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High School Car Magnets for Fundraising
High School Car Magnets

High School Car Magnets

Personalized car magnets are an effective, affordable, and quick marketing technique. Therefore, it is ideal for many schools. These car magnets are weather-resistant and durable, making them ideal for promoting a school event or as a fundraising activity.

When designed right, the high school car magnets can grab the attention of other drivers and pedestrians. Therefore, this gives you a higher chance of getting more supporters. Handing out these custom car magnets means multiple vehicles will be marketing your school and its events everywhere.

Moreover, these magnets cost less than other marketing techniques. You can create eye-catching car magnets and include relevant information to benefit from. However, what information should be included on the high school magnets?

Here is everything you must include in a personalized magnet for your high school:

High School Logo

Firstly, you need to include the logo of your school as this is the major identified. It is a great way to spread awareness about your school. However, you can use the team’s logo if you are raising funds for a high school team.

School Colors

When designing high school car magnets, make sure you use all the school colors. Likewise, use the sports team colors if you are using custom car magnets for the school team. This is a great way to communicate the spirit behind your school and your school teams.


Most schools have a school slogan to show their dedication and mission toward education. Be sure to add it to the magnet. However, if the slogan is too long, you can always concise it. This will help avoid overcrowding the car magnet.

Contact Details

Including contact details is another important thing to include in a personalized car magnet. The target audience might need more details about how to support your school. Therefore, you must include the contact details of the department or person responsible for raising funds or support for the school.

Additionally, you should add the social media handles of your high school. This will make it easier for your supporters to find you.

Call to Action (CTA)

When you are designing a car magnet for your school, including a call to action is integral. It guides your target audience on what to do after looking at the magnet. For instance, you might be raising funds for the high school, so include ways to donate on the magnet to show the supports how they can help.

Wrapping Up

Custom car magnets are a great way to use vehicles as a means to boost school spirit and raise funds for school activities. These magnets are affordable and a simple way to promote your school.

High school car magnets can be distributed to the students, teachers, and parents to place their cars to raise awareness about a fundraising activity, show support to school teams, and more. Using the right techniques will ensure you maximize the benefits of car magnets. For more information and a free magnet design, visit our website at

Fundraising Car Magnets

Top Fundraiser Ideas for High School Band

High School Band car magnets
High School Band car magnets

Top Fundraiser Ideas for High School Band

When you need to raise money for your high school band, the right fundraiser ideas can go a long way. Maybe you need money for travel, uniforms, or for other things. With a good fundraiser, you can make it easier to pay for the things you need for your high school band.

There are plenty of options when it comes to raising money. Let’s look at some of the top fundraiser ideas for your high school band.

Top 4 Fundraiser Ideas for High School Band

1. Custom Car Magnets

One of the best ways to raise money for your high school band is by selling custom car magnets. With many people in the high school able to drive, along with parents, and other supporters, these are easy to sell for a profit.

Custom car magnets come at a cheap cost and offer an excellent design to match your school. They can be designed to feature your mascot, making the magnets a great option for all sports fans and school supporters.

Compared to other fundraiser ideas for high school band, custom car magnets have a higher profit margin. You can sell these magnets for two, three, or even four times what you pay for them.

2. Hold a Big Car Wash

With the school’s parking lot available to you, plenty of band members to volunteer, and some supplies, you can hold a big car wash event to raise money. This is a popular fundraiser because it has a very low overhead. You can even use custom car magnets to drive up your donations.

Maybe the average donation for a car wash is $10. You can offer a free custom car magnet for anybody donating $20. This can entice more people to give more, so they can get the magnet and show their support for the band.

3. Sell a Food Product

It’s pretty common and popular for high school bands to sell a food product as a fundraiser. This could be cookie dough, pizzas, popcorn, or something else. While this can be a good fundraiser idea for high school bands, it does come with more work than some of the others on the list. Plus, the profit margin will be lower.

