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The Rising Popularity of Lacrosse and the Role of Fundraising

Lacrosse fundraising ideas
Lacrosse Car Magnets

The Rising Popularity of Lacrosse and the Role of Fundraising

Lacrosse, one of America’s most popular sports, is booming both in youth leagues and at the high school level. With this surge in popularity, Lacrosse Car Magnets have become a key tool in fundraising for lacrosse teams. These teams, like many youth sports, face significant expenses. Uniforms, equipment, travel costs, and tournament fees quickly add up. In this context, a lucrative and efficient fundraiser is vital.

Understanding the Costs and Benefits of Different Fundraisers

While lacrosse teams could consider various fundraising methods, not all are equally effective. Some common options, like bake sales or car washes, are labor-intensive. They demand considerable time and effort from players and parents. Unfortunately, these fundraisers often see a decline in enthusiasm over time, reducing their effectiveness.

In contrast, car magnet fundraisers offer a simpler, more profitable approach. With minimal effort, they can generate significant funds. Most importantly, they do not suffer from the enthusiasm drop-off seen in more labor-intensive fundraisers.

Easing the Financial Burden on Parents

For most parents, covering the full cost of their child’s participation in lacrosse is a daunting prospect. Thankfully, through various fundraisers conducted each season, these individual costs can be substantially reduced. It lightens the financial load on families and ensures that all interested children can participate.

Long-term Awareness and Publicity

Car magnet fundraisers offer an advantage beyond immediate financial gain. They create lasting awareness and publicity for the team. Unlike labor-intensive fundraisers that fade from memory, a custom car magnet continues to promote the team long after the fundraiser ends. It serves as a moving advertisement, spreading the team’s brand wherever it goes.

The Expertise of ARC Marketing

In the realm of car magnet fundraisers, ARC Marketing stands out. Their expert art department, with over 20 years of experience, specializes in designing magnets for schools and youth sports teams across the country. They understand the nuances of creating eye-catching, memorable designs that resonate with the community.

America’s Best Car Magnets by ARC Marketing

ARC Marketing is renowned for making America’s best car magnets. Their expertise in design and quality production ensures that the magnets not only look great but also last long. These magnets are not just fundraising tools; they are symbols of team spirit and community support.


Fundraising for lacrosse teams is an essential part of ensuring that all interested players can participate, regardless of their financial background. Lacrosse car magnets, provided by experienced companies like ARC Marketing, offer a simple, effective, and lasting way to raise funds. They reduce the financial burden on families, while simultaneously enhancing team spirit and visibility within the community. In the landscape of youth sports, the humble car magnet proves to be an invaluable asset.

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Fundraising Car Magnets

Custom Car Magnets: A Revolutionary Approach to Lacrosse Team Fundraising

Lacrosse Team Fundraising
Lacrosse Car Magnets

Lacrosse: Boosting Team Spirit and Fundraising Efforts with Car Magnets

The sport of Lacrosse, deeply rooted in the heritage of indigenous tribes in North America, has seen an astonishing transformation over the years. Once a simple game played with basic equipment, it has now risen to prominence as America’s fastest-growing team sport. This surge in popularity is evident across various levels, from youth leagues to high schools and colleges across the nation. Amidst this growing interest, innovative approaches like Lacrosse car magnets have emerged as a popular way for teams and fans to show their support. Not only do these magnets add a spirited flair to vehicles, but they also play a crucial role in Lacrosse team fundraising initiatives, helping to finance team activities, equipment, and tournaments.

Fundraising Dilemmas

As the sport continues to expand, so do the financial requirements. Lacrosse teams often grapple with funding constraints. Many traditional fundraising methods fall short in terms of effectiveness and profitability.

The Innovative Solution: Custom Car Magnets

Enter lacrosse car magnets, a game-changing solution for lacrosse fundraising. These vibrant, eye-catching magnets are not just a mere fundraising product. They are a potent tool of promotion and awareness.

No other fundraising item provides the visibility of custom car magnets. Placed on cars, they transform each vehicle into a mobile billboard. This unparalleled exposure is beneficial for teams across all levels of lacrosse. From our standard round car magnets and oval car magnets to custom shape car magnets, our art department can create a stunning magnet for your team.

