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Elevate Your Campaign Visibility with Political Car Magnets for Fundraising

Democrat County Committee car magnets
Political Car Magnets

Elevate Your Campaign Visibility with Political Car Magnets for Fundraising

In the bustling arena of political campaigns, visibility can significantly impact a candidate’s success. This is where political car magnets for fundraising shine, serving as a critical tool for both the Republican and Democrat County Committees. These innovative car magnets do more than just aid in fundraising efforts; they are pivotal in boosting awareness and rallying support for your cause. By effectively using RNC and DNC County Committee car magnets, campaigns can capture the attention of potential supporters on the go, turning every drive into an opportunity to spread their message.

The American Tradition of Vehicle Personalization

The tradition of Americans using their vehicles as a canvas for personal expression is deeply ingrained in our culture. On any given day, a leisurely drive will reveal vehicles adorned with magnets that celebrate their owners’ favorite sports teams, religious affiliations, and, notably, their political leanings. This trend underscores a unique aspect of American identity: the pride in publicly supporting our beliefs and affiliations. Political car magnets tap into this cultural phenomenon, allowing individuals to showcase their political support in a highly visible and personal way.

More Than Just Fundraising: The Awareness Advantage

Fundraising through the sale of political car magnets is undoubtedly beneficial, but the true value of these items extends far beyond generating revenue. The real power of car magnets lies in their ability to serve as mobile billboards, broadcasting your political message to a broad audience. Consider the daily commute: a single car magnet can catch the eyes of hundreds, if not thousands, of fellow motorists and pedestrians, significantly increasing the reach of your campaign’s message. This constant mobility ensures that your message is not confined to a single location but is seen in diverse settings, maximizing awareness and potentially engaging a wider audience.

Why Choose ARC Marketing for Your Political Car Magnets

ARC Marketing stands at the forefront of producing America’s finest car magnets, offering an exceptional range of designs tailored to support candidates and political committees. Whether you’re looking for car magnets for candidates, car magnets for Republican and Democrat County Committees, or general election car magnets, ARC Marketing provides high-quality products designed to enhance your campaign’s visibility. Our magnets are not only durable and visually appealing but also serve as an effective tool for spreading your message and rallying support. Explore our offerings at and discover how we can help amplify your political campaign through our top-tier car magnets.

Conclusion: Maximizing Campaign Impact with Car Magnets

Political car magnets for fundraising offer a unique blend of benefits, combining the practicality of fundraising with the strategic advantage of increased campaign visibility. As these magnets journey through communities, they serve as a silent yet powerful advocate for your political cause, making impressions on a diverse audience. The mobility of these magnets translates into a dynamic form of advertising that can significantly broaden the reach of your message, engaging potential supporters in various settings.

In the competitive world of political campaigns, where visibility and message dissemination are paramount, leveraging the appeal of fundraising car magnets can be a game-changer. By partnering with ARC Marketing, you can ensure that your campaign utilizes high-quality, impactful car magnets that resonate with voters and elevate your campaign’s presence. As we navigate the complexities of political campaigning, remember that innovative tools like car magnets can play a crucial role in connecting with voters and securing the support needed to triumph.

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Fundraising Car Magnets

Maximizing Voter Reach with Custom Election Car Magnets

Campaign Car Magnets
Election Car Magnets

Maximizing Voter Reach with Custom Election Car Magnets

The Power of Mobile Visibility

With an important election just a year away, candidates are exploring creative strategies for name-brand recognition. Unlike fleeting TV and radio ads, election car magnets offer lasting visibility. Imagine a single car magnet traversing your community. It catches the eyes of hundreds, perhaps thousands, of voters over time.

Comparing Magnet Sizes and Styles

The Drawback of Large “Car Door” Magnets

When it comes to campaign magnets, size and style matter greatly. ARC Marketing offers small round and oval magnets, in stark contrast to the large “car door” magnets sold by most companies. These oversized magnets are not only expensive but also impractical for widespread distribution. Most campaigns cannot afford to give away such large, costly items. Moreover, realistically speaking, few people would choose to adorn their cars with such large, conspicuous magnets. They are simply too obtrusive, turning a vehicle into a mobile billboard, which is not appealing to the average supporter.

The Appeal of ARC Marketing’s Small Magnets

In contrast, ARC Marketing’s small round and oval magnets strike the perfect balance. They are unobtrusive, making your car look stylish rather than like a roaming polling booth. Their size is a significant advantage. These magnets are small enough to be tasteful yet visible enough to convey your message effectively. This subtlety in design makes them more likely to be used by supporters, ensuring wider visibility for your campaign.

