Fundraising Car Magnets

Fundraising Car Magnets for Middle Schools

Fundraising car magnets for middle schools
Middle School Car Magnets

Fundraising Car Magnets for Middle Schools

Middle schools face unique financial challenges that differ from those of elementary and high schools. While all schools need funds for basic supplies and activities, middle schools often encounter specific expenses that require innovative fundraising solutions. One effective way to meet these financial needs is through fundraising car magnets for middle schools. By utilizing middle school car magnets, PTAs and PTOs can raise significant funds while promoting school spirit and awareness.

The Unique Financial Needs of Middle Schools

Middle schools have distinct financial needs that set them apart from elementary and high schools. These needs often include extracurricular activities, advanced academic programs, and specialized equipment. Unlike elementary schools, middle schools need to fund competitive sports teams, music and arts programs, and technology upgrades. High schools might have larger budgets for these items, but middle schools often rely heavily on fundraising to cover these costs.

For example, middle schools typically need funds for:

  1. Sports Equipment and Uniforms: Middle school sports programs require significant investment in equipment, uniforms, and travel expenses.
  2. Advanced Academic Programs: To challenge students, middle schools might offer advanced courses or STEM programs that require specialized materials and resources.
  3. Arts and Music Programs: Instruments, costumes, and art supplies are essential for middle school arts programs, which are often underfunded.
  4. Technology Upgrades: As technology evolves, middle schools need to update their computers, tablets, and software to provide a modern education.

Parents often bear a substantial portion of these expenses, but a car magnet fundraiser can help alleviate this burden. By selling school car magnets, PTAs and PTOs can raise the necessary funds, reducing the amount parents need to contribute directly.

The Impact of Reduced Government Funding

Over the past decade, government funding for schools has significantly decreased. Budget cuts have left many schools struggling to maintain programs and services. Middle schools, in particular, have felt the impact of these cuts, making fundraising more critical than ever. Without adequate funding, schools are forced to cut back on essential programs, affecting the quality of education.

The Financial Impact of Fundraising

A typical middle school Parent/Teacher group might raise several thousand dollars each year through various fundraising efforts. However, the specific amount can vary widely depending on the school’s size and community involvement. A car magnet fundraiser is an effective way to boost these efforts. With custom car magnets, schools can easily sell items that appeal to parents, students, and community members.

For instance, if a middle school sells car magnets for $10 each and manages to sell 500 magnets, they can raise $4,225. This amount can make a significant difference in funding sports programs, academic resources, and arts supplies.

Beyond Fundraising: The Additional Benefits of Car Magnets

Fundraising car magnets offer more than just financial support. They also create a sense of community and school pride. When parents display middle school car magnets on their vehicles, it raises awareness and visibility for the school. This visibility can lead to increased community support and involvement.

Moreover, custom car magnets can boost student morale. Seeing their school’s logo and colors on cars around town can instill a sense of pride and belonging in students. It reinforces their connection to the school and their peers, contributing to a positive school culture.


In conclusion, middle schools face unique financial challenges that require effective fundraising strategies. Fundraising car magnets for middle schools provide an excellent solution, offering both financial support and additional benefits like increased awareness and school spirit. By organizing a car magnet fundraiser, PTAs and PTOs can raise essential funds to support sports, academic programs, arts, and technology, ensuring a well-rounded education for all students.

For more information on effective fundraising strategies and to explore custom car magnet options, visit our website. There, you’ll find resources and ideas to help your middle school achieve its fundraising goals and create a thriving educational environment.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Middle School Fundraising: Embracing Car Magnets

Fundraising car magnets for Middle Schools
Middle School Car Magnets

Middle School Fundraising: Embracing Car Magnets

As the landscape of middle school fundraising evolves, the use of car magnets has gained popularity. These middle school car magnets have become a go-to method for Parent Teacher Associations and Parent Teacher Organizations seeking innovative ways to raise funds. Sometimes, this initiative is even driven by an enthusiastic teacher or the principal themselves, highlighting the community’s collective effort in supporting educational and extracurricular activities.

