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Choosing the Best DIY Fundraising Idea

School Magnets

School Magnets

Choosing the Best DIY Fundraising Idea

It’s time for you to choose a DIY fundraising idea. You’ve been put in charge of helping your group raise money and you’re not sure where to start.

With so many options, how do you choose the right fundraiser for your needs? It’s possible you might need more than one fundraiser, depending on how much money you need to raise.

Many groups offer a few fundraisers throughout the year. Regardless, if you’re looking for the best DIY fundraising ideas, you’ve come to the right place.

Top 4 DIY Fundraising Ideas

1. Sell Custom Car Magnets

One of the easiest and most profitable DIY fundraising ideas is selling custom car magnets. This type of fundraiser works great for sports teams, schools, church groups, and many other groups.

You’ll get to choose the design you like best to represent your group or to help spread awareness about a cause. Then, place your order for the number of magnets you want and start selling them.

With custom car magnets, you get a high return on investment and they are very easy to sell. For sports teams, it’s pretty easy to count on each parent of each participant to buy one. Many other supporters will also purchase custom car magnets and display them proudly.

Not only do you get a high return on investment, but you also get to spread awareness. If there’s a cause you want to spread awareness about, custom car magnets offer a great way to get the word out.

2. Donation Containers

We’ve all seen them at grocery stores and gas station registers. If you want to raise money for your group, you can partner with stores and ask to have your donation containers put near the register. This is an easy DIY fundraiser as you just need to buy containers, find businesses willing to display them and collect the money.

3. Raffles

Typically, raffle fundraisers work well with another type of event. For example, many organizations will do a 50/50 raffle during a sports fundraiser, such as a celebrity basketball game.

There are several types of raffles you can do and you can raffle off prizes of all sorts. Some organizations get local businesses to donate products and services they can raffle off. If you add a raffle to a Gala or dinner fundraiser, you might be able to use it to make even more money.

4. Sell Food Product

From cookie dough to pizzas, there are a number of food products you can sell as a fundraiser. These DIY fundraising ideas are very popular, but they are not always as successful as some of the others on this list.

Food products have to be properly stored before they are delivered. Typically, you’ll take orders from people and deliver later, which means you’ll have to store the products until they are delivered to the end customer.

There are plenty of great DIY fundraising ideas to choose from. Whether you want to sell custom magnets, hold a raffle, or use one of the other ideas on this list, you’re sure to find success.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Are Custom Car Magnets Weather Proof?

Are Custom Car Magnets Weather Proof?

Are Custom Car Magnets Weather Proof?

Are Custom Car Magnets Weather Proof?

Before you decide to use custom car magnets for your fundraiser, it’s a good idea to know if they are weatherproof. Taking care of these magnets will help them last longer. If you want to try selling magnets this year for a fundraiser, make sure you know what you’re getting first.

Custom car magnets are used for many different purposes. They are designed to be put on any metallic part of a vehicle and displayed with pride. Business owners use them for promotion, while schools, sports groups, and others use them as a fundraiser and to spread awareness.

How Custom Car Magnets Hold Up in the Weather

No matter the climate you live in, custom car magnets will hold up. Whether you’re in the Florida sun or the cold of Minnesota, custom car magnets will last.

The custom car magnets you get from ARC Marketing are designed for outdoor use. They are UV safe and they will last a very long time. Our magnets offer protection against the elements, no matter your climate.

While no custom car magnet will last forever, most magnets will last three to five years. Some will last longer, and it does depend on how much they are outside.

For example, a custom car magnet on a car stored outside year-round probably won’t last as long as one on a car stored in a garage most of the year.

Regardless, our magnets are weatherproof and will hold up in the rain, wind, snow, sun, and other weather conditions.

You want to make sure the custom car magnets you get are made for outdoor use. They should be made with high durability and weather-resistant materials. If you choose a cheap imitation, you won’t get a magnet that will last nearly as long.

Will My Car Be Damaged By The Magnet?

Figuring out if custom car magnets are weatherproof is a good place to start. However, before you start selling magnets as a fundraiser, you should also make sure the magnets won’t damage cars.

At ARC Marketing, we take pride in providing the best custom car magnets in the business. Our magnets are not cheap imitations and they don’t damage cars.

Some of the cheap imitations are actually refrigerator magnets and they are not designed for cars. They may come with a paper coating and wrinkle or fade quickly.

While it’s always a good idea to remove your custom car magnets when washing your car, our magnets won’t damage your car. Make sure you apply the magnet to a clean and dry metallic surface on your car, as well.

Choosing the right product for your fundraiser isn’t easy. If you’re considering custom car magnets because they are inexpensive, easy to distribute, and offer a high return on investment, you’re on the right track.

Since our custom car magnets are also weatherproof and won’t damage the vehicle, they make a perfect choice. Whether you’re raising money, raising awareness, or both, we’re here to help you get the right car magnets for your specific needs.

