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Top Causes to Spread Awareness For With Custom Car Magnets

Custom Car Magnets
Custom Car Magnets

Top Causes to Spread Awareness For With Custom Car Magnets

When you’re ready to create a fundraiser, it can be very helpful to partner with a cause. Not only can you raise funds for your organization, but you can also spread awareness for an important cause.

Choosing the right cause makes a huge difference. For some organizations, it won’t be hard to find the best cause to pair with. Others might need a little help.

Let’s look at a few of the most popular causes to partner with and how you can use custom car magnets to spread awareness and raise money.

Top 6 Causes to Partner With

1. Religious Causes

According to a Pew Research Center study, more than 75% of Americans are affiliated with some type of religious group. This means religious causes some of the best to partner with when you want to spread the word and raise money for your organization.

2. Educational Causes

Another very popular choice when partnering with a cause is found in the education space. There are several great options here including:

  • Specific scholarships
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Special Education
  • Adult Education
  • And More!

3. Health-Related Causes

Of course, plenty of health-related causes make good options when you want to spread awareness and raise money. Ribbon car magnets for cancer, autism, and other health-related causes tend to be pretty easy to sell.

4. Military, Police, Fire, & EMS Support

Ribbon magnets are also very popular to show support for the military, police, fire, and EMS workers. If you live near a military base, choosing a camo ribbon magnet might be the perfect option.

5.  Arts and Culture

Some arts and culture causes can make good choices for your fundraising magnets. Plenty of people are willing to support the arts and show their support by purchasing and displaying a custom car magnet for a specific museum, library, or historical society.

6. Human Services Causes

Another popular type of cause to spread awareness for falls into the human services category. This category includes options, such as:

  • Youth Development
  • Child and Family Services
  • Crisis Services
  • Food banks and Food pantries
  • End Human Trafficking
  • And More!

There are several great causes you can partner with to spread awareness and raise money. You can even decide to give a portion of the proceeds as a donation to support the cause you are spreading awareness for as you sell custom car magnets for your group’s fundraiser.

How to Spread Awareness & Raise Money

Instead of using school car magnets for a school fundraiser, why not sell awareness magnets instead? With a ribbon-shapes awareness magnet, you can spread the word about a specific cause, while raising money for your school.

This works for any organization, not just schools. Whether you need to raise money for a baseball team, youth group, scout troop, or any other organization, selling awareness magnets might offer a better solution.

Not only will you have the ability to spread awareness for an important cause, but you will also have a much larger audience. If you simply slap your school or organization logo on a car magnet, your audience is limited to just those supporting your organization. With an awareness magnet, you open up many other possibilities for your fundraiser.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Why do Custom Car Magnets Work Great for Non-Profits

Why do Custom Car Magnets Work Great for Non-Profits?

Using car magnets to promote your non-profit offers a non-intrusive way to get the word out. You don’t have to shove your message in front of people to gain awareness when you choose to promote with custom car magnets.

When you need to spread the word through the local community, a custom magnet design offers an excellent choice. Whether you sell the magnets to raise funds or you give them away to promote your cause, you’ll be able to spread the word and show pride in your charity.

5 Reasons Custom Car Magnets Pair Well with Non-Profits

1. Very Budget-Friendly

Advertising is expensive. If you want to get the word out and you’re a non-profit, you probably have a very small advertising budget.

Car magnets come in at a very low price compared to other forms of advertising. They won’t break the bank, yet they will allow you to get the word out to the entire community.

Compared to other forms of advertising, such as TV, newspaper, or radio, custom car magnets are much cheaper. They can even be cheaper than online advertising since they last a very long time and can spread your message for years to come.

2. They Travel

When you advertise your non-profit through custom car magnets, your message travels everywhere. A car magnet goes where the vehicle goes. If someone displays your magnet on the back of their vehicle, your message is being spread when they commute to work, drive to kid’s activities, take a vacation, or drive out-of-town for a day trip.

3. Provide a Very High Profit Margin

If you choose to sell custom car magnets as a fundraiser for your non-profit, they provide a very high profit margin. You can buy each magnet for as low as $0.95 per magnet and well-designed custom car magnets can easily sell for $7.50 to $10 each.

The profit margin on car magnets is much higher than many other fundraising options. Plus, they require very little work to sell compares to some of the other types of fundraisers you could run.

4. Easy to Customize

You can simply design a magnet to fit with your non-profit logo, or you can create a custom magnet with any design you prefer. Whether you’re adding a social message or a message specific to your non-profit, you can choose any shape, any colors, and a variety of sizes to customize your car magnet.