4. Hold a Concert

You are a high school band, after all, so why not hold a concert and sell tickets. You can even make this a big event with a dinner, silent auction, and other ways to raise money, if you want. Have the band perform in different ways and let supporters enjoy the evening.

When you pair a concert with a silent auction, you can raise even more money. Add in a dinner and you have a gala event that could become a regular annual fundraiser. Of course, you can still add in custom car magnets and sell them or give them away with each ticket purchased as a thank you gift.

There are plenty of great fundraiser ideas for high school bands to consider. These are just four of the best options. If you want to use custom car magnets, you can start with our free virtual design tool here or contact us to find out more about how to design the perfect magnet.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Most Common Types of School Magnets

Most Common Types of School Magnets

When you’re considering a new fundraiser for your elementary school, middle school, or high school, you want the right one. Selling custom school magnets often makes a lot of sense.

Not only will you get a high profit margin, but you will also be able to promote your school at the same time. Custom school car magnets offer a great way to raise money for your school or for a school program or club. Let’s look at some of the most common types of school magnets to consider.

5 Popular Types of School Magnets

1. Custom School Car Magnets

A magnet designed to match your school and be displayed on a vehicle is a custom school car magnet. These magnets offer a durable design to withstand the weather. They give your supporters something they can display and use to promote your school.

Often, this type of school magnet will include the school logo, URL, phone number, or address. They can be customized to fit your specific needs and design wants.

2. Calendar Magnets

Usually displayed on a refrigerator, a calendar magnet can help parents and supporters remember important dates. These magnets can be designed to show the schedule of a sports team, the schedule for the school, or any other schedule you want. They work great as a give-away item or as a fundraising magnet.

3. Team Spirit Magnets

Another type of school magnet you can design is a team spirit magnet. These magnets will represent a club or a sports team from your school. They are very popular for all types of sports and can work great to help fans support the teams from your school.

4. School Picture Magnets

These magnets are a little less popular, but can still work well. They typically include a cutout to display a picture behind them. It might be best to sell these around school picture time.

5. Contact Number Magnet

It’s also common for schools to design a magnet with all the important contact numbers. This may include the number you call if your child won’t be able to come to school that day. It may also include the number for the principal and for other school departments.

All of these types of school magnets can be very powerful. You can use them as a give-away to help remind parents of events or important contact numbers. Some can also be used for fundraising, such as the team spirit magnets and the custom school car magnet.

Of course, with the right custom car magnet, you can also promote your school throughout your community. This works great for private schools or those counting on tuition to help support them.

No matter the type of school magnet you choose, it will likely go over very well with parents and supporters. You can start by creating your design with our free virtual design tool. Of course, if you need additional help, we are always here to help you.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Using Custom Fundraiser Magnets For Your High School

High School Car Magnets
Custom High School Car Magnets

Using Custom Fundraiser Magnets For Your High School

Does your high school need to boost its funds? High schools across the country are struggling for funds. When you find your high school needs a little bit of extra help, perhaps you should give them a helping hand? If you are new to fundraising, here is a mini-guide to high school fundraising ideas.

High School Car Magnets VS Stickers

Most of the time, you will find that high schools raise money with a special target in mind. It could be that your high school needs a new IT room or the cafeteria has seen better days. No matter what cause you are raising money for, it is important that you look at what fundraising tools you can use.

When you are running an event, handing out stickers is very popular. Stickers are relatively inexpensive to buy and you can order them online. But what happens to stickers? Yes, they are easy to hand out, but do they really support your cause?

The truth is that most people are more likely to discard or a throw away a sticker. Stickers often end up in a drawer or the trash can at home. If you were to offer a magnet instead, you would probably find that someone would display it.

That is one of the reasons magnets are a better fundraising tool.

More Environmentally Friendly

We are all trying to get away from the throw-away culture. Stickers are very much part of that concept. They are something that we pick up and hang onto for a short while.