Fundraising Car Magnets

6 Tips to Help Promote Your Fundraiser

6 Tips to Help Promote Your Fundraiser

School Magnets

6 Tips to Help Promote Your Fundraiser

Choosing your fundraiser is a good start. However, if you choose a fundraiser that requires you to market, you need to know how to promote your fundraiser.

Selling custom car magnets doesn’t require a ton of promotion. Of course, the more you promote, the more you will sell, and the more money you will raise.

Holding an event for your fundraiser, you’ll likely need more marketing. Let’s look at some of the best tips for promoting your fundraiser.

Promote Your Fundraiser Fast With These 6 Tips

1. Social Media

One of the best ways to promote any fundraiser today is through social media. Most people will be happy to share your fundraiser, especially if they support it by purchasing a custom car magnet. This allows you to go viral in your local community and reach a larger audience without spending a dime.

You can promote on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and other social media channels. It’s not necessary to spend a dime and you can use local hashtags and tag local people involved in your fundraiser.

Get everybody involved in your fundraiser to share the same message a few times leading up to the fundraising date. You might be surprised by the reach you can gain with social media.

2. Take an Ad Out

You can take an ad out in the local newspaper to promote your fundraiser, too. This is usually a good way to promote an event fundraiser and won’t work well for other fundraisers, typically.

3. Get Excellent Sponsors

If you want to get others to promote your fundraising event, choose good sponsors. Good local businesses will promote you without you even having to ask. You can even provide them with some promotional materials, such as graphics for their website, flyers, and more.

4. Use Flyers

Putting flyers up throughout your community can help. Many apartment complexes, restaurants, libraries, and supermarkets allow you to hang up flyers. You can spread the message fast with flyers and they don’t cost much to create and print.

5. Have Participants Spread the Word

Often, with custom car magnet fundraiser and other fundraisers, getting those participating in the fundraiser to spread the word is powerful. For example, if you’re going to sell custom car magnets for your baseball team, you can get all the players to talk about the fundraiser to their family before it happens.

6. Create a Video

You can couple a video with your social media marketing for your fundraiser. Create a video and upload it to YouTube. Then, share it everywhere you can. Videos can be very powerful when it comes to spreading the word.

It’s much easier to run a successful fundraiser when you promote it properly. Even when you’re going to sell an item as your fundraiser, such as custom car magnets, you can promote it. The best part, you can promote your fundraiser without spending a dime, if you choose the right options, such as making a video and using social media.

Fundraising Car Magnets

A Few Things You Should Understand About Fundraising

Things You Should Know About Fundraising

Things You Should Know About Fundraising

A Few Things You Should Understand About Fundraising

When you decide it’s time to start raising funds for your group, it can be a bit difficult to get everybody on the same page. Everybody has an opinion about how you should raise funds and which fundraiser might work the best.

The leadership of your group has to make important decisions, such as do we sell custom car magnets to raise funds or hold a car wash? Let’s look at a few things you should understand about fundraising before you get started.

5 Fundamentals of Fundraising for a Successful Campaign

1. Support is Vital for Success

You cannot run a successful fundraiser without gaining the help and support of everybody in your group. Whether it’s board members leading the effort or participants selling custom car magnets, you need everybody to work together.

If your entire group cannot get on board with your fundraiser, it will struggle to be successful. However, if you can get everybody to work together and on their own for the benefits of the group, you can run a very successful fundraiser.

2. Leaders Need to be United

How can you expect anybody else in your group to get on board if the leaders are not on the same page? Before starting any type of fundraiser, you should make sure all leaders of your group are on board with the idea.

Without the support of the leaders, you will likely have others in your group not so excited about the fundraiser. Make sure leadership agrees and can provide a united front before starting any fundraising effort.

3. Success Takes Time

Most fundraisers will get better if you repeat them each year. For example, the first year you decided to sell car magnets as a fundraiser, you might get feedback on the design. In the second year, you come up with a better design and you might sell twice as many.

It’s common for fundraisers to grow from one year to the next. You can build on a foundation you’ve already established by adding in new sales channels, new ways to take in donations, and even more fundraisers to couple with your current option.

4. Fundraising Should Be a Profit Center

When you invest $1 in any type of fundraiser, it should bring you back $3 or $4, at least. Fundraising should always be a profit center, not a cost center.

5. Events Tend to Be the Least Efficient Way to Generating New Funds

Holding a gala or a golf outing seems like a great way to raise funds, and it can be. However, events tend to come with much higher costs and you have to depend on filling seats to make them worth your time.

Selling the right item, such as custom car magnets, doesn’t come with the same high cost. Instead, this type of fundraiser allows you to make a profit from each item sold.

