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The Unmatched Popularity of Custom Car Magnets

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Fundraising and Awareness Car Magnets

The Unmatched Popularity of Custom Car Magnets: Fundraising and Awareness Combined

Custom Car Magnets as a Fundraising Goldmine

Fundraising can often be a daunting challenge, even for seasoned organizations. In the competitive world of raising money, fundraising car magnets offer an accessible yet extraordinarily effective strategy. When incorporated into a well-organized fundraising campaign, the sale of these versatile magnets can yield profit margins of 200% or more. That means you’re not just doubling but potentially tripling your initial investment. In a landscape crowded with traditional fundraising items like cookies, t-shirts, and candles, custom car magnets stand out as a high-ROI option.

More Than Just Money: Raising Awareness

The allure of custom car magnets goes beyond financial gains. These magnets are also a powerful, low-cost medium for spreading awareness about your cause or organization. Studies indicate that a single awareness magnet can be seen by approximately 100 other cars every day. If you extrapolate those numbers across hundreds or thousands of custom car magnets, the level of daily exposure becomes astronomical, far surpassing other promotional methods.

Versatility is Key

What is it that drives the extraordinary popularity of custom car magnets? Versatility. From schools and charities to community clubs and sports teams, nearly any organization can utilize these magnets. Their design is entirely customizable, allowing you to convey your specific message or theme. Whether it’s championing a school mascot or publicizing a charitable cause, your custom magnet will act as a small yet impactful billboard.

Custom Car Magnets vs. Traditional Fundraising Items

Comparing custom car magnets with traditional fundraising items like t-shirts paints a stark picture. While a t-shirt may offer a temporary boost in visibility, its long-term value pales in comparison. After being worn a couple of times, it’s likely relegated to the back of a closet or used as a rag for waxing cars. Unlike these ephemeral items, custom car magnets persist, providing a long-lasting platform for your message.

Quick and Easy to Create

Time is a crucial factor in any fundraising or awareness-raising endeavor. Custom car magnets shine here as well, boasting quick design and production timelines. Unlike more complex fundraising methods, these magnets don’t require a brick-and-mortar storefront. You can sell them easily through a variety of channels—online stores, community events, or even simple door-to-door sales tactics.

High Visibility, Low Cost

While billboards and online ads offer visibility, they often come at a steep price and with limitations. Custom car magnets sidestep these issues beautifully. They offer a level of sustained, high-visibility exposure that’s virtually unmatched, and they do it without any recurring costs or fees. Think of them as mini, mobile billboards that work to promote your message 24/7.

Final Thoughts: A Tool You Can’t Ignore

In conclusion, if you’re searching for a highly effective and profitable fundraising and awareness tool, custom car magnets should be at the top of your list. Their robust ROI, incredible reach, and lasting impact make them an indispensable asset in any successful campaign.

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Fundraising Car Magnets

Why Does Your Non-Profit Organization Need Custom Car Magnets?

Fundraising Car Magnets
Car Magnets for Non Profit Organizations

Why Does Your Non-Profit Organization Need Custom Car Magnets?

When you run a non-profit organization, you need to promote your organization and raise money. Often, you have donors that provide cash to help you run your organization. However, you will likely run fundraiser throughout the year, too.

One of the best fundraisers you can run is a custom car magnet fundraiser. This type of fundraiser will give you the ability to raise money, but also to promote your organization. Let’s look at a few of the reasons non-profit organizations need to use custom car magnets.

Top 5 Reasons for Non-Profit Organizations to use Custom Car Magnets

1. Provides Multiple Ways to Raise Money

You can certainly raise money directly from the sale of your fundraising car magnets. However, you can also drive more donors to give to your organization. If your non-profit organization holds events, you can also gain more attendees at your events by using custom car magnets as a fundraiser.

When you have custom car magnets for your organization, it’s a fundraiser and a promotional tool. This gives you many benefits for your organization with just one item.

2. Very Budget-Friendly

Car magnets offer a very affordable way to raise money for your organization. You can get these magnets for as little as $1 and they can be sold for quite a bit more. This is one of the lowest investments you will find for a fundraiser that has this kind of return. Plus, it’s a very low cost for an item that will promote your organization.

