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Scouting America Fundraising Ideas: Ensuring Financial Stability with Car Magnets

Scouting America fundraising ideas
Scouting America car magnets

Scouting America Fundraising Ideas: Ensuring Financial Stability with Car Magnets

The Boy Scouts of America will rebrand to Scouting America on February 8, 2025, marking its 115th anniversary. This change reflects the organization’s commitment to welcoming every youth and family in America to experience the benefits of Scouting. However, despite this significant rebranding, fundraising will remain a critical component of meeting budget requirements. Exploring various Scouting America fundraising ideas, including the innovative use of car magnets for Scouting fundraising, can help sustain these valuable programs.

Traditional Fundraisers: Challenges and Labor Intensity

Cub Scouting and Scouts BSA have long relied on various fundraisers to meet their financial needs. Popular activities include selling popcorn, organizing car washes, and hosting community events. While these fundraisers can be effective, they often require a significant amount of labor and time. Volunteers and parents find themselves deeply involved in planning, marketing, and executing these events, which can become overwhelming.

In contrast, a car magnet fundraiser offers a simpler and more efficient alternative. Custom fundraising car magnets can be designed and sold with minimal effort. This approach reduces the workload for volunteers and provides a high return on investment. It’s an ideal option for both Scouting America and other organizations seeking effective fundraising solutions.

The Values of Scouting America

Scouting America instills essential values in young people, including leadership, responsibility, and community service. These values are crucial for developing well-rounded individuals who contribute positively to society. By welcoming girls into Cub Scouting and Scouts BSA programs, Scouting America ensures all youth benefit from these valuable experiences. The organization currently serves over 176,000 girls and young women across all programs, with more than 6,000 having earned the prestigious rank of Eagle Scout.

The Benefits of Fundraising Car Magnets

Scouting America car magnets offer several benefits beyond financial support. They create significant awareness for the troop or pack that they represent. Community members who see these magnets displayed on vehicles around town are reminded of the cause and encouraged to support it further. For Scouting America, using fundraising magnets helps promote its brand and attract new members.

Car magnets are also cost-effective and easy to distribute. Unlike other fundraising items requiring complex logistics and storage, car magnets are simple to produce and distribute. They can be sold at events, through online stores, or during regular meetings and activities. This flexibility makes them an attractive fundraising option for busy Scouting America leaders and parent volunteers.

Incorporating Car Magnets into Your Fundraising Strategy

To maximize the benefits of a car magnet fundraiser, plan and execute the campaign effectively. Start by designing a magnet representing your unique identity. Include the Scouting America logo, colors, and a catchy slogan that will resonate with supporters. Next, set a reasonable price for the magnets, considering the cost of production and your fundraising goals.

Promote the fundraiser through various channels, such as social media, newsletters, and community bulletin boards. Encourage scouts, parents, and leaders to participate by purchasing magnets and spreading the word. You can also partner with local businesses to sell the magnets at their locations, further increasing your reach and potential sales.

Engaging Your Community

Engaging your community is crucial for the success of any fundraiser. Host events where people can learn more about Scouting America and purchase magnets in person. Consider offering incentives, such as discounts on membership or merchandise, for those who buy multiple magnets or refer friends and family to the fundraiser.

Additionally, keep your supporters updated on the progress of the fundraiser and how the funds will be used. Transparency and communication build trust and encourage continued support. Whether you’re raising money for new equipment, camp scholarships, or community service projects, let your community know how their contributions are making a difference.

Recognizing Friends of Scouting

Friends of Scouting (FOS) donors play a vital role in supporting Scouting America’s mission. Thanking these important donors with a well-designed FOS car magnet can go a long way. This small token of thanks and recognition by the local Council can make a significant impact. A thoughtfully designed Friends of Scouting car magnet not only shows appreciation but also serves as a visible badge of honor for donors. Displaying the FOS magnet on their vehicles, donors help spread awareness and inspire others to contribute, further strengthening the community’s support for Scouting America.


In conclusion, fundraising remains a vital component for Scouting America to meet its financial needs. While traditional fundraisers can be labor-intensive, car magnet fundraisers offer a simple, effective alternative. By promoting values, creating awareness, and engaging the community, Scouting America can benefit from custom car magnets. For more fundraising tips and ideas, visit our website at

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