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car magnets for fundraising

Take your fundraiser to the next level!

Take a look around... Fundraising car magnets are everywhere. Why? Because they work!!! Budget Cuts? Fill that funding gap with a high profit fundraising magnet! Car Magnets are POWERFUL! Now is the time to have our Art Department start working on a custom magnet for your 2014 fundraising projects. Let us provide you with a Free Virtual Magnet Design! To get started on your design, just click here

Why should you choose ARC Marketing as your partner for custom your magnet?

Our designers are the best in the industry! We have more than 20 years experience designing promotional items for the NFL, Major League Baseball, the NBA, the NHL and the NCAA. We use the same design techniques while designing your fundraising magnet. Your design will be the most important part of your new magnet, and we want them to look perfect! Our artists design hundreds of car magnets every week; it's what we do and nobody does it better!

All artwork is FREE at ARC Marketing.

Other websites will charge you as much $50 per hour to design your magnet. We do not charge for our designs, plus you are not obligated to buy even after we spend hours working on your design. How can you make an informed decision if you cannot see what your magnet will look like? If you have to pay hundreds of dollars up front just to see a design, then you are not working with ARC Marketing. All of our artwork is FREE!!!

We make the highest quality car magnet in the world.

Weatherproof and fade-resistant, your magnet will look great for a long time, most of our magnets look great even after years in the sun. We use specially formulated UV resistant inks. Our magnets are very powerful, and they will stay on your car at freeway speeds.

We have the best customer service.

From the beginning to the end, we are here to help you. We also provide free flyers, order forms and email flyers to help you sell your magnets. No other company offers this!

We're Quick.

Once your car magnet design is finalized, we will print your magnets and get them to you ASAP; usually in 2 weeks or less. This means that you can start raising money NOW!

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