Unique Financial Needs of Middle Schools

Middle schools face unique financial demands, distinct from those of elementary and high schools. These include specialized educational programs, technology upgrades tailored to adolescent learning, and extracurricular activities designed for this age group. PTAs and PTOs have significantly expanded their roles to support these unique needs, stepping in to bridge funding gaps.

The Growing Importance of PTA and PTO Fundraising

Fundraising has evolved into a crucial aspect for PTAs and PTOs. Recognizing its importance, many of these organizations now appoint a dedicated officer exclusively for fundraising. This role is crucial and challenging, ensuring sufficient funds are raised for projects beyond the school’s budget.

The Efficiency and Profitability of Car Magnet Fundraisers

Among various fundraising strategies, the car magnet fundraiser stands out for its simplicity and profitability. Compared to other methods, this approach demands less effort and time, yet yields significant returns. Car magnets, being both practical and visible, serve as a constant reminder of school spirit and community support.

Easing the Financial Burden on Parents

Parents often face financial pressure to support school activities and needs. Through diverse fundraising events conducted seasonally, the financial load on individual families is considerably lightened. These fundraisers play a vital role in ensuring that parents aren’t burdened with out-of-pocket expenses for every school necessity.

Car Magnets: Fostering Pride in Middle School Students

Car magnets for middle school fundraising are more than just tools for raising money; they play a significant role in fostering school spirit among students. When these young learners see a cool, well-designed magnet on their mom’s car, it instills in them a sense of pride and belonging. They feel like important members of their school community, reinforcing their identity and connection to the school. This emotional aspect is particularly important in middle school, where students are actively shaping their identities and seeking a sense of belonging.

The Art of Magnet Design by ARC Marketing

The success of these magnets heavily relies on their design, and this is where ARC Marketing’s expertise shines. Their art department has been at the forefront of creating the most compelling car magnets in America for over two decades. The team at ARC understands that a magnet’s design is not just about aesthetics; it’s about conveying the school’s spirit, values, and identity in a visually appealing manner. They craft designs that resonate with both parents and students, ensuring that the magnets are proudly displayed.

The Impact of Design on School Reputation

A poorly designed magnet, however, can have the opposite effect. It’s not just about failing to raise the necessary funds; a lackluster design can negatively impact the school’s reputation, at least in the eyes of the students. Middle schoolers are keenly aware of their school’s image and how it is perceived by their peers. A magnet that falls short in design quality can diminish their sense of pride in their school. ARC Marketing’s commitment to excellent design ensures that every magnet not only serves its fundraising purpose but also enhances the school’s image and reinforces student pride.

ARC Marketing: Leaders in Quality Car Magnets

When it comes to sourcing car magnets for fundraising, ARC Marketing stands out for producing America’s finest quality magnets. Their products not only ensure durability but also reflect a professional image, enhancing the school’s reputation and fundraising success.


In conclusion, middle schools, through the active involvement of PTAs and PTOs, are embracing innovative and efficient fundraising methods. Car magnet fundraisers, in particular, offer a promising blend of ease, profitability, and community engagement. This approach, along with the support of reputable suppliers like ARC Marketing, is paving the way for a sustainable financial model in middle school education.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Making the Most Out of School Car Magnets

Fundraising Car Magnets for Middle Schools
Middle School Car Magnets

Making the Most Out of School Car Magnets: A Beneficial Strategy for Middle Schools

Fundraising with Custom Car Magnets

Public schools, particularly middle schools, often face funding shortages. Many projects and activities vital for student development may go unfunded due to budget constraints. Parent Teacher Associations (PTAs) and Parent Teacher Organizations (PTOs) can turn this around by exploring effective fundraising strategies. One such strategy gaining popularity is the use of custom car magnets for middle schools.

