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Fundraising Car Magnets for Competitive Cheer Teams: A Game Changer

Cheerleading car magnets
Fundraising Car Magnets for Cheer Teams

Fundraising Car Magnets for Competitive Cheer Teams: A Game Changer

Competitive cheer teams and recreational high school cheer squads rely heavily on fundraising to meet their financial needs. Fundraising car magnets for competitive cheer teams offer a game-changing solution. These cheerleading car magnets not only help raise funds but also promote team spirit and awareness.

The Importance of Fundraising for Cheer Teams

Cheerleading teams face various expenses that can quickly add up, placing a significant burden on parents. Fundraising is essential to lessen this load. Typical expenses for cheer squads include uniforms, travel costs, competition fees, and training equipment. On average, parents might pay several hundred dollars out of pocket for these expenses. A successful car magnet fundraiser can significantly reduce these costs.

Typical Cheer Team Expenses

  1. Uniforms: Cheer uniforms are a major expense. Each team member needs a full set, including shoes, bows, and accessories. The cost per member can range from $100 to $300.
  2. Travel Costs: Competitions often require travel, sometimes out of state. Expenses include transportation, accommodation, and meals. These costs can add up to $500 per event.
  3. Competition Fees: Entry fees for competitions are another significant expense. Teams might pay $50 to $100 per member per competition.
  4. Training Equipment: To stay competitive, teams need quality equipment. This includes mats, weights, and other training tools. Equipment costs can total $200 to $400 annually per member.

By organizing a car magnet fundraiser, teams can significantly offset these expenses. For example, selling 300 car magnets at $10 each can more than $2,400 profit (even after paying for the magnets!), covering a substantial portion of the costs.

Benefits Beyond Fundraising

Custom car magnets offer benefits beyond fundraising. They create a sense of unity and pride among team members. When team members see their magnets on family cars, it boosts their morale and team spirit. Additionally, school car magnets help raise awareness about the team, potentially attracting new members and sponsors.

Transitioning from just raising funds to also promoting the team can have long-lasting benefits. Custom cheerleading car magnets serve as mobile advertisements, reaching a wide audience. This increased visibility can lead to more community support and involvement.

Why Choose ARC Marketing for Your Fundraising Needs?

ARC Marketing offers high-quality custom car magnets that are perfect for any cheer team. Our magnets are durable, vibrant, and customizable to reflect your team’s spirit. We understand the needs of cheer teams and provide products that meet those needs effectively.

Choosing a car magnet company with a top-tier art department is crucial for your fundraiser’s success. A skilled art team understands the theory of simple yet powerful magnet designs that grab attention and convey your team’s spirit effectively. ARC Marketing’s art department excels in creating visually appealing magnets that stand out and leave a lasting impression. Our designers work closely with you to ensure your magnets are both attractive and effective, maximizing the impact of your fundraiser. With our expertise, your custom car magnets will not only raise funds but also enhance team pride and visibility.

Getting Started with Your Car Magnet Fundraiser

Starting a car magnet fundraiser is simple with ARC Marketing. We will design your custom magnets for you, incorporating your team’s logo, colors, and other elements that represent your team’s identity. Our expert design team will work with you, fine-tuning your design at no charge until you achieve the perfect look. Once you’re satisfied with the design, place your order, and we’ll handle the rest. ARC Marketing will deliver high-quality magnets ready for your fundraiser, ensuring a smooth and successful process from start to finish.

Next, promote your fundraiser. Use social media, school newsletters, and local events to spread the word. Encourage team members and their families to get involved in selling the magnets. The more people you reach, the more successful your fundraiser will be.

Let’s wrap this up: fundraising car magnets for competitive cheer teams are an excellent way to raise funds and boost team spirit. With ARC Marketing’s custom car magnets, your team can meet its financial needs while promoting unity and pride. Start your fundraiser today and experience the difference custom car magnets can make for your cheer team. Visit our website for more information and to place your order.

By addressing the financial challenges faced by cheer teams and leveraging the benefits of custom car magnets, your team can thrive both on and off the field. Let’s make your next fundraiser a success!