An object that has been better made such as a magnet is less likely to be thrown away. You can stick your custom car magnet to your car or to another surface that will hold the magnet. During the time the magnet is displayed, it will carry on doing vital work. It will raise awareness of your fundraising cause and carry on delivering the message.

Special Events Magnets

Take a look at a magnet and you will realize you can say a lot on a magnet. Thanks to modern manufacturing techniques, customizing your magnets is easy. You can mention the name of your high school, the event you are raising money for, and even the financial target. All that will help to make people aware of what you are doing.

People are more prepared to pay for a magnet than they are to pay for a sticker. They feel they get better value for money. As long as you keep your eye on the budget, you will raise more money when you use magnets. Magnets will last longer and become a constant reminder of your cause.

Magnets are not expensive to buy when compared to t-shirts, caps, and many other fundraising tools. They are fun, deliver a message, and people of all ages like them. Magnets don’t take up a lot of space and you don’t have to worry about carrying all different sizes. Don’t lose sight of the fact that we all like to collect things. One of the things we like to collect is magnets.

Fundraising Car Magnets

The Best Fundraiser Ideas For JROTC

JROTC Car Magnets
JROTC Car Magnets for Fundraising

The Best Fundraiser Ideas For JROTC

Are you a member of your local JROTC? In that case, you may want to help them out by organizing a fundraising event or two.

What do JROTC raise money for? You will find that your local JROTC raise money for all sorts of things. That may include summer camp trips or events in the local community.

As well all know, raising money is not always easy. You need to use all sorts of tools to help you raise money. If you find yourself stuck for ideas, we have a few top tips that you can put to good use.

Custom Car Magnets

As most JROTC clubs are based at a high school, you could take the opportunity to use the school’s logo to raise money. Top quality custom magnet manufacturers ARC Marketing say that many JROTC teams get very good results when they use school magnets with their school’s logo.

Magnets are less likely to be thrown away and you can easily customize them. For instance, if you are raising money for Summer Camp 2022, you can create a fundraising and memorial magnet in one. Use the school symbol and add Summer Camp 2022 to the magnet.

Magnets are easier to sell as you are not left with any residue when you remove them. Just one of the reasons magnets have become so popular.

Organize A Car Wash

No matter what you say, car washes are a popular way to raise money for any organization. A car wash can be organized at home, in a supermarket car park or at another location offering water and plenty of space.

As magnets are easy to both store and transport, you should not forget to take them with you. If a supporter gives you a higher-than-average donation, you can offer them a free magnet for their car. However, you will also find supporters don’t mind spending a few extra dollars on a magnet rather than a sticker.

A Fun Run

Keeping fit is very much part of the JROTC concept. How about organizing a fun run? The members of the JROTC program can ask for sponsorship or ask other to join them. Fun runs or family runs are often popular events as the entire family can take part.

You don’t need to cover a huge distance, just a couple of miles will do. Once again, you should make sure that you have a stall available selling your magnets and any other fundraising material that you may have. You will be pleasantly surprised when you realize how much money you can raise from holding public fundraising events.

As long as your event is well advertised and promoted on social media, getting runners and supporters involved is not a problem.

Don’t forget that magnets are also a great way of raising awareness of what you are doing. People are much more likely to display a magnet than they are when it comes to displaying stickers. Custom car magnets offer better value for money and will carry on delivering your message for much longer. Needless to say, magnets are also better for the environment as we seldom throw them away.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Top Fundraiser Ideas for School Bands

High School Band car magnets
High School Band fundraising ideas

Top Fundraiser Ideas for School Bands

Are you sick of the normal food fundraiser you do every year for the school band? Do the students no longer get excited when fundraising time rolls around? Finding a new fundraiser idea for the school band can help.

There are many fundraisers to choose from and they come in a variety of types. Whether you want to sell something different, hold some type of event, or do something else, there are a million ideas out there.