ARC Marketing: The Leader in Custom Car Magnets

ARC Marketing leads the pack in the production of high-quality custom car magnets. They craft America’s top-quality magnets designed to endure the elements. They ensure your team logo remains vibrant, boosting awareness with every mile traveled.

Profit Margins and Simplicity

These custom magnets are simple yet highly effective. Team members can easily resell them at games or events for $6 to $10. This creates impressive profit margins, contributing significantly to fundraising goals.

Moreover, fundraising with ARC Marketing’s custom car magnets is far easier than traditional methods. It eliminates the time-consuming tasks often associated with other fundraisers. There’s no inventory to manage, no order forms to fill out. The process is seamless, efficient, and stress-free.

The Custom Car Magnet Impact

But beyond the monetary benefits, these magnets foster team spirit and camaraderie. They create a sense of unity among players, families, and supporters. Custom car magnets engage the broader community, enhancing visibility and appreciation for the sport.

In a landscape where every penny counts, custom car magnets offer an outstanding solution. This innovative fundraising product provides immense promotional value and lucrative profit margins.

The Future of Lacrosse Fundraising

Custom car magnets from ARC Marketing are revolutionizing lacrosse fundraising. They are bridging the gap between the need for funding and the desire for sport promotion. More importantly, they’re enabling the continued growth of lacrosse in America.

This unique fundraising approach is undoubtedly becoming the go-to solution for lacrosse teams everywhere. It’s all about the synergy of creating awareness, fostering team spirit, and generating funds with ease.

In a nutshell, custom car magnets are more than a fundraising product. They’re an exciting vehicle for driving lacrosse into a promising future. They are changing the game, one magnet, one car, one team at a time.

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Fundraising Car Magnets

Reasons Car Magnets Are Ideal for Youth Lacrosse Teams

Fundraising Lacrosse Car Magnets
Lacrosse Car Magnets

Reasons Car Magnets Are Ideal for Youth Lacrosse Teams

Lacrosse is one of the oldest sports and is played by millions of people all over the world. It is generally played at every level, including youth teams. Lacrosse teams are now a major sport at many high schools across the country. If you are looking for ways to raise money or enhance the team spirit of your team, then car magnets are a great solution.

Car magnets have become a popular way of promoting teams and events and are a great tool for school fundraising activities. Here are the many reasons why car magnets can be perfect for youth lacrosse teams:

Amazing for Fundraising

Fundraising car magnets are America’s most popular and profitable way to raise money for your team or league. Even with a small investment of just $530 (that’s the total cost of 250 car magnets designed for your team), you can earn a profit of almost $2,000!

Fundraising is crucial for any school sports team to raise money for gear, competition fees, and transportation. Fundraising car magnets are a convenient and fun way to fundraise for the lacrosse team year-long. These are easy to design and print and can be distributed at any event.

Appealing Designs

Another thing about custom car magnets is that the team can be designed any way you want. You can add the team mascot image on the car magnet or the lacrosse team logo in any shape/size.

Promote Lacrosse Events

Distributing youth lacrosse car magnets is also ideal for promoting any upcoming lacrosse event in the area. You can distribute or sell the magnets at fundraising events, festivals, or other places to market. As a result, you can promote the lacrosse competition or game and attract more supporters.

Enhance Team Spirit

Including the lacrosse team logo or mascot on the car can help enhance the team and school spirit throughout the school and community. The team members, students, parents, and teachers can display their team car magnets on their vehicles to boost the spirit of the entire team.

Youth Lacrosse Car Magnets are Cost-Effective.

The youth lacrosse teams are usually on a tight budget, making it difficult to find affordable ways to raise money. Therefore, the best thing about youth lacrosse car magnets is their affordability. However, you don’t need to spend a large sum of money on designing these magnets. These are not just cost-effective to buy but are also easy to maintain.

Youth lacrosse car magnets can allow the build team pride and togetherness. Therefore, it can help the entire team feel more connected and appreciated no matter where they are.

