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All You Need to Know About Custom Awareness Magnets

All You Need to Know About Custom Awareness Magnets

All You Need to Know About Custom Awareness Magnets

All You Need to Know About Custom Awareness Magnets

Whether you’re just trying to raise awareness or you’re also trying to raise money, custom awareness magnets give you the right tool. With the right awareness magnet, you can promote your cause, along with raise money.

Ribbon awareness magnets are the most popular and really started to take off after the tragic events of 9/11. Today, these custom awareness magnets are used for a number of things from Breast Cancer to Military Support.

While the main goal of an awareness magnet is to raise awareness, it can also be used for fundraising. You can purchase custom awareness magnets to give away for free, but you can also sell them for a nice profit.

If you’re looking for a way to spread the word and raise money, choosing one of our custom awareness magnets might be the perfect choice. Here’s a look at a few things to consider when it comes to custom awareness magnets.

Spread the Message Far and Wide

When you give away or sell custom awareness magnets they are designed to be displayed on cars. Every single person that receives one might put it on the back of their vehicle and drive around town.

Not only will you be spreading awareness to the person receiving the magnet, but you will also be spreading awareness to those seeing the magnet.

More than Just Ribbon Magnets

While the ribbon awareness magnets are great and provide an excellent tool, there are other choices, too. Custom awareness magnets come in all shapes and sizes including round, oval, and custom shapes. You don’t have to choose a ribbon magnet and you might spread even more awareness by using a round or oval magnet instead.

Your magnet design can include easy to read information and can include a ribbon if you prefer. It doesn’t have to be cut to look like a ribbon to spread awareness, however. Check out some of our custom awareness car magnets in our gallery here.

Support a Cause While Raising Money

Whether you’re trying to raise money for a church youth group or a sports team, custom awareness car magnets gives you a great option. You can support a cause and raise money at the same time.

For example, you can choose to raise money for your group, while spreading autism awareness. With autism awareness car magnets, you’ll be able to help spread awareness while raising money you need for your group. You can even donate a portion of the proceeds to a charity to support autism.

It doesn’t matter the reason you want to sell or give out custom awareness magnets, we’re here to help. At ARC Marketing, we provide a number of custom car magnets for raising money and raising awareness. Our professional design team will help you choose the best option for your needs and the virtual design process is always free of charge.

Start your custom awareness car magnet design today by going here now!

Fundraising Car Magnets

Create an Awareness Magnet for Your Fundraiser

Awareness Magnets for Fundraising

Awareness Magnets Work as a Fundraiser

Create an Awareness Magnet for Your Fundraiser

Your fundraiser can be about more than just raising funds for your group. When you create an awareness magnet for your fundraiser, you’ll be spreading the word, while supporting your group.

Awareness magnets can be created for any cause from cancer research to rebuilding after a natural disaster. Any cause your group wants to support works great with the right custom car magnet designed to create awareness.

Whether you’re a church group, sports team, or school, selling awareness magnets to support your group and raise awareness is a great choice. You can even do a fundraising split by donating some of the proceeds to the cause you’re spreading awareness about.

Why Awareness Magnets Work as a Fundraiser

There are many reasons why creating an awareness magnet might be the right choice for your group. Maybe you have a member suffering from something specific and you want to raise awareness, while fundraising. No matter the reason, awareness magnets work great for fundraising for many reasons.

Awareness Magnets Evoke Emotion

When you create an awareness magnet, it has the ability to evoke emotion. People considering supporting your cause may connect with your group, but they may also connect strongly with the design of the magnet.

For example, if you choose a ribbon magnet to support cancer research, you might evoke emotions in someone that lost a loved one to cancer. This emotional response often makes them more willing to buy and display the magnet, which helps raise awareness and raise funds for your group.

Makes People Feel Included in the Cause

Sometimes, people want to get involved in helping to solve a problem or support a cause, but they don’t know how. An awareness magnet gives them the right outlet to show their support, spread awareness, and feel included.

They can display the magnet with pride just like a bumper sticker, but without the damage to their car’s paint. It becomes a great conversation starter and they will spread even more awareness because the magnet is on a moving vehicle.

Includes More than just Direct Supporters

When you choose to sell a custom car magnet as a fundraiser, it might be designed to represent your sports team, church, or school. This works great, but it will be harder to sell to those not directly involved with your group.

An awareness magnet allows you to raise funds for any group while expanding your target audience. You’ll be able to sell these custom car magnets to anybody looking to support the cause on the magnet, along with your group.

Commonly, people are more willing to support a group when they are also raising awareness. If you split the funds by making a donation to the cause you’re spreading awareness for, it can make it even easier to raise funds.

Creating an awareness magnet for your group’s fundraiser offers a great way to do more than just raise money. You can spread awareness for a cause your group feels strongly about, make a donation to that cause, and also raise money for your group, all at the same time.



Fundraising Car Magnets

A Few Things You Should Understand About Fundraising

Things You Should Know About Fundraising

Things You Should Know About Fundraising

A Few Things You Should Understand About Fundraising

When you decide it’s time to start raising funds for your group, it can be a bit difficult to get everybody on the same page. Everybody has an opinion about how you should raise funds and which fundraiser might work the best.

The leadership of your group has to make important decisions, such as do we sell custom car magnets to raise funds or hold a car wash? Let’s look at a few things you should understand about fundraising before you get started.

5 Fundamentals of Fundraising for a Successful Campaign

1. Support is Vital for Success

You cannot run a successful fundraiser without gaining the help and support of everybody in your group. Whether it’s board members leading the effort or participants selling custom car magnets, you need everybody to work together.

If your entire group cannot get on board with your fundraiser, it will struggle to be successful. However, if you can get everybody to work together and on their own for the benefits of the group, you can run a very successful fundraiser.

2. Leaders Need to be United

How can you expect anybody else in your group to get on board if the leaders are not on the same page? Before starting any type of fundraiser, you should make sure all leaders of your group are on board with the idea.

Without the support of the leaders, you will likely have others in your group not so excited about the fundraiser. Make sure leadership agrees and can provide a united front before starting any fundraising effort.

3. Success Takes Time

Most fundraisers will get better if you repeat them each year. For example, the first year you decided to sell car magnets as a fundraiser, you might get feedback on the design. In the second year, you come up with a better design and you might sell twice as many.

It’s common for fundraisers to grow from one year to the next. You can build on a foundation you’ve already established by adding in new sales channels, new ways to take in donations, and even more fundraisers to couple with your current option.

4. Fundraising Should Be a Profit Center

When you invest $1 in any type of fundraiser, it should bring you back $3 or $4, at least. Fundraising should always be a profit center, not a cost center.

5. Events Tend to Be the Least Efficient Way to Generating New Funds

Holding a gala or a golf outing seems like a great way to raise funds, and it can be. However, events tend to come with much higher costs and you have to depend on filling seats to make them worth your time.

Selling the right item, such as custom car magnets, doesn’t come with the same high cost. Instead, this type of fundraiser allows you to make a profit from each item sold.

Before you start any new fundraising effort for your group, make sure you understand these five fundamentals. Leadership needs to be on the same page and the more excited your group it; the easier it will be to get everybody involved.