While there might be a ton of fundraising ideas to choose from for your school band, it’s good to consider just a few. Let’s look at the top options for your band to try out this year.

Top 4 Fundraising Ideas for Your School Band

1. Sell Custom Car Magnets

Your band can have custom car magnets designed to match the school logo or the band logo. Then, you can sell these magnets for a very nice profit.

Custom car magnets cost as little as about $1 and they can be sold for $10 or even more. You can turn a very high-profit margin compared to other common fundraisers with these magnets.

When you choose to sell custom school car magnets, you can also partner with an organization to spread awareness. For example, you can partner with a cancer research organization and sell custom ribbon magnets to spread awareness about a specific type of cancer. Then, you can donate a portion of the proceeds to the organization, while keeping the rest to support your school band.

2. Hold a Car Wash

Another great fundraising idea for your school band is holding a car wash. You already have students that can provide the labor, so you just need a location and the supplies. If your school has a good location, you might even be able to use the parking lot.

Just have some of the students make signs and hold them where traffic can see them. Then, direct interested cars into the area where you can wash them and collect donations. You can even give away a custom car magnet to those donating a specific amount to help drive up donations.

3. Sell a Food Product

There are dozens of food products you can sell as your fundraiser. Most have about a 50% profit margin and can be pretty easy to sell. However, with many people on diets these days, it might not be as easy to sell pizzas, cookie dough, or gourmet popcorn.

4. Put on a Concert

You’re a band, after all, so why not put on a concert and charge admission? You can probably use the school auditorium or gym for your concert and sell tickets to parents, students, and other people in the community.

It’s even possible to combine this with other fundraisers. Have a bake sale outside the concert, sell custom car magnets and concessions outside the concert, or even simply ask for donations as a part of the concert.

There are many great fundraising ideas you can use for your school band this year. These are just four of the top options to consider.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Top Fundraiser Ideas for Catholic Schools

School Car Magnets
School Car Magnets

Top Fundraiser Ideas for Catholic Schools

Catholic schools of all sizes have to raise money every single year. Sure, your school probably has some donors and alumni you can count on, but you still need fundraising ideas to help.

There are many great fundraisers you can run to help your Catholic school. Whether it’s an elementary, middle, or high school, you can use the fundraiser ideas below to help.

5 Top Catholic School Fundraisers

1. School Car Magnets

One of the best fundraisers you can run is a school car magnet fundraiser. Not only can you sell a magnet specifically for your school, but you can also sell magnets for each sports team.

Parents, relatives, teachers, parishioners, and others will likely purchase the magnets to display on their vehicles. When you run a school car magnet fundraiser for your high school, even students with cars will purchase the magnets.

Custom car magnets can be purchased for a very low cost. They can be sold for well over a 100% profit margin. This gives you the ability to raise money for the school, sports teams, clubs, and other organizations within your Catholic School.

2. Christmas Lollipops

If you need a good fundraiser during the Christmas season, you can sell Christmas Lollipops. These lollipops provide the ability to make a 50% profit margin and they are easy to sell. They also sell for a very low price, which can help you raise money pretty easily.

3. Silent Auction and Gala

If you have a big enough school, you can hold a silent auction and gala fundraiser. This can be a fun night out for parents, alumni, and others. Include dinner, a silent auction, and even a band or DJ for dancing and fun.

You will charge a ticket price, which should help you raise some money. However, the big money you will raise will come from getting local businesses and groups to donate items you can auction off. These items can be physical items, gift certificates, services, and more.

4. Super Bowl Sandwiches

Some schools will provide delicious sandwiches the students make for the Super Bowl. They will ask people to pre-order by a certain date, and then pick up their sandwiches the morning of Super Bowl Sunday, usually after each Mass time at the church.

This type of fundraiser is a great option, but it can only be run once per year. Of course, if you provide delicious sandwiches, this can become a fundraiser you run every single year.