5. People Love Car Magnets

The custom car magnet is the new bumper sticker and people love them. Since they don’t damage the car and they are not permanent like a bumper sticker, people are more willing to support your cause with a car magnet than a bumper sticker.

They can put the magnet on their car and take it off anytime they want. However, most people will leave the magnet on their car and forget it’s even there.

If you’re looking for a great way to promote your non-profit or you need a unique fundraising idea, custom car magnets offer a good choice. They work great for non-profits because they are budget-friendly, easy to customize, and they provide a great choice for a fundraiser with a high profit margin.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Put Your Cause in the Spotlight with Custom Awareness Magnets

Custom Awareness Magnets
Custom Awareness Magnets

Put Your Cause in the Spotlight with Custom Awareness Magnets

Making your voice heard isn’t the easiest thing to do. With custom awareness magnets, you can put the word out there without having to shout.

The magnets will do the shouting for you with a beautiful design, recognizable shape, and bright colors. Whether you’re trying to run a fundraiser or you just want to raise awareness, custom awareness magnets offer a great option.

Benefits of Custom Awareness Magnets

1. Emotional Engagement

One of the major benefits of using custom awareness magnets is the emotional engagement you gain. Whether you’re selling the magnets to raise funds or giving them away to spread awareness, they are more likely to get displayed.

When you have a worthy cause, a custom awareness magnet will get your message out. Those supporting the cause will be motivated to spread the word by displaying a custom car magnet on each vehicle they own.

Sometimes, people want to support a cause, but they don’t know-how. Spending a few dollars on a magnet they can display is a great way to show support and do their part.

2. Provides Incredible Visibility

Imagine if you purchased 1,000 custom awareness magnets and sold them all to people in your community. With 1,000 vehicles driving around town displaying your magnets, awareness will be spread fast and far.

Custom car magnets used to spread awareness give you incredible visibility. Whether you’re trying to raise cancer awareness or awareness for any other cause, car magnets make a great option.

Even if people display the magnets on their refrigerator or file cabinet, they will still provide some visibility for guests or those walking into their office. Of course, car magnets work better, but some may decide to display the magnets on other metal surfaces.

3. Makes Your Cause Easy to Remember

When you sell custom awareness magnets you can spread your cause while making people aware of what it’s all about. They will see your magnets and want to know what it’s all about. If you choose the ribbon magnets, they will know you’re working on supporting something important.

4. Great Fundraiser Option

There are plenty of fundraiser choices out there, but selling custom car magnets gives you a great option. It’s a fundraiser that also spreads awareness.

If you need to raise money for your church, school, sports team, or any other organization, you can even partner with a cause to spread awareness. You can sell magnets to spread autism awareness, while also raising funds for you and an autism foundation.

Since custom car magnets don’t cost very much and they can sell for $7 to $10, you can easily make a huge return. Most fundraisers only offer a 50% return, while custom car magnets offer a return of 100%, 200%, or even more.

If you’re trying to spread awareness for a cause or raise money, custom awareness magnets offer a great option. Arc Marketing is ready to help you choose the right design and help you create the best custom car magnet for your specific needs.

Fundraising Car Magnets

7 Great Ways to Raise Awareness for Your Cause

7 Great Ways to Raise Awareness for Your Cause
7 Great Ways to Raise Awareness for Your Cause

7 Great Ways to Raise Awareness for Your Cause

The holiday season is right around the corner and it’s a great time to raise awareness for your cause. Whether you’re just trying to raise awareness or you’re also trying to raise funds, you might need a few ways to go about it.

Below are a few of the top ways to raise awareness for your cause. Consider which one works best for you and even consider combining a few ideas to spread your message.

1. Host an Educational Event

Free events offer a great way to spread awareness. You can provide a virtual or in-person event to help spread awareness for your cause.

Those attending will get to leave with any literature you provide, along with the knowledge you share within the actual event. You can even ask for donations during the event, if you plan to raise money, too.

2. Host a Fun Social Event

Maybe you don’t think you can attract people with an educational event. A social event might be a better option. You can hold a gala, a cookout, a sporting event, or a mixer to spread awareness about your cause.

3. Sell or Distribute Custom Car magnets

Whether you’re fundraising or just spreading awareness custom car magnets offer a great tool. You can create the design to match your organization or cause. It’s even possible to use the ribbon design to help spread awareness if the ribbon fits your cause.

With fundraising car magnets, you can sell them to spread the word and raise money. These magnets provide a massive profit margin and they can be sold for a very low price. Combine car magnets with an event for even more ways to spread awareness.

