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Top 7 Sports Fundraiser Ideas for This Summer

Youth Sports Fundraising

Car Magnets for Sports Fundraising

Top 7 Sports Fundraiser Ideas for This Summer

Summer is a great time for a sports fundraiser. Whether you’re raising money for a youth sports program, a high school sports team, or even a college team, you want to use the right fundraiser for your needs.

Choosing the best sports fundraiser ideas for the summer isn’t always easy. There are several excellent options available. Let’s look at seven of the best sports fundraiser ideas to help you make the right decision.

1. Custom Car Magnets

An excellent choice for sports fundraisers, custom car magnets come with many benefits. They offer a high profit margin with very little planning necessary.

When you choose to sell custom car magnets for your summer sports fundraiser, you’ll have a large target audience. Any car owner looking to support your cause is a part of your target audience. The best part, these magnets can also be displayed on a fridge or filing cabinet at home or in the office.

2. Car Wash

The summer season is prime time for car wash fundraisers. You’ll have the best opportunity for good weather and more people are out and about in their vehicles during the summer.

If you’re considering using a car wash as one of your fundraisers for your sports team, make sure you plan it for the summer. It’s best to hold car washes on Saturdays and Sundays since most people will be out over the weekend.

3. Food-Related Fundraisers

There are several food-related fundraisers you can use during the summer for your sports team. From pizza to cookie dough to Lolli-pop to popcorn, you can choose from several food fundraisers for your summer sports team.

4. Host a Pool Party

If you have access to a swimming pool, you can host a pool party during the summer. You can make it a family-friendly event or an adults-only event with a bar. Either way, a pool party offers the opportunity for a great sports fundraiser in the summer season.

5. Have a Bike-A-Thon or Walk-A-Thon

The summer months offer the best weather for anything you want to do outdoors as a fundraiser. If you want to do a bike-a-thon or a walk-a-thon, the summer is the right time for this type of fundraiser.

6. Host an Outdoor Gala

One of the top sports fundraiser ideas for the summer is hosting an outdoor gala. If you’re raising money for a high school or college sports team, you can even have the players wait on the tables at the gala.

Your outdoor gala can include a silent auction, as well. With an auction as a part of the event, you can raise money from businesses donating items or services to auction off to the attendees.

7. Host a Golf Outing

One of the most popular summer fundraiser ideas is hosting a golf outing. This is especially true if you’re raising money for a golf team or league.

A golf outing provides the opportunity to include multiple events in one. You can pair it with a lunch or dinner and include a silent auction as a part of the event. Of course, you can also add a hole-in-one competition, closest to the pin competition, and the longest drive competition to the event.

There are several great ways you can raise money for your sports team or league this summer. These sports fundraiser ideas for the summer offer just a few of the many options available. If you want to keep it simple and raise plenty of cash, consider a custom car magnet fundraiser for your sports team or league this summer.

Fundraising Car Magnets

7 Unique Youth Sports Fundraiser Ideas

Youth Sports Fundraising

Sports Fundraising Ideas

7 Unique Youth Sports Fundraiser Ideas

Youth sports fundraisers can get a bit old if you’re always selling the same things. Maybe you’re sick of selling candy bars, cookies, pizzas, or one of the other food items often associated with these fundraisers.

There are many unique youth sports fundraiser ideas you can use instead of the most common options. Here are 7 great options if you’re in charge of the youth sports fundraiser this year.

1. Car Magnets

Instead of selling something people consume, why not sell something parents can proudly display? Custom car magnets are great for youth sports fundraisers. They are inexpensive and very easy to sell.

Whether you’re trying to raise money for a baseball team, cheerleading squad, or a youth hockey team, custom car magnets are a great choice!

2. Rent-A-Kid

Another unique idea for youth sports fundraising is a rent-a-kid fundraiser. You can literally rent out the kids participating in the sports for tasks, such as mowing the lawn, cleaning the garage, babysitting, or anything else.

3. Have a Scrimmage

Teachers, parents, and others in the community can support your youth sports team with a scrimmage. They can pay to participate and you can even get sponsors for the event, as well. Then, you can hold a scrimmage with the youth sports team playing against the teachers, parents, and other members from the community.

4. Do an A-Thon Fundraiser

A unique youth sports fundraiser you could do is an A-Thon. It could be a shoot-a-thon, walk-a-thon, or a hit-a-thon, depending on the sport you’re raising money for.