Cost-Effective and Stylish Campaign Tools

Additionally, the cost-effectiveness of ARC’s smaller magnets cannot be overstated. They are inexpensive enough to be distributed in large numbers, allowing for a broader reach among potential voters. This affordability ensures that your campaign can maximize outreach without straining its budget.

Finally, the design appeal of ARC Marketing’s magnets adds a snazzy touch to any vehicle. They are not just campaign tools; they are stylish accessories that supporters would be proud to display. This aesthetic appeal is crucial in encouraging widespread use, thereby increasing your campaign’s visibility.

Overall, ARC Marketing’s small round and oval magnets offer a practical, stylish, and cost-effective alternative to the large, expensive car door magnets, making them a superior choice for election campaigns.

A Moving Billboard

Consider this: one car magnet can be seen by countless individuals in various locations. As it travels, it exposes your name and message to a diverse audience. This is a mobile billboard that works tirelessly for your campaign.

Exponential Exposure

Now, let’s do some math. Say you distribute 500 car magnets. If each magnet is seen by 200 people daily, that’s 100,000 impressions per day. Over a month, this number skyrockets to 3 million. With 1,000 magnets, these figures double. The visibility of your campaign multiplies exponentially.

Cost-Effective Campaigning

Compared to expensive TV and radio spots, car magnets are cost-effective. They offer continuous exposure without recurring costs. Once on a vehicle, your message keeps circulating, ensuring ongoing visibility.

Continuous Impact

Unlike a 30-second ad that’s quickly forgotten, a car magnet remains in the public eye. It’s a constant reminder of your candidacy, reinforcing your message each time it’s seen. This continuous impact is invaluable for building name recognition.

Community Presence

Car magnets create a sense of community presence. They’re not just seen by individuals but also by entire neighborhoods. This enhances your campaign’s local appeal, demonstrating grassroots support.

ARC Marketing: Leaders in Quality

When it comes to election car magnets, quality matters. ARC Marketing produces America’s finest car magnets. Their products ensure durability and visibility, key factors for effective campaigning.

Durable and Eye-Catching

ARC’s magnets are designed to withstand weather and wear. Their eye-catching designs ensure your message stands out, making every vehicle a vibrant advocate for your campaign.

A Sustainable Choice

Car magnets are also an environmentally friendly option. They’re reusable and leave no residue, unlike stickers or decals. This aspect appeals to environmentally conscious voters, aligning your campaign with sustainable practices.

Reusability for Continued Support

Supporters can easily transfer their magnets from one vehicle to another. This extends the life of your campaign materials, offering prolonged exposure without additional investment.

Conclusion: The Smart Choice for Campaigns

In summary, custom car magnets are an efficient, cost-effective way to boost your election campaign. They offer unparalleled visibility, community presence, and continuous impact. By choosing quality magnets from ARC Marketing, you ensure that your campaign message travels far and wide, resonating with a vast electorate. As election day approaches, remember the power of these mobile billboards in securing voter support.

For more information, visit our website at or give us a call at 760-743-6340.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Exciting Fundraising with Car Magnets: Drive Your Election Campaign Forward

Election Car Magnets for Fundraising
Election Campaign Car Magnets

Exciting Fundraising with Car Magnets: Drive Your Election Campaign Forward

Have you ever considered how car magnets can drive your election campaign to new heights? Here’s an idea that offers not only a unique fundraising opportunity, but also a way to spread your message far and wide.

The Power of Car Magnets

Election Campaign car magnets turn any vehicle into a mobile billboard. Every traffic jam, parking lot, and commute becomes a chance to share your campaign’s message. But there’s more to it than just promotion. It’s also about raising funds. Car magnets offer a phenomenal profit margin when resold at prices ranging from $6 to $10. This means more resources for your campaign, and more support from those eager to display your message on their vehicles.

Profit Margins and Fundraising

So, how does it work? Let’s break it down. When you invest in fundraising car magnets, you’re getting more than just a promotional item. You’re opening a new revenue stream. It’s a simple concept: buy low, sell high. You purchase the car magnets at a fraction of the cost that you’ll eventually sell them for. This difference, this profit margin, is what funds your campaign.

For example, if you were to resell a car magnet for $10, you could see profits up to 200%, 300%, or even more, depending on your initial cost. That’s an impressive return on investment that can help your campaign grow.