Before you start any new fundraising effort for your group, make sure you understand these five fundamentals. Leadership needs to be on the same page and the more excited your group it; the easier it will be to get everybody involved.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Choosing the right Car Magnet Company

I just Googled the search phrase “car magnets”, and I received 116 million results! A lot of those are for “car door magnets”, and those are intended for advertising your small business (contractors, realtors, etc.).

Google “fundraising car magnets” or “school car magnets” and you begin to find the companies that you will want to reach out to. “Fundraising car magnets” returned 548 Thousand results and “School car magnets” returned 57 million results. Not sure about you, but I don’t have time to go through every one of those to pick the best company.

Google will help…

To thin the herd, Google makes it a little easier. Google ranks all searches by relevance, company history, and other factors. So, not going too deep (only search the few top pages) should show you the companies who have been around the longest and have a positive reputation. Personally, I never click on the “sponsored listings”. These are the ones that have the small square with the word “Ad” in the heading. These companies have done nothing to earn this placement; they merely paid a lot of money to Google to get this listing at the top of the page. I could open a new company today and have my listing at the top of Page 1 tomorrow by doing this. Then I could go out of business in a week and never return any money for product that is unproven. So, avoid the “sponsored ads”.

Now that you’ve brought those 57 million listings down to 30 or less (only the first 3 pages), you can begin looking at their websites. There are a few (very few) companies like ARC Marketing that offer a full-service art department to help with you design your magnet for free (with a real live human working with you). Most have a computer-generated on-line design-tool that might work if you are happy using the same clip art and templates that they offer to everyone.

Okay, so now we know that there a lot of companies out there offering “car magnets”. With so many choices, how do you choose a company that won’t let you down? How can you tell a high-quality car magnet from a low quality car magnet?

Let’s “Bottom Line” this… is the least expensive car magnet the car magnet that you want for your fundraiser? Companies that advertise “Cheap Car Magnets” are not just talking about their price, they are also talking about their quality.

Saving 10 cents or 20 cents on your fundraising car magnets is going to make you look like a hero… for about 2 months! After that, those less expensive magnets begin to fade and fall apart. You see those cheap magnets on cars everywhere… only you can’t read what they say! Are you ready to start refunding money to the people who bought your magnet and now are complaining that it has fallen apart?

ARC Marketing makes the best car magnets in America, and we guarantee that they will not fade or fall apart. Request a sample magnet from us and compare it to any other car magnet. The difference is obvious. Don’t ruin your fundraiser by using the cheapest magnets you can find!

Are you ready to start making money for your group? Then give me a call at 760-743-6340 or email me at immediately!!!

Fundraising Car Magnets

Round Car Magnets or Oval Car Magnets?

round magnets oval magnets

Round Car Magnets and Oval Car Magnets

Round Car Magnets or Oval Car Magnets?

Here we go. Another “either or” argument. Follows the other age-old major decisions like “boxers or briefs”, and “paper or plastic”.

Well, it’s one of the most polarizing topics in this very polarizing time. Let’s get into the weeds and determine which is better… round car magnets or oval car magnets.

To begin with, both the oval and round magnets are the most durable shapes. They both offer a single, continuous edge with no sharp corners that can wear over time. Square magnets and intricate die-cut magnets (we make those also) have sharp corners that can start to fray over time, which can lead to the magnetic material failing (doesn’t happen often, but the potential is there). And by “over time”, we mean several years so don’t be too worried.

Our standard round car magnet is a 5-inch circle. Normally we put your logo, mascot or other graphic into the center. We try to make the “center” of the magnet a 4-inch circle, leaving a half-inch border for text.

Our standard oval car magnet is 6 inches long and 4 inches tall. Again, we will put your logo or other graphic in the center. The center of both magnets is where your eye is drawn toward, so the most impactful part of your magnet should go there.

We like to make the type as large as possible without running into kerning or spacing issues. We want the type to be a strong contrasting color to the border color so that it stands out and can be legible from the car behind you at the stop light.

The oval magnet works better for linear logos (logos that are wider than they are tall) since this shape offers more room from left to right. The oval magnet works better also for designs that have a lot of words. You can fit more words on the top and bottom arc of the oval magnet because the curve of the arc is more subtle. On the round magnet, longer phrases tend to invert slightly when they reach the midpoint (9 and 3 o’clock).

I realize that none of this really settles the argument of Round vs. Oval magnets, but it might help you decide on the best shape for your magnet.

Let our team of professional graphic artists help you with your new car magnet. Round or oval, we’ll find the best design for you!

Fundraising Car Magnets

Friends of Scouting Car Magnets

Scouting Car Magnets

Friends of Scouting Car Magnets

Friends of Scouting Thank You Gifts

Friends of Scouting is your council’s annual giving campaign. In most councils, Friends of Scouting (or FOS) represents the council’s largest source of income.

