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Fundraising with Flair: Car Magnets for Softball Teams

Softball Fundraising
Softball Car Magnets

Fundraising with Flair: Car Magnets for Softball Teams

Softball, a sport beloved by all ages, bridges generations with its unique charm and appeal. From young, enthusiastic players to older adults seeking a gentler version of their youthful baseball experiences, softball provides a perfect mix of competitive spirit and fun. This diversity makes the sport especially endearing and inclusive.

The Financial Play in Softball

Softball teams, whether community-based or part of school programs, face significant expenses. Uniforms, equipment, coaching fees, field rentals, travel expenses for away games, and tournament entry fees can create a hefty financial burden. These costs are often underestimated but are crucial for maintaining the quality and safety of the sport. Fundraising thus becomes an essential aspect of running a softball team. Without effective fundraising strategies, the costs could become prohibitive, potentially limiting the sport’s accessibility to many enthusiastic players.

Car Magnets: A Winning Strategy

In the realm of fundraising, fundraising car magnets stand out for their simplicity and effectiveness. These aren’t just tools for raising funds; they serve a dual purpose of enhancing the team’s visibility. When supporters display these magnets on their cars, they transform each vehicle into a mobile billboard, promoting the team far and wide. This continuous visibility helps in keeping the team’s spirit and presence alive in the community, long after the car magnet fundraiser has concluded.

Softball: A Sport for All, Especially Girls

Though softball is enjoyed by both genders, it has become particularly synonymous with female empowerment in sports. Women and girls have not only embraced the sport but have also excelled in it, setting new standards of excellence. While men also enjoy the sport, particularly those transitioning from baseball, it’s the female athletes who have truly made softball their own. They’ve shown exceptional skill and have become role models for younger players, showcasing that softball is more than just a game—it’s a platform for empowerment and achievement.

The Competitive Spirit of Girls’ Softball

The world of competitive girls’ softball is a testament to the sport’s intensity and the athletes’ dedication. At high school and collegiate levels, the commitment and seriousness of these athletes are evident. They train rigorously, balancing academics and sport, often with the goal of earning scholarships or reaching professional levels. These athletes compete with a level of fervor and skill that places them on an equal footing with any other top athletes, challenging gender stereotypes in sports.

Dedication and Skill: The Softball Way

The athletic rigor in softball is often underappreciated. Pitchers master the art of hurling oversized balls at speeds up to 75 mph, and that too underhand—a skill that is unique and challenging. Batters face these pitches from just 43 feet away, a distance notably shorter than the 60 feet 6 inches in men’s baseball. This shorter distance means the reaction time in softball is incredibly tight, demanding quick reflexes and sharp focus. The skill and precision required in softball are immense, often prompting the saying, “You wish you could hit like a girl.”

Car Magnets: Keeping the Memory Alive

Softball car magnets offer a sustainable and effective fundraising solution. Unlike other, more labor-intensive fundraising methods, magnets have a lasting impact. Long after bake sales end and charity matches are played, these magnets continue to remind people of the team and its needs. This form of fundraising is not only about collecting money; it’s about building a community of supporters and keeping the team in the public’s consciousness.

ARC Marketing: Masters of Magnet Design

In crafting these powerful fundraising tools, ARC Marketing stands out with its expertise. Their art department, boasting over two decades of experience, specializes in designing custom car magnets for schools and sports teams across the country. They understand the importance of capturing a team’s spirit in their designs, making each magnet a symbol of pride and unity.


In summary, car magnets are an invaluable asset in a softball team’s fundraising arsenal. They offer a practical, ongoing method to support the financial needs of teams while fostering a sense of community and pride. With experienced companies like ARC Marketing at the helm of design, these magnets are not just fundraising tools but also emblems of the team’s identity and spirit.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Softball Teams Scoring Big with ARC Marketing’s Custom Car Magnets

Fundraising for Softball Teams
Softball Car Magnets

Softball Teams Scoring Big with ARC Marketing’s Custom Car Magnets

Leveraging the Popularity of Softball

Softball enjoys immense popularity all across America. This highly competitive sport often sparks greater intensity than most baseball games. High school and youth softball teams are active players on this field of fervor. Yet, many are yet to fully monetize this popularity. That’s where ARC Marketing’s custom car magnets step in.