Partner with Quality: ARC Marketing

Now, it’s important to note that not all car magnets are created equal. Quality matters, especially when supporters are making a purchase to support your campaign. That’s where ARC Marketing comes in. Known for creating America’s highest quality car magnets, ARC Marketing is the partner you need for this endeavor.

When you choose ARC Marketing, you’re choosing a product that will last. This means your supporters will be able to proudly display their support for your campaign for years to come. And, with each high-quality magnet sold, your campaign coffers grow, enabling you to reach more voters.

Campaign Visibility with a Mobile Touch

Car magnets aren’t just about fundraising, they’re about visibility too. Every car magnet sold is a traveling advertisement for your campaign. It’s a way for your supporters to actively show their support, and it’s a way for your message to reach places a traditional campaign might not.

Imagine the impact of hundreds, even thousands, of cars displaying your campaign message. The reach is incredible. And each one of those magnets represents not just a supporter, but funds raised for your campaign.

Drive Your Campaign Forward

Election campaigns are about more than just politics. They’re about connecting with people, sharing a message, and gaining support. Election car magnets offer a unique way to do all of these things. They provide a tangible connection between supporters and the campaign, a way for supporters to actively participate, and a source of funding to push the campaign forward.

The power of custom car magnets as a promotional and fundraising tool is undeniable. With impressive profit margins, high visibility, and the quality of ARC Marketing, they are an investment worth considering for any campaign. So why not drive your campaign forward with the unique approach of fundraising car magnets? It’s a path to success that’s hard to resist.

For more information and free magnet design from our amazing art department, just visit our website at or give us a call at 760-743-6340.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Do You Need Election or Campaign Custom Magnets?

Political Car Magnets
Political Campaign Car Magnets

Do You Need Election or Campaign Custom Magnets?

It’s an election year for many positions including several U.S. Senators and for the entire House of Representatives. Many local politicians are up for re-election, as well. If you’re running for any office, election custom magnets should be a part of your marketing arsenal.

Campaign custom magnets come with many benefits when you need to get the word out. There are many things you can do with these magnets and they won’t make you look cheap, like other promotional items might. Let’s look at some of the best ways election custom magnets can be used during your campaign.

Top Ways to Use Election/Campaign Custom Magnets

1. As a Giveaway

Probably the most powerful way to use campaign custom magnets is as a giveaway. As you are traveling through your local area, state, or the entire country for your campaign, you can hand out custom election magnets to spread the word.

This is a very powerful way to get your name and message out there. It’s also a very budget-friendly option. You can get custom car magnets for less than $1 each, in large quantities. Even with a custom shape, you can get these magnets for a low price.

2. Sell for Fundraising

You need funds to run your campaign and get the message out. With custom campaign magnets, you can raise money and spread the word, at the same time. Sell these magnets for twice or three times what you pay for them and you can raise money while spreading the word.

Of course, you probably need to have a good following and some name recognition to be able to sell custom car magnets. In politics, both of these are important, anyway.

3. For a Competitive Advantage

Who do you think looks better, the politician handing out bumper stickers or the politician giving out custom car magnets? Stickers are cheap and they look cheap. Plus, they are difficult to get off a vehicle once they are put on.

With custom election magnets, you look better and your voters will be happier after the election. They can simply remove the custom campaign magnet, as they please, without any damage to their vehicle. This isn’t always the case with cheap bumper stickers.

You will look far better handing out custom car magnets than bumper stickers. This is a great way to gain a competitive advantage at the federal, state, or local levels.

There are many benefits to using election or campaign custom magnets. These powerful promotional items are very budget-friendly, incredibly versatile, and offer a clean way to deliver your political message.

If you want to gain more name recognition, custom car magnets offer a great way to get your name out there. You can use these magnets in many different ways and they can be customized to fit your specific needs. Whether it’s a local, state, or federal campaign, you need the right custom car magnets.

Start by designing your magnets with our virtual design tool. We are always here to help you with the design and any questions you have. Just contact us and let us know how we can help make your political campaign more successful.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Packaging Custom Car Magnets with Other Giveaway Items

Custom Car Magnets
Custom Car Magnets

Packaging Custom Car Magnets with Other Giveaway Items

Whether your run a business or you need something to give away for a fundraising event, custom car magnets work great. They can be packaged with other items to make for a great giveaway package. There are many ways to use these custom magnets for your needs.

Many have used custom car magnets as part of their goodie bags for golf outings, gala events, trade show promotions, and more. These magnets are made with durable materials and offer a great way to enhance your giveaway package. Let’s look at some of the benefits you gain from packaging custom car magnets with other giveaway items.

