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Top 7 Fundraising Mistakes to Avoid

Top 7 Fundraising Mistakes to Avoid

Top 7 Fundraising Mistakes to Avoid

Top 7 Fundraising Mistakes to Avoid

Understanding some of the things you should do and tips to help you run a successful fundraiser can help. However, it’s also important to look at the other side and know the fundraising mistakes you want to avoid.

When you’re in charge of organizing a fundraiser, you want to make sure you do things correctly. Here are some of the top fundraising mistakes you want to avoid, if possible.

Fundraising Mistakes You Should Be Aware Of

1. Low-Quality Item to Sell

When you choose a low-quality item to sell for your fundraiser, you are making a fundraising mistake. Customers will turn you down if they feel like they are overpaying for something they don’t need, want, or believe is worth the money.

One of the best ways to avoid this mistake is to sell custom car magnets for your fundraiser. You can sell these magnets for $5 to $10 and give your buyers great value!

2. Fundraising Too Much

If you’re consistently running fundraisers, you’ll end up with burnout. Those helping will get tired of always fundraising and those supporting you will get sick of sales pitch after sales pitch.

Instead of making this fundraising mistake, choose the right fundraisers. Fewer fundraisers can help you raise even more money if they are run properly

3. Low-Profit Margin Fundraiser

Choosing a fundraiser without much meat on the bone is a mistake. You want a solid profit margin so you can raise plenty of money for your efforts.

4. Poor Planning

Without a good plan, you’ll likely fail with your fundraiser. When you want to run a successful fundraiser, you need a good plan.

Poor planning is one of the worst fundraising mistakes you can make. You want to create a good plan and make sure you follow through with your plan, once you start your fundraiser.

5. No Promotion

Sure, those participating are promoting your fundraiser, but you need more. Social media is a great way to spread the word. You can also promote through your organization or partnerships you have with sponsors or businesses.

6. Poor Timing

Be careful not to make this fundraising mistake. You don’t want to run your fundraiser during the holidays, during bad weather (if it’s weather dependent), or at the same time as school exams. Anything that could take away from the success of your fundraiser should be avoided.

It’s best to choose the right timing to ensure you run a successful fundraiser.

7. Choosing the Wrong Fundraiser

Every group is different and so is every type of fundraiser. Not all fundraisers fit with your group. Avoid this fundraising mistake by choosing to sell custom car magnets for your group.

For some groups, holding an event doesn’t make much sense, while an event might fit perfectly for another group. Most groups can certainly benefit from selling car magnets, however.

These fundraising mistakes can be avoided. Now that you’re aware, you can create a plan to avoid making any of these mistakes.

Fundraising Car Magnets

How to Create & Run a Successful Fundraiser

How to Create & Run a Successful Fundraiser

How to Create & Run a Successful Fundraiser

How to Create & Run a Successful Fundraiser


Kicking off a new fundraiser isn’t easy. You have to know what you want to do, how to organize your group, and how to make the fundraiser a success.

There are several steps to take when it comes to creating and running a successful fundraiser. Here are some of the basics to help get you started.

Basic Steps for Creating & Running a Successful Fundraiser

Step #1 – Figure out Your Why

The first step for any fundraiser is to figure out why you need to raise money. You want to have a solid reason for the money you plan to raise to help motivate the group.

For example, if you want to sell custom car magnets to raise money for new baseball equipment, this is your reason. Players can easily be motivated by the idea of new equipment for games and practice.

Step #2 – Know How Much You Need

Figure out the amount of money you need to raise before you choose a fundraiser. If you’re trying to raise money for a mission trip, this might include travel expenses, food, transportation, etc.

No matter why you plan to raise money, have a clear idea of how much you need to raise. This will make it easier to figure out the right fundraiser and if you plan to sell something, how many you need to sell to hit your goal.

Step #3 – Choose the Right Fundraiser

There are several fundraising options out there from hosting an event to selling custom car magnets. You want to choose the right fundraiser for your group.

Consider the cost of the fundraiser, the profit margin, the work necessary, and all other factors. For some groups, holding a dinner event with entertainment and a silent auction makes sense. For others, it will be much easier to sell car magnets.

Step #4 – Create a Plan

Once you know why you’re raising money, how much you need to raise, and the fundraiser you plan to use, you want to create a plan. This plan should include steps to help you achieve your ultimate goal.