Wrapping Up

Custom car magnets are great for youth lacrosse teams. Want to boost the team spirit or raise funds for the team? Youth lacrosse car magnets are an ideal solution. They are:

  • More affordable than other fundraising options.
  • Available in multiple sizes.
  • Customizable based on team colors and are easy to distribute.

No matter how you use school car magnets, be sure to add the logo, social media details, or website. This can promote the team and give the supporters a chance to learn more about their favorite lacrosse team.

We’re ready to get started if you’re ready! To get started on your free lacrosse car magnet, just visit our website and answer a few questions about your team and your logo. You can get started by clicking here!

Fundraising Car Magnets

5 Reasons Why Custom Car Magnets Work for Sports Team Fundraisers

Custom Car Magnets Work for Sports Team Fundraisers
Custom Car Magnets Work for Sports Team Fundraisers

5 Reasons Why Custom Car Magnets Work for Sports Team Fundraisers

When you need to raise money for your baseball team, softball team, soccer league or any other sports team, custom car magnets work great. Not only can these magnets help you raise money, but they can also help you spread awareness. Let’s look at five of the top reasons why custom car magnets work great for sports team fundraisers.

1. Show Support

When you decide to sell custom car magnets, you allow people to show support for your team. Whether it’s a high school basketball team or a college football team, you give fans a way to show support with custom car magnets.

This is one of the main reasons custom car magnets work so well for sports teams. Professional teams sell custom car magnets, so why can’t you for your sports team?

2. Makes a Great Souvenir

Offering custom car magnets at games also gives your fans a cool souvenir. Maybe they don’t want to spend $25 for a t-shirt, but they are willing to spend $10 for a magnet. Sometimes, fans want a souvenir they can take home, but they don’t want to spend a ton of cash. Custom car magnets fit perfectly.

3. High Profit Margin

Of course, the high profit margin you can gain from these magnets makes them a great fundraising option. When you choose to sell custom car magnets, you can earn more than the standard 50% profit margin most fundraisers offer.

Depending on the quantity, size, and design you choose, you can get your custom car magnets for as low as $1 each. Then, when you sell them for $7.50, $10, or even $15 each, you earn a very high profit margin. Even if you sell the magnets for just $5 each, you can make a very high profit margin.

4. Spreads Awareness

When you choose custom car magnets, you don’t only get a fundraiser. You also get a way to spread awareness. People will put them on their vehicles and drive around. That means, every car is a small billboard showing off team spirit. Spreading awareness might lead to more people showing up for your games.

5. Easy to Sell

Custom car magnets are also very easy to sell. They give fans something they can use to show their pride in the team, but they aren’t expensive. This combination makes magnets much easier to sell than some food product used for fundraising that really has nothing to do with your team.

There are many reasons why custom car magnets work so great for sports team fundraisers. With so many fundraising options, you really need to figure out which one will work best for you. Considering custom car magnets and comparing this fundraiser to others might just show you the right fundraiser for you.

When you’re ready to design your custom magnet, start with our free magnet design tool online. You can also contact us directly if you need help with the design or if you have any questions.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Creating Awareness and Raising Money for Your Lacrosse Team

Lacrosse Car Magnets for Fundraising
Lacrosse Car Magnets for Fundraising

Creating Awareness and Raising Money for Your Lacrosse Team

It is not always easy to raise money or create awareness for a fundraiser. These days, it seems that more and more organizations are appealing for funds. If you like, fundraising has become a very crowded market space.

But it is not only about fundraising. For instance, if you help to manage a Lacrosse team, you may also want to increase support. Here are three ideas you should check out when you want to increase awareness and boost your bank balance at the same time.

3 Ways to Raise Money for Your Lacrosse Team

1. Custom Lacrosse Car Magnets

We all love to share our ideas and what we believe in. When you want to create both awareness in the community and raise money, selling custom car magnets is not a bad idea. Magnets that you can stick on cars will have an instant impact.

When you place your order, remember to order your magnets in different sizes. Large magnets have an instant impact but smaller magnets will still help to raise awareness. Try to come up with a unique logo. In a perfect world, your logo should match your website’s favicon. That way, your Lacrosse team is instantly recognizable.