Have the kids get sponsors for each hit they get, basket they make, or mile they walk. Then, as they play the games or do the walk-a-thon, they can collect the funds after the final tally.

5. Silent Auction

A popular fundraiser used by companies and other organizations, a silent auction can work well for youth sports leagues. You can pair it with a dinner or a picnic and sell tickets. Local companies can donate items for the auction and those in attendance can bid on the items to help support the league.

6. Partner with a Restaurant

Some restaurants will partner with you to raise funds for your youth sports league. This is known as a sports night out and a portion of the proceeds from sales of a specific night will go to support your league.

7. Partner with Local Businesses

Many local businesses will be happy to sponsor a team or even buy a sponsorship for advertising in a newsletter or on a sign at the field. Local partnerships are a common way for youth sports teams to raise money for equipment, uniforms, and more.

When you’re sick of selling food items for your youth sports fundraiser, you can use any of these unique ideas. Selling custom car magnets is by far the easiest on this list and takes very little time to set up. For more information on running a custom car magnet fundraiser for your youth sports team, contact Arc Marketing here.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Soccer Car Magnets for Fundraising

Soccer Magnets for Fundraising

Custom Soccer Car Magnets

Soccer Car Magnets for Fundraising

Yeah, we do that. We make fundraising car magnets for every conceivable sport, and youth soccer is at the top of the list.

I’m not sure of the official statistics, but soccer might just be the most participated youth sport in America (feel free to correct me on that if I’m wrong!). But based on the orders we get from soccer clubs, they sure buy more magnets. Maybe the parents are just more engaged in soccer programs than the parents of other sports.

Full Disclosure… Youth Baseball is a very close second.

Car magnets achieve several goals, but the two most important are fundraising and awareness.

Fundraising: We have several Youth Soccer Leagues that buy 1,000 magnets each season, and they sell them for about $6 each. Since our fully customized car magnets only cost $1.10 each at that quantity, selling them for $6 each means a profit of $4,825.00 for the league. I don’t think any parent would say “no” when asked to show their support and buy a magnet. In fact, most families will buy a magnet for each car in their family. That’s almost $5,000 going into your General Fund to be used for equipment, travel, etc.

Awareness: OK, this one’s for the kids. Once that magnets shows up on hundreds of cars in town, your young soccer players are going to feel like rock-stars! They are going to get a major-league sense of accomplishment and the entire community will know who the local soccer league is, even if they don’t buy a magnet.

Here’s a warning… your kids are just as picky as you are, and they do not want a poorly designed magnet. I’m not sure who trains the magnet designers at some of the other car magnet companies, but just look at the magnets shown on their websites. “Childish” and “Cartoonish” are two thoughts that come to mind. Your young soccer stars have a more mature vision of their soccer league and want their magnets to look like something a professional soccer team would design. Our artists are the absolute best in this industry, and our designs speak for themselves.

Looking for more info? Just visit our website at and get all the car magnet knowledge you can handle.

Are you ready to start making money for your soccer team? Just give us a call at 760-743-6340 and we’ll do all of the design-work for free!

Fundraising Car Magnets

Sports Car Magnets

Car Magnets for Youth Sports

Car Magnets for Youth Sports

Sports Car Magnets

No, we don’t mean magnets for your “Sports Car”, but we do mean ”car magnets” for your favorite Youth Sports Team!

Fundraising is such a big part of youth sports. In fact, without fundraising most youth sports would be unaffordable to all except the 1%!

If you are a typical parent, as soon as your kids reach 5 years old they want to play soccer, lacrosse, baseball, softball and more. Every conceivable team sport is available on a league level to kids of all ages. Some of you have several kids playing organized sports and most even have each kid playing in more than one sport. No sooner is one sport finished (baseball for example), then the next sport begins (lacrosse for example), followed by football… it never ends.

As a parent, you know that it is easy to shell out more than $1,000 each year (per kid!). OUCH.

So, if you work on the Board of Directors for one or more of these leagues, suggest custom sports car magnets as a fundraiser. The money raised by our hot-selling custom car magnets will lighten the burden that each parent pays.

Is it difficult to get a custom sports car magnet? Not if you’re working with ARC Marketing! We’ll do all the work; you take all the glory. We’ll design your new magnet for free so you have nothing to risk. All you need to do is give us a little info about your team or league (Team Name, Team Colors, Mascot, etc.) and one of our expert designers will get busy designing a game changing car magnet that you and your kids will be proud of.