For example, if you decide to sell custom car magnets, you might set a goal for each participant to sell a certain number of magnets. You might also create a plan to find local business sponsors to cover the cost of the magnets.

Step #5 – Implement Your Plan

After you’ve created a plan, it’s time to put it in practice. Implement your plan and make adjustments, as necessary, along the way. You’ll find better success with a fundraiser when you have a plan you can easily follow and adjust, if necessary.

As you work through these five steps, make sure you take the necessary time and consider the opinions of those within your group. You want to know why you’re raising money and how much you need. You also want to make sure the fundraiser you choose will get enough participants excited to help you run a successful fundraiser.


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Custom Car Magnet Fundraiser vs. Selling Flowers Fundraiser

Custom Car Magnet Fundraiser vs. Selling Flowers Fundraiser

Custom Car Magnet Fundraiser vs. Selling Flowers Fundraiser

Custom Car Magnet Fundraiser vs. Selling Flowers Fundraiser

When it’s time to choose your fundraiser, you’ll have plenty of options to consider. Two of the best options include selling custom car magnets and selling flowers.

These are two very different types of fundraisers, however. Making the right decision between a custom car magnet fundraiser and a flower fundraiser will help your group raise the necessary cash.

Let’s look at both types of fundraisers to help you make the correct decision.

Custom Car Magnet Fundraiser

A custom car magnet can be sold for a large profit margin, especially if you order in larger quantities of 300 or more. They don’t need to be stored and you can hand them to each purchaser as they buy them.

Not only will custom car magnets help you raise money, but they will also help you spread awareness for your group. You can even partner with a local business as a sponsor to cover the cost of the magnets.

Flower Fundraiser

When you choose to sell flowers or flower bulbs, you will get an eco-friendly fundraiser with little risk. Flowers are riskier than selling flower bulbs because they need special care.

Flower bulbs require you to take orders and fill them. A flower fundraiser may provide you with the ability to sell on the spot, but you won’t be able to keep fresh flowers for long.

Typically, groups will do a flower bulb fundraiser and take orders. This means you will need to collect payment and fill orders once you receive the bulbs.

Which Makes More Money?

The big question for many groups is which fundraiser will make us more money? Comparing custom car magnets to a flower fundraiser provides a pretty clear answer.

Flower fundraisers typically come with a 50% profit margin, while custom car magnets have a profit margin ranging from 100% to 400% or more. In addition, you can partner with a sponsor for custom car magnets to cover the cost, while it’s harder to do this with a flower fundraiser. The sponsor can include their logo or business name on your magnet, which cannot be done with flower bulb fundraisers.

Along with the higher profit margin, custom car magnets are easier to sell to a larger audience. With a flower bulb fundraiser, you have to find people willing to plant flowers. Even with just a flower fundraiser, you still have to find people that like flowers and are not allergic to what you’re selling.

Which is Easier?

Do you prefer to take orders, and then track down those orders to deliver their flower, along with collecting payment? Maybe you’d rather take payment and hand the person a custom car magnet on the spot.

Selling custom car magnets is easy and you won’t need to take orders. Just collect payment and deliver the magnet at the same time. It’s easy, the magnets can be sold for a low price, and there’s no doubling back to deliver the order.

When you decide a custom car magnet fundraiser makes more sense than a flower fundraiser, we’re here to help. At ARC Marketing, we help you choose and design the perfect magnet for your needs. Start the free online design process today!

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Custom Car Magnets vs. Bed Sheets Fundraiser

Custom Car Magnets vs. Bed Sheets Fundraiser

Custom Car Magnets vs. Bed Sheets Fundraiser

Custom Car Magnets vs. Bed Sheets Fundraiser

Have you ever heard of a bed sheet fundraiser? It’s a unique option, but is it better than a custom car magnet fundraiser?

When you’re trying to figure out the right fundraiser for your baseball team, your school, or your church, you want to make sure you look at the options. Let’s compare custom car magnets with bed sheets for your fundraiser.

Simplicity of the Fundraiser

Custom car magnets are one of the easiest items to sell for your fundraiser. You simply let ARC Marketing create a design for you, approve it, and choose how many you want to order. Then, just have those involved in your organization sell the magnets for a profit.

Bed Sheet fundraisers are similar, but you have to deal with sizes, colors, types, and other features of the sheets. You will be taking orders ahead of time, and then you have to keep an inventory as you deliver the product. While it’s not as hard as delivering food products, bed sheets still come with different options making it harder to deliver and keep track of during a fundraiser.