Custom car magnets provide a simple yet potent way for schools to raise necessary funds. PTAs and PTOs can purchase these magnets at a low cost, and when resold for $6 to $10, they bring in a substantial profit. This income can then be utilized to fund various school activities, making a significant difference in the school environment.

Quality Matters

Quality is paramount when it comes to car magnets. ARC Marketing, known for producing America’s highest quality car magnets, offers durable magnets with vibrant, fade-resistant colors. The superior quality ensures longevity, providing continuous exposure for the school and ongoing fundraising opportunities.

Creating Awareness and Exposure

Beyond fundraising, custom car magnets serve as excellent tools for school promotion. Displayed on cars, they effectively advertise the school to the broader community, increasing visibility. Each drive around town with a car magnet showcasing the school’s logo becomes a powerful publicity campaign, bringing attention to the school at minimal cost.

A Source of Pride for Students

These custom magnets also instill a sense of pride in students. When they spot their school’s magnet on cars, they feel a part of a supportive community. Witnessing parents, teachers, and community members endorsing their school fosters a positive morale and motivates them to perform better academically.

The Challenges of Traditional Fundraising

While effective, traditional fundraising methods like bake sales or fun runs often pose challenges. They require extensive planning, significant manpower, and a large time investment. Coordinating with parents, setting up events, managing logistics, and promoting the event are all demanding tasks that can stretch resources thin.

The Simplicity of Car Magnet Fundraising

Contrastingly, car magnet fundraising is a streamlined process. It involves designing the magnet, ordering it, and then selling it. The process demands less manpower and planning. ARC Marketing simplifies this further by assisting with design and production, delivering a high-quality product ready for sale.

Selling the magnets is equally straightforward. They can be sold at school events, through online stores, or sent home with students for family purchases. There’s no pressure of an event timeline or product expiration, allowing sales to occur throughout the year at a relaxed pace.

Uncomplicated and High Return

Car magnet fundraisers offer a high return on investment. Despite their low production cost, the resale price allows for substantial profit margins. For instance, even if a school sells their custom car magnets for $10 each, and the production cost was $2 per magnet, the profit margin remains high. Selling 500 magnets would generate a $4,000 return, a level of profitability hard to achieve with traditional fundraising methods.

A Win-Win Situation

In conclusion, custom car magnet fundraisers offer a win-win for middle schools and their associated PTAs and PTOs. They are less complex to organize, require fewer resources, and offer great returns. Moreover, they promote the school and foster a sense of pride among students.

With ARC Marketing’s top-notch car magnets, schools can ensure a high-quality product that parents, teachers, and community members will proudly display. Opt for this easy, profitable fundraising option, and set your school’s fundraising efforts on the path to success. To get started on your new fundraising car magnet, visit our website at or give us a call at 760-743-6340.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Most Common Types of School Magnets

Most Common Types of School Magnets

When you’re considering a new fundraiser for your elementary school, middle school, or high school, you want the right one. Selling custom school magnets often makes a lot of sense.

Not only will you get a high profit margin, but you will also be able to promote your school at the same time. Custom school car magnets offer a great way to raise money for your school or for a school program or club. Let’s look at some of the most common types of school magnets to consider.

5 Popular Types of School Magnets

1. Custom School Car Magnets

A magnet designed to match your school and be displayed on a vehicle is a custom school car magnet. These magnets offer a durable design to withstand the weather. They give your supporters something they can display and use to promote your school.

Often, this type of school magnet will include the school logo, URL, phone number, or address. They can be customized to fit your specific needs and design wants.

2. Calendar Magnets

Usually displayed on a refrigerator, a calendar magnet can help parents and supporters remember important dates. These magnets can be designed to show the schedule of a sports team, the schedule for the school, or any other schedule you want. They work great as a give-away item or as a fundraising magnet.

3. Team Spirit Magnets

Another type of school magnet you can design is a team spirit magnet. These magnets will represent a club or a sports team from your school. They are very popular for all types of sports and can work great to help fans support the teams from your school.