To get started, just click here and give us the lowdown!

Fundraising Car Magnets

Custom Car Magnets for Youth Sports

Car Magnets for Youth Sports Fundraising

Car Magnets for Youth Sports Fundraising

Okay, show of hands… how many of you parents have kids in youth sports? I’m talking about Little League Baseball, Pop Warner Football, Junior Hockey, Youth Soccer and more. It seems like it never ends… as soon as one sport ends then the next sport is just beginning.

Little League Baseball typically runs from early March through late May. Now you get to take June and (maybe) July off before Youth Football season starts. Youth Football season runs from August through the end of October (that’s just the regular season) and through mid-November if your kid’s team makes the playoffs.

Mix in hockey, golf, lacrosse, cheer, soccer, gymnastics, water polo, swim team, tennis and every other imaginable sport and it’s no wonder today’s parents are frazzled. And it’s not just a time commitment, there’s a lot of money to be spent on equipment and other expenses. According to an article in USA Today the typical parent of a kid in a single youth sport spends $671 per year, and that’s the average.

Youth Football is one of the most expensive, along with youth hockey. Very expensive, but very safe equipment makes up a lot of this expense but you don’t want to go cheap here. Football can be a dangerous sport, so the latest gear is essential for the safety of your young star. Add in league fees, coaching fees, uniforms, etc. and you’re not going to get out of there for less than $1,000.

This is why your league has a “Fundraising Officer”. Your league has probably identified those expenses that are best paid by all parents as a group (uniforms, travel expenses, intramural fees) and they conduct several fundraisers during the year to help pay for these “shared” expenses. An effective Fundraising Officer will use several different fundraising techniques over the course of a season. Some fundraisers are labor intensive and do not require much upfront expense (like car washes and bake sales) and some require upfront costs but are not labor intensive (selling tee shirts or custom car magnets).

Let us show you how lucrative a custom car magnet can be for your team or league. Car magnets will return a much greater profit than almost every other fundraising item, and it will add a lot of swagger to your team (imagine hundreds of cars in your town with your magnet on the back bumper!).

Want more info? Just give us a call at ARC Marketing. We can be reached at 760-743-6340 or visit our website at

Fundraising Car Magnets

The high cost of youth sports


Youth Football is expensive!

Fundraising Car Magnets for Youth Sports

Fundraising Car Magnets for Youth Sports

Fundraising Car Magnets for Youth Sports

The high cost of youth sports, all youth sports (although some are more expensive than others) has led many families to reluctantly pass on Pop Warner Football or Little League Baseball. Those costs include:

  • Membership fees
  • Equipment
  • Travel

Add personal coaching and parent’s time off from work for games and travel and the cost can easily climb into the thousands of dollars per child. That’s a big burden for parents on an individual player level.

But what about the leagues and teams in general; they have big expenses as well. Many youth football groups are having a hard time outfitting their players properly. Equipment expenses often exceed the money brought in by the fees charged to parents. Add to that the expense of paying coaches and paying referees, plus the additional expense of reserving “field time” for practice and games. It’s no wonder that fundraising has become an integral part of each league. In fact, most leagues now have a dedicated position for fundraising. This “Fundraising Director” is responsible for raising enough money to offset the difference between “player fees” and the actual expenses. Almost always, this difference is $5,000 or more.

A successful Fundraising Director must run multiple fundraisers at the same time in order to generate enough money to cover expenses. The season is just too short to run one promotion at a time. Choosing the most lucrative fundraisers is critical to the success of the entire fundraising program, and by extension, critical to the success of the entire league. The Fundraising Director also needs to choose fundraising items that are well accepted by every parent. As an example, those big chocolate bars (or any edible item, like popcorn and lollipops) are likely to be rejected by many parents. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to be raising a young athlete, and then buying him or her a 2,000 calorie candy bar, does it?!

Fundraising car magnets should be part of every leagues fundraising program. Personalized car magnets do so much more than just raise money (and they raise a lot of money). Car magnets increase awareness and league pride. Imagine 500 cars in your town with your Pop Warner Football Team magnet. Before long, that magnet will be so visible that the team logo will be woven into the fiber of the community.

Let us show you how easy it is to have custom magnet designed by one of our expert designers. Your magnet design is free, and you have no obligation to ever buy our magnets. For more information and to get started on your Free Virtual Magnet design, visit our website at