4. Use Social Media

One of the best ways to spread awareness for your cause, especially in the era of coronavirus, is through social media. You can sell custom car magnets on social media or just use personal stories and other posts to help spread awareness. One viral post could expand awareness by 100 fold.

5. Door Knocking

It’s not the most fun way to spread awareness, but it can be very effective. When you want to raise awareness, door knocking offers a great option.

If you don’t want to knock on doors and speak to people, you can use door hangers on the door handles to spread awareness.

6. Partner with an Organization

If you have a cause, but you lack the people to spread awareness, you can partner with an organization. Choose a local non-profit or school sports team and partner with them. They can even sell custom car magnets to spread awareness for your cause while splitting the profits with you.

7. Partner with Local Businesses

With sponsorships and with the ability to spread awareness to customers, local businesses might be able to help you raise awareness for your cause. They might allow you to place flyers in the business or they might even sponsor your magnets and help sell them in the business.

There are several great ways to raise awareness for your cause, especially during the holiday season. Choose one of these options or multiple, and start making your cause more well-known throughout your community.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Move Your Message Faster With Custom Ribbon Magnets

Custom Ribbon Magnets

Custom Ribbon Magnets

Move Your Message Faster With Custom Ribbon Magnets

We’ve all seen custom ribbon magnets on the back of cars, on fridges, and on other metal surfaces. They are super popular and some people will even display multiple ribbons to show their support.

Whether you want to create a ribbon magnet for autism awareness, cancer awareness, or for any other reason, it will certainly move your message faster.

Why Choose Custom Car Magnets for Awareness?

Car magnets offer a very inexpensive option for your custom ribbon magnets. You can get them for just a few dollars per magnet and easily sell them for $7 to $10 per magnet.

With custom car magnets, you can personalize the ribbon magnet to fit your group. Choose the colors, a unique ribbon shape, and the wording. Plus, they get displayed on the back of the vehicle, which means you can turn every buyer into an advertisement for your cause.

Custom Ribbon Magnets are Super Popular

Just go for a drive through any city or town and you’ll likely spot multiple ribbon magnets on the back of vehicles. Whether it’s a simple ribbon with a certain color or it’s a custom car ribbon magnet, they are everywhere.

As one of the most popular types of magnets for spreading awareness, you can use custom ribbon magnets as a fundraiser, too. Of course, you can give them away to spread awareness, but most people won’t hesitate to shell out $7 to $10 per magnet for the right cause.

Ribbon magnets are popular because they provide an easy way for people to help. They can feel good about supporting the cause with their money and with the magnet on their car.

Often, people feel helpless when it comes to certain things, such as autism and cancer. Buying a custom ribbon magnet gives them a way to feel a bit less helpless.

Spread Awareness Today and Into the Future

Custom car magnets in the shape of a ribbon make it easy to spread awareness today and into the future. These magnets are created to last. They are weatherproof and can last years without fading.

Custom car ribbon magnets can be used on any vehicle including trucks, boats, motorcycles, bicycles, and any other vehicle with a metal surface. They can also be displayed on refrigerators, filing cabinets, and other metal surfaces.

Custom Ribbon Magnets are an Attention-Grabbing Mini Billboard

People have been using bumper stickers for years to spread awareness and specific messages. Car magnets are no different. When you’re stuck in traffic, you’ll likely read the magnets, or at least notice them, on the back of the vehicles in front of you.

With the right design, colors, and message, your custom ribbon magnet will stand out. You’ll have mini billboards driving all over town spreading awareness.

No matter the type of custom ribbon magnet you want to create, ARC Marketing is ready to help. We provide custom car magnets at affordable prices with incredible designs. When you want to spread awareness and raise money, our team will help you design the perfect ribbon magnet for your needs.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Top 3 Reasons to Use Custom Car Magnets for a Non-Profit

Top 3 Reasons to Use Custom Car Magnets for a Non-Profit

Top 3 Reasons to Use Custom Car Magnets for a Non-Profit

Top 3 Reasons to Use Custom Car Magnets for a Non-Profit

Non-profit organizations need to spread awareness and continually raise money. No matter what you’re non-profit organization supports, custom car magnets offer a great promotional tool and fundraising option.

When you’re ready to put your message in front of your local community without being intrusive, car magnets just make sense. You can hand them out in hopes people will display them on their vehicle or sell them as a fundraising option. Either way, you spread awareness throughout the community by turning other people’s vehicles into advertising machines for your non-profit organization.

If you’re not sure if you should use custom car magnets for your non-profit, consider these three reasons.