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Fundraising Car Magnets

Cheerleading Fundraising: Driving Support with Car Magnets

Cheerleading Fundraising
Cheerleading Car Magnets

Cheerleading Fundraising: Driving Support with Car Magnets

Fundraising with Flair: Car Magnets

In the world of cheerleading, financial challenges mirror those faced by boys’ sports teams. Fundraising is a vital component for these squads, and car magnets emerge as an effective tool in this regard. Cheerleading car magnets, known for their eye-catching designs and community appeal, offer a practical and spirited way to raise funds. They’re an ideal kickoff for any fundraising drive, effectively reflecting team spirit and engaging local support. Additionally, their easy distribution and visible display on vehicles make them a popular choice among supporters.

The Financial Hurdles of Cheer Teams

Cheer teams, from high school squads to youth football cheer groups, encounter hefty financial demands. The costs for uniforms, travel, competition fees, and equipment can quickly add up to a substantial amount. Fundraising through car magnets helps mitigate these costs, providing a significant financial boost. It also increases the team’s visibility within the community, thereby fostering a stronger connection between the team and its supporters.

Cheerleading: A Sport in Its Own Right

Cheerleading has evolved significantly from its origins as sideline entertainment. Cheer competitions today are recognized as a competitive sport, requiring intense dedication and rigorous practice. Cheer athletes invest countless hours perfecting their routines, striving for excellence with often less public recognition than other sports teams. Despite this, they aim for the pinnacle of their sport, showcasing their skills and team spirit, and embodying the essence of athletic commitment and teamwork.

The Athletic Demands of Cheerleading

Contrary to some perceptions, cheerleading demands significant athleticism and dedication. In cheerleading, every team member’s contribution is crucial; there’s no room for passive participation. This contrasts with larger sports teams, where not all players may be equally active. Cheerleading’s high level of involvement and skill requirement challenges the notion of it being a secondary athletic activity. It’s a sport that demands strength, agility, and coordination, underscoring the athleticism and dedication of its participants

Maximizing Profit with Magnet Sales

The profitability of selling car magnets is notable. For example, if a cheer team sells 500 magnets at $10 each, they can net over $4,000, which is a significant sum. This profit can greatly ease the financial burden on the team and parents. It also makes a notable difference in the team’s ability to compete and perform at a high level, ensuring they have the necessary resources for training, travel, and competition expenses.

Selecting Superior Products: ARC Marketing

When it comes to fundraising, the quality of the products is key. ARC Marketing is renowned for producing high-quality car magnets in America. Their products are not only durable but also feature appealing designs that resonate with the community. This ensures customer satisfaction and repeat support, making them a wise choice for teams seeking effective and reliable fundraising solutions.

Empowering Cheer Squads Through Community Support

In conclusion, cheerleading teams, with their impressive skills and dedication, deserve strong community support. Car magnet fundraisers offer an efficient, community-centric way to gather this support, enabling these athletes to focus more on their sport and less on financial challenges. By supporting our cheer teams through these fundraising efforts, we not only celebrate their athletic achievements but also contribute to their continued success and development. This support helps them reach new heights in their sport, reinforcing the value and recognition of cheerleading as a competitive and demanding athletic endeavor.

For more information, visit our website at or give us a call at 760-743-6340.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Fueling the Game: The Crucial Role of Fundraising in Football

Round Car Magnets
Football Car Magnets for Fundraising

Fueling the Game: The Crucial Role of Fundraising in Football

Fundraising plays a pivotal role in the world of youth and high school football. As the sport’s popularity soars, so do the costs associated with it. From uniforms to equipment, the financial demands of football can be daunting. Fundraising football car magnets alleviate these burdens, ensuring that aspiring players can pursue their passion on the gridiron.

Football: America’s Number One Youth Sport

Football has claimed the top spot in America’s heart. In the world of youth sports, it reigns supreme. No other sport even comes close.

The Rising Costs of Youth Football

Yet, despite its popularity, youth football is costly. Helmets, pads, and uniforms don’t come cheap. Then there are fees for field use, referees, and travel. It adds up fast.

Enter: Fundraising with Football Car Magnets

Here’s where a game-changer steps in: custom fundraising football car magnets. ARC Marketing offers a solution that might just turn the season around, monetarily speaking.

Imagine a vibrant magnet, sporting your team’s logo and colors. Every parent will want one. It’s not just about supporting the team. It’s a statement of pride.

Parents aren’t just buying one magnet. If they have two cars, they’ll want two magnets. Three cars? You get the picture. The potential for sales is massive.