3. Billboards that Travel

Custom car magnets will act as small billboards throughout your community. Could you imagine if a few hundred vehicles had your magnet on the back of their vehicle and were driving around your community? This could certainly create some buzz around your organization, especially if you have a good design.

4. Very Customizable

Custom car magnets fit with any non-profit organization. They can be customized to fit the shape you need, the colors you desire, and the message you need to put out. You can customize your magnet to fit your specific needs and design.

Whether you want to make the magnet look like the mascot for your sports team or you want to make it a logo magnet for your non-profit organization, you can. There are many great ways to customize your car magnets before you start your fundraiser. A custom magnet will sell better, too, as it will be more attractive.

5. Can Become an Annual Fundraiser

When you sell custom car magnets as a fundraiser, this can be repeated every single year. It’s even possible to turn your magnets into a collectible that your supporters will be excited to get every year. With the right customizations, you can make your magnet easier to sell every single year.

When you’re ready to use a custom car magnet for your non-profit organization, you can start the design with our free virtual design tool. Of course, if you need assistance with the design or you have any questions, contact our team.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Using Custom Car Magnets for Fundraising for a Cause

Fundraising Car Magnets
Fundraising Car Magnets

Using Custom Car Magnets for Fundraising for a Cause

When it’s time to raise money, you can also promote a cause that is near and dear to your heart. Fundraising car magnets don’t always have to represent your sports team, school, or organization. They can represent a specific cause you want to spread awareness for, while helping you raise the money you need.

It’s even possible to partner with an organization and donate some of the proceeds to help support the cause you are promoting. When you use fundraising for a cause, you can magnify your efforts and help spread the word about something important. Let’s look at some of the ways you can accomplish this goal.

Use Ribbon Magnets

Maybe you want to raise money for your youth group, but selling a custom church magnet won’t do the trick. Instead, you can sell ribbon magnets attached to spreading cancer awareness, autism awareness or another type of awareness. This can be a powerful way to raise money and allow others to spread the message far and wide.

An awareness campaign can be very helpful, especially if you decide to donate some of the proceeds to an organization that is helping to find a cure for the cause. Whether you’re a youth group or another organization trying to raise money, this can be a great way to fundraise with a cause.

Make the Magnet Stand Out

One of the best ways to make sure you spread awareness, while raising money, is to make the fundraising magnet stand out. When you have a great magnet design, it will catch the eye of many other people. For example, a large pink magnet with the right design tells people you are spreading awareness about breast cancer. Most people know pink ribbons represent this cause and this type of design can be rather eye catching.

Go Super Custom

If you really want to make an incredible magnet for fundraising with a cause, you can go super custom. A custom shape can help you have a magnet that will stand out above all other magnets. Sometimes, this is the best way to go, depending on what you are trying to spread the word about. A simple ribbon might do the trick, but a custom shape might be a game changer for your fundraiser.

How to Spread the Word About Your Fundraiser Magnet

It’s one thing to create a magnet and have the goal to do some fundraising with a cause, but how do you get the word out? There are many ways to spread the word about your magnet fundraiser and what it’s all about.

One of the best ways is to tell people. Yes, simply start telling friends and family. If they support your cause and the reason you are raising money, they will also tell friends and family.

Another thing you can do is send out an email to a list you might have or include it in a newsletter. This is a fast and cheap way to get the word out about your fundraising with a cause effort.

Of course, don’t forget about social media. If you have followers and you want to spread the word fast, post on social media. It might just go viral and you might sell out of your magnets faster than you could have expected.

Fundraising Car Magnets

What You Should Know about Custom Awareness Magnets

Awareness Car Magnets
Awareness Magnets

What You Should Know about Custom Awareness Magnets

When you want to give away or sell custom awareness magnets, there are a few things you want to know first. These magnets are used to spread the word about a cause, such as autism or cancer. Custom awareness magnets fit with a lot of different causes.

Whether you’re trying to spread awareness only or you’re also running a fundraiser, custom awareness magnets can be powerful. Let’s look at some of the thing you should know about these magnets.

A Few Things to Know About Custom Awareness Magnets

1. Usually the Shape of a Ribbon

Typically, a custom awareness magnet is the shape of a ribbon. However, they can take on other shapes, too. Autism awareness often includes puzzle pieces, while other causes may have more than just a ribbon, too.