Reasons Why Non-Profits Should Use Custom Car Magnets

1. Affordable

You can order custom car magnets in high quantities for less than $1 each (depending on the design). Even in smaller quantities, custom car magnets are very affordable.

If you plan to use the magnets for fundraising, they become very profitable with a profit margin of more than 100%. For non-profit organizations, the budget-friendliness of custom car magnets provides a great promotional and fundraising tool.

At ARC Marketing, our custom car magnets range from around $4 per magnet to as little as $0.95 per magnet (custom shapes cost a bit more). The more you order at one time, the lower the price is, and the more you can profit from a fundraiser.

Most organizations have success selling the custom car magnets for $7 to $10. If you order 1,000 of our magnets for around $1 each, you could be receiving a return of more than 500%!

2. They Work Everywhere

While they are called custom car magnets, they can go on filing cabinets, refrigerators, school lockers, toolboxes, and any other metal surface. The versatility makes these magnets a great choice for anybody and everybody looking to support your organization.

When they are on vehicles, these magnets travel all over the community. They will be seen time and time again by people in parking lots, at stoplights, and whenever they are stuck in traffic. Not only do they work everywhere, but they also go everywhere.

3. Easy to Customize

At ARC Marketing, we make the customization process for your magnets easy. Choose a shape (round, oval, or custom) and create your magnet design online for free. Our design team will help and ensure you’re very happy with the custom car magnet design before any magnets are created.

Whether you’re promoting your non-profit organization or spreading awareness for a social message, we’re here to help. We help you choose colors that pop and lettering that can easily be read from a distance. Our team knows how to ensure you have a magnet that will help you achieve your goals.

No matter your reason for considering custom car magnets for your non-profit, we’re here to help. Whether you’re looking to raise money or spread awareness, our team will ensure you have exactly what you need, at an affordable price.


Fundraising Car Magnets

All You Need to Know About Custom Awareness Magnets

All You Need to Know About Custom Awareness Magnets

All You Need to Know About Custom Awareness Magnets

All You Need to Know About Custom Awareness Magnets

Whether you’re just trying to raise awareness or you’re also trying to raise money, custom awareness magnets give you the right tool. With the right awareness magnet, you can promote your cause, along with raise money.

Ribbon awareness magnets are the most popular and really started to take off after the tragic events of 9/11. Today, these custom awareness magnets are used for a number of things from Breast Cancer to Military Support.

While the main goal of an awareness magnet is to raise awareness, it can also be used for fundraising. You can purchase custom awareness magnets to give away for free, but you can also sell them for a nice profit.

If you’re looking for a way to spread the word and raise money, choosing one of our custom awareness magnets might be the perfect choice. Here’s a look at a few things to consider when it comes to custom awareness magnets.

Spread the Message Far and Wide

When you give away or sell custom awareness magnets they are designed to be displayed on cars. Every single person that receives one might put it on the back of their vehicle and drive around town.

Not only will you be spreading awareness to the person receiving the magnet, but you will also be spreading awareness to those seeing the magnet.

More than Just Ribbon Magnets

While the ribbon awareness magnets are great and provide an excellent tool, there are other choices, too. Custom awareness magnets come in all shapes and sizes including round, oval, and custom shapes. You don’t have to choose a ribbon magnet and you might spread even more awareness by using a round or oval magnet instead.

Your magnet design can include easy to read information and can include a ribbon if you prefer. It doesn’t have to be cut to look like a ribbon to spread awareness, however. Check out some of our custom awareness car magnets in our gallery here.

Support a Cause While Raising Money

Whether you’re trying to raise money for a church youth group or a sports team, custom awareness car magnets gives you a great option. You can support a cause and raise money at the same time.

For example, you can choose to raise money for your group, while spreading autism awareness. With autism awareness car magnets, you’ll be able to help spread awareness while raising money you need for your group. You can even donate a portion of the proceeds to a charity to support autism.

It doesn’t matter the reason you want to sell or give out custom awareness magnets, we’re here to help. At ARC Marketing, we provide a number of custom car magnets for raising money and raising awareness. Our professional design team will help you choose the best option for your needs and the virtual design process is always free of charge.

Start your custom awareness car magnet design today by going here now!

Fundraising Car Magnets

Create an Awareness Magnet for Your Fundraiser

Awareness Magnets for Fundraising

Awareness Magnets Work as a Fundraiser

Create an Awareness Magnet for Your Fundraiser

Your fundraiser can be about more than just raising funds for your group. When you create an awareness magnet for your fundraiser, you’ll be spreading the word, while supporting your group.

