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How to Use Custom Sports Magnets to Promote Your Brand

Custom Sports Magnets
Custom Sports Magnets

How to Use Custom Sports Magnets to Promote Your Brand

While you might not be looking to promote your brand, a business in your local area could be interested. When a sports team looking to raise money partners with a business, it can be a match made in heaven.

Custom sports magnets can be used to promote your brand or the brand of a business in your local area. These magnets can also be used to help raise money for an organization. Whether it’s for a high school sports team or for a youth sports team, you can raise plenty of cash with the right partnership.

Business & Fundraising Partnership for Brand Awareness

When you need to raise money, you can partner with a local business to sell custom car magnets for your sports team. Whether your team is a baseball team, softball team, or soccer team, this can work out very well.

Businesses are always looking for ways to help the local community. If you can find a baseball fan that loves your team, they might be willing to pay for all your custom sports magnets. In return, they can include their logo as the sponsor for your magnets. This can help with brand awareness for the business and give you magnets you can sell for a 100% profit.

Since the business will cover the upfront cost, every magnet you sell for any price is a profit for your sports team. If you sell magnets for $5, $7, $10, or even more, you will gain full profit for your sports teams. No matter the price, since the business paid for your magnets, you get a 100% profit, which is unheard of with fundraising items.

Why Partner with a Business?

Outside the obvious benefit of getting a local business to pay for your custom sports magnets, you might gain other benefits, too. If you partner with a business and it goes well, they will likely become a regular sponsor/donor for your sports team. Next year, when you run another fundraiser, they will likely be willing to help.

Plus, they will become associated with your sports team, which can help you gain awareness, too. For example, if you partner with a local restaurant, they might put up pictures of your athletes in their business. This can help you gain more fans and sell more tickets for your events.

How the Business Benefits

Your sports team gains plenty of benefits, but so does the local business when they partner to sell custom sports magnets. They get the brand awareness of their logo as a sponsor on all the magnets. Imagine if 500 or 1,000 of those magnets are driving around our city or community with that business logo on them as the sponsor.

Brand awareness is a huge benefit for the business, but there’s more. The business also gains a charitable tax write off and they will look good in the community. You can even give them a team picture to hang up with a plaque as a thank you for sponsoring your fundraiser. This helps to make customers feel good when they see it displayed in the business.

Custom sports magnets can help raise awareness for your brand and help a sports team raise plenty of cash. Partnering with a local business gives you a great fundraiser and provides plenty of benefits for the business, too.

Fundraising Car Magnets

The Right Fundraisers for Sports Teams

Car Magnets for Sports Teams
Car Magnets for Sports Teams

The Right Fundraisers for Sports Teams

When you need to raise money for your sports team, you need the right fundraisers. Finding a good fundraiser for a sports team isn’t always easy. You need something you can get your team excited about and something supports will also like.

There are plenty of fundraising ideas to choose from. Whether you prefer something common, such as a car wash, or something a bit more involved, like a gala event, you have plenty of options.

Of course, adding a custom car magnet fundraiser for your sports team to your options will only help you raise more money. The best part about a custom car magnet fundraiser is it can be paired with many of the other options on the list or used all by itself.

If you want a highly profitable, very easy to run, fundraiser for your sports team, selling custom car magnets just makes sense. Let’s look at some of the fundraisers for sports teams you can use with a custom car magnet fundraiser.

Top 4 Fundraisers for Sports Teams

1. Youth Sports Camps

One of the fundraisers that simply makes sense for sports teams is running a youth sports camp. If you’re raising money for a high school or college team, you can offer a youth sports camp and let the players be the coaches.

Add in some custom car magnets you can sell to represent the camp or include as a part of the package, and you have an even better fundraiser. The kids in attendance can learn specific skills and enjoy a great time with high school or college athletes showing them how to be better at their chosen sport.

2. Car Wash

Of course, an easy fundraiser you can run is a car wash. This type of fundraiser just requires a place to hold it, the supplies to wash vehicles, and your team to do the work.

You can combine this with a custom car magnet fundraiser by selling the magnets as a part of the deal. If you’re washing cars for donations, you can give away a magnet with any donation of $20 or more. This can help up the amount people donate to your sports team fundraiser.

3. Concession Stand

Maybe you have a space to sell concessions during games. If this is the case, you can run a concession stand to raise money for your sports team.

Of course, it’s not hard to add in custom car magnets with your team’s logo, since they can be sold right from the concession stand. You can even create a package deal with a few snacks and a magnet for a specific price.

4. Sell Food

There are several food items you can sell as a fundraiser for your sports team. From pizza to popcorn to cookie dough, there are many to choose from. Just keep in mind, you’ll have to take orders and fulfill those orders, so it will take some additional work.

When you need a good fundraiser for your sports team, choosing the right option will help you raise the necessary funds. With custom car magnets, you can add to another fundraiser or create an entire fundraiser just by selling the magnets for a profit.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Why Car Magnets Make a Great Sports Souvenir

Using Custom Car Magnets as Sports Souvenirs

Using Custom Car Magnets as Sports Souvenirs

Using Custom Car Magnets as Sports Souvenirs

Whether you’re in charge of a youth sports league or a minor league team, custom car magnets make a great sports souvenir. Fans will love supporting their favorite team and the profit margin is much higher than other items you can sell.