While other shapes might be used, a ribbon is a popular shape for custom awareness magnets. Different colors may support different awareness organizations or causes. The color may represent a specific thing, such as pink is widely known as representing breast cancer.

2. Great as Fundraising Magnets

Custom awareness magnets are an excellent choice for fundraisers. They give you a way to easily spread the word about a specific organization, but also raise some money at the same time.

Organizations can pair with a specific cause, such as autism awareness, and spread awareness, while raising money. For example, a football team could decide to sell custom fundraising car magnets that represent cancer awareness. Then, they can donate a portion of the funds raised to a cancer organization, while keeping the rest for the funds for their organization.

3. A Variety of Designs

You don’t have to do just a ribbon as a custom awareness magnet. There are many designs you can consider including oval and round magnets with the right design on them. You can incorporate a ribbon without having to make the magnet just a ribbon.

Some awareness magnets are designed with a ribbon and a rectangle to include a quote or other information. Others don’t use a ribbon at all. Many autism awareness magnets are the shape of a puzzle piece instead. Choose the design that fits best with your specific needs.

4. Pair Well with Other Fundraisers

There are many ways to use custom awareness magnets to raise money. They work great as a stand-alone fundraiser, but they can also pair well with other fundraisers. You can give these magnets out after a running event or another type of event. They can also be sold as a part of a higher priced package for an event.

Custom awareness magnets offer a way to enhance many other fundraisers. Whether they pair with your organization for a fundraiser or they help you achieve higher donation levels, these magnets are very powerful.

There are many ways to use custom awareness magnets for your organization. Whether you’re simply trying to spread the word or you’re trying to raise money, you need the right custom awareness magnets.

Use our virtual design tool to help you figure out the right design for your needs. We can also help you put together the best custom awareness magnet for you. Just contact our team and let us help you choose the best design.

Fundraising Car Magnets

How to Use Custom Magnets for Mailers

Fundraising Car Magnets
Fundraising Car Magnets

How to Use Custom Magnets for Mailers

There are many ways to use custom magnets for mailers. Whether you’re promoting a business, an event, or anything else, this can be a very easy way to get the word out.

As a promotional item, custom magnets work great. They become even better when sent in the mail because most people won’t just toss out a magnet like they might a postcard. Here are some of the ways you can use custom magnets for mailers.

4 Ways to Use Custom Magnets for Mailers

1. Promote Your Company

Companies use postcards often as mailers, and they work okay. However, when you upgrade to a custom magnet as your mailer, you will likely see better results.

For example, if you’re a real estate agent, you can include a business card magnet with your mailer. Even if someone isn’t ready to sell or buy a house now, they will toss that magnet on their fridge for later.

This can work great for a restaurant, landscaping business, a school, or any other type of business. People tend to toss magnets onto their fridges, which means they will see your advertisement over and over.

2. For Event Promotions

Maybe you have a charity event you’re trying to promote and you want to send out a mailer. Instead of using a paper mailer that will likely end up in the trash, use a custom magnet. You can have the magnet designed to match the event.

When the magnet shows up, people will think it’s cool and put it on the fridge. This will remind them of your event and they might buy a table, tickets, or decide to play in your golf outing. This is a great way to boost your attendance or participants.

3. For Your Sports Team

Whether you have a football team you want to promote, a soccer team, or any other type of sports team, a custom magnet mailer can work great. You can design the magnet as a schedule magnet to promote all your games.

Those looking for something to do in the area or looking to support your sports team will likely put the magnet on the fridge. They will be reminded of when you have home games and might attend more games due to the reminder.

4. Sponsor an Awareness Magnet

Another great way to use custom magnets for mailers is to sponsor an awareness magnet. As a business, you can do this by partnering with a cancer awareness or autism awareness organization.

Typically, you can sponsor the magnets that represent the awareness organization by paying for them. Then, when they are mailed out, your business name can be included as the sponsor on the magnet or on the mailer. This gives you some advertisement while helping an organization spread awareness, which can lead to more donations to help them out. It’s a win-win for everybody involved.

There are many great ways to use custom magnets for mailers. If you’re looking to send out a mailer and you want to include a custom magnet, start with our free magnet design tool or contact us today!

Fundraising Car Magnets

Can Custom Car Magnets Offer the Benefits of a Fridge Magnet?

