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Cub Scout Packs: Fundraising with Custom Car Magnets

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Cub Scout car magnets for Fundraising

Cub Scout Packs: Fundraising with Custom Car Magnets

The Value of Scouting

Scouting plays a pivotal role in a young boy’s life. It offers unique experiences, teaching valuable life skills. From camping trips to community service projects, Cub Scouts exposes boys to diverse activities. These experiences shape them. They grow into responsible, proactive, and community-conscious men. These boys learn leadership, teamwork, and discipline.

The Need for Fundraising

But these character-building activities come at a cost. Cub Scout Packs rely heavily on parents to cover expenses. Uniforms, camping gear, and event fees add up quickly. Fundraising is essential. It eases the financial burden on parents. More importantly, it allows the Packs to offer enriching experiences to all.

The Common Fundraising Methods

There are traditional methods of fundraising. Bake sales, car washes, and ticketed events are common. But they sometimes fall short in reaching their financial goals. Cub Scout Packs need innovative solutions. They need effective and continuous methods.

Enter Custom Car Magnets

Cub Scout car magnets present a unique opportunity. They’re not just about raising funds. They’re dual-purpose tools. On one hand, they generate much-needed funds. On the other, they spread awareness about the Cub Scouts.

Awareness and Exposure Benefits

Imagine driving around town. You spot multiple cars sporting Cub Scout magnets. Instantly, the community becomes more aware of local Packs. It sparks conversations. It might even inspire new members to join. Every car magnet advertises the Pack. It’s a moving billboard. And it’s all for a worthy cause.

Why Car Magnets Excel

Car magnets offer several advantages over other fundraising tools. They’re affordable to produce. They’re easy to distribute. They have a broad appeal. Who wouldn’t want to support young boys becoming outstanding men? Every purchase supports this noble cause.

Continuity into Boy Scouts

Just as young athletes progress from Minor League Baseball to the Major Leagues, so do our scouts. When they matriculate to Boy Scouts, it doesn’t mean their scouting journey has ended. In fact, their commitment grows even more profound. The move from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts comes with a shift in objectives and activities. Boy Scouts take on more challenging adventures, demanding higher expenses. Much like how the Major League has distinct needs compared to the Minor League. Fundraising car magnets remain a valuable tool in this phase. They help bridge the financial gap. Boy Scout car magnets ensure that these dedicated young men continue to thrive in their scouting journey.

A Nod to the Girl Scouts

We’d be remiss if we overlooked the commendable efforts of the Girl Scouts. While Boy Scouts often take the limelight, Girl Scouts operate with equal diligence and purpose. They mold young girls into confident, responsible, and community-driven women. Their mission parallels that of the Boy Scouts, emphasizing leadership, values, and skills. Just like their counterparts, Girl Scout troops face financial challenges. They, too, rely heavily on fundraising. Supporting their endeavors is crucial. It ensures that every young girl has the opportunity to shine, grow, and contribute meaningfully to society. Girl Scout car magnets are just as important.


Fundraising is crucial for Cub Scout Packs. Custom car magnets provide an efficient way to raise funds. More than that, they promote the cause, sparking interest and conversation. Let’s support our future leaders. Embrace car magnets as the future of Cub Scout fundraising.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Scouting: Cultivating Leadership, Character, and Skills Through Fun Fundraising

Car Magnets for Scouting Fundraising
Fundraising Car Magnets for Scouting

Scouting: Cultivating Leadership, Character, and Skills Through Fun Fundraising

Scouting is a global movement that aims to nurture the youth into becoming responsible, self-reliant, and resourceful individuals. Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and Cub Scouts provide children and teenagers with opportunities to learn valuable life skills, develop character, and take part in leadership activities. Not only do they gain the necessary tools for personal growth, but they also foster camaraderie and learn the importance of teamwork. An essential aspect of scouting is fundraising, which supports the various programs, activities, and initiatives that the organization undertakes. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of scouting and how fundraising car magnets from ARC Marketing can help Scout Troops and Cub Scout Packs with their efforts.

The Benefits of Scouting

  1. Character Development

Scouting instills values such as trustworthiness, loyalty, courtesy, and kindness, which help mold an individual’s character. Through the Scout Oath and Law, scouts are reminded to be honest, do their best, and serve others. These values are ingrained in their daily lives, shaping them into responsible and ethical citizens.

  1. Leadership Skills

Scouting provides numerous opportunities for leadership development. Scouts hold various positions within their troop or pack, where they learn to lead and work with others. They plan and execute projects, events, and activities, helping them develop essential skills such as decision-making, communication, and problem-solving.

  1. Outdoor Skills and Environmental Awareness

Outdoor activities are a significant component of scouting, with camping, hiking, and other adventures being integral parts of the experience. Scouts learn valuable outdoor skills, such as navigation, wilderness survival, and first aid. Furthermore, they develop an appreciation for the environment and learn the importance of conservation and stewardship.

  1. Goal Setting and Personal Growth

Scouting encourages personal development through the advancement system, which sets clear goals for scouts to achieve. As scouts progress through the ranks, they are required to learn new skills and complete various tasks. This structured approach teaches scouts the importance of setting goals and working towards them, ultimately leading to personal growth and accomplishment.

  1. Social Skills and Teamwork

Scouting provides a supportive and inclusive environment where scouts learn to work together, form friendships, and create lasting bonds. They engage in team-building activities that teach them how to collaborate, communicate, and support one another effectively.