Cheerleaders: The Unsung Heroes of the Field

But let’s not forget another crucial part of the football experience: the cheerleaders. Working tirelessly on the sidelines, cheerleaders put on a show that thrills fans just as much as the game itself. Their dedication, energy, and passion often match, if not surpass, that of the players on the field.

Like their counterparts on the field, cheerleading squads face sizable expenses. Uniforms, training, and competition fees add up quickly. They, too, need to fundraise to meet their goals and cover costs.

Cheerleading car magnets can be a brilliant solution. These magnets not only help raise the essential funds but also spotlight the cheer team. It’s a dual victory. These magnets champion the cheerleaders, giving them the recognition and support they deserve.

High School Football: A Different Ball Game

Transitioning to high school football changes the financial landscape. Thankfully, it’s less costly for parents. Schools usually absorb most of the expenses, aided by ticket sales.

But don’t think there’s no need for extra funds. High school football has its own set of financial challenges.

Booster Clubs: Fueling the Football Dream

Enter the high school football booster club. These are the unsung heroes behind every touchdown and victory dance. They support the team in countless ways.

Yet, booster clubs face constant fundraising challenges. They need money for equipment upgrades, special events, and unexpected costs. Traditional fundraising can be hit or miss.

Magnets: The Boost Your Fundraiser Needs

Again, fundraising football magnets can make a significant difference. These aren’t just pieces of decorated rubber. They’re symbols of community support and pride.

Booster clubs can sell them at games, events, or through pre-order forms. They’re affordable to produce, easy to distribute, and have a high perceived value.

The Win-Win of Football Car Magnets

Here’s the deal: Football car magnets benefit everyone. Youth football teams get the funds they need. Parents get a tangible show of their support. Booster clubs find an easy and effective fundraising method.

In conclusion, football’s popularity is undeniable. Its costs, while high, shouldn’t prevent young players, and dedicated cheerleaders, from pursuing their dreams. With effective fundraising methods like football and cheerleading car magnets, teams and squads can ensure that everyone gets a shot at the field and sidelines. So, gear up, get those magnets, and watch your fundraising goals turn into reality.

For more information, visit our website at or give us a call at 760-522-0586.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Top Reasons Why You Should Invest in Custom Car Magnets

Cheerleading Car Magnets
Swim Team Car Magnets

Top Reasons Why You Should Invest in Custom Car Magnets

When you run a business or you need to promote a cause, it’s important to invest in the right promotional tools. One of the top marketing tools you can use is custom car magnets. These magnets work great for fundraisers and to help promote all types of organizations including churches, schools, sports teams, and more.

There are many reasons to invest in custom car magnets. Whether you want to run a fundraiser or promote an organization, these magnets can work great. They can also be used as fridge magnets. Here are a few top reasons to use custom magnets for your promotions.

Increase Leads and Sales

If you’re running a business, you can use custom car magnets to increase leads and sales. They can be used on your own vehicles or handed out as a giveaway at trade shows and other events. You can even use these magnets to get repeat business more often.

A good example of how a business can get more sales with custom car magnets is a pizza delivery business. Give away a free custom magnet to your customers and they will slap it on the fridge. Then, when they are ready to order pizza again, you will be in the front of their mind.

Brand Locally

If you can get people driving around your community with your magnet on their vehicle, it will help with branding. Even if it’s just you driving around with a large magnet on your vehicle, it can help. Local branding can help you grow your business, too.

Excellent for Fundraising

Whether you need to raise money for a football team, your swim team, or your cheerleading team, you can use custom car magnets. They can be designed to match your cause perfectly. With a good design, your custom car magnet will be easy to sell.

These magnets come with a very high-profit margin. They are inexpensive and you can sell them to raise money for your cause pretty easily. It’s even possible to get a local business to sponsor your magnets by covering the cost of the magnets. If you can do this, it will make your fundraiser even more profitable.

Provides Reminders

While not all organizations can benefit from providing reminders for their customers or supporters, some can. Churches, schools, and sports teams can use custom magnets as calendar magnets. You can create a game schedule for your magnets or your magnet can be used to promote one specific event.

This can go along with a fundraiser or it can help to draw more people to your events. Would it be beneficial if you could increase attendance at your high school sports games? Could this lead to higher ticket sales and concession sales?