A Few Ways to Add Custom Car Magnets to Create a Great Giveaway Package

1. Ultimate Fan Package

You can give away the ultimate fan package for a sports team with custom car magnets. This can work great if you’re running a gala, golf outing, or another event as a fundraiser for your sports team. Get a magnet designed to match your mascot, add a beverage cup, a key chain, and even a t-shirt to create a cool giveaway package.

You could even create a package like this and sell it. Maybe each item separately would add up to a retail price of $50, but you sell the package for $35. This can be a great way to raise money for your sports team.

2. Trade Show Promotional Branding

Custom car magnets can also be designed to promote your business or organization. Then, you can add the magnets to your trade show giveaway items. Maybe you already plan to give away something cool, but adding a custom car magnet will make it an even cooler giveaway item for your trade show.

3. Political Promotion Package

If you’re running for office, locally, on the state level, or even on the federal level, giving away political campaign car magnets is a great way to spread the word. You can create a package with a t-shirt, custom car magnet, and any other items you want to give away. This can give your supporters multiple ways to promote your message.

4. To Enhance Any Other Giveaway Package

If you have a giveaway package, of any type, you can enhance it with a matching custom car magnet. This is a great way to promote a business, a cause, or anything else. Whether it’s a magnet designed with a business in mind or with a sports team in mind, you can get a great giveaway item.

Custom car magnets can be used in many promotional item packages. You can even get them for free by getting a business to sponsor them. For example, if you’re running a golf outing with 150 golfers participating, you can have a business pay to sponsor the goodie bags you give away.

They can cover the costs of the magnets, along with a little extra as part of the sponsorship fee. In return, they get mentioned as a sponsor and the magnets can be designed to promote their business.

There are many ways to use fundraising car magnets as a part of a giveaway package. Use these tips to make it easier to promote your business, fundraiser, or organization.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Why You Need Political Magnets for Your Local Campaign

Custom Campaign Magnets
Custom Campaign Magnets

Why You Need Political Magnets for Your Local Campaign

Election season is coming up fast and you need to get the word out about your campaign. There are many ways to spread awareness, but custom car magnets offer one of the best options. Whether you’re running for office in a small town, a big city, or even at the state level, the right magnets can make a big difference.

Getting political magnets for your campaign offers a great solution. It’s a cost-effective way to raise funds, spread awareness, or both. Let’s look at some of the main benefits of political magnets for your campaign.

Top 4 Ways Political Magnets Can Help You Gain More Votes

1. Spread Awareness Fast

Getting your message out isn’t easy. Sure, you can hold rallies and visit businesses, but you can only reach so many people at your events. There has to be another way you can get your name spread throughout the community.

With custom car magnets, you can get the awareness you need and fast. When you hand these out or even sell them as a campaign fundraiser, they will help spread your message faster. Since custom magnets can be displayed on a vehicle, you can reach the entire community with your slogan and name.

2. Not Permanent

One of the biggest objections people have to bumper stickers is how hard they are to remove. They tend to become a permanent fixture on the back of a vehicle, which isn’t so much fun once the campaign is over.

With custom political magnets, they can easily be removed after the voting is done. Those that displayed your message can decide to remove the magnet and move on from it after your election is over. This makes it much easier for your supporters to update to a new magnet for the next election.

3. Cost-Effective

You probably have only so much you can spend on advertising your campaign. Spreading the word can get expensive, regardless of the level of office you’re running for. Custom car magnets are very cost-effective with some designs and quantities under $1 per magnet.

You get a ton of value out of these promotional items. Since they can spread your message all throughout the community, or even state, you can get quite a bit of awareness for a very low cost.

4. Eye-Popping

With the right design, your custom political magnet will pop. It can draw attention when someone is driving around with your magnet on the back of their vehicle. Of course, you want to make sure the design stands out with the right colors, fonts, shapes, etc.

If you choose a custom-shaped magnet, it’s likely to draw even more attention. This can be a great way to send your message throughout the community in a more creative way. The shape can even be a part of your message.

There are many benefits to choosing custom political magnets as a way to promote your campaign. When you’re running for a local, state, or even federal office, getting the word out is important. Make sure you get the right promotional tools to give you the most value possible.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Can Your Campaign Benefit from Custom Political Magnets?

Custom Car Magnets
Fundraising Car Magnets

Can Your Campaign Benefit from Custom Political Magnets?