The Importance of Fundraising in Scouting

Fundraising is essential for scouting organizations, as it allows them to fund various programs, activities, and community service initiatives. It also teaches scouts valuable lessons about responsibility, hard work, and financial management. Fundraising efforts enable scouts to participate in exciting adventures, attend national or international events, and give back to their communities.

ARC Marketing: Supporting Scouts with Fundraising Car Magnets

Scout Troops and Cub Scout Packs can benefit from partnering with ARC Marketing for their fundraising efforts. ARC Marketing specializes in producing high-quality, custom-designed car magnets that are perfect for raising funds and awareness for scouting organizations.

These custom car magnets are not only visually appealing, but they also create a sense of pride and unity among troop or pack members. Furthermore, they serve as a fantastic way to showcase support for scouting within the community.

By choosing ARC Marketing, Scout Troops and Cub Scout Packs can expect:

  1. A Simple and Profitable Fundraising Solution: With a low initial investment and high-profit margins, custom car magnets provide an excellent fundraising opportunity for scout organizations.
  2. Expert Design Assistance: ARC Marketing’s team of designers will work closely with scouts to create a unique and eye-catching magnet design that represents their organization.
  3. High-Quality Materials: Durable, weather-resistant materials ensure that the magnets will last for years and continue to look great on supporters’ cars.

For more information and to get a free magnet design for your Troop or Pack, visit our website at

Fundraising Car Magnets

Friends of Scouting Car Magnets

Scouting Car Magnets

Friends of Scouting Car Magnets

Friends of Scouting Thank You Gifts

Friends of Scouting is your council’s annual giving campaign. In most councils, Friends of Scouting (or FOS) represents the council’s largest source of income.

Here’s a great way to say “Thanks” to all those individuals who contributed to your successful FOS campaign; a custom car magnet designed for your council.

The people who donate during your FOS campaign do not want to remain anonymous! They are proud to support scouting and they want the world to know. As a result, they prefer Thank You Gifts that have your Scout Council logo or patch on it. But they also want the world to see it, so your gift should be used in a very visible place. Clothing certainly fits those requirements. And here’s an even better idea; a custom car magnet printed with your Council Logo. Using a custom car magnet as a gift to them allows them to proudly show your community that they believe in the values and ideals that you are teaching the Leaders of Tomorrow.

Imagine your “Thank You Gift” becoming an advertising machine for your council. Picture your council magnet on hundreds of cars in your community. Eventually, everyone will have seen this magnet dozens of times. That type of advertising usually isn’t cheap.

This magnet will broadcast an image of your Scout Council

  • 24 hours a day.
  • 7 days a week.
  • 365 days a year.
  • Nonstop. And the best news… it not expensive!

ARC Marketing has been designing and printing custom car magnet for scouting for more than 15 years. Let one of our talented magnet designers show you what we can do for your council.

For more information, visit our website by clicking here.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Scouting Car Magnets

Scouting Magnets

Custom Car Magnets for Scouting

Here’s another group that has put our car magnets to good use; the Scouting Organizations.

ARC Marketing designs and prints magnets for Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and Cub Scouts. Car magnets make an ideal fundraiser for troops, packs and councils of any size.

It’s easy to raise money with car magnets.

  • Start with a compelling design (that’s our job!)
  • Print that design on the highest quality car magnet in America (that’s our job too!)
  • Sell your fundraising magnet to Supporters of Scouting everywhere (that’s your job!)

Who can you sell your new Scouting Car Magnets to? Well, let’s start with the low-hanging fruit: families of the kids in your Pack, Troop or Council. Every one of these families will buy and proudly display your new magnet on their car. Who else might want to buy a magnet supporting your scouting efforts? How about some of these groups:

  • Local Business Leaders and Merchants
  • Out of town relatives (Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, etc.)
  • Teachers and Staff at your kid’s school
  • And just about every other Red Blooded American!


Imagine hundreds of cars, driving around town with your magnet on the back. That magnet is going to put your Cub Scout Pack on the map. For the next several years, that quiet, unassuming car magnet will be screaming your Pack’s logo to hundreds, and thousands of cars.

Not interested in fundraising? Are you looking for a way to say “Thank You” to everyone that helped your Council this year? Many of the councils we work with use their magnets as FOS (Friends of Scouting) gifts. Using your magnet as your FOS gift this year will achieve more than one objective. Your magnet will also broadcast your logo to the world for several years!

Want more info? Just give me a call at 760-743-6340, or visit our website at

Fundraising Car Magnets

Car Magnets for Boy Scout Fundraising

Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and Cub Scouts; all can benefit from a custom fundraising car magnet. Scouting troops and packs from all over America use custom car magnets from ARC Marketing to raise money and increase awareness.

Most of the “Boy Scout” magnets that we make are for FOS (Friends of Scouting) thank you gifts. The Boy Scouts, like many large, philanthropic organizations, relies on private donations to fund a lot of their programs. These Scout Councils thank their donors with some token of their gratitude each year. The perfect Thank You gift would be one that would let the donor show the world that they support scouting. What could possibly be seen by more people than a magnet on the back of your car? Now what if that Thank You gift also created a ton of awareness for your Scout Council? Okay class, does anyone know where I’m going with this?

You are correct! The perfect FOS Thank You Gift is a car magnet, custom designed for your Scout Council.

It checks all the boxes:

  • Donor gets to show the world he supports scouting
  • Scout Council gets a ton of exposure
  • It’s cost-effective! Won’t bust your budget.

Our expert magnet designers will create an eye-catching magnet for you at no charge (all artwork is free at ARC Marketing), so you have nothing to lose.

Reach out to us at or give us a call at 760-743-6340 and let’s partner-up to create a car magnet that will both make money and make your scouts proud!