Fundraising Car Magnets

Getting a Custom Car Magnet for Your Upcoming Race

Fundraising Car Magnets
Fundraising Car Magnets

Getting a Custom Car Magnet for Your Upcoming Race

Do you have an upcoming fun run, 5K, 10K, half-marathon, or marathon? When you’re planning a race, you want to have the right merchandise for promotions and for the participants. Most races provide t-shirts, patches, badges, magnets, and other items for the race.

With a large number of participants not expecting to win or even place in the race, they want something to show they participated. Yes, a participation trophy, of sorts, is a good thing in this case. For many participants, it shows the accomplishment of a goal.

How Custom Car Magnets Fit for Participants

You can have a custom car magnet designed to fit your race. It can be given out as a part of the package participants pay for. This is a great giveaway item for a race for many reasons.

Whether you’re holding a simple fun run or a full marathon, you can offer a magnet to match the race and the length of the race. This gives participants something to show they achieved their goal.

Put yourself in the shoes of the average participant. Let’s pretend your race is a half-marathon or 13.1 miles. This is a significant distance for most runners and will require some training. Many participants will train hard to be able to run this length without walking.

When they complete the race, they will be thrilled to have a custom car magnet to show they finished. You can even make the magnets specifically for those finishing with the word “Finisher” on them and the distance.

Many runners trying to run a marathon or reach the next milestone will love displaying their magnet. Include your race event name and you can promote it for the next race. Of course, adding a website URL is a great way to get the word out.

Choosing the Right Custom Car Magnet for Your Race

We’ve all seen the very simple car magnets designed with a white oval and a distance in them, such as 26.2 for a marathon. These don’t communicate much of anything, other than those that know the distance know this is likely someone that finished a marathon. While that’s fine, your custom race magnet should represent your specific race.

Personalize the magnet with a custom chape to represent your race. This can be the shape of the course, the organization you’re running for, or anything else that makes sense.

Then, add the colors that match your race, the name of the race, the distance, and the year. If you have participants that run every year, these will likely collect on their car and fridge. Some runners will keep the most current on their car and move the older ones into their homes. Others will keep all of them on their car.

Getting a custom car magnet for your upcoming race is a great idea. At Arc Marketing, we can help you design the perfect race magnet for your participants. Start with our free Virtual Design tool. If you need help, we’re always ready to help with your magnet design.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Adding a Twist to Your Promotion with Custom Magnets

Fundraising Car Magnets
Fundraising Car Magnets

Adding a Twist to Your Promotion with Custom Magnets

Whether you’re using custom magnets as a fundraiser or to promote your brand, a twist can make them stand out. Custom car magnets can be used on the back of vehicles, on the fridge, or on any other magnetic surface. They work great for promoting brands and fundraising.

The key to making sure you get the mileage out of your custom magnets is the design. You need these magnets to stand out and capture attention. Whether on the back of a vehicle or on someone’s fridge, the right twist will gain you more exposure.

Fun Twist Through Custom Shape

One of the best ways to add a twist to your custom magnet is with a custom shape. Imagine if you own a donut shop and you create a magnet that takes on the shape of a unique donut only you sell. This magnet on a fridge will bring customers back over and over as they are constantly reminded of your brand.

The same goes for fundraising car magnets. Maybe instead of fitting your logo into an oval or a circle, you create a custom-shaped magnet that fits your actual logo. This can help your magnet stand out and capture attention.

Flip the Colors

One of the old tricks that marketers used to use with newspaper advertising was to create a black background with white text. This was the opposite of most of the ads and made things stand out. You can do the same thing with your custom magnet.

Create a darker-colored magnet with lighter-colored text for a twist. When this is done right, you can make your magnet stand out on the back of a vehicle or on a fridge.

Add a Joke or Quote

If you have room on your custom magnet, you can add a twist by adding a joke or quote. Something silly or motivational can grab attention and help your magnet stick in the mind of other people. This is a great way to stand out from the other magnets out there.