Custom Car Magnets: Fundraising’s Game Changer

When we think of fundraising, we often picture bake sales or raffles. Rarely do we consider the humble fundraising car magnet. This modest promotional item is changing the fundraising world. No other fundraising item offers the exposure and awareness that a custom car magnet can. It’s a simple, effective tool that allows teams to literally drive their message home.

ARC Marketing: Your Partner in Success

Custom car magnets from ARC Marketing are a dream for any fundraiser. They’re not just any magnets. They’re America’s highest quality car magnets. Designed professionally, they capture the spirit of your team, creating a strong brand image. This personal touch distinguishes ARC Marketing from the rest.

Driving Profits with Car Magnets

Fundraising with custom car magnets from ARC Marketing is a breeze. Instead of baking endless batches of cookies or chasing down raffle ticket sales, your team can focus on what matters most: the game. The process is simple. Order the magnets, resell them for $6 to $10, and watch the profits roll in.

The profit margins with ARC Marketing’s car magnets are simply unbeatable. They’re also easier to sell than most fundraising items. After all, who doesn’t want to showcase their team spirit? And with the added benefit of helping your favorite softball team, it’s a win-win for everyone.

Spreading Awareness with Every Mile

Another unique advantage of car magnets is their ability to spread awareness. Every journey made by a car sporting your team’s magnet is a journey of exposure for your team. In an era where marketing is everything, this exposure can make a significant difference. Highways, city streets, school parking lots become moving billboards for your team. The exposure outstrips that of traditional fundraising items by miles.

The Perfect Fit for America’s Softball Teams

ARC Marketing’s custom softball car magnets are perfect for high school and youth softball teams. These magnets are a testament to the team’s hard work and dedication. They serve not only as a fundraising tool, but also as a symbol of team pride. And they’re not just for car bumpers. They can adorn fridges, lockers, or any other magnetic surface.

Conclusion: Ride the Wave of Change with ARC Marketing

ARC Marketing’s custom car magnets are transforming the world of fundraising. They’re not just a fundraising item, but an effective marketing tool. They generate revenue, increase visibility, and foster community spirit. No other promotional item packs so much punch. So, why wait? Get in touch with ARC Marketing today, and let your softball team ride the wave of change.

For more information, visit our website at or give us a call at 760-743-6340.

Fundraising Car Magnets

How Fundraising Car Magnets from ARC Marketing Can Help Your School Softball Team

Softball Car Magnet Fundraiser
Softball Car Magnets for Fundraising

How Fundraising Car Magnets from ARC Marketing Can Help Your School Softball Team

To succeed in sports, every student must have access to the necessary resources, but many schools struggle to allocate funds for sports teams, including softball. That’s why fundraising for your school softball team is crucial to help them perform their best, which can include getting sporting gear, uniforms, competition fees, transportation costs, and more. In this blog post, we’ll explore one of the most cost-effective ways to raise funds – fundraising car magnets from ARC Marketing at

Bake Sale One fundraising idea is a one-day bake sale event at school where teachers, students, and parents can make baked goods to sell. You can invite people from the neighborhood to buy these treats, and the money earned can be used to support the team.

Collaborate with Local Businesses Collaborating with local businesses is an excellent way to support your school softball team and raise their spirits. Reach out to local businesses to sponsor the team, and in return, provide them with ways to support their business. Promote them at softball games, digital banners on the softball team website, field signs, or their logo on the team jersey. You can also promote them on your social media pages.

Hit-a-Thon A fun way to raise funds for the softball team is through a sponsorship program. Supporters can donate funds for every home run or every hit by their favorite player. Set a minimum amount of donation that can be made for each hit and ensure the supporters know how to donate and how much to donate for each hit.