Winner – Custom Car Magnets

Return on Investment

Running a custom car magnet fundraiser puts you in a great spot to make plenty of cash. Magnets cost between $0.95 and $4 each, depending on the quantity and the design. You can sell these magnets for $7 to $10 giving you a nice return on investment.

For example, if you choose to buy 300 Oval or Round custom car magnets for $1.45 each, it will cost you, $435. Even if you sell these magnets for just $7 each, you’ll make a profit of $1,665. That’s a massive return on investment of nearly 400%!

The return on investment with a bed sheet fundraiser is also pretty good. Each set of sheets will come in at an average cost of around $24. The suggested retail ranges from $35 to $45 for all sizes. This means you’ll make between $11 and $21 per sheet set sold.

While the ROI on bed sheet fundraisers is good, it’s not nearly as high as the ROI for custom car magnet fundraisers.

Winner – Custom Car Magnets

Ease for Selling

Another important factor when choosing a fundraiser is how easy the item is to sell to your audience. While everybody uses bed sheets, how many people in your audience actually need to buy them today? Also, how many people will buy bedsheets without feeling them or seeing them first?

Custom car magnets can be delivered as they are sold. You don’t have to take orders or worry about people wondering how they will look. With custom car magnets, you won’t have to deal with different sizes, either.

Magnets are one size, with one design, and one price. You can even offer a small discount for purchases of more than one, like 1 magnet for $10 or 2 for $18. When it comes to the ease of selling, custom car magnets are easier to sell than bed sheets.

Winner – Custom Car Magnets

While a bedsheet fundraiser might work well for the right group, it’s not the best choice for most groups. When you choose your fundraisers for your group, a custom car magnet fundraiser is the best choice.

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Car Magnet Fundraiser vs. Candy Fundraiser

Car Magnet Fundraiser

Car Magnet Fundraiser vs. Candy Fundraiser

Car Magnet Fundraiser vs. Candy Fundraiser

Car magnets and candy can both be sold as a way to raise money. When looking at the right fundraiser for your specific needs, comparing a few options is always a good idea.

While most people are more familiar with a candy fundraiser, don’t discount using custom car magnets for your fundraiser. Everybody has seen the groups selling candy and there’s really nothing unique about selling a chocolate bar to raise money.

However, when you choose a magnet fundraiser, you have a unique edge for your specific group. Whether you’re raising money for a school, sports program, church youth group, or any other cause, comparing a custom car magnet fundraiser to a candy fundraiser is a great place to start.

Why Custom Car Magnet Fundraiser Work

Deciding to use car magnets for your fundraiser means you’ll gain many benefits. They are very inexpensive and have a high-profit margin for fundraising groups.

Compared to a candy fundraiser, you don’t have to keep car magnets refrigerated or worry about the magnets going bad. They can be stored pretty much anywhere and nobody has ever heard of a custom car magnet attracting bugs or other pets.

The main reason you may decide a magnet fundraiser makes more sense is the profit margin. In most circumstances, you’d have to sell 5 or more candy bars to make the same profit as selling just one custom car magnet.

Another good reason to choose a custom car magnet fundraiser is the ability to raise awareness. Candy doesn’t really raise awareness for very long. People buy it, consume it, and move on.

Custom car magnets, on the other hand, get displayed on a vehicle and stay there for a much longer time. You can have the magnet designed with your brand or even with a specific cause to help spread awareness.

What Does a Candy Fundraiser Offer?

While custom car magnet fundraisers offer plenty of benefits compared to a candy fundraiser, there are some benefits to selling candy. Most people enjoy eating candy, so it’s pretty easy to sell, but it’s also not healthy. Any health-conscious people probably won’t buy candy from you, no matter the reason.

Candy is pretty inexpensive, too, which makes it easier to get people to buy. However, the lower price point also means you have to sell quite a bit more to make the money you need.

Of course, a candy fundraiser can be very helpful in specific circumstances. If you were selling candy at a sporting event to raise funds, it makes quite a bit of sense. However, it shouldn’t be considered as the only fundraising option or the main fundraiser for your group.