Custom Car Magnets
Fundraising Car Magnets

Can Custom Car Magnets Offer the Benefits of a Fridge Magnet?

Simply put, yes, you can use custom car magnets to gain the benefits of fridge magnets. Since these magnets are designed for outdoor use, they will offer an incredibly durable option for your fridge magnets. Let’s look at some of the benefits you gain when using custom car magnets for your fridge magnets.

Top 6 Benefits of Fridge Magnets You Can Get from Custom Car Magnets

1. Excellent Branding Tool

You can use these magnets to help build your brand. Maybe you run a pizza shop or even a pre-school. Getting your magnet on the fridge of homes in your community can help you drive sales and promote your brand. Everything an ordinary fridge magnet can do, a fundraising car magnet can do better!

2. Friendly Reminder

Custom car magnets can be used as fridge magnets as a friendly reminder to your customers. Maybe you want repeat business and you want to make it easier for your customers. Give them a custom magnet to slap on their fridge and they won’t forget about you.

This works great for plumbers, pizza shops, delivery services, landscapers, pet groomers, and many other local businesses. If you run a business, you can benefit from custom car magnets used as fridge magnets.

3. Versatility

Since these are actually designed for cars, you can use them for both. Maybe you’re trying to sell custom car magnets to raise money for your organization. You can promote them as good for your car or fridge. This is a benefit you gain when you use custom car magnets that you cannot get from a cheap and thin fridge magnet.

4. Cost-Effective

The return you will get from buying a large number of custom car magnets is pretty amazing. It doesn’t take many sales to make up for the cost of the magnets. For example, if you run a pizza shop, handing out a magnet will cost you less than the profit you make from one pizza.

Compared to most other forms of advertising, you’ll get a better return from these magnets. Most businesses can gain more foot traffic, orders, and sales, while organizations can gain more donations from using custom car magnets as fridge magnets.

5. Highly Customizable

You don’t have to feel limited with this type of custom magnet. You can choose a custom shape for your magnet, along with the right fonts and colors. With the best possible custom design, your magnet will stand out on a fridge or a car.

6. Durability

Cheap and thin fridge magnets don’t last very long. They often don’t hold up much on a fridge either. When you offer a custom car magnet as a fridge magnet, you gain durability and strength. This will make it more likely that those you give or sell the magnets to will use them. Think of a car magnet as a fridge magnet on steroids!

If you’re ready to use custom car magnets as fridge magnets, we can help. At Arc Marketing, we can help you design your custom magnet or you can start with our free online design tool. Our team will guide you through the entire process, no matter how you plan to use these magnets.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Promote Your Pro-Life Organization with Custom Awareness Magnets

Pro Life Fundraising
Pro Life Fundraising

Promote Your Pro-Life Organization with Custom Awareness Magnets

Your cause needs to be spread far and wide. When you have a pro-life organization to promote, a custom awareness magnet offers a great solution. These magnets can be given away or sold as a fundraiser, too.

There are many important benefits to promoting your pro-life organization with custom awareness magnets. Before you make the final decision, make sure you know what you’re getting. Let’s look at some of the top benefits of using custom car magnets to promote your pro-life organization.

4 Benefits of Custom Awareness Magnets for Pro-Life Organizations

1. The Ribbon Shape is Powerful

The ribbon awareness magnets help to provide a very powerful option for any awareness campaign. There are a few options to choose from for your pro-life campaign. Some have used white ribbons in the past to promote respect for human life, while others use a colorful mix between blue and pink. Red ribbons have also been used to represent pro-life.

No matter which color you choose, as long as it fits with your organization, the ribbon has become the universal sign of awareness. People know when they see the ribbon shape, it represents an important cause.

2. Cost-Effective Fundraising Option

Maybe you need to do more than just spread awareness. If it’s also time to raise some money for your pro-life organization, custom car magnets offer a very cost-effective solution.

With a high quantity and a basic design, these magnets can be as low as about $1 each. Even with smaller quantities and a custom shape, they are still very affordable. The best part is, you can sell them for more than twice what you pay for them.

Of course, you can also use the custom awareness magnets as a giveaway item for donors of a certain level. For example, if someone becomes a monthly donor to your organization, you can send them a custom awareness magnet representing your pro-life organization as a thank you.