Sell Team Merchandise Selling merchandise is a popular way to raise money for your softball team. Offer branded softball team jerseys, tees, caps, and mugs, ensuring there are a few options and multiple sizes so everyone can support the team.

Quiz Night A quiz night is a fun way to raise funds for the team while encouraging them to learn. All you need are two teams and a quizmaster who can ask questions. Ensure there is a range of questions based on their grade level on a particular theme. Sell the tickets to teachers and parents to attend and include a fun prize for the team who wins.

Fundraising Car Magnets from ARC Marketing One of the best fundraising ideas is using softball car magnets from ARC Marketing. These school car magnets are cost-effective and easy to design. Add the mascot and logo of the softball team and sell them to raise funds. It also increases the school and team spirit among the students.

ARC Marketing offers various types of fundraising car magnets, including round car magnets, paw print car magnets, and ribbon car magnets, making it easy to find one that suits your school softball team. Furthermore, you can order in bulk to save money, making fundraising even more cost-effective.

Why Choose Fundraising Car Magnets from ARC Marketing? Choosing fundraising car magnets from ARC Marketing offers several benefits:

  • Cost-effective fundraising solution
  • Easy to design and order
  • Wide range of designs and shapes available
  • Increase school and team spirit
  • Perfect for schools with limited fundraising resources

Conclusion Raising funds for training tools, new equipment, and travel expenses is an excellent way to ensure your school softball team is equipped with everything they need to perform well. Fundraising car magnets from ARC Marketing are a great way to raise funds cost-effectively and increase school and team spirit. By using these fundraising car magnets and other fundraising ideas, you can support your school softball team and ensure they have the necessary resources to excel in sports.

For more information about softball car magnets and raising money for your team, visit our website at

Fundraising Car Magnets

5 Reasons Why Custom Car Magnets Work for Sports Team Fundraisers

Custom Car Magnets Work for Sports Team Fundraisers
Custom Car Magnets Work for Sports Team Fundraisers

5 Reasons Why Custom Car Magnets Work for Sports Team Fundraisers

When you need to raise money for your baseball team, softball team, soccer league or any other sports team, custom car magnets work great. Not only can these magnets help you raise money, but they can also help you spread awareness. Let’s look at five of the top reasons why custom car magnets work great for sports team fundraisers.

1. Show Support

When you decide to sell custom car magnets, you allow people to show support for your team. Whether it’s a high school basketball team or a college football team, you give fans a way to show support with custom car magnets.

This is one of the main reasons custom car magnets work so well for sports teams. Professional teams sell custom car magnets, so why can’t you for your sports team?

2. Makes a Great Souvenir

Offering custom car magnets at games also gives your fans a cool souvenir. Maybe they don’t want to spend $25 for a t-shirt, but they are willing to spend $10 for a magnet. Sometimes, fans want a souvenir they can take home, but they don’t want to spend a ton of cash. Custom car magnets fit perfectly.

3. High Profit Margin

Of course, the high profit margin you can gain from these magnets makes them a great fundraising option. When you choose to sell custom car magnets, you can earn more than the standard 50% profit margin most fundraisers offer.

Depending on the quantity, size, and design you choose, you can get your custom car magnets for as low as $1 each. Then, when you sell them for $7.50, $10, or even $15 each, you earn a very high profit margin. Even if you sell the magnets for just $5 each, you can make a very high profit margin.

4. Spreads Awareness

When you choose custom car magnets, you don’t only get a fundraiser. You also get a way to spread awareness. People will put them on their vehicles and drive around. That means, every car is a small billboard showing off team spirit. Spreading awareness might lead to more people showing up for your games.

5. Easy to Sell

Custom car magnets are also very easy to sell. They give fans something they can use to show their pride in the team, but they aren’t expensive. This combination makes magnets much easier to sell than some food product used for fundraising that really has nothing to do with your team.