4. School Picture Magnets

These magnets are a little less popular, but can still work well. They typically include a cutout to display a picture behind them. It might be best to sell these around school picture time.

5. Contact Number Magnet

It’s also common for schools to design a magnet with all the important contact numbers. This may include the number you call if your child won’t be able to come to school that day. It may also include the number for the principal and for other school departments.

All of these types of school magnets can be very powerful. You can use them as a give-away to help remind parents of events or important contact numbers. Some can also be used for fundraising, such as the team spirit magnets and the custom school car magnet.

Of course, with the right custom car magnet, you can also promote your school throughout your community. This works great for private schools or those counting on tuition to help support them.

No matter the type of school magnet you choose, it will likely go over very well with parents and supporters. You can start by creating your design with our free virtual design tool. Of course, if you need additional help, we are always here to help you.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Top Fundraiser Ideas for Middle Schools

School Car Magnets
School Magnets

Top Fundraiser Ideas for Middle Schools

Middle schools need the right funding for programs and other things throughout the school. Finding the top fundraiser ideas for middle schools can help. There are plenty to choose from, but they are certainly not equal.

Before you make your final decision, make sure you consider what fits best for you. Some options may not work as well for your specific situation as others. Let’s look at some of the top fundraiser ideas for middle schools.

4 Top Middle School Fundraiser Ideas

1. Custom Car Magnets

One of the best fundraiser ideas for middle schools is selling custom car magnets. These magnets can be created to match your school and provide something supporters will like. Plus, they do more than just raise money for your middle school.

When you decide to sell custom car magnets as a fundraiser, there’s is no expiration date. You can sell a new magnet every single year and raise money throughout the entire year.

School magnets also have a higher profit margin than other middle school fundraisers. You can get these magnets for as little as a dollar. They can be sold for as much as $15. Even if you sell these magnets for just $5, you will make a very nice profit margin.

2. Hold a Car Wash

Middle school students are old enough to help out with a car wash. You can hold a car wash in the school parking lot or in another location and raise money for your school.

This fundraiser can even be combined with selling custom car magnets. You can offer the magnets for a higher donation amount or you can flat out sell them at the car wash.

3. A Food Fundraiser

There are dozens of food fundraisers you can consider. From candy to cookies to pizza. These are popular fundraiser ideas for middle schools. However, they do require a bit more work than other fundraisers.

When you choose a food fundraiser, you’ll have to deal with storage, order taking, and order delivering. It’s a bit more of a process and the profit margin is only about 50%.

Food fundraisers may work well, but they can also be a bit difficult. You might struggle to sell to people trying to diet or those that practice a healthier lifestyle. Most food fundraisers are sugary foods or foods that would be considered junk foods.

4. Selling Flower Bulbs

In some cases, selling flower bulbs can be a good fundraiser. However, this type of fundraiser is a bit seasonal. You can’t run this type of fundraiser all year long, but it can still be a profitable option.

When you sell flower bulbs, you will also have a bit of a limited audience. Not everybody has the ability to plant flowers on their property. Compared to a custom car magnet fundraiser where anybody can buy a magnet, flower bulbs might be a bit harder to sell.

There are plenty of fundraiser ideas for middle schools to consider. These are just a few of the top ideas with custom car magnets leading the way.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Top Fundraiser Ideas for Catholic Schools

School Car Magnets
School Car Magnets

Top Fundraiser Ideas for Catholic Schools

Catholic schools of all sizes have to raise money every single year. Sure, your school probably has some donors and alumni you can count on, but you still need fundraising ideas to help.

There are many great fundraisers you can run to help your Catholic school. Whether it’s an elementary, middle, or high school, you can use the fundraiser ideas below to help.

5 Top Catholic School Fundraisers

1. School Car Magnets

One of the best fundraisers you can run is a school car magnet fundraiser. Not only can you sell a magnet specifically for your school, but you can also sell magnets for each sports team.