When comparing a custom car magnet fundraiser to a candy fundraiser, it’s easy to see which one offers more benefits. Selling custom car magnets offers a higher profit margin and provides a way to spread more awareness. Plus, you won’t have to worry about storage issues with custom car magnets.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Car Magnet Fundraiser vs. Raffle Fundraiser

Car Magnet Fundraiser

Car Magnet Fundraiser

Car Magnet Fundraiser vs. Raffle Fundraiser

When it’s time to raise funds for your group, a car magnet fundraiser or a raffle could help. Car magnets are custom designed to fit your group, cause, or anything else you prefer. A raffle usually involves prizes and participants buy tickets for a drawing.

Both are viable fundraising ideas, but one is likely a better option for your needs than the other. Let’s look at both and figure out which one fits best with your needs.

Raffle Fundraisers

Using a raffle fundraiser might help you raise funds, but it could also come with consequences. Some raffles may actually be illegal, depending on your state and the type of raffle you choose to run.

In fact, the IRS has strict rules involved in governing gaming or gambling. Raffles may be considered a form of gambling, so make sure you check with local and federal laws first.

In addition to potential legal issues, some donors may find a raffle to be offensive. If they have specific religious or moral convictions, they may not participate in gambling or raffles. It’s possible some may find it to be a waste of money or even sinful.

While running a raffle to give away prizes, such as a door prize raffle, could work, other raffles might come with issues. A 50/50 raffle, for example, could be seen as gambling and may not be something everybody wants to participate in or it could be illegal.

Car Magnet Fundraisers

If you prefer a fundraiser without so much controversy, a custom car magnet fundraiser offers a good option. Compared to a raffle fundraiser, it’s straightforward. Simply have a custom car magnet designed and sell it to raise funds for your group.

When compared to a raffle fundraiser, a car magnet fundraiser is easier to run and doesn’t come with any legal issues. Also, it may be called a car magnet, but it can be put on a fridge, locker at school, or any other metal surface.

Compared to most other fundraisers, a car magnet fundraiser offers a higher profit margin and a good way to raise funds. Car Wash fundraisers are popular but don’t offer the same profit margin. and raffle fundraiser comes with possible controversy and legal issues.

Car magnets offer an opportunity to spread awareness, raise money, and sell something people will actually enjoy. Instead of buying tickets hoping to wind a big prize, donors can make a small purchase of a custom car magnet to support your cause.

If you’re looking for the right fundraiser idea for your group, comparing car magnet fundraisers to raffle fundraisers is a good place to start. For many groups, it will be an easy choice between the two.

Even when comparing custom car magnet fundraiser to other types of fundraisers, you’ll find it’s a great option. The high-profit margin, custom design, and low price point make car magnets a pretty easy choice for raising funds.

When it’s time to start raising funds for your group, selling car magnets as a fundraiser just makes sense.

Fundraising Car Magnets

COVID-19 Magnet Fundraisers: What You Should Know

COVID-19 Magnet Fundraisers: What You Should Know

We’ve all been impacted by COVD-19. It has caused businesses to shut down, schools to close, and many other issues throughout our communities. Even during these times, fundraising has to continue.

In some cases, new COVID-19 fundraisers have to be created to raise money for the organizations and people impacted most. From health care professionals on the front lines to food banks, the right COVID-19 magnet fundraiser can make a big difference.

Which Organizations Need Fundraisers Now?

Whether you’re trying to create a local fundraiser to help out or you’re in charge of an organization in need, a magnet fundraiser can help. There are several organizations in need of extra funds and support right now. Some of the common community organizations in need of help include:

  • Food Banks
  • Churches
  • Homeless Shelters
  • Hospitality and Tourism Workers
  • Small Businesses
  • And More!

Many community organizations are in need of donations and a COVID-19 magnet fundraiser can help provide needed funds.

Along with these organizations, running a fundraiser to show appreciation for health care professionals, first responders, and other frontline workers is a great idea right now.

Why Choose a COVID-19 Magnet Fundraiser?

Magnets aren’t expensive and they can be sold pretty easily. Many people want to help right now, but they don’t know how to help. They need organizations to put fundraisers in front of them and make it easy for them to support the cause.

Whether it’s a magnet showing appreciation for specific workers or a magnet reminding everybody to wash their hands, a COVID-19 magnet fundraiser is a great idea.

The low cost of creating the magnets makes it easy to sell these magnets and raise money. Even those without much cash to help support local communities can get involved since COVID-19 magnets aren’t expensive.

COVID-19 Magnet Fundraiser for Groups

A magnet fundraiser doesn’t have to feature a specific organization. The magnet design can fit any type of group including school groups, church groups, local communities, and more. It can even be a simple design with a # or zip code for your local community.