There are many reasons why custom car magnets work so great for sports team fundraisers. With so many fundraising options, you really need to figure out which one will work best for you. Considering custom car magnets and comparing this fundraiser to others might just show you the right fundraiser for you.

When you’re ready to design your custom magnet, start with our free magnet design tool online. You can also contact us directly if you need help with the design or if you have any questions.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Top Easy & Cheap Fundraisers for Softball Teams

Softball Car Magnets
Custom Softball Team Car Magnets

Top Easy & Cheap Fundraisers for Softball Teams

Softball season means it’s time to run a new fundraiser. Maybe you need new uniforms, money for travel, or entry fees for tournaments. Raising money isn’t always easy, but the right easy and cheap fundraisers can help your softball team.

There are many great options to consider. Before you look at the top easy and cheap fundraisers for softball teams, it’s important to know the right factors to consider.

Make sure you consider these factors:

  • Profit Margin – A high-profit margin means you can raise more money with less effort.
  • Storage – Some fundraising products require specific storage or they will spoil.
  • Ease of Sale – If you sell a product, some are easier to sell than others.
  • Difficulty Level – Even fundraisers that don’t require selling can be easy or difficult.
  • Budget – Some fundraisers require more money upfront than others

These factors are important when choosing one of the easy and cheap fundraisers for softball teams. Let’s look at some of the best choices.

3 Top Softball Team Fundraisers that are Easy & Cheap

1. Custom Car Magnets

Design a cool magnet to represent your softball team and sell it. This is a great way to raise money and it’s a high-profit margin fundraiser. These magnets cost as little as $1 each and can be sold for $7, $10, or even $15 per magnet.

You won’t need any special storage and fundraising magnets are super easy to sell. With this type of fundraiser, you can give fans a collectible item you can update every year, too.

2. Hold a Car Wash

You already have the labor with the players on the team, so why not hold a car wash? All you need are some supplies and a place to hold the event. People love to get their car washed and support a good cause at the same time.

Custom car magnets can even be used to drive up donations. Maybe the regular donation is $10 for a car wash, but you offer a free custom car magnet for any donation of $20 or more. This can help drive up donations and help you raise more money by combining two fundraisers together.

3. Do a Hit-A-Thon

A hit-a-thon is a unique option that’s easy and cheap to run for a softball team. Basically, you have players get sponsors and then you hold a game of some sort as the hit-a-thon. The game might allow players to get so many pitches and the more hits they get, the more money they raise from sponsors.

This type of fundraiser doesn’t cost anything upfront, but it does take up some time. You can make it a home run derby or a playoff style tournament, too. Then, you can sell tickets to those that want to watch and concessions during the event.

There are plenty of easy and cheap fundraisers for softball teams to consider. These three are good options and offer a great way to raise the money you need this season.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Youth Sports Fundraiser Ideas to Consider This Year

Youth Sports Fundraiser
Youth Sports Fundraiser

Youth Sports Fundraiser Ideas to Consider This Year

With schools in full swing, youth sports are also back and taking up plenty of time. There are many youth sports going on now and plenty coming up. If you’re in charge of the fundraising for a youth sports team or league, you need the right youth sports fundraiser ideas.

There are several options to consider. Let’s look at the top youth sports fundraiser ideas you can use this season to raise the money you need.

Top 4 Youth Sports Fundraiser Ideas

1. Sell Custom Car Magnets

One of the easiest and most profitable fundraisers for youth sports is a custom car magnet. The design can include the mascot to get the kids excited to sell them. Every parent will want to display the magnet on their car or cars. Other supporters will also want a magnet.

Custom car magnets are easy to sell. They can be displayed on a car, fridge, metal filing cabinet, or any other magnetic surface. This makes custom car magnets so much easier for youth sports organizations to sell.

Another huge benefit of custom car magnets is they can be paired with other fundraisers. You can add them to pretty much any other fundraiser on this list to enhance it and raise more money.

