7 Unique Youth Sports Fundraiser Ideas

Youth Sports Fundraising

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7 Unique Youth Sports Fundraiser Ideas

Youth sports fundraisers can get a bit old if you’re always selling the same things. Maybe you’re sick of selling candy bars, cookies, pizzas, or one of the other food items often associated with these fundraisers.

There are many unique youth sports fundraiser ideas you can use instead of the most common options. Here are 7 great options if you’re in charge of the youth sports fundraiser this year.

1. Car Magnets

Instead of selling something people consume, why not sell something parents can proudly display? Custom car magnets are great for youth sports fundraisers. They are inexpensive and very easy to sell.

Whether you’re trying to raise money for a baseball team, cheerleading squad, or a youth hockey team, custom car magnets are a great choice!

2. Rent-A-Kid

Another unique idea for youth sports fundraising is a rent-a-kid fundraiser. You can literally rent out the kids participating in the sports for tasks, such as mowing the lawn, cleaning the garage, babysitting, or anything else.

3. Have a Scrimmage

Teachers, parents, and others in the community can support your youth sports team with a scrimmage. They can pay to participate and you can even get sponsors for the event, as well. Then, you can hold a scrimmage with the youth sports team playing against the teachers, parents, and other members from the community.

4. Do an A-Thon Fundraiser

A unique youth sports fundraiser you could do is an A-Thon. It could be a shoot-a-thon, walk-a-thon, or a hit-a-thon, depending on the sport you’re raising money for.

Have the kids get sponsors for each hit they get, basket they make, or mile they walk. Then, as they play the games or do the walk-a-thon, they can collect the funds after the final tally.

5. Silent Auction

A popular fundraiser used by companies and other organizations, a silent auction can work well for youth sports leagues. You can pair it with a dinner or a picnic and sell tickets. Local companies can donate items for the auction and those in attendance can bid on the items to help support the league.

6. Partner with a Restaurant

Some restaurants will partner with you to raise funds for your youth sports league. This is known as a sports night out and a portion of the proceeds from sales of a specific night will go to support your league.

7. Partner with Local Businesses

Many local businesses will be happy to sponsor a team or even buy a sponsorship for advertising in a newsletter or on a sign at the field. Local partnerships are a common way for youth sports teams to raise money for equipment, uniforms, and more.

When you’re sick of selling food items for your youth sports fundraiser, you can use any of these unique ideas. Selling custom car magnets is by far the easiest on this list and takes very little time to set up. For more information on running a custom car magnet fundraiser for your youth sports team, contact Arc Marketing here.