No matter the design, a COVID-19 magnet fundraiser can be used by any local group for fundraising. You can even shift your group’s efforts to raise money for both your needs and to help a local organization. Instead of keeping the profits for your school group, sports group, or church group, do a 50/50 split and donate half the proceeds to a local food bank or another cause.

COVID-19 Magnets Supporting Health Care Professionals

A great way to raise money and show your support for the frontline workers is through a COVID-19 magnet fundraiser. We can design a magnet helping you to show support for all the health care professionals, grocery store employees, and other frontline workers in your community.

Then, you can sell the magnets to those in the community to help raise money for your organization. Maybe you need to raise money for a church group, food bank, school group, or another organization. Let us create the perfect COVID-19 magnet for your fundraiser.

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Top 4 Virtual Fundraising Ideas for the Coronavirus Lockdown

Car Magnets for COVID 19 Fundraising

Virtual Fundraising with car magnets

Top 4 Virtual Fundraising Ideas for the Coronavirus Lockdown

With the world changing, it can be even more difficult to raise money right now. However, there are many virtual fundraising ideas you can use during the coronavirus lockdown and continued social distancing.

Nobody really knows when or if we will be fully back to normal, yet you need to raise money for your organization or group. Let’s look at some of the best virtual fundraising ideas to use right now.

4 Fundraising Ideas for Coronavirus

1. COVID-19 Magnet Fundraiser

What better way to show support and gratitude for frontline workers while raising money. A COVID-19 magnet fundraiser offers a unique opportunity to show support for your local healthcare professionals, first responders, and other frontline workers.

You can have ARC Marketing design the perfect magnet for the cause. Then, just sell these magnets to those looking to show appreciation and raise funds for your group or organization.

Once you have the right magnet design, it’s easy to create a listing on a popular site, such as Etsy or eBay. Then, you can share your fundraiser virtually through social media and even do a video or a video series talking about the fundraiser.

A virtual magnet fundraiser can even be combined with other ideas. You can teach a class virtually and use the purchase of the magnet as the admission ticket. Then, during the class, you can ask for direct donations to your organization, as well.

2. Digital Happy Hour

If you’re a bit more of an adult group, you can do a digital happy hour. This type of fundraiser is a good idea if you’re trying to raise money to help support food and beverage workers.

During the digital happy hour, you can teach others how to make fun cocktails from home and ask for donations through text or online.

3. Virtual Auction

Another fun virtual fundraiser you can use during the coronavirus lockdown is a virtual auction. By having local businesses or individuals donate items or services you can auction off, you can handle everything online. It’s easy to set up and something you can do without the worry of putting anybody in harm’s way.

4. Host an Online Gaming Tournament

Online video games are very popular and those playing these games tend to be rather generous. In fact, an article from The Guardian stated that gamers on twitch gave more than $75 million from 2012 to 2017.

An online gaming tournament gives you the ability to raise direct donations, charge for entry, and even sell merchandise. You can even combine this with a car magnet fundraiser to support your cause.

A few more virtual fundraising ideas to consider include:

  • Virtual Walk or Run
  • Virtual Gala
  • Virtual Discussions
  • Facebook Live Fundraiser
  • Virtual Raffle Fundraiser
  • Guided Learning Online
  • And More!

There are many ways you can raise money virtually during these current times. Many of the virtual fundraising ideas can easily be combined with a COVID-19 magnet fundraiser supporting frontline workers, as well.

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What Makes Your Fundraiser a Success?

Autism Awareness Car Magnets

Car Magnets for Autism Awareness

What Makes Your Fundraiser a Success?

When you look at a fundraiser, you should be able to evaluate the success of it. You want to be able to measure the success to ensure you know if the fundraiser should be repeated next year or next season.

There are a few specific factors you want to look at when evaluating the success of a fundraiser:

  1. Money Raised vs. Money Spent
  2. Relationships Gained
  3. Awareness Spread

Some fundraisers aren’t necessarily designed to raise a large sum of money. Instead, they are more about creating awareness or relationships.

After you’ve completed your fundraiser, here are the ways you can figure out if it was a success.

How Much Money Was Raised

The clearest indicator of a successful fundraiser will be the money raised. In most cases, the main goal of a fundraiser is to raise funds for the group or organization. Of course, you cannot just look at the amount raised, as you may have had expenses along the way.