Parents, relatives, teachers, parishioners, and others will likely purchase the magnets to display on their vehicles. When you run a school car magnet fundraiser for your high school, even students with cars will purchase the magnets.

Custom car magnets can be purchased for a very low cost. They can be sold for well over a 100% profit margin. This gives you the ability to raise money for the school, sports teams, clubs, and other organizations within your Catholic School.

2. Christmas Lollipops

If you need a good fundraiser during the Christmas season, you can sell Christmas Lollipops. These lollipops provide the ability to make a 50% profit margin and they are easy to sell. They also sell for a very low price, which can help you raise money pretty easily.

3. Silent Auction and Gala

If you have a big enough school, you can hold a silent auction and gala fundraiser. This can be a fun night out for parents, alumni, and others. Include dinner, a silent auction, and even a band or DJ for dancing and fun.

You will charge a ticket price, which should help you raise some money. However, the big money you will raise will come from getting local businesses and groups to donate items you can auction off. These items can be physical items, gift certificates, services, and more.

4. Super Bowl Sandwiches

Some schools will provide delicious sandwiches the students make for the Super Bowl. They will ask people to pre-order by a certain date, and then pick up their sandwiches the morning of Super Bowl Sunday, usually after each Mass time at the church.

This type of fundraiser is a great option, but it can only be run once per year. Of course, if you provide delicious sandwiches, this can become a fundraiser you run every single year.

5. Run a Golf Outing

A golf outing is a great way to raise money for a Catholic School. It can be run at a local course and can include plenty of smaller fundraisers within the main golf outing fundraiser. You can sell custom car magnets as a second fundraiser, along with running things, such as hole-in-one contests, 50/50 raffles, and more.

Choosing the right Catholic School fundraiser will make a difference. You will likely need multiple fundraisers to run throughout the year. Start with custom car magnets and add in the other fundraisers throughout the school calendar.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Custom Car Magnet vs Car Sticker Fundraiser

Car Magnet Fundraiser
Car Magnet Fundraiser

Custom Car Magnet vs Car Sticker Fundraiser

When you need to choose the right fundraiser idea, it’s important to compare a few options. Custom car magnets and car stickers both offer good options for the right group. However, these are two very different products and fundraisers.

It doesn’t matter if the fundraiser is for a basketball team, middle school, or church, you need the right option. Let’s look a bit closer at custom car magnets and car stickers to help you make the right decision.

Custom Car Magnet Fundraiser

Get a custom design that will last for many years with a custom car magnet fundraiser. These magnets are designed to stand the test of time. They will still look great after one year, two years, or even five years.

With a custom car magnet fundraiser, you get a high-quality product to sell. It can be customized to fit your specific needs. Choose a custom shape, unique colors, and the right message for your magnet.

As a fundraiser, custom car magnets provide an excellent option. You get a high-profit option with a low upfront cost. Depending on the design and the price you set to sell the magnets, you can earn more than 100% on each magnet.

They are easy to sell, too. Fans, participants, and those supporting your organization will love the magnets. They will be happy to buy one or more and display them proudly on their vehicles. Not only do you get to raise money, but you also get to spread your message throughout the community.

Overall, custom car magnets offer one of the best fundraiser options for many groups. These durable magnets can be displayed on any magnetic surface and will last a very long time.

Car Sticker Fundraiser

Another option for your fundraiser is a car sticker fundraiser. Often, these are called decals, too. Just like custom car magnets, you can customize the design of your sticker to fit your organization or team. This makes it a good option for your fundraiser.

Car stickers come in many different sizes including custom sizes. They are very cheap and can be sold for a decent profit. While they claim to be durable, car stickers tend to last for a little while, and then fade. They are not nearly as durable as custom car magnets.

Just like custom car magnets, car stickers do have a pretty high-profit margin. Due to the low price, you can easily sell these for a 100% profit margin or higher. However, they sell for a lower price and profit margin than custom car magnets, in most cases.

