Fundraising Car Magnets

Grasping the Many Benefits of Custom Car Magnets

Custom Car Magnets
Custom Car Magnets

Grasping the Many Benefits of Custom Car Magnets

Custom car magnets can be sold to raise funds for all types of organizations. They don’t spoil, require special storage, or take up much space. These effective, powerful little marketing tools can be used to spread your organization’s message, too.

There are many benefits behind custom car magnets as a fundraiser and for other purposes. Let’s look at some of the top benefits so you can better understand what you will be getting when you choose custom car magnets from Arc Marketing.

Easy to Sell/Distribute

Whether you’re selling custom car magnets to raise funds or handing them out to spread awareness, they are easy to sell and distribute. The compact size makes it easy to store thousands of magnets in a small space and hand them out or sell them easily. This is one of the most convenient fundraising items you will find.

Provide Value

For parents of athletes or students, custom car magnets provide the value of showing off pride. They can also be a way to show fandom for a sports team or support for a specific cause. When you sell custom car magnets, they offer value to your audience.

If you’re raising money for a sports team, you can use custom magnets for schedules (more for the fridge than the car) or you can use them to show off pride with the mascot and/or team name. They can also offer a way to spread awareness for a cure for cancer, autism, or another cause.

Very Budget-Friendly

Custom car magnets are incredibly affordable for those trying to raise awareness or funds. Whether you want to buy them in bulk and sell them for a high margin, or you plan to hand them out as a part of another fundraiser or to spread awareness, they are very budget-friendly. You can get custom car magnets for as little as $0.95 per magnet.


While they are called custom car magnets, these magnets can be placed on any magnetic surface. They can be placed on a fridge, filing cabinet, or any other surface. Whether you want to market them as car magnets or just magnets, they can be displayed in many ways.

Visually Attractive

Since these are custom car magnets, you gain the benefit of a visually attractive magnet. You can choose the size, shape, colors, fonts, and more. Of course, our design department is here to help you make these decisions to ensure you have a great-looking magnet.

Offer Functionality

While there isn’t much functionality for the magnets if they are displayed on a vehicle, they can become very functional on a fridge or filing cabinet. Not only can they be decorative, but they can also hold shopping lists, pictures, or other items you want to display. This gives those buying or receiving the magnets a functional item they can use, which offers even more value.

Custom car magnets come with many benefits. Whether you’re using these magnets to raise awareness or to raise funds, you can get them for a low cost and gain all of these benefits and so much more.