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Swimming and Diving car magnets

Raise money for your swim team with a custom car magnet

Car Magnets for Diving and Swimming Teams

Competitive Swimming. Now this is a sport that you can grow old with. Like golf and cycling, swimming is a sport that you can do for the rest of your life.

Unlike “Impact” sports like running, football and tennis (which can wear out your knees, ankles and elbows) swimming puts little pressure on your joints and muscles. In fact, after 50 laps in your 25-meter pool, you are going to be stretched out and relaxed, ready for your work week. Try running 5 miles on pavement and all that most of are ready for is a visit to our Orthopedic Specialist.

I can’t find any hard statistics on this, but I think that the average age of most recreational swim teams is in the 30’s. My wife’s swim team has a few teens on it, and few swimmers in their 20’s. But the core of the swim team is a bunch of people in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. They even have two swimmers in their 70’s! It’s a sport that you never outgrow.

Like most other team sports, swimming teams need money to operate. They need to buy equipment (timing clocks, pool land dividers). They need to rent the pool (usually) in order to keep the little kids out during practice and meets. They need to buy swim jackets and team logo’d swim caps, etc.

Swim Teams might not be as expensive as youth football or baseball, but money does need to be raised.

Of course, I’m going to offer up custom car magnets as an excellent way to increase your fundraising potential. I’ll bet there isn’t one member of your team that wouldn’t pay $10 for a custom car magnet with your team’s logo on it. They would put that on their car in 20 seconds.

Our amazing team of designers will work with you to create the perfect fundraising car magnet for your swim team. We will use your team colors, your team logo or mascot and your team name to make a magnet that your team will be proud of.

Give us a call at 760-743-6340 and let’s get this started. With our help, it will be easier than a kick turn.


Car Magnets for Swim Clubs

Swim Team Car Magnets

Swim Team Car Magnets for Fundraising

Another growing category at ARC Marketing is Car Magnets for Swim Clubs and Swim Teams. Like all other sports teams, Swim Clubs love to show off, and what better way to let the world know about your swim team than a custom car magnet? Also, like all other sports teams, swim clubs need to raise money for supplies (such as towels, swim robes, lane markers, timing equipment), for travel expenses, for pool rental, etc. Fundraising is a big part of getting the money needed for these expenses.

An easy way to make money and to show off is with custom car magnets from ARC Marketing. With our free design services (you’ll be working with a real human, not a computer program), you’ll get a magnet design that will make every member of your swim team proud. And getting started on your new custom car magnet is easy. Just answer a few simple questions about your design, and one of our artists will start working on your design. Then we’ll email the design to you and make any changes you want (all for FREE, of course!). Once you have exactly the design you want, we’ll print your weather-proof magnets and ship them to you ASAP. Are you ready to get started? Just click here to fill out our Virtual Magnet Form.

Swim Team Car Magnets – North Georgia Aquatics

Swim Team Car Magnets

Swim Team Car Magnets

Swim Team Car Magnets are an important piece of our business. Swim teams are a unique sports club, when compared to the other sports you can participate in. Most amateur sports outside of schools are designed for the younger portion of our population (football, baseball, soccer, etc.). Swimming is a sport that you can continue from your school-days into old age. In fact, most of the swimmers on these teams are parents and grandparents.

North Georgia Aquatics is a Cumming Georgia-based competitive USA swim team that practices at the Aquatic Center in Cumming, Our low coach to swimmer ratio, practice flexibility, no-contract pricing and a strong focus on teaching the correct techniques in the water are what set us apart.

The NGA program is dedicated to providing opportunity and encouragement for all of its swimmers, teaching the proper techniques of the four strokes, starts and flip turns – all while having fun.

Keeping the team small allows the coaches to provide one-on-one attention to each swimmer and to focus on their individual areas for improvement. The coaches know all of the swimmers, their strengths and what areas need to be worked on to achieve improvements at each swim meet.

North Georgia Aquatics employs only certified professional USA Swimming coaches. Our coaches have completed classes preparing them for their roles on deck, and they have cleared the national background check system

ARC Marketing can design an  Olympic Quality car magnet for your swim team too. Just reach out to us at 760-743-6340, or visit our website  for a free magnet design.