You can either sell your magnets or give them away when someone gives a donation. Sometimes it is nice to receive a small gift in return for a donation. It makes the person giving the donation feel appreciated. Also, he is more likely to display your magnet. This will help to raise awareness.

2. Have A Come and Play Day

Lacrosse is a very popular game but many people are not familiar with how it is played. Organizing an open day or family day is not that difficult. You will find that most players and their families will want to help out. Why not arrange a demonstration game and invite onlookers to have a go? You could even end up with some new Lacrosse team members.

Set up a couple of stalls on the sidelines selling anything from homemade cakes to magnets. Before you know it, you will have raised a substantial sum of money and increased awareness.

3. Sponsored Walks

If you have invested in car magnets, you want to think about activities you can do to make the most out of your investment. One activity we often overlook is the sponsored walks. They used to be very popular but for one reason or another, there are fewer of them around.

However, sponsored walks are a great way of getting people involved and raising money at the same time. One of the best things about sponsored walks is that a supporter does not have to give a lot of money to the walker. If you get 20 people to give $5 per person to the person doing the sponsored walk, you will have raised $100.

As a way of saying thank you, you can in turn offer a walker that has raised a certain amount a magnet. You even give smaller magnets to sponsors that have donated a certain amount.

Raising money and awareness is all about coming up with new creative ideas. Fundraising for any cause is about innovation and making sure you set a target.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Youth Sports Fundraiser Ideas to Consider This Year

Youth Sports Fundraiser
Youth Sports Fundraiser

Youth Sports Fundraiser Ideas to Consider This Year

With schools in full swing, youth sports are also back and taking up plenty of time. There are many youth sports going on now and plenty coming up. If you’re in charge of the fundraising for a youth sports team or league, you need the right youth sports fundraiser ideas.

There are several options to consider. Let’s look at the top youth sports fundraiser ideas you can use this season to raise the money you need.

Top 4 Youth Sports Fundraiser Ideas

1. Sell Custom Car Magnets

One of the easiest and most profitable fundraisers for youth sports is a custom car magnet. The design can include the mascot to get the kids excited to sell them. Every parent will want to display the magnet on their car or cars. Other supporters will also want a magnet.

Custom car magnets are easy to sell. They can be displayed on a car, fridge, metal filing cabinet, or any other magnetic surface. This makes custom car magnets so much easier for youth sports organizations to sell.

Another huge benefit of custom car magnets is they can be paired with other fundraisers. You can add them to pretty much any other fundraiser on this list to enhance it and raise more money.

2. Hold an A-thon

There are many A-thon fundraisers to consider, such as a walk-a-thon, rock-a-thon, hit-a-thon, or shoot-a-thon. Of course, it’s best to match the A-thon with the sport the kids are playing.

An A-thon allows kids to get sponsors for the baskets they make, the miles they walk, the hits they get, the goals they score, or whatever else the A-thon includes. This is a great way to raise money for your youth sports organization. However, it will require some organization.

Pair a custom car magnet with an A-thon for higher donations. Maybe for a specific level of sponsorship, you include a custom car magnet.

3. Sell a Food Product

There are many fundraisers that allow you to sell a food product to raise money. From popcorn to pretzels to cookie dough to pizza, you can sell a food product to raise money.

While there are plenty of different food products you can sell, they do come with a few disadvantages. You might need special storage and these products could be difficult to sell when people are dieting.

4. Hold a Picnic Event

Since you’re trying to raise money for a youth sports team or league, you could hold a picnic. Even if it’s cold outside, you can hold an indoor picnic and let the kids serve the food or help in some way or another.

The picnic can come with a cost per plate and can also include other things for sale, such as custom car magnets and other merchandise. This can help you raise the money you need for your youth sports team or league.

When you need the right youth sports fundraiser ideas, you can choose one of these four options. Custom car magnets offer a great option to get your youth sports league the money they need, along with spreading some awareness.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Creating the Perfect Custom Lacrosse Car Magnet for Fundraising

Lacrosse Car Magnets for Fundraising
Lacrosse Car Magnets for Fundraising

Creating the Perfect Custom Lacrosse Car Magnet for Fundraising

Lacrosse is a growing sport in the United States. Your team probably needs to raise funds for travel expenses, equipment, and other expenses. Many lacrosse teams travel quite a bit for tournaments and games.