There are many reasons to invest in custom magnets for your business, organization, or cause. You can start your magnet design today with our free virtual magnet design tool. If you need help with your design or have questions, call our team today!

Fundraising Car Magnets

Top Easy & Cheap Fundraisers for Cheerleading Teams

Cheerleading Car Magnets
Cheerleading Car Magnets

Top Easy & Cheap Fundraisers for Cheerleading Teams

Cheerleading teams need money for uniforms, travel, and more. Whether you’re trying to raise money for your cheerleading team to travel for competition or just to cheer for your teams at home, you need the right easy and cheap fundraisers.

When choosing a fundraiser, you’ll want to make sure you pick the right option. There are many to choose from. Let’s look at a few of the top cheap and easy fundraisers for cheerleading teams.

Top 5 Fundraisers for Cheerleading Teams

1. Cheerleading Car Magnets

Fundraising car magnets are a great option to raise money for your cheerleading team. You can even get creative and partner with a non-profit or cause. This allows you to sell a magnet that fits the cause and raise money for your team and the cause at the same time.

For example, you can partner with a breast cancer awareness group. Then, sell pink ribbon magnets and split the profits between your team and the cause.

Of course, you can also use custom car magnets that match your team’s mascot. This allows you to sell magnets for the school’s teams to raise money for your team.

No matter how you go about running a car magnet fundraiser, it can be very profitable. These magnets can sell for more than three times what you pay for them. Making a huge profit margin is a big benefit, but these magnets are also very easy to sell and store.

2. Scratch Cards

Another unique fundraiser to consider is a cheerleading scratch card. This type of fundraiser is an easy one to run, but it takes a little bit of work. You will need to find a provider for the scratch cards. Once you have, you will be able to get people to donate money by using scratch cards.

3. Run a Car Wash

With the right help, running a car wash is a good fundraiser for a cheerleading team. Many people will show up if you promote it well and you get a good weather day. You can even give away a custom car magnet for a larger donation to drive donations up, too.

The only issue with this easy fundraiser is the possibility of a bad weather day.  If it rains, you’ll have to reschedule, which can be difficult.

4. Candle Fundraiser

A candle fundraiser fits well for cheerleading teams. However, you won’t have the large audience you get with some other fundraisers. Not everybody will want to pay for a candle to support you.

The profit margin will be about 50%, which is okay, but it’s not as high as selling fundraising magnets. If you think candles will fit well with your team, this can be a cheap and easy fundraiser to run.

5. Sell a Food Item

Food items, such as cookie dough and pizzas make for decent fundraisers. They are a bit harder to run due to the storage issues, but they can be very popular for some teams.

All of these fundraisers can work well for a cheerleading team. If you’re ready to start designing your custom car magnets, you can use our free virtual design tool here.

Fundraising Car Magnets

How to Make Fundraising for Youth Sports Easier

Football Car Magnets
Football Car Magnets

How to Make Fundraising for Youth Sports Easier

Have you been put in charge of choosing the fundraiser for your youth sports league or team? Do you need to come up with a way to raise money, but you’re worried it will become a big struggle?

There are plenty of ways to make fundraising for youth sports easier. When you’re ready to raise money for a baseball, basketball, football, soccer, or softball team, you need the right tips and the right fundraiser.

Top 3 Tips to Make Fundraising for Youth Sports Easier

1. Don’t Count on Just One Fundraiser

While you might be able to raise the money, you need with one fundraiser, most youth sports leagues will need multiple fundraisers. You can do one big fundraiser each season, but also incorporate other smaller fundraisers at games and at awards banquets.

For example, you can sell custom car magnets for each team as a part of your big fundraiser or as a part of your ongoing fundraising efforts at games. You can also use 50/50 raffles, concessions, and other fundraisers at each game and even at the awards banquet each year.

2. Get Small Businesses Involved

Businesses love to support the community and you can use this to your advantage when fundraising for youth sports leagues. You can have a small business sponsor your custom car magnet fundraiser and cover the cost of the magnets in exchange for advertising at games and other events throughout the season and even in the off season.

You can also get small businesses to sponsor teams within your league. They can pay for the cost of uniforms in exchange for their logo being printed on the uniforms for the team they sponsor.

