smaller magnet takes up less room on a vehicle, which can be good, but a larger magnet can be designed to look more unique and can stand out a bit more. There really isn’t a wrong decision when it comes to the size of your magnets if you’re worried about what your supporters might prefer.

Make Your Magnet Stand Out

While size does matter, it’s not a clear answer between larger or smaller. Our larger custom car magnets tend to be more popular, but it might be due to the fact that you get more room to design your magnet to fit your organization.

You can use the right font and color combination to make your magnet stand out. Our virtual design can help you choose, but we can also help if you need our design team to help you create a beautiful, eye-catching magnet.

Featuring a Magnet Sponsor

In some cases, you might have a sponsoring business that is paying for your custom car magnets. In exchange, you might need to include their logo or contact information on the magnet. With a larger magnet, you will have more room to include your sponsor’s information on the magnet.

Of course, you want to make sure your sponsor’s information is large enough that someone can see they sponsored the magnet. With another inch of magnet for your design, this is very possible and becomes easier.

While size might matter for your magnet, bigger doesn’t always mean better. Smaller magnets are less expensive, but bigger magnets allow more room for your design. The right size for your organization is the one that fits your needs correctly. If you’re not sure the right size or shape for you, our team can help. Just contact us and we will help you make the right choice.

Fundraising Car Magnets

How to Choose the Right PTO Fundraiser

PTA and PTO Fundraising

PTA and PTO car magnets

How to Choose the Right PTO Fundraiser

Schools offer several types of fundraisers throughout the year. Some of the fundraisers are specific to certain groups, such as a PTO fundraiser.

If you’re in charge of the PTO and you want to make sure you run the right fundraiser, you need to look at all your options. From selling popcorn or cookie dough to holding car washes to selling custom car magnets, you have several options to consider.

Your job is to choose the right fundraiser that members of the PTO will be excited about. Most PTO members will likely want a hassle-free fundraiser that actually works. Here are some of the things you want to consider when it’s time to choose the right PTO fundraiser.

4 Tips for Choosing a PTO Fundraiser

1. Start with a Plan

The right plan goes a long way to the success of your fundraiser. You want to get as many parents involved as possible. Of course, you also have to strike the right balance as you don’t want to be known as the PTO that only runs fundraisers non-stop.

Create a plan with a budget and put limits on how many fundraisers you will run. For most PTO groups, running two or three fundraisers will be plenty, if they are done correctly.

2. Consider Your Current Resources

Some PTO fundraisers will require specific resources, such as volunteers with specific skills. Evaluate the resources you have and make sure you choose a fundraiser fitting those resources.

You will also want to consider the amount of time you have to plan the fundraiser. Bit events, such as silent auctions, golf outings, and galas take quite a bit of time to plan. If you don’t have the right people for these bigger events, they can become a huge flop.

Choose your fundraisers based on the abilities of your members and the time they want to put into the fundraiser. Custom car magnets fit very well for PTO fundraisers because they aren’t time-consuming and don’t require a ton of planning.

3. Supplement Larger Event Fundraisers

If you do choose to run a big event, like the Colonia Middle School Basketball Tournament or a Carnival event, you can supplement these fundraisers with smaller fundraisers. Within the bigger event, you will likely sell concessions and other items. Why not sell custom car magnets to support your cause, too?

By combining a larger event fundraiser with a custom car magnet fundraiser, you will already have a captive audience ready to support your cause. Plus, magnets can easily be carried around while people are playing games or watching an event.

4. Consider Your Audience

When choosing a sales fundraiser, especially with food products, consider your audience. Maybe you live in a community filled with very healthy and active people. Selling cookie dough or pizza probably won’t go over well.

Many food products are harder to sell because of the variety of diets people practice today. You will always be excluding somebody from the gluten-free dieters to the keto groups to the vegans.

A sales fundraiser can still be used, but you may want to avoid food products. Instead, consider designing a custom car magnet as your PTO fundraiser.