Creating a custom lacrosse car magnet can certainly help you raise money. There are plenty of great designs to choose from. Your fans and supporters will love displaying their pride for your team.

If you want to use fundraising car magnets to help you raise money, you need to create the right one. Let’s look at a few ways you can create the perfect custom lacrosse car magnet.

Tips for Designing Your Custom Lacrosse Car Magnet

1. Make Your Mascot the Center

You probably have a pretty cool mascot for your team. No matter what type of mascot you have, it can become the center of your custom car magnet. You can incorporate it into the shape or you can just use an image to include your mascot.

It will depend on the mascot what you do with it. For example, if you are the Irish, maybe you use a custom-shaped magnet in the shape of a four-leaf clover. Those with an animal as a mascot may feature an image or use a shape, depending on the animal.

2. Get a Lacrosse Stick on the Magnet

You want your custom lacrosse car magnet to stand out, especially if it’s one of many magnets for your school’s sports teams. Get a lacrosse stick on the magnet somewhere. This will make it pretty clear your magnet is for the lacrosse team and not just for any team at your school.

Two sticks crossed can be a great way to make your magnet stand out. You can also get a player on the magnet with a stick in their hand. There are many different options to help you create the perfect magnet for your team.

3. Choose a Custom Shape

While there isn’t a good shape to choose, unless your mascot fits with one, you can choose a unique shape to make your magnet stand out. Unlike football, you cannot make the magnet in the shape of anything used in lacrosse and really stand out. You might be able to pull off a goal, but it might look like a hockey or soccer goal.

However, you can use a custom shape that starts off larger at the top and tapers down. You can choose a rectangle type of image to fit two crossing lacrosse sticks better. Even a shape that allows you to provide a lacrosse player and a few words can help make your magnet stand out.

Sometimes, if you design the image you want, it will become a custom shape. While the round and oval shapes work well, a custom shape can make your magnet even better.

There are many ways to create the perfect custom lacrosse car magnet. You can start with our free Virtual Design tool. If you need help, you can also contact us and we will be happy to help you make your magnet amazing.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Using Custom Sports Magnets to Make an Impression

Custom Sports Magnets
Custom Sports Magnets

Using Custom Sports Magnets to Make an Impression

Custom sports magnets give you the ability to make an incredible impression. You can use them in multiple ways for your sports team. Whether you’re raising money for a football team, baseball team, softball team, or any other sports team, the right custom magnets offer the perfect choice.

There are plenty of ways to make an incredible impression with sports magnets. Let’s look at three of the most common ways you can use custom sports magnets to raise money for your team.

Logo Custom Car Magnets

A simple and easy way to raise money for your team is to sell custom car magnets with your logo or mascot on them. If you design an incredible car magnet, it will be easy to sell to your supporters. You can even create a custom shape for your magnet to make it stand out even more.

With the right custom car magnets, you can make plenty of cash for your team. There are many ways to sell these custom sports magnets. Use this option, if you want to raise money for your team.

Create Schedule Custom Sports Magnets

While custom car magnets are designed for cars, they can also be used on refrigerators. You can design these magnets with your team’s schedule on them to ensure your supporters know when your games will be played. You can even use two different colors for home games and away games.

You can design your magnet to be in the shape of a football or another custom shape. It will stand out from the other magnets on the fridge and give you the right option to ensure your supporters know when and where to show up.

These magnets can be given away to drive more people to your games. They can also be used to raise money as they can be sold to your supporters.

Partner with a Small Business Sponsor

While this third option isn’t as much about the design of the magnet and more about a great way to raise money, finding a small business sponsor can be very powerful. You can design a magnet perfect for cars and include your sponsor’s logo. It can be a schedule magnet with their logo and website or phone number.

The design can accommodate the promotion your small business sponsor desires, while you get the magnets for free. The sponsoring business will pay for your magnets, which means you can sell them for a 100% profit.