You want to look at the overall return on investment to ensure your fundraiser was a success. Take the total amount raised and subtract any expenses you incurred to figure out the return on investment.

Of course, the amount raised is just the start. You also want to evaluate how much time was invested in the fundraiser. While you may have raised a few thousand dollars, if running the fundraiser was like a full-time job for several months, it may not have been a success.

The goal with any good fundraiser is to raise as much money as possible while investing only the necessary amount of time. If you have to spend too much time organizing and planning, with very little payoff, it may not be worth running that specific fundraiser again.

Did you Gain Relationships?

Relationships are a very important part of the success of many fundraisers, especially the first few times they are held. Maybe you only raised a little bit of money, but you have gained several relationships with sponsors willing to commit to the same fundraiser next year.

When you gain relationships and you can see the potential for growth with a fundraiser, it may have been a success without raising a huge amount of cash. This is the case for Gala events and Golf Outings. These types of events may take a few years to build and creating new relationships in year one can provide a strong foundation for year two.

Spreading Awareness

In some cases, a fundraiser is less about raising a large sum of cash and more about spreading awareness. Maybe you’re using a custom magnet fundraiser to spread awareness for a specific disease. Your goal may be to raise money, but also to spread awareness.

When evaluating the success of your fundraiser, it’s important to look at both the funds raised and the awareness spread. Maybe you sold/gave out thousands of magnets, so you know you spread a ton of awareness, but you only raised a little bit of money. Your fundraiser can be a success, even in this case.

Figuring out what makes your fundraiser a success will depend on your goals. Make sure you set clear goals for your fundraiser and you’ll be able to easily measure its’ success.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Top 7 Tips for Your School Fundraiser

School Magnets

School Magnets are perfect for fundraising

Top 7 Tips for Your School Fundraiser

Your school needs money to support programs and students. Running a successful school fundraiser will make a difference, but you’re not sure how to go about raising funds.

If you’re new to fundraising or you’re just looking to improve your school fundraising efforts, these seven tips will help.

Improving Your School Fundraiser with Helpful Tips

1. Get Students Involved

Many fundraisers used by schools don’t really include the students. However, some of the best fundraisers include getting the students involved.

According to Equal Exchange, “School fundraising can be a great social skill-builder and a huge school spirit booster!” One of the best ways to get students involved is by having them sell something to raise money. Custom car magnets are a great choice for your school fundraiser and will certainly help boost school spirit.

2. Make People Proud to Support Your School

A great way to ensure everybody wants to get involved with your fundraiser is to make people proud to support your school. By showing school spirit through events or showing off your school rankings, people will be happy to support your fundraising efforts.

3. Provide Incentives

When you ask students to sell something, such as custom car magnets, to raise funds, they need an incentive. Most students won’t understand the incentive of raising funds simply to support the school. However, providing specific prizes for those making the most sales can help increase your efforts.

For example, you can give away a bicycle to the top student or throw a pizza party for the top classroom.

4. Use both Large and Small Fundraisers

Most schools will hold more than just one fundraiser throughout the year. You may hold a gala fundraiser with a silent auction in the spring, but come fall, you want to sell custom car magnets for the school’s sports teams.

By intermixing both small and large fundraisers, you’ll find more success. While some parents and community members may not participate in one fundraiser, they may participate in the other. You’ll also be able to provide opportunities at different price points for businesses and parents to support your school.

5. Get Businesses Involved

Anytime you can gain sponsorship from businesses or get them involved in your fundraiser, you’ll be able to raise more money and more awareness. Businesses get a tax write-off for supporting fundraisers. They will also like the idea of getting some type of advertising out of the deal, as it helps make them look good.

6. Don’t Overdo Your Fundraising

If you’re constantly running a fundraiser, people will get annoyed and may not want to support you. They will forever be waiting for your next fundraiser as they know its coming.

According to, running too many fundraisers may create donor fatigue.

7. Evaluate and Adjust

Every year your school runs specific fundraisers. Some may be more successful than others. Make sure you take the time to evaluate each fundraiser from year-to-year and adjust accordingly.

If a specific fundraiser isn’t working well, consider replacing it with something new, such as selling custom car magnets.

Fundraising isn’t easy. When you need to plan a school fundraiser, make sure to use these seven tips for better success.

For more information about our school magnet fundraisers, reach out to us at 760-743-6340 or email me at