Youth sports clubs need to promote their leagues in fun ways. Custom car magnets help you promote your team and raise money, at the same time. Instead of selling pizzas or some other item most people really don’t want, sell custom car magnets for your next fundraiser.

Where to Sell Custom Car Magnets

There are many places you can sell custom car magnets for your youth sports league or minor league team. The most obvious place is at your sporting events. Sell them with the concessions and watch those at the games buy a magnet for every vehicle they own.

Along with the obvious, you can also sell custom car magnets in many other places, such as:

  • On your website or social media page
  • At county fairs and festivals
  • At trade show events
  • Through the players on your teams
  • Anywhere else within your community

If you’re selling custom car magnets to raise money, there are a number of places you can sell these colorful magnets.

Why Car Magnets Make a Great Sports Souvenir

There aren’t many souvenirs for youth sports leagues or minor league teams. Sure, you can get your child’s picture put on a sports card or made into a keychain, but that’s about it. For minor league sports, you might be able to find some jerseys and souvenirs, but it’s slim pickings.

Offering custom car magnets provides a great souvenir anybody can afford. You can sell these magnets for $7 to $10 and they last for a very long time. They won’t get discarded, even when your child has grown into a new sports league. You can swap for a new magnet and save the old one as a keepsake.

Custom car magnets also provide a safe option for displaying on your vehicle. Unlike bumper stickers, they don’t damage your car’s surface and they are easy to remove when it’s time to swap out for a new magnet.

How Custom Car Magnets Help You Raise Money

If you’re not just looking to offer a sports souvenir, but also raise money, custom car magnets offer the right option. With the right design, you can raise plenty of money by selling custom car magnets for your sports team or league.

Depending on the design and quantity you order, custom car magnets cost around $1 to $4 each. The higher the quantity, the lower the price, which means you can make a larger profit. You can sell custom car magnets for $7 to $10 giving you a very nice profit, especially if you buy at least 150 (priced at about $2 to $2.50 per magnet).

When you want to create a wonderful sports souvenir for your youth sports league or minor league team, custom car magnets offer an affordable and fun option. Create a unique design with your team’s logo and watch fans go nuts for these magnets!

Fundraising Car Magnets

Are Custom Car Magnets the Right Choice for a Sports Fundraiser?

Sports Fundraising Magnets

Are Custom Car Magnets the Right Choice for a Sports Fundraiser?

Are Custom Car Magnets the Right Choice for a Sports Fundraiser?

Choosing the right option for your sports fundraiser is important. Custom car magnets offer a very attractive option for sports teams to raise funds. Whether you need to fund your travel, buy new uniforms, or invest in equipment, custom car magnets can help you raise the funds you need.

If you’re trying to choose between the many food items you could sell and custom car magnets for your sports fundraiser, you have to make the right choice. Selling the wrong item could make it harder to raise enough money. Here are a few of the top reasons why sports teams should choose to sell custom car magnets for their next fundraiser.

5 Reasons Why Custom Car Magnets Work Great for Sports Fundraisers

1. High-Profit Margin

When you decide to sell custom car magnets for your fundraiser, you can get them for less than $1 each. These magnets sell for $5 to $10 easily, which means you can invest $1 to make $4+ in profits.

The high-profit margin of selling custom car magnets for your sports team just makes sense. With some of the other items out there you can sell, you’re lucky if you can double the money you invest.

2. Low Price Point

It can be difficult to get someone to shell out cash for a higher-priced item. For example, if you’re selling frozen pizzas for $15 each, most people know they can order a fresh delivery pizza for less money. They will be less likely to buy because of the higher price.

With custom car magnets, you can set your price at a reasonable level. Anybody willing to support your group can see the value in buying a magnet and proudly displaying it on their vehicle.

3. Easy to Sell Multiples

Since most families own more than one vehicle, it’s easy to sell more than one custom car magnet to each supporter. Each member of your team should be able to easily sell two or three magnets to each family member or friend they speak to.

4. Distribution is Easy

When you sell a food product, such as pizzas, you have to make sure you get the right pizza to the right person. With custom car magnets, there’s only one design. No worrying about someone getting the wrong size or wrong flavor.

5. Excelled Benefit to Consumers

Those looking for a way to support you, but cannot show up to each game can show their support by proudly displaying a custom car magnet. Since the magnet won’t cause any damage to the vehicle and can easily be removed when it’s time to sell next year’s magnet, consumers gain plenty of benefits.

If your players have extended family members that want to show their support, custom car magnets make it easy. Even if they prefer not to display the magnet on their car, it can be slapped on the fridge or any other metal surface.

Using custom car magnets for sports fundraisers just makes sense. The high-profit margin, ease of distribution, and consumer benefits make car magnets a great sports fundraising option.