Here’s a great way to say “Thanks” to all those individuals who contributed to your successful FOS campaign; a custom car magnet designed for your council.

The people who donate during your FOS campaign do not want to remain anonymous! They are proud to support scouting and they want the world to know. As a result, they prefer Thank You Gifts that have your Scout Council logo or patch on it. But they also want the world to see it, so your gift should be used in a very visible place. Clothing certainly fits those requirements. And here’s an even better idea; a custom car magnet printed with your Council Logo. Using a custom car magnet as a gift to them allows them to proudly show your community that they believe in the values and ideals that you are teaching the Leaders of Tomorrow.

Imagine your “Thank You Gift” becoming an advertising machine for your council. Picture your council magnet on hundreds of cars in your community. Eventually, everyone will have seen this magnet dozens of times. That type of advertising usually isn’t cheap.

This magnet will broadcast an image of your Scout Council

  • 24 hours a day.
  • 7 days a week.
  • 365 days a year.
  • Nonstop. And the best news… it not expensive!

ARC Marketing has been designing and printing custom car magnet for scouting for more than 15 years. Let one of our talented magnet designers show you what we can do for your council.

For more information, visit our website by clicking here.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Featured Car Magnet – Oak Park Elementary School

School car magnets

Oak Park Elementary School custom car magnet

Featured Car Magnet – Oak Park Elementary School

We design a print a lot of car magnets for the schools in the Brentwood Union Free School District, and Oak Park is one of those. There are 19 primary and secondary schools in the Brentwood Union School District, and we design and print car magnets for 7 of those schools.

Oak Park Elementary wanted us to design a magnet to use to acknowledge their best and brightest students. They already had a Student of the Month program in place, so instead of reinventing the wheel we built on that existing foundation.

Most schools in the Brentwood Union School District use a variation of their “B” logo. Oak Park’s variation places a bold “OP” over the B logo.

Since we use the most advanced ultra-violet resistant inks, the colors are bright, bold and vibrant. These inks will not fade, so this magnet will look awesome for years.

Also, since there is a steady turnover of students (new kindergarten students coming in while the older students are moving on to middle school), this is a fundraising program that can continue forever. This means that every year, the school and their PTA can raise thousands of dollars.

We can do the same for your school. To get samples and a free magnet design. Just give us a call at 760-743-6340 or visit our website at

Fundraising Car Magnets

Custom Car Magnets

custom car magnets

Custom Car Magnets for Fundraising

There are many fundraising options available to you. Unfortunately, most of them are ineffective. Not only do these not raise enough money to justify themselves, they waste an enormous amount of time.

Think of the time and effort your team invests into a fundraiser like a car wash. How many hours are spent getting these set up, finding a location to host it, putting up signs, and then getting your team in place to do the hard work? And what’s the end result? A few hundred dollars and 10 poorly washed cars.

Let me offer an alternative; Custom Car Magnets. A well-designed custom magnet will practically sell itself. You just need to collect the money.

A fundraising car magnet does more than just earn money, it creates awareness. Imagine hundreds of cars, driving around town with your magnet. You can safely assume that each of those cars will be seen by at least 100 other cars every day. You do the math; it works!

Getting a custom car magnet design is simple if you’re working with ARC Marketing. We have a team of experienced designers and they are here to help. With a little input from you, our art department will create a design that will impress everyone.

Now, all that’s left is the timing. Production typically takes 2 weeks plus a few days for UPS delivery. Designing your magnet could take a few days in our art department, including any revisions that you’ll want to see. Add that all up and it will take about 3 weeks to receive your magnets after contacting us. What’s this mean? It means plan ahead!

Just give us a call at 760-7473-6340, or email me at can we’ll get busy!

Fundraising Car Magnets

School Fundraising Magnets

Okay, school has started, and your PTA or PTO still does not have all of their fundraising options lined up.

Well, there’s still time to run a successful custom car magnet promotion.

Combine our brilliant art department with our amazing production facility and we can have your new, custom magnets in your hands in about 2 weeks.

Car magnets are a year-round fundraiser, but it’s always best to start before the beginning of the school year. But with all the other things going on in your PTA or PTO, fundraisers tend to get put off. In fact, most of our customers call about this time a year and explain that they are late getting started. This is where we take over for you.

We will design your magnet at no charge, and we will use a professional human designer; not some automated do-it-yourself online template program that will leave you wondering how your magnets will look. We’ll print them on our state-of-the-art printing equipment, using the best magnetic material and the most durable UV resistant inks. We’ll package them with care and deliver them to your door via UPS. All you need to do is sit back and take all the credit!

Getting started couldn’t be easier. We just need a little info about your school (colors, mascot, wording on magnet, etc.), and we have a simple questionnaire that makes it simple.

Are you ready to get started? Click here to go to the “Design Questionnaire” and prepare to be amazed.