Awareness magnets can be created for any cause from cancer research to rebuilding after a natural disaster. Any cause your group wants to support works great with the right custom car magnet designed to create awareness.

Whether you’re a church group, sports team, or school, selling awareness magnets to support your group and raise awareness is a great choice. You can even do a fundraising split by donating some of the proceeds to the cause you’re spreading awareness about.

Why Awareness Magnets Work as a Fundraiser

There are many reasons why creating an awareness magnet might be the right choice for your group. Maybe you have a member suffering from something specific and you want to raise awareness, while fundraising. No matter the reason, awareness magnets work great for fundraising for many reasons.

Awareness Magnets Evoke Emotion

When you create an awareness magnet, it has the ability to evoke emotion. People considering supporting your cause may connect with your group, but they may also connect strongly with the design of the magnet.

For example, if you choose a ribbon magnet to support cancer research, you might evoke emotions in someone that lost a loved one to cancer. This emotional response often makes them more willing to buy and display the magnet, which helps raise awareness and raise funds for your group.

Makes People Feel Included in the Cause

Sometimes, people want to get involved in helping to solve a problem or support a cause, but they don’t know how. An awareness magnet gives them the right outlet to show their support, spread awareness, and feel included.

They can display the magnet with pride just like a bumper sticker, but without the damage to their car’s paint. It becomes a great conversation starter and they will spread even more awareness because the magnet is on a moving vehicle.

Includes More than just Direct Supporters

When you choose to sell a custom car magnet as a fundraiser, it might be designed to represent your sports team, church, or school. This works great, but it will be harder to sell to those not directly involved with your group.

An awareness magnet allows you to raise funds for any group while expanding your target audience. You’ll be able to sell these custom car magnets to anybody looking to support the cause on the magnet, along with your group.

Commonly, people are more willing to support a group when they are also raising awareness. If you split the funds by making a donation to the cause you’re spreading awareness for, it can make it even easier to raise funds.

Creating an awareness magnet for your group’s fundraiser offers a great way to do more than just raise money. You can spread awareness for a cause your group feels strongly about, make a donation to that cause, and also raise money for your group, all at the same time.



Fundraising Car Magnets

A Few Things You Should Understand About Fundraising

Things You Should Know About Fundraising

Things You Should Know About Fundraising

A Few Things You Should Understand About Fundraising

When you decide it’s time to start raising funds for your group, it can be a bit difficult to get everybody on the same page. Everybody has an opinion about how you should raise funds and which fundraiser might work the best.

The leadership of your group has to make important decisions, such as do we sell custom car magnets to raise funds or hold a car wash? Let’s look at a few things you should understand about fundraising before you get started.

5 Fundamentals of Fundraising for a Successful Campaign

1. Support is Vital for Success

You cannot run a successful fundraiser without gaining the help and support of everybody in your group. Whether it’s board members leading the effort or participants selling custom car magnets, you need everybody to work together.

If your entire group cannot get on board with your fundraiser, it will struggle to be successful. However, if you can get everybody to work together and on their own for the benefits of the group, you can run a very successful fundraiser.

2. Leaders Need to be United

How can you expect anybody else in your group to get on board if the leaders are not on the same page? Before starting any type of fundraiser, you should make sure all leaders of your group are on board with the idea.

Without the support of the leaders, you will likely have others in your group not so excited about the fundraiser. Make sure leadership agrees and can provide a united front before starting any fundraising effort.

3. Success Takes Time

Most fundraisers will get better if you repeat them each year. For example, the first year you decided to sell car magnets as a fundraiser, you might get feedback on the design. In the second year, you come up with a better design and you might sell twice as many.

It’s common for fundraisers to grow from one year to the next. You can build on a foundation you’ve already established by adding in new sales channels, new ways to take in donations, and even more fundraisers to couple with your current option.

4. Fundraising Should Be a Profit Center

When you invest $1 in any type of fundraiser, it should bring you back $3 or $4, at least. Fundraising should always be a profit center, not a cost center.

5. Events Tend to Be the Least Efficient Way to Generating New Funds

Holding a gala or a golf outing seems like a great way to raise funds, and it can be. However, events tend to come with much higher costs and you have to depend on filling seats to make them worth your time.

Selling the right item, such as custom car magnets, doesn’t come with the same high cost. Instead, this type of fundraiser allows you to make a profit from each item sold.

Before you start any new fundraising effort for your group, make sure you understand these five fundamentals. Leadership needs to be on the same page and the more excited your group it; the easier it will be to get everybody involved.