Make the Magnet Look Like Something Else

When you create a magnet that doesn’t look like just any old magnet it stands out. Imagine, if you run a bakery and you have two magnets you use for promotions. One is shaped like a beautiful cake or cupcake and looks just like the real item. The other is simply an oval magnet with your business name, logo, and contact info.

Which of these magnets is going to draw more attention? The cake or cupcake magnet, if designed well, will drive more people to find out about what you offer. These types of magnets help people very quickly understand what you offer. They will help your brand stand out much better than a simple logo magnet.

If you want to make a splash with your custom magnet fundraiser or promotion, you need to add a twist. The right twist will give you the right design for your business or organization. At ARC Marketing, we offer the best custom car magnets made in the U.S.A. Start your free design online today by going here.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Creative Ways to Use Custom Magnets for Fundraising

Custom Magnets for Fundraising
Custom Magnets for Fundraising

Creative Ways to Use Custom Magnets for Fundraising

When you want to use custom magnets as a fundraiser, there are some ways you can go about it. Of course, you can simply sell them to fans or to supporters to help raise money. This is the obvious and easy way to raise funds. However, there are other ways to use custom magnets for fundraising.

If you’re looking for a more creative way to use custom car magnets for fundraising, you need the right ideas. Let’s look at a few of the top options to help with your fundraising needs.

Most Creative Ways to Use Fundraising Car Magnets

1. Use as a Giveaway

This might seem counter-productive, but using custom car magnets as a giveaway can help boost another fundraising event. You can give them out as a prize in a silent auction, give them for a certain donation level at a car wash, or include them in a goodie bag at a golf outing.

There are many other ways you can give away fundraising car magnets to help add value to your event. This can help bring people back to your event next year and even help spread awareness about your organization.

2. Partner with a Sponsor Business

Another creative way to use custom magnets for fundraising is to partner with a sponsoring business. Let the business pay the fee to get the magnets in exchange for a “sponsored by: COMPANY NAME” printed on them.

This gives you a free product to sell or giveaway for your fundraiser. You can sell them for a lower price and keep 100% of the profits for your fundraiser.

3. Create a Magnet Advertising Your Fundraising Events

You can turn a custom car magnet into a fridge magnet reminder. This is a great way to promote all your fundraising events in one shot.

For example, maybe you are in charge of the fundraising for a middle school. You might hold a dozen events throughout the year for fundraising purposes. Create a magnet with your school’s information and a list of these events with the dates and times.

You can give this magnet to all the parents and supporters of your school or organization. Then, it can be placed on the fridge to help remind people of upcoming fundraising events. While you don’t make any money directly from the magnets, they will serve as a reminder to ensure your fundraising events are packed.

4. Promote on Social Media

If you have a great magnet design, you don’t have to count on just your volunteers to sell it. Instead, you can promote it on social media with a good marketing campaign. This can help you sell your design and it will work as a great post on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and other social channels.

With the right social media marketing, you can sell more magnets. A very creative design will stand out and capture the attention of people on social media.

When you want to use custom magnets for fundraising, you want to get a bit creative. There are many ways to sell more magnets or use them to boost a fundraising event. Consider the possibilities and you’ll realize how valuable these magnets can be for your fundraising goals.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Why Car Magnets Work Great for Outdoor Promotions

Why Car Magnets Work Great for Outdoor Promotions
Why Car Magnets Work Great for Outdoor Promotions

Why Car Magnets Work Great for Outdoor Promotions

Whether you’re trying to promote your sports team or your business, custom car magnets are a great choice. They offer many benefits to help you get the word out. With the right design, you can build your brand or spread awareness for your cause.

Anything can be imprinted onto a custom car magnet. As long as the design is sharp, your magnets will spread throughout your community. Let’s look at some of the top advantages of using custom car magnets for any type of outdoor promotion.

Top 4 Advantages of Custom Car Magnets for Outdoor Promotions

1. Easily Apply and Remove the Magnet

One of the best reasons to use custom car magnets for an outdoor promotion or event is the ease with which you can apply and remove them. Unlike a decal or a bumper sticker, these magnets go on easy and come on easy. They can also be applied to any other magnetic surface.