3. Easy to Transfer from Vehicle to Vehicle

One of the things that car owners struggle with when it comes to bumper stickers is they cannot take them from one vehicle to another. This means if they really want to promote the organization, they have to buy a new bumper sticker and put it on their new car.

Most people don’t really want to put a bumper sticker on their new car. They would much rather use a custom car magnet, even if it does cost a little bit more. With a magnet, they won’t have to worry about damage to their vehicle and it can be transferred from one vehicle to another.

4. Quickly Conveys Your Message

When you design a custom car magnet to represent your pro-life organization, it becomes very easy to convey your message fast. With the right shape, fonts, colors, and information, you can quickly spread your pro-life message throughout any community.

You need to get the word out and custom awareness magnets can help. They can help bring in more regular donors to your pro-life organization or even work as a fundraiser. Either way, the right awareness magnets can help spread the word about your cause.

Fundraising Car Magnets

How Awareness Magnets Help You Spread the Word

Awareness Magnets
Awareness Magnets

How Awareness Magnets Help You Spread the Word

Awareness magnets not only help you raise money but also help you spread awareness. They offer a double-edged sword for fundraising. Any organization can use this type of magnet to raise money and help spread the word.

When you want to raise money for your school, summer camp, or sports team, you don’t have to use a magnet designed to represent your organization.

Instead, you can choose an awareness magnet. This magnet will help another charity and use emotion to help drive more people to buy from you. It’s an incredible tool to help you raise money and do a good deed in the process.

Selling Awareness Car Magnets as a Fundraiser

It’s a pretty simple concept, you partner with a specific organization and sell magnets representing them. For example, maybe you want to raise money for your church youth group. Instead of selling custom car magnets to represent the church, choose a cause.

You could choose to sell an autism awareness magnet. Partner with a non-profit that works to raise money for autism or awareness. Then, have a magnet designed to represent the non-profit to spread awareness.

Now, when you sell the magnets, you can pitch it as a fundraiser for your youth group and an awareness spreader for autism. This can help you drive sales and raise more money, while also spreading awareness. It’s even common to share some of the raised money with the foundation you’re selling magnets to represent.

Easier Than Selling Other Magnets

There are a number of causes you can choose to partner with. Awareness magnets are simple to sell compared to some other magnets. If you were trying to sell a church magnet, for example, your audience is likely those attending your church. However, when it’s an awareness magnet, you open up a much larger audience.

Often, awareness magnets can be sold for a higher price and people will buy them without flinching. This is especially true if they believe they can help your organization and the cause at the same time. People want to be charitable and this gives them the opportunity to be charitable twice in one transaction.

Possible Awareness Magnets to Sell

Of course, you can stick with an autism awareness magnet from the example above, but there are many others. Some of the common awareness magnets include:

  • Breast Cancer Awareness
  • Leukemia Awareness
  • Cancer Awareness
  • AIDS Awareness
  • Suicide Prevention Awareness
  • And more!

There are dozens of possibilities and many use a ribbon of a certain color. However, you can choose a different design, if you prefer.

Combine the Two

When you partner with a non-profit, you can also combine their cause with your sports team or organization. For example, if you’re a baseball or softball team, you can design a “bats against cancer” magnet. There are many creative ways to team up and design a combined magnet.

No matter the reason for your fundraiser, an awareness magnet is a great choice. You can even start by using our free magnet design tool here.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Top Fundraisers for Quest Clubs

Awareness Car Magnets
Autism Awareness car magnets

Top Fundraisers for Quest Clubs

When you’re in charge of a Quest Club, you need to find the right fundraisers for your club. There are plenty of great options that will fit with your club. Let’s look at some of the top fundraisers for Quest Clubs.

What are Quest Clubs?

An educational incentive program that offers badges and rewards to kids and adults, Quest Clubs are a popular way to learn and have fun. These programs are usually used for homeschoolers, but they can also be used in other situations. They are a type of scouting program.

Currently, more than 1,200 individual badges are available for Quest Club members to earn with more coming every month. It’s a flexible program where each individual club can choose its own name, membership policies, and club uniforms. There are no mandatory meetings, uniforms, or promises like formal scouting programs.