Elections, both local and federal, are coming up fast. If you’re running for any type of office, you need the right tools to spread awareness for your campaign. There is no better tool than a custom car magnet.

You can design a custom magnet to fit your campaign for vehicles, as a business card, as a grocery list, or in many other ways. There are several ways to offer value and spread awareness with the right custom political magnet.

4 Benefits of Using a Custom Political Magnet for Your Campaign

1. Budget-Friendly

For less than $1, you can get custom car magnets, if you choose the right quantity. They make a great giveaway item and most people will toss them on their car or fridge if they support your campaign. This is a very budget-friendly way to spread the word.

2. Better than Bumper Stickers

People stick bumper stickers on their vehicles and they stay there forever because they are hard to take off. Most people would love to get rid of a political bumper sticker once the campaign is over. With custom car magnets, they can remove them once the election has been held.

This is a pretty big benefit and might lead to more people displaying your magnet on their vehicle. If they know they can easily remove it after the election, it takes away this objection to displaying your campaign message.

Custom car magnets are also thicker and classier than a bumper sticker. They make you look better than just a simple bumper sticker, which is used by pretty much everybody.

3. Custom-Shape

Since you can use a custom shape, you can create an even better custom car magnet. With the right shape, you can make a design that will stand out. This can help to make people even more excited to display your message on their vehicle.

A custom-shaped magnet also allows you to create more than one. You might want to create three or four different magnets to give people a choice. Maybe some will like one design better than another. Plus, you can spread more than one message throughout a community or customize the message for specific communities.

4. Spreads Incredible Awareness

Using custom car magnets can help spread incredible awareness. You’ll be able to spread awareness on a local level by getting magnets on vehicles driving throughout the community.

Whether you’re running for local office, state office, or federal office, using custom car magnets can help provide targeted awareness. You can spread your message throughout all the local communities you prefer.

Getting the right promotional materials for your needs, you can put your campaign on the map. It doesn’t matter if you’re running for a local office in a smaller community or you’re running for a federal position, you need to spread awareness.

With custom car magnets used at political magnets, you have a great fundraising option or a great giveaway for your campaign. Either way, you can boost your campaign with custom car magnets.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Political Campaign Car Magnets

Political Car Magnets

Promote your campaign with a custom car magnet

Political Campaign Car Magnets

Amazing. I just saw a bumper sticker that was promoting a candidate for President in the 2020 election cycle. Didn’t we just wrap up the mid-term election?

It seems that the political world in is a never-ending cycle of running for the next election, no matter how far off it is. Politicians get elected and immediately start fundraising for their next term. Maybe this is why they can’t get anything done while in office. They seem to think that their primary job is only to get re-elected. This leads me to conclude that they are not qualified for any other vocation; if they can’t be a U.S. Senator or U.S. Congressman/woman, then they’ll be waiting tables somewhere. Not very confidence inspiring, right?

Wow, did I just get way off-topic there? Sorry.

My point (I think) was to let you know that there was a better alternative to the typical bumper sticker; obviously a car magnet. And even though it’s too early to get excited about any particular candidate, it’s not too early to create a custom car magnet that shows your political beliefs. You can order as few as 50 custom magnets, and then you can give them to 50 of your most like-minded friends. Or, thinking bigger, you can create a magnet that appeals to a huge segment of Americans, and sell them on your website (don’t have a website? We can help with that. One of our sister companies creates custom websites).

Election cycles now are a never-ending loop; kind of like Groundhog Day. As a result, we have now become numb to an endless assault  of campaign slogans on our eyes and ears. We’re 2 years out from the next Presidential Election, and candidates are throwing their hats into the ring. I wouldn’t be surprised to see 20 or so Democratic Candidates entering the race, plus we might even see a Republican Primary Challenger or two running against President Trump.

As you can see from the magnet examples shown above, we make magnets mainly for local campaigns (mayor, councilmen, selectmen, judges, etc.). Promoting your favorite candidate on a car magnet makes perfect sense:

  • It’s inexpensive (you can get 50 custom magnets for about $200).
  • It’s effective (each magnet on a car will be seen by about 100 other drivers every day).
  • It broadcasts your message relentlessly (your magnet will be working 24/7)
  • And it makes your car look very cool!

So, if you want to get more involved in the political process, consider this a grass-roots entry. Let us design a campaign magnet for your favorite candidate or your favorite cause.

Want help getting this started? Give me a call at 760-743-6340 and we can chat about your idea. We’ll help you turn this into your 15 minutes of fame!