Custom car magnets even work great for holiday events and charity events. People can show their support for a few weeks, and then move the magnet to a filing cabinet or fridge until next year’s event. For example, maybe you hold a huge July 4th fundraising event every year. You can design and sell a custom car magnet allowing people to show off their patriotic spirit. Then, they can use it again next year.

2. Easy to Move

When you put a sticker on a car, it can be very difficult, if not impossible to move. Some decals can be moved, but they don’t always work as well the second time they are applied.

With custom car magnets, they can be moved to any magnetic surface easily. Whether you want to move it from a door to the back bumper or from the car to the fridge, as long as it’s a magnetic surface, it’s an easy transition.

3. Fits Any Design

One of the main reasons school car magnets work great for outdoor promotions is the design. You can choose a standard round or oval shape, but you can also choose a custom shape to match your needs. This means you can use a clover for St. Patrick’s Day, a flag shape for the 4th of July, or even a Christmas tree for a holiday promotion.

No matter the reason you’re designing a custom car magnet, you can choose a shape that works best for you.

4. Weatherproof

Of course, custom car magnets also work great for outdoor promotions because they are weatherproof. They can last many years even through the harsh weather of the summer and winter. You won’t have to worry about these magnets fading in the heat or coming loose in the cold.

Whether you’re trying to build your brand, spread awareness for a cause, or raise money, custom car magnets offer a great option. You can choose the shape and design you want to ensure your message gets across. Plus, those using your magnets can put them on their vehicles and take them off as they please.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Using Oval Magnets for Your Fundraising or Promotional Campaign

Oval Custom Car Magnets
Oval Custom Car Magnets

Using Oval Magnets for Your Fundraising or Promotional Campaign

There are many shapes to consider when ordering custom car magnets for your fundraiser or promotional campaign. Oval magnets make a great option and they are an affordable choice. They tend to stand out a bit more than a circle magnet and they might fit your specific logo or design idea a bit better.

You can use the oval-shaped magnets in multiple ways and even create a story. Maybe you want to sell them as a fundraiser for a holiday or a big event. A school car magnet can be a great way for your PTA or PTO to raise money for your worthwhile causes.

If you’re considering a custom car magnet for your organization, make sure you choose the right one. Let’s look a bit closer at oval magnets and how they can be used.

Versatility in Design

You can use the oval shape as a tall magnet or a wide magnet. Many couples planning to get married will use this shape as a tall magnet to create save the date cards they can mail out. Since they can go right on the fridge, this is a great way to remind your guests of your upcoming big day.

The tall use of an oval magnet is also rather unique. It allows you a bit different look and offers a unique way to display your organization’s logo.

If you choose the wide orientation (most common) it fits well with sports team logos, church logos, and many other organization logos. You might find an oval magnet is a bit easier to read from a distance than a round-shaped magnet. It also stands out a bit more since it’s not a standard shape.

Include More Text

On a round-shaped magnet, if you try to include too much text, it gets very rounded and harder to read. However, if you want to include longer text, an oval-shaped magnet might work great. This type of magnet won’t round the text as much making it a bit easier to read for those seeing the magnet.

Oval Magnets Earn Prime Position

Whether you use oval magnets for a fundraiser or a business promotion, they tend to earn a prime position. An attractive design can land your magnets on the bumper of vehicles, on the fridge door, or on a filing cabinet. This can be a powerful way to remind people of your organization and even advertise.


The price of an oval magnet is the same as the price of a round magnet. You don’t have to worry about paying more for this shape. If you want a quantity of 50 or a quantity of 1,000, the price is the same as ordering a round magnet.

The affordable pricing makes these custom car magnets great for a fundraiser, business promotions, and for giveaways. Whether you want to sell your magnets for a profit or give them away to spread your brand’s message, they are a budget-friendly option.

When you’re ready to design the right car magnet for your needs, use our Free Magnet Design tool online. If you’re not sure how to design your magnet, we’re here to help. Just contact us and our design team will be happy to help you.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Why Custom Car Magnets Make a Great Souvenir

Why Custom Car Magnets Make a Great Souvenir
Why Custom Car Magnets Make a Great Souvenir

Why Custom Car Magnets Make a Great Souvenir

Everybody loves a good souvenir. Whether you run a tourist shop, a popular restaurant, a brewery, or you’re in charge of a sports team, souvenirs are a great way to make money and spread awareness.