The biggest disadvantage of car stickers is how they go onto the vehicle. Car stickers have to be stuck on, which can cause damage to the paint, window, or another part of the car.

Both of these fundraisers offer good options. However, custom car magnets are the better option. They last longer than stickers and they won’t cause any damage to your vehicles.

But here’s the good news… we also sell America’s highest quality car window decals. Reach out to me at for pricing an more info!

Fundraising Car Magnets

Different Ways to Use School Car Magnets for Fundraising

School Car Magnets
School Car Magnets

Different Ways to Use School Car Magnets for Fundraising

When you choose school car magnets for your fundraising, you have multiple ways you can use them. Some of the ways you will use them to raise money will depend on the school level. Let’s look at a few great ways to use school car magnets at each level.


If you run a preschool, school car magnets offer a great option for branding. These can be given away or sold to parents and other supporters of the school. The fundraising option may have more to do with branding at this level of education, depending on the size of your preschool.

Sometimes, preschools are coupled with elementary schools. If this is the case, you can sell the school car magnets as a part of a larger fundraiser.

Elementary Schools

If you’re trying to run a fundraiser at the elementary school level, your best audience will be the parents of the students. You can sell custom school car magnets at other school events.

When you look at your fundraising schedule for the year, adding school car magnets in can really help. For schools looking to gain better branding, this is a great way to raise money and brand your school better.

Middle Schools

Once we get into the middle school level with school car magnets, more than just selling them for the school is available. These magnets can be associated with a sports team or another organization, such as the band or debate team, associated with the school.

You can pair custom school car magnets with other fundraising events, too. This level really starts to open up some good ways to use school magnets for fundraising.

High Schools

High schools tend to be much larger than other schools. This means you have more organizations and more students that can potentially sell custom school car magnets for the fundraiser.

If a small high school of 1,000 students sold one magnet per student, you could easily raise a few thousand dollars for the school. It’s more common to use school car magnets for sports teams and for other organizations at this level, however.

You can sell school car magnets at sporting events, theater productions, car washes, gala events, and more. The high school level offers many opportunities to pair custom magnets with another fundraiser. You can also sell them for each of the different organizations for the school.

Since some of the students attending high school may be able to drive, selling school car magnets directly to students is an option, too.


Colleges and universities with sports programs will likely sell school car magnets in the bookstore on campus. They can also be found online. This is rather common as a way to help the school generate funds.

College and university programs will also sell school car magnets associated with a specific sports team or organization. Since these schools tend to be very large, there are plenty of opportunities to sell the magnets to supporters.

Most students and faculty at a college or university can drive. This means they can all buy a custom car magnet to support the school. In addition, many colleges and universities will also have fans of their sports, alumni, and other supporters.

No matter the education level, school car magnets can be used as a fundraiser. From preschool to college, you can raise money with the right design for your custom magnet.

Fundraising Car Magnets

How to Pair Custom Car Magnets with Fundraising Events

School Car Magnets
School Car Magnets

How to Pair Custom Car Magnets with Fundraising Events

When you decide you want to run a fundraiser for your non-profit organization, elementary school, baseball team, or any other organization, custom car magnets make a great choice. However, if you already have a fundraiser you’re planning, you can still add these magnets to your event for even more profits.

There are several ways to pair custom car magnets with fundraising events. Let’s look at a few popular ways to increase your profits by adding custom-designed magnets to your fundraising event.

Top 3 Ways to Pair Custom Car Magnets with Fundraising Events

1. Pair them with a Car Wash

One of the easiest ways to boost your car wash revenue is by pairing a custom car magnet with the car wash. If you know you will be running a fundraising car wash or multiple car washes, order some custom car magnets to go with it.

You can give them out for a specific donation level. For example, maybe you know your average donation for a car wash last year was $10. You can try to boost your average by offering a free custom car magnet for all donations of $25 or more. This can help entice people to give more and can boost your revenue.