5. Run a Golf Outing

A golf outing is a great way to raise money for a Catholic School. It can be run at a local course and can include plenty of smaller fundraisers within the main golf outing fundraiser. You can sell custom car magnets as a second fundraiser, along with running things, such as hole-in-one contests, 50/50 raffles, and more.

Choosing the right Catholic School fundraiser will make a difference. You will likely need multiple fundraisers to run throughout the year. Start with custom car magnets and add in the other fundraisers throughout the school calendar.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Different Ways to Use School Car Magnets for Fundraising

School Car Magnets
School Car Magnets

Different Ways to Use School Car Magnets for Fundraising

When you choose school car magnets for your fundraising, you have multiple ways you can use them. Some of the ways you will use them to raise money will depend on the school level. Let’s look at a few great ways to use school car magnets at each level.


If you run a preschool, school car magnets offer a great option for branding. These can be given away or sold to parents and other supporters of the school. The fundraising option may have more to do with branding at this level of education, depending on the size of your preschool.

Sometimes, preschools are coupled with elementary schools. If this is the case, you can sell the school car magnets as a part of a larger fundraiser.

Elementary Schools

If you’re trying to run a fundraiser at the elementary school level, your best audience will be the parents of the students. You can sell custom school car magnets at other school events.

When you look at your fundraising schedule for the year, adding school car magnets in can really help. For schools looking to gain better branding, this is a great way to raise money and brand your school better.

Middle Schools

Once we get into the middle school level with school car magnets, more than just selling them for the school is available. These magnets can be associated with a sports team or another organization, such as the band or debate team, associated with the school.

You can pair custom school car magnets with other fundraising events, too. This level really starts to open up some good ways to use school magnets for fundraising.

High Schools

High schools tend to be much larger than other schools. This means you have more organizations and more students that can potentially sell custom school car magnets for the fundraiser.

If a small high school of 1,000 students sold one magnet per student, you could easily raise a few thousand dollars for the school. It’s more common to use school car magnets for sports teams and for other organizations at this level, however.

You can sell school car magnets at sporting events, theater productions, car washes, gala events, and more. The high school level offers many opportunities to pair custom magnets with another fundraiser. You can also sell them for each of the different organizations for the school.

Since some of the students attending high school may be able to drive, selling school car magnets directly to students is an option, too.


Colleges and universities with sports programs will likely sell school car magnets in the bookstore on campus. They can also be found online. This is rather common as a way to help the school generate funds.

College and university programs will also sell school car magnets associated with a specific sports team or organization. Since these schools tend to be very large, there are plenty of opportunities to sell the magnets to supporters.

Most students and faculty at a college or university can drive. This means they can all buy a custom car magnet to support the school. In addition, many colleges and universities will also have fans of their sports, alumni, and other supporters.

No matter the education level, school car magnets can be used as a fundraiser. From preschool to college, you can raise money with the right design for your custom magnet.

Fundraising Car Magnets

How to Pair Custom Car Magnets with Fundraising Events

School Car Magnets
School Car Magnets

How to Pair Custom Car Magnets with Fundraising Events

When you decide you want to run a fundraiser for your non-profit organization, elementary school, baseball team, or any other organization, custom car magnets make a great choice. However, if you already have a fundraiser you’re planning, you can still add these magnets to your event for even more profits.

There are several ways to pair custom car magnets with fundraising events. Let’s look at a few popular ways to increase your profits by adding custom-designed magnets to your fundraising event.

Top 3 Ways to Pair Custom Car Magnets with Fundraising Events

1. Pair them with a Car Wash

One of the easiest ways to boost your car wash revenue is by pairing a custom car magnet with the car wash. If you know you will be running a fundraising car wash or multiple car washes, order some custom car magnets to go with it.

You can give them out for a specific donation level. For example, maybe you know your average donation for a car wash last year was $10. You can try to boost your average by offering a free custom car magnet for all donations of $25 or more. This can help entice people to give more and can boost your revenue.