There are many good ways to create a custom sports magnet for your specific needs. With the right magnet, you can make an impression on your supporters and those that don’t know about your team. Sports teams often need to raise money and awareness. Custom car magnets offer the ability to do both.

When you need the right custom sports magnets for your team, you need ARC Marketing. We provide high-quality magnets to use for your fundraising purposes. Our team will even help you with the design or you can start with our free virtual magnet design tool here.

Fundraising Car Magnets

How to Make Fundraising for Youth Sports Easier

Football Car Magnets
Football Car Magnets

How to Make Fundraising for Youth Sports Easier

Have you been put in charge of choosing the fundraiser for your youth sports league or team? Do you need to come up with a way to raise money, but you’re worried it will become a big struggle?

There are plenty of ways to make fundraising for youth sports easier. When you’re ready to raise money for a baseball, basketball, football, soccer, or softball team, you need the right tips and the right fundraiser.

Top 3 Tips to Make Fundraising for Youth Sports Easier

1. Don’t Count on Just One Fundraiser

While you might be able to raise the money, you need with one fundraiser, most youth sports leagues will need multiple fundraisers. You can do one big fundraiser each season, but also incorporate other smaller fundraisers at games and at awards banquets.

For example, you can sell custom car magnets for each team as a part of your big fundraiser or as a part of your ongoing fundraising efforts at games. You can also use 50/50 raffles, concessions, and other fundraisers at each game and even at the awards banquet each year.

2. Get Small Businesses Involved

Businesses love to support the community and you can use this to your advantage when fundraising for youth sports leagues. You can have a small business sponsor your custom car magnet fundraiser and cover the cost of the magnets in exchange for advertising at games and other events throughout the season and even in the off season.

You can also get small businesses to sponsor teams within your league. They can pay for the cost of uniforms in exchange for their logo being printed on the uniforms for the team they sponsor.

3. Get the Players Involved

You have a built-in sales force with all the players on each team. When you’re in charge of the fundraiser for your youth sports league, get the players involved. No matter the fundraiser you choose, make sure you get them involved as they should be your sales staff for custom car magnets or the labor at a car wash fundraiser.

Choosing the Right Fundraiser for Youth Sports

While these three tips will certainly lead you in the right direction, choosing the right fundraiser for youth sports will help you raise more money faster. With a good fundraiser for your sports league, you’ll be able to raise the money you need without struggling to sell the product you choose or provide the service you choose.

It’s best to choose a fundraiser you can use every season, such as selling custom car magnets. When you choose the right fundraiser for your youth sports league, you will be able to easily get people involved and raise plenty of money to support the league.

With these three top tips and the right fundraiser for your youth sports league, you’ll be ready to support your league. Get some area businesses involved and make sure you choose the right fundraiser to keep your players excited to participate in your annual fundraiser.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Lacrosse Car Magnets

Lacrosse Car Magnets

Lacrosse Car Magnets for Fundraising

We print fundraising car magnets for almost every sport imaginable, and each sport has its own “magnet season”. Late winter and early spring is obviously the time we get most of our baseball, softball and Little League magnet projects. The other sport that orders the most in the late winter is Lacrosse.

This time of year, our art department is pumping out custom designs for lacrosse teams across America. We are busy designing and printing car magnets for Youth Lacrosse, Club Lacrosse, High School Lacrosse and even a few adult leagues.

Fundraising is critical to every sport, and lacrosse is no different. Each team, and each league has a variety of fundraising options to choose from. Most teams and leagues usually run several different fundraisers during a season. Some make a lot of money and some don’t. Some chosen fundraisers are rejected by fans simply because they are no longer in vogue (such as candy bar sales). But there are some fundraisers that are overwhelmingly popular, and car magnets fit nicely into that latter category.

Consider this; every dollar a team spends on car magnets from ARC Marketing can easily translate into 3 dollars in sales. In fact, if your team can sell 250 magnets at $6 each, you’re going to clear over a thousand dollars. Sell more… make more. Try doing that with any other fundraiser.

Pricing 50-250

For more information, complete pricing and a “Profit Calculator”, visit our website at