These four tips will make it much easier to figure out the right PTO fundraiser for this year. Consider what you have at your disposal and match the right fundraising idea with your group’s abilities.

Fundraising Car Magnets

PTA/PTO Back To School Magnets

Custom car magnets for your school
School car magnets

Hey, it’s July and your new PTA/PTO Board will soon be having their first meeting.

The first get-together is going to be the meeting with the greatest attendance. So it makes sense to have your “merchandise” fundraiser available to sell at this first meeting. If you’re like many of the progressive, forward thinking schools, you have already bought car magnets from ARC Marketing and you will probably sell out at this first meeting.

If your school is forward thinking and progressive and you still haven’t had our Art Department start working on your magnet design, there is probably still time! Our team of expert designers can usually get your initial design done in a day or two, and then still have time for the revisions that you will ask for.

Production time usually takes about 2 weeks, plus a few days for UPS delivery. Therefore, even with all your procrastinating, you can still probably have your custom car magnets before the first day of school.

Why is the first meeting and the first day of school so important to your fundraiser? This is the time when most parents are engaged in school activities. Enthusiasm starts to dwindle after the first week or so, and you want to catch these parents while they’re still caught up in the “Back to School” hysteria. Having your magnets available on the first day means you’ll probably sell them all and need to call me to reorder (so we both win!).

So, it’s important that you give me a call. If I knew how to reach you, I would (it is that important). But I don’t know how to reach you, so I’ll just wait by the phone until you call. Just in case you’ve lost my number, it’s 760-743-6340. Are you more of an email type of person? Then you can email at

Let’s bottom-line this… these cool custom-designed car magnets will make a lot of money for your PTA/PTO and they will make your parents feel important because the world will know that they support your school. Make them happy with a cool custom car magnet.

Fundraising Car Magnets

PTA and PTO Fundraising

Fundraising car magnets

Fundraising car magnets for PTA’s and PTO’s

PTA and PTO Fundraising

This is the time of year that most of the Parent/Teacher groups elect their new Executive Board for the 2019-2020 school year. For those lucky souls, their summer will be anything but a vacation. They need to be ready to hit the ground running in August. Everything needs to be in place well before the rest of us drop the kids off for the First Day of School.

Your PTA and PTO do many beneficial things for your school.  All of the PTA/PTO officers are volunteers, so they deserve a heart-felt Thanks from all of us. One of the many tasks that they perform is to provide money to the school for items and programs that have been cut out of the school’s budget. And the way they get this money is through fundraising.

In a typical school year, your PTA or PTO conducts several different fundraisers and some schools juggle more than a dozen different events. Most of these fundraisers are very labor-intensive (car washes, carnivals, etc.), but these also raise a lot of money.

Just to balance things out, your PTA or PTO needs some easy fundraisers that don’t take a lot of effort. These tend to be “merchandise” sales of customized products (T-shirts, sports bottles, etc.).

Out of all the merchandise fundraisers, a custom car magnet might be the easiest and the highest profit of all. Most schools double their money with car magnets and many even get a triple return or higher. I don’t know about you, but I have dozens of T-shirts that I don’t wear and are now in my rag box in the garage. And sports bottles? I don’t like the chemical taste they leave in the water. But a car magnet? Sign me up. Most people love to put magnets on their car. They like letting the world know how they feel, and their car has become a mobile billboard.

Getting started on your fundraising car magnet is easy; just give us a call at 760-743-6340 and one of our talented designers will work with you from “conception through completion”. Your new car magnet from ARC Marketing will be perfect.

For more information, visit our website at

Fundraising Car Magnets

School Car Magnets for PTA’s and PTO’s

PTA and PTO car magnets

School car magnets for fundraising

PTA and PTO Fundraising

Welcome to 2018. Another year, another budget cut. Some things never change, right?

Well, if you are an officer with your school’s PTA or PTO, fundraising is a big part of your job. You can help your school fill that funding gap with a high profit fundraiser.