You can have a custom magnet designed to embody your brand or your team. Then, sell it in your shop, restaurant, brewery, or at sporting events. There are many ways to turn a custom car magnet into a gun souvenir.

Make it Funny

Maybe you have a fun brand with a cool logo or character mascot. You can create a funny custom magnet every year and sell it to raise money or turn a profit. This is a great way to get people to buy a new one every year, or whenever you release a new funny magnet.

People love a good joke. Whether they love it enough to put it on their car or on the fridge at home, it can become a conversation starter. This is a great way to spread awareness for your business or your sports team.

Make it a Sign of Pride

Sports teams can use the pride angle with parents and fans. Every good fan wants to show their support for their team. Whether they know someone on the team or it’s a local team they want to support, displaying a car magnet allows them to show pride.

This works great for any local team, whether in middle school, high school, college, or even semi-pro or minor league teams. If you have fans, give them a way to show off their pride with a custom car magnet design.

Awareness Magnets Make Souvenirs, Too

Everybody loves a good awareness magnet. Whether it represents surviving a specific type of cancer or some type of military service branch, awareness magnets are a very popular option for souvenirs.

Not only can you use them as a fundraiser, but you can also help people remember someone they lost. Maybe you want to do a cancer survivor magnet or a military magnet for those that have lost a soldier. There are many options in the awareness category that makes for great souvenirs.

School Support Magnets

When you have children in school, you want to support that school and show off your pride in your child. This is especially true for private schools and for students in sporting activities.

Creating a school support magnet is a great option for a souvenir and a fundraiser. You can have the students sell them and help raise money for the school or a specific program. They can even be created in a custom shape to match your school logo or mascot.

There are many ways to use custom car magnets as a souvenir. Whether you have a brand that people love or you run a sports team, they make for a great souvenir. Plus, when people display your magnet, they are advertising for you. They will spread your brand or sports team far and wide while enjoying their new souvenir magnet.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Top Tips for Buying Car Magnets for Your Organization

Custom Car Magnets
Custom Car Magnets

Top Tips for Buying Car Magnets for Your Organization

Whether you’re purchasing car magnets for a fundraiser or for advertising, the right magnet makes a difference. You want to make sure you choose a design and shape you like. Of course, the magnets should also fit into your budget.

Before you start the design process for your custom car magnet, make sure you have a good idea of what you want. Let’s look at some of the top tips for buying car magnets to help you out.

Top 5 Tips for Buying Custom Car Magnets

1. Simple is Best

Sometimes, organizations try to get too fancy with the design of the magnet. This can lower the effectiveness of your design. Keep it simple and keep your magnet on brand. Use your logo, colors that match your logo, and fonts that are easy to read.

Avoid overloading your magnet with too much text. Remember, the majority of people seeing your magnet will see it in traffic and might only have a few seconds to notice it. If you put too much text on your magnet it will look cluttered and will be confusing.

2. Provide Contact Information

If you’re buying car magnets to promote your business or organization, don’t forget the contact details. Maybe you want people to come to your website and donate to your organization. If so, include the URL for your website.

Contact information needs to be on your magnet if you’re hoping the magnets will draw people to your organization. If you’re creating custom car magnets for a sports team fundraiser, you might not need contact info, however.

3. Use High-Quality Graphics

You want your car magnet to look sharp and attractive. High-quality graphics are necessary. Always make sure you use the best quality graphics possible to ensure you get an excellent-looking magnet.

4. Avoid Black and White Magnets

The only time you should create a custom car magnet design in black and white is if those are your organization’s colors. People notice colors, especially brighter colors like red, yellow, and orange. If it makes sense for your brand, use vibrant and bright colors when designing your magnet.

5. Choose the Right Shape

For many organizations, a round or oval magnet will work great. However, some organizations will do better with a custom shape. The shape you choose depends on your brand, your organization, and how much you want to stand out. Custom-shaped car magnets can certainly stand out more than standard round or oval shapes.

