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Car Magnet Fonts

Choosing Fonts for Car Magnets

4 Quick Tips to Choose the Right Car Magnet Font

Custom car magnets are great for many purposes. The right font can transform your design into something truly special.

Whether you’re using a car magnet for fundraising or advertising, the right font makes a difference. As you choose the design for your magnet, you’ll want to use these four tips to help with choosing the right magnet font.

Top Tips for Choosing Your Car Magnet Font

1. Make Sure it’s Clear

The right car magnet font isn’t the fanciest or the most unique. Usually, the right font will provide a nice look and will be easy to read.

If those looking at your magnet struggle to read it, they won’t get the message. Make sure to choose a font that’s bold, simple, and easy to read from a distance.

2. Choose a Good Border

According to, adding a border to a sign increases the reading speed by up to 25%. This is the same with car magnets, as they are basically a sign on the side or back of your car.

Since your audience will be automobile traffic, increasing the ability for those seeing your car magnet to read it faster is a good idea. A good border will help the viewer focus their attention on the most important text.

Automobile traffic is moving fast and they need to get your message in a blink of an eye. If your car magnet font doesn’t stand out, they won’t get the message you’re trying to get across.

3. Size Does Matter

It’s a pretty simple strategy for choosing your font; larger is easier to read. According to an article on, each inch of letter height will be best read at about 10 feet.

This means, if your letter-size for your car magnet is three inches, it will have the most impact at about 30 feet for the viewer.

4. Correct Font Color

The right color for your car magnet font will have a huge impact. You want to choose colors to create a high contrast design. Of course, your logo and brand colors makes quite a bit of sense, but make sure the actual text is bright and bold.

When you choose a different color for the most important part of your message, such as your website address or phone number, you can increase reader retention. Consider the colors you plan to use when choosing the right car magnet font for your advertising or fundraising magnet.

Car magnets can be used for several different purposes. For some, they make the perfect advertising tool at an affordable price. Others will find running a car magnet fundraiser provides an easy way to raise funds and awareness at the same time.

No matter your reason for buying car magnets, the design makes a difference. Use these four car magnet font tips, along with the expert designers at ARC Marketing to ensure your magnet is easy to read and really stands out.