You have many choices when it comes to fundraisers. In fact, most PTA/PTO’s run several fundraisers during each school year, many of them at the same time.

Car magnets just might be the easiest and most profitable item you can sell as a fundraiser. You can easily double or triple the amount that you pay us to design and print your weather-proof magnets. And it couldn’t be easier… we’ll design your magnet for free, then we’ll print your magnets and ship them to your door.

To get a few design ideas for your new custom car magnet, just visit our “Custom Car Magnet Design Gallery” on our website. Once you have a basic idea of how you want your magnet to look, just request a Free Virtual Magnet (that’s what we call the digital image of your new magnet) by clicking here and answering a few questions about your design.

Boom! You’re done. In about a day, you’ll get an email from us with your design. If you want us to make changes, that’s easy! We’ll do all the heavy lifting. You just sit back and take all the credit! In fact, you’re going to look so good after this fundraiser that you could be inducted into the Fundraising Hall of Fame.

Here’s another idea… there’s a good chance that your kids are also involved in sports outside of the school. They are probably in the local soccer league, little league, youth football league, etc. We also make fundraising car magnets for all sports. These leagues need to run fundraisers just like your school does. Do them a favor and mention ARC Marketing to them. We’ll design their new magnet for free and then they can start raising money.

Ready to get started? Give us a call at 760-743-6340 and be prepared to look like a fundraising rock-star.

Fundraising Car Magnets

PTA and PTO fundraising car magnets


Car magnets for PTA and PTO Fundraising

PTA and PTO Fundraising

Welcome to the new PTA and PTO Officers

School’s out for summer, and that means relaxing days, hanging out with the kids at the pool. Unless you are one of the new officers in your PTA or PTO.


If you are one of those lucky souls, then your summer will also include planning for the upcoming school year. The duties and functions of your PTA/PTO are many and varied, but there is one constant…fundraising. Your PTA/PTO will be constantly raising money to help your school. The money you raise and gift to your school might be helping to purchase things as important as computers for the students, or even florescent vests for your Crossing Guards. There are hundreds of ways that your donated money will be used.


If you Google “PTA fundraising ideas” you’ll get dozens of ideas, and most of them are very labor-intensive. In fact, they will resemble a full-time job. Most of these fundraisers will make you scratch your head in disbelief (will these events actually make money?). To get an idea of what I’m talking about, just click on the link from PTO Today.  I can’t even guess at how much preparation these fundraisers require to pull off successfully, but these type of events are critical to fundraising.


Your fundraising year does not include a single event that will meet your financial goals by itself. PTA and PTO fundraising is a year-long effort that will include several different events. A successful fundraising year is a mixture of various money making opportunities.


The easiest fundraisers are those that do not involve scheduled events (car washes, bake sales, etc.), but involve sales of merchandise to the parents of your students. Again, you can Google this and get a lot of ideas, but most of the items offered to PTA/PTO’s are pretty lame. But there are some items that you can sell that don’t insult your intelligence, like car magnets customized for you school (I’m a little biased because ARC Marketing makes the highest quality car magnets in America).


Car magnets should be part of your fundraising mix. We will do all the design work for free (we have awesome artists who know how to create cool designs), and we’ll print them and ship them to you in 2 weeks or less. Car magnets can be stored forever, so you can sell them all school year long. And you can make a lot of money with a custom car magnet. For example, if your school bought 500 oval magnets (customized with your school colors, your school mascot, your school name, etc.) and sold them for $6 each (that’s our suggested selling price), you would make $2,260.00!!! Not bad!


So, here’s what you need to do next; have one of our artists start working on your design. It’s free, it’s easy and it’s fun. All that we need to know from you is a little bit about your school (name, mascot, etc.) To get started, just click here and complete a short questionnaire. In about one day, your new magnet design will magically appear in your in-box and you’re ready to go. Rather talk to a real person? Give us a call at 760-743-6340 and we can handle everything over the phone.

Happy Fundraising!