The Best 4 Quest Club Fundraisers to Consider

1. Custom Awareness Magnets

One of the best ways you can raise money for your Quest Club is with custom awareness magnets. You can partner with a group, such as an autism support group or a cancer research group. Any type of group you want can allow you to sell custom awareness magnets to help raise money.

When you make this partnership, you get the ability to sell magnets, but also raise awareness. You can even split the funds with a non-profit organization that supports the cause you partnered with.

Custom awareness magnets offer a high-profit margin and something very easy to sell. Quest Clubs can use these types of magnets to raise the money they need for field trips, camping trips, and more.

2. Car Wash

A car wash is a very popular fundraiser, depending on the age group for your Quest Club. If you have plenty of members that are old enough to help wash a vehicle, this can be a great fundraiser to run.

All you need is a good location, some supplies, and enough people to wash a couple of vehicles at a time. With a good car wash, you can certainly raise the money you need for your club.

3. Food Fundraisers

Choose a food fundraiser that fits your needs and you can raise money. From selling cookie dough to pizzas to lollipops, there are plenty of options you can choose from. This is a very common type of fundraiser to consider. When you run a food fundraiser, you can raise the money you need.

However, this type of fundraiser is a bit more involved. You have to take orders, collect payments, store the products, and deliver the orders. It can be a bit more involved than selling custom awareness magnets or holding a car wash.

4. Host an Educational Event

An educational event for kids can be a great way to raise money for your Quest Club. You might even find a few new members along the way. This type of event can include other fundraisers, too.

You can charge a small fee to enjoy a day of educational fun. It can even include lunch. Then, you can sell concessions throughout the day to raise even more money. You could even include games that have a cost.

You can even combine a custom awareness magnet fundraiser with this type of event. By selling the magnets at the event, you will have a captive audience. This can help you to raise awareness for a cause and also money for your Quest Club.

With the right fundraiser, you can take your Quest Club to the next level. A good fundraiser can help you raise money for all types of fun with your club.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Make Your Social Cause Popular with Awareness Car Magnets

Autism and Cancer Awareness Car Magnets
Autism and Cancer Awareness Car Magnets

Make Your Social Cause Popular with Awareness Car Magnets

There are dozens of social causes out there and a new one seems to pop up every week or month. If you want to make your social cause popular, you can use awareness car magnets to help spread the word.

These fantastic little tools are great for spreading your social cause all over the place. Whether you want to create a cancer awareness car magnet, an autism awareness car magnet, or one for another social cause, you can get your message in front of more people with the right awareness car magnet.

Instantly Connect with Your Audience

When you use an awareness car magnet, you can instantly connect with your audience. They will understand exactly what it represents just by the shape and the color. Even if they don’t, as soon as they ask and hear a quick explanation, they will get it.

This can help to drive more support your way with more awareness. The more people put awareness car magnets on their vehicles, the more other people will also want to get involved. You can use them to help drive people to a website to make donations, to an event you are holding, or as a fundraiser by selling the magnets.

Generate a Ton of Impressions

Custom car magnets have the power to generate thousands of impressions every single day. When someone places your awareness car magnet on the back of their car or anywhere else on their vehicle and drives, you spread awareness. Of course, the distance they drive and the locations they drive to will determine how much awareness each person spreads.

It has even been shown that fleet vehicle advertising helps to increase recognition by 15x compared to any other form of marketing. This can work the same for your social cause. If you want it to be popular, the more awareness car magnets out there, the more support you will likely find.

Gets People Talking

When someone that supports your cause has an awareness car magnet on their vehicle or even on their fridge, it will help get people talking. Someone might ask them what it’s all about and they can explain the story behind the magnet. This helps to spread awareness in a very powerful way.

Magnets are Affordable and Versatile

Of course, when you plan to make your social cause popular, you need options you can afford. Custom car magnets are very affordable and they offer a versatile option. They can be used on vehicles, refrigerators, filing cabinets, and any other magnetic surface. You can even put a custom car magnet on a boat if you want.

There are many reasons why awareness car magnets are one of the top go-to tools for spreading awareness. No matter what your social cause is, if you want to make it more popular, this is a tool you need in your arsenal.

Start today by deciding the color and wording you’d like to use on your awareness car magnet. You can use our free magnet design tool to help you figure out what looks best. Of course, if you need any help, we are always ready to assist you. Just contact us and our team will help you make the right choice to help make your social cause more popular.