2. Hold an A-thon

There are many A-thon fundraisers to consider, such as a walk-a-thon, rock-a-thon, hit-a-thon, or shoot-a-thon. Of course, it’s best to match the A-thon with the sport the kids are playing.

An A-thon allows kids to get sponsors for the baskets they make, the miles they walk, the hits they get, the goals they score, or whatever else the A-thon includes. This is a great way to raise money for your youth sports organization. However, it will require some organization.

Pair a custom car magnet with an A-thon for higher donations. Maybe for a specific level of sponsorship, you include a custom car magnet.

3. Sell a Food Product

There are many fundraisers that allow you to sell a food product to raise money. From popcorn to pretzels to cookie dough to pizza, you can sell a food product to raise money.

While there are plenty of different food products you can sell, they do come with a few disadvantages. You might need special storage and these products could be difficult to sell when people are dieting.

4. Hold a Picnic Event

Since you’re trying to raise money for a youth sports team or league, you could hold a picnic. Even if it’s cold outside, you can hold an indoor picnic and let the kids serve the food or help in some way or another.

The picnic can come with a cost per plate and can also include other things for sale, such as custom car magnets and other merchandise. This can help you raise the money you need for your youth sports team or league.

When you need the right youth sports fundraiser ideas, you can choose one of these four options. Custom car magnets offer a great option to get your youth sports league the money they need, along with spreading some awareness.

Fundraising Car Magnets

How to Make Fundraising for Youth Sports Easier

Football Car Magnets
Football Car Magnets

How to Make Fundraising for Youth Sports Easier

Have you been put in charge of choosing the fundraiser for your youth sports league or team? Do you need to come up with a way to raise money, but you’re worried it will become a big struggle?

There are plenty of ways to make fundraising for youth sports easier. When you’re ready to raise money for a baseball, basketball, football, soccer, or softball team, you need the right tips and the right fundraiser.

Top 3 Tips to Make Fundraising for Youth Sports Easier

1. Don’t Count on Just One Fundraiser

While you might be able to raise the money, you need with one fundraiser, most youth sports leagues will need multiple fundraisers. You can do one big fundraiser each season, but also incorporate other smaller fundraisers at games and at awards banquets.

For example, you can sell custom car magnets for each team as a part of your big fundraiser or as a part of your ongoing fundraising efforts at games. You can also use 50/50 raffles, concessions, and other fundraisers at each game and even at the awards banquet each year.

2. Get Small Businesses Involved

Businesses love to support the community and you can use this to your advantage when fundraising for youth sports leagues. You can have a small business sponsor your custom car magnet fundraiser and cover the cost of the magnets in exchange for advertising at games and other events throughout the season and even in the off season.

You can also get small businesses to sponsor teams within your league. They can pay for the cost of uniforms in exchange for their logo being printed on the uniforms for the team they sponsor.

3. Get the Players Involved

You have a built-in sales force with all the players on each team. When you’re in charge of the fundraiser for your youth sports league, get the players involved. No matter the fundraiser you choose, make sure you get them involved as they should be your sales staff for custom car magnets or the labor at a car wash fundraiser.

Choosing the Right Fundraiser for Youth Sports

While these three tips will certainly lead you in the right direction, choosing the right fundraiser for youth sports will help you raise more money faster. With a good fundraiser for your sports league, you’ll be able to raise the money you need without struggling to sell the product you choose or provide the service you choose.

It’s best to choose a fundraiser you can use every season, such as selling custom car magnets. When you choose the right fundraiser for your youth sports league, you will be able to easily get people involved and raise plenty of money to support the league.