2. Pair them with a Sporting Event

Sporting events and custom car magnets go hand-in-hand. Maybe your fundraising event will be a local celebrity basketball game or softball game. Maybe you’re selling tickets for the event, doing a 50/50 raffle, handling the concessions, and doing other things to raise money through the event.

On top of all you’re doing, you can sell custom car magnets for the event or for your sports team or organization. You will have a captive audience and you can use that to your advantage by selling custom car magnets to those in attendance.

These magnets can also be paired as a giveaway with a 50/50 raffle for those buying a certain number of tickets. This can help to boost the raffle and make it larger while you raise more money.

3. Pair them with a Golf Outing

If you’re holding a golf outing as your fundraising event, you can pair custom car magnets with the event as a giveaway for branding or as something else to sell. You can even get a sponsor to cover the cost of the magnets for a sign on a specific tee box, green, or another type of sponsorship.

The magnets can be put in a goodie bag if they are going to be a giveaway for branding. If you plan to sell them, you can pair them with a 50/50 raffle or have a volunteer set up on a specific tee station and sell the magnets. They can even be paired with other items and sold as a package deal.

Along with these events, you can also sell custom car magnets for next year at the final awards ceremony for your sports team or your organization. They pair with many events very well and can help you raise more money while enhancing the offering of your fundraising event.

Fundraising Car Magnets

PTA and PTO fundraising car magnets


Car magnets for PTA and PTO Fundraising

PTA and PTO Fundraising

Welcome to the new PTA and PTO Officers

School’s out for summer, and that means relaxing days, hanging out with the kids at the pool. Unless you are one of the new officers in your PTA or PTO.


If you are one of those lucky souls, then your summer will also include planning for the upcoming school year. The duties and functions of your PTA/PTO are many and varied, but there is one constant…fundraising. Your PTA/PTO will be constantly raising money to help your school. The money you raise and gift to your school might be helping to purchase things as important as computers for the students, or even florescent vests for your Crossing Guards. There are hundreds of ways that your donated money will be used.


If you Google “PTA fundraising ideas” you’ll get dozens of ideas, and most of them are very labor-intensive. In fact, they will resemble a full-time job. Most of these fundraisers will make you scratch your head in disbelief (will these events actually make money?). To get an idea of what I’m talking about, just click on the link from PTO Today.  I can’t even guess at how much preparation these fundraisers require to pull off successfully, but these type of events are critical to fundraising.


Your fundraising year does not include a single event that will meet your financial goals by itself. PTA and PTO fundraising is a year-long effort that will include several different events. A successful fundraising year is a mixture of various money making opportunities.


The easiest fundraisers are those that do not involve scheduled events (car washes, bake sales, etc.), but involve sales of merchandise to the parents of your students. Again, you can Google this and get a lot of ideas, but most of the items offered to PTA/PTO’s are pretty lame. But there are some items that you can sell that don’t insult your intelligence, like car magnets customized for you school (I’m a little biased because ARC Marketing makes the highest quality car magnets in America).


Car magnets should be part of your fundraising mix. We will do all the design work for free (we have awesome artists who know how to create cool designs), and we’ll print them and ship them to you in 2 weeks or less. Car magnets can be stored forever, so you can sell them all school year long. And you can make a lot of money with a custom car magnet. For example, if your school bought 500 oval magnets (customized with your school colors, your school mascot, your school name, etc.) and sold them for $6 each (that’s our suggested selling price), you would make $2,260.00!!! Not bad!


So, here’s what you need to do next; have one of our artists start working on your design. It’s free, it’s easy and it’s fun. All that we need to know from you is a little bit about your school (name, mascot, etc.) To get started, just click here and complete a short questionnaire. In about one day, your new magnet design will magically appear in your in-box and you’re ready to go. Rather talk to a real person? Give us a call at 760-743-6340 and we can handle everything over the phone.

Happy Fundraising!