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High School Car Magnets for Fundraising
High School Car Magnets

High School Car Magnets

Personalized car magnets are an effective, affordable, and quick marketing technique. Therefore, it is ideal for many schools. These car magnets are weather-resistant and durable, making them ideal for promoting a school event or as a fundraising activity.

When designed right, the high school car magnets can grab the attention of other drivers and pedestrians. Therefore, this gives you a higher chance of getting more supporters. Handing out these custom car magnets means multiple vehicles will be marketing your school and its events everywhere.

Moreover, these magnets cost less than other marketing techniques. You can create eye-catching car magnets and include relevant information to benefit from. However, what information should be included on the high school magnets?

Here is everything you must include in a personalized magnet for your high school:

High School Logo

Firstly, you need to include the logo of your school as this is the major identified. It is a great way to spread awareness about your school. However, you can use the team’s logo if you are raising funds for a high school team.

School Colors

When designing high school car magnets, make sure you use all the school colors. Likewise, use the sports team colors if you are using custom car magnets for the school team. This is a great way to communicate the spirit behind your school and your school teams.


Most schools have a school slogan to show their dedication and mission toward education. Be sure to add it to the magnet. However, if the slogan is too long, you can always concise it. This will help avoid overcrowding the car magnet.

Contact Details

Including contact details is another important thing to include in a personalized car magnet. The target audience might need more details about how to support your school. Therefore, you must include the contact details of the department or person responsible for raising funds or support for the school.

Additionally, you should add the social media handles of your high school. This will make it easier for your supporters to find you.

Call to Action (CTA)

When you are designing a car magnet for your school, including a call to action is integral. It guides your target audience on what to do after looking at the magnet. For instance, you might be raising funds for the high school, so include ways to donate on the magnet to show the supports how they can help.

Wrapping Up

Custom car magnets are a great way to use vehicles as a means to boost school spirit and raise funds for school activities. These magnets are affordable and a simple way to promote your school.

High school car magnets can be distributed to the students, teachers, and parents to place their cars to raise awareness about a fundraising activity, show support to school teams, and more. Using the right techniques will ensure you maximize the benefits of car magnets. For more information and a free magnet design, visit our website at