With these three top tips and the right fundraiser for your youth sports league, you’ll be ready to support your league. Get some area businesses involved and make sure you choose the right fundraiser to keep your players excited to participate in your annual fundraiser.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Softball Car Magnets for Fundraising

Softball Car Magnets

Softball car magnets for fundraising

Softball Car Magnets for Fundraising

Are you looking for a proven fundraiser for your softball team? How about a custom car magnet from ARC Marketing? We can help you raise money and raise your exposure with a custom softball car magnet. Custom magnets are easy to get (from ARC Marketing anyway). Just reach out to us and one of our expert magnet designers will work with you to create the perfect team magnet. Just call us at 760-743-6340 or visit our website at

Now, I’m going to digress. I’ve always wondered about the question posed in the following paragraph; is baseball harder to play than softball? I know that I sucked at both. And I don’t want to upset anybody on either side because we make baseball car magnets and softball car magnets for hundreds of teams every year.

Which is harder to play, softball or baseball? This is one of the most important discussions of our times (right behind climate change, right?). I guess that depends on who you ask. Ask a baseball player, and of course fragile masculine pride will make that baseball player claim that hitting a baseball is the hardest thing to do in sports.

But ask a softball player the same question, and pragmatic feminine sensibility will claim that both are difficult, but softball is harder.

And, speaking as a man, I agree with the softball players.

Let’s focus on hitting the pitched ball, just to highlight the most obvious part of the game. I thought that if I did a little research, I could come up with a definitive answer.

Using college baseball and college softball as our metric, here are a few comparisons:

  • Distance from the pitcher’s “mound” is 60.5 feet in baseball and 43 in softball.
  • Average speed of pitched ball is about 90mph in baseball and is about 70mph in softball
  • Time for ball to reach home plate is about .44 seconds for baseball and about .35 seconds for softball

Here’s something that a lot of casual observers don’t take into account. Since the baseball “mound” is raised, and the pitcher usually throws overhand, baseball pitches must follow a downward trajectory. This is consistent and the theory of a “rising fastball” really doesn’t exist. So, gravity gives baseball hitters the chance to compensate by just dropping their hands during the swing.

In softball, the mound really isn’t a mound at all. It is a flat circle the same height as the batter’s box. Factor in that a softball is pitched underhand and the ball is released from the pitcher’s hand about 2 feet off the ground. Therefore, a softball pitch is almost always rising as it races toward the batter. This means that a softball batter must swing with an uppercut and with less reaction time.

Therefore, I’m going to agree with the softball players and conclude that hitting a softball in a college game is harder than hitting a baseball in a college game.

I’ll just sit back and wait for the hate-mail!

Fundraising Car Magnets

Fundraising for Youth Baseball and Softball

Baseball Softball car magnets

Baseball and Softball Fundraising

It’s February! That means that Major League Baseball will be emerging from hibernation soon. Pitchers and catchers will be reporting to Spring Training any day now and soon it will be Baseball Season. February also means it’s time to get serious about fundraising for your kids baseball and softball teams.

Your young sluggers and hurlers will also be reporting for Spring Training, and means that Youth Baseball and Youth Softball diamonds all across America will be ringing with the sound of baseballs colliding with aluminum bats.

Youth baseball and softball, just like almost every other youth sport, is very expensive. I don’t need to tell you how much this is going to cost, because you have probably already received the invoice. But the amount that your team or league asks each family to pay is not the entire amount. There are league and team fees that are paid for by all parents as a group.

To reduce these costs, most teams and leagues run fundraisers all season long (car washes, bake sales, etc.)

Here’s another idea for your fundraising… Custom baseball car magnets is a fundraiser that achieves three goals:

  • It raises a lot of money. You can double or triple your money very easily.
  • It creates a lot of advertising exposure for your team.
  • It makes your kids feel like SuperStars.

Do you need to be a graphic artist to design a car magnet? No, but it helps! This is why our art department (staffed by the best graphic artists in the industry) is here to design your magnet for free.

Just reach out to us and we’ll have your Youth Team looking like a Major League Team. To get started on your free magnet design, just give us a call at 760-743-6340. Or, click on this link (FREE MAGNET DESIGN), give us a little info about your team, and we’ll get busy on your new fundraising magnet.

Play Ball!