3. Get the Players Involved

You have a built-in sales force with all the players on each team. When you’re in charge of the fundraiser for your youth sports league, get the players involved. No matter the fundraiser you choose, make sure you get them involved as they should be your sales staff for custom car magnets or the labor at a car wash fundraiser.

Choosing the Right Fundraiser for Youth Sports

While these three tips will certainly lead you in the right direction, choosing the right fundraiser for youth sports will help you raise more money faster. With a good fundraiser for your sports league, you’ll be able to raise the money you need without struggling to sell the product you choose or provide the service you choose.

It’s best to choose a fundraiser you can use every season, such as selling custom car magnets. When you choose the right fundraiser for your youth sports league, you will be able to easily get people involved and raise plenty of money to support the league.

With these three top tips and the right fundraiser for your youth sports league, you’ll be ready to support your league. Get some area businesses involved and make sure you choose the right fundraiser to keep your players excited to participate in your annual fundraiser.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Youth Football and Cheerleading car magnets

Cheer and Football car magnets

Cheer leading and Youth Football car magnets

Okay, I know it’s early Spring, and most of our young athletes are getting ready for baseball and softball. But if you are also a “Youth Football Parent”, you should also be planning for late summer football fundraising.

Also, if you are a “Cheerleader Parent”, fundraising is an important part of your life.

I’m not taking sides on the “which is more important” issue of cheerleading versus football (The cheerleaders feel that the football players are there to entertain the crowd in between cheer routines. The football players feel that the cheerleaders are there to entertain the crowd in between plays). Regardless of which group you side with, fundraising is still very important.

Car magnets make the easiest fundraiser ever. Car magnets are easy to store, easy to sell and create a lot of awareness for the cheerleading squad and for the football team. Your young stars are going to love the exposure that these custom car magnets provide. They’re going to feel like rock stars once hundreds of cars in your town show up with their team’s car magnets on them. And you can make a lot of money! If your team can sell just 300 magnets, you can make a profit of over $1,200! To see our “Profit Calculator”, just click here.

We have been making car magnets for Youth Football and Youth Cheer teams for over 10 years. Our design team knows what it takes to create the perfect design in order to make your team look like pros. Compare the designs shown on our “Football Gallery Page” with the designs shown on the other car magnet sites (if they even show them). You are going to see a big difference! Ours are professionally designed and look like an NFL team would have designed them. There’s look amateurish, and look like they were designed by a 12-year old. The design really matters, and our designers are the best in this industry. You can view our Design Gallery by clicking here.

And guess what? You won’t pay a penny for our design work. In fact, we’ll provide with a free initial design, then fine tune it with multiple renditions (all at no charge or obligation) and after all of that you still don’t owe us anything… even if you don’t go forward with an order! Find another car magnet company who will do that for you. To get started on your free magnet design, just click here.

Of course, if you are “old school” and don’t want to mess with on-line requests, you can always give us a call at 760-743-6340 and talk to one of our humans!

Fundraising Car Magnets

Fundraising Ideas for Cheerleading Squads

Cheerleading Car Magnets

Cheer Car Magnets for Fundraising

Cheerleading teams rely almost entirely on fundraising to pay for their expenses. They usually get very little or no financial help from the school. Private competitive cheer teams also must fundraise like crazy to pay their way. Uniform costs, travel expenses and more add up quickly and fundraising is one way that cheerleaders and their families can lessen the financial strain.


If you Google “Fundraising Ideas for Cheerleading Squads”, you will find numerous articles describing the usual suspects: car washes, raffles, candy sales, etc. And if you read a little more deeply into those articles you will find that the expected revenue is about $200. Some of the suggested fundraising ideas are almost laughable, and would probably humiliate the entire cheer squad (Kiss a Pig Fundraiser? Really?!!).


How about something that won’t embarrass everyone involved, will make $400 to $1,000 easily and will create awareness for your cheer team? Of course we’re talking about a custom car magnet for your cheerleaders. Custom car magnets not only are profitable, they will get your cheer team’s name out there. Hundreds of cars will be showing off your logo (don’t have a logo? Don’t worry… we’ll help you for free).


So, before you force a Dog Washing Fundraiser on your cheerleaders, give the experts at ARC Marketing a call. We can design a car magnet that will make money and not humiliate your team! Get started on your FREE MAGNET DESIGN by clicking here.