2. Pair them with a Sporting Event

Sporting events and custom car magnets go hand-in-hand. Maybe your fundraising event will be a local celebrity basketball game or softball game. Maybe you’re selling tickets for the event, doing a 50/50 raffle, handling the concessions, and doing other things to raise money through the event.

On top of all you’re doing, you can sell custom car magnets for the event or for your sports team or organization. You will have a captive audience and you can use that to your advantage by selling custom car magnets to those in attendance.

These magnets can also be paired as a giveaway with a 50/50 raffle for those buying a certain number of tickets. This can help to boost the raffle and make it larger while you raise more money.

3. Pair them with a Golf Outing

If you’re holding a golf outing as your fundraising event, you can pair custom car magnets with the event as a giveaway for branding or as something else to sell. You can even get a sponsor to cover the cost of the magnets for a sign on a specific tee box, green, or another type of sponsorship.

The magnets can be put in a goodie bag if they are going to be a giveaway for branding. If you plan to sell them, you can pair them with a 50/50 raffle or have a volunteer set up on a specific tee station and sell the magnets. They can even be paired with other items and sold as a package deal.

Along with these events, you can also sell custom car magnets for next year at the final awards ceremony for your sports team or your organization. They pair with many events very well and can help you raise more money while enhancing the offering of your fundraising event.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Choosing from a List of High School Sports Fundraiser Ideas

Choosing from a List of High School Sports Fundraiser Ideas
Choosing from a List of High School Sports Fundraiser Ideas

Choosing from a List of High School Sports Fundraiser Ideas

When you need to raise money for a high school sports team, it’s not always an easy endeavor. There are several high school sports fundraiser ideas to consider.

It doesn’t matter which type of sport you need to raise money for, these fundraising ideas are a great option. Whether you’re raising money for a baseball team, basketball team, softball team, or lacrosse team, these high school sports fundraiser ideas work great.

7 Top High School Sports Fundraiser Ideas

1. Rent out the Team or Athletes for a Day

You can rent out those on your team or the entire team for the say to do chores or any other type of task around the house. This can be a great way to raise money for a high school sports team.

2. Discount Cards

A common option for high school sports teams, discount cars offer a way to raise the money you need. You can find out more about the discount cards fundraiser idea by reading our post about discount cards and custom car magnets.

3. Clinics and Camps

You have skilled players capable of teaching younger athletes your sport. Whether you run a hockey team or a soccer team, holding a clinic or camp is a great fundraiser idea. It can even be paired with a custom car magnet fundraiser. The magnets can be a part of the package or can be sold to the parents to show off their pride for their children participating in an exclusive camp or clinic.

4. Custom Car Magnet Fundraiser

While you can certainly pair a fundraising car magnet with just about any other on this list, you can also run this fundraiser by itself. With the right design, you can easily raise the money you need by selling magnets for a nice profit. Custom car magnets can be sold for a very high profit since they are very low in cost.

5. Fun Runs

A fun run is a great way to get an entire family together for a day of fun and to raise money for your sports team. You can do a 1K walk/run for the kids, a 5K run for most participants, and even a 10K or half-marathon for the serious runners. This can be a good way to raise money and you can couple it with a custom car magnet fundraiser, as well.

6. Sell Prime Parking Spots

While it might not be the only high school fundraiser idea you need, you can sell reserved parking for your prime spots for games and events. Parking passes can be sold to parents and other fans to ensure they get great parking and you get to raise a little money in the process.

7. Restaurant Fundraiser Event

Some restaurants will partner with you and donate a specific amount of the money they make on a certain day or weekend. Then, you can promote the event to fill up the restaurant with your supporters. This is a good way to raise money for your sports team.

There are many ways to raise money for your high school sports team. Use these seven ideas to help you raise money for your sports team this season.