There are many good tips you can use for buying car magnets for your organization. With the right design, you can certainly use custom car magnets a as fundraiser or as a way to better brand your company.

Sometimes, organizations will partner with a business sponsor. They may allow the business to include a line on the magnet, such as, “sponsored by” and the company name or website. This can be very powerful for those trying to raise money and for the sponsoring business.

No matter your reason for buying car magnets, use the tips above to ensure you get a great design.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Benefits of Using Custom Magnets for Small Business Mailers

Custom Car Magnets
Custom Car Magnets

Benefits of Using Custom Magnets for Small Business Mailers

Using custom magnets as a part of your mailing campaign gets more eyes on your mailer. When you send out a direct mailer, a good portion goes directly into the trash. While you might still see a nice return on your investment, adding a custom magnet can make your ROI higher.

Since direct mail is one of the best ways to target a local audience and it’s cost-effective, many small businesses use this type of marketing. Add a custom magnet to your mailer and you’ll see better results, over the long term. Let’s look at some of the ways a custom magnet can improve your small business mailer.

Fewer Mailers in the Trash

Some people receive a mailer and don’t even glance at it. Instead, it goes directly in the trash. If you add a custom magnet to your mailer, you’re providing instant value.

Fewer mailers will go directly into the trash because the receivers will see the magnet as a tangible item of value. Everybody has a bunch of magnets on their fridge. They will likely, at the very least, add your magnet to their collection, especially if it’s a high-quality magnet.

At the very least, your mailer will be heavier than a common mailer. This can lead to more people looking at the mailer before tossing it in the trash. Even if they don’t order from you today, if the magnet goes on the fridge, they may think of your business when they need what you offer.

Very Cost-Effective

Custom magnets are very budget-friendly. They can be added to your mailer or for a low cost compared to the ROI they can provide for you. Compared to many other traditional forms of advertising, a direct mail campaign with a magnet is incredibly cost-effective.

Making a Statement with a Custom Shape

Imagine, if you’re a dentist and you send out a mailer with a magnet the shape of a tooth. Someone that might have thrown away a regular mailer might think your magnet is pretty cool. They throw it up on their fridge and a few months later, they call to set an appointment.

Instead of a mailer that went into the trash and was forgotten about, you can make a statement with the “cool” factor of a custom-shaped magnet. This also works great for pizza shops, real estate agents, or any other local business that can use a uniquely shaped magnet to make a statement.

Great for Fundraising

If you send out direct mail campaigns for fundraising, including a magnet is a great way to raise more funds. Even with fundraising mailers, many people toss them in the trash. However, the magnet will likely be saved, which will keep your organization at the forefront of their mind.

Magnets on the fridge get seen more often and provide a constant reminder. This can help to remind people to support your organization when they forget. Maybe they don’t have the money when they receive the mailer but they like the cause. With a magnet, they will be reminded to give when they do have the money.

There are many benefits to using custom magnets for small business mailing campaigns. Make sure you get a high-quality magnet, such as a custom car magnet with a great design.

Fundraising Car Magnets

A Budget-Friendly Choice for Promoting Your Cause or Business

car magnets
car magnets

A Budget-Friendly Choice for Promoting Your Cause or Business

When you’re trying to promote your cause or business, you need budget-friendly options. This is certainly important for non-profits and those trying to raise money for support. Even for smaller businesses, marketing budgets can be very tight. With the right budget-friendly option, you can promote your cause or business pretty easily.

If you’re looking for a great way to promote your cause or business, choosing a custom car magnet is a great option. There are many benefits and they can be used in many different ways. Let’s look at a few quick benefits and some of the ways you can use these custom magnets.

Top 3 Benefits of Using Custom Car Magnets for Promotions

1. Eye-Catching Design

The right design will make your custom magnet easy to spot. People will know exactly what it represents if you choose the right shape and colors. With an eye-catching design, you can spread awareness with your custom car magnet.

2. Let Other Spread Awareness for You

When you sell or give away custom car magnets, you can let other people spread awareness and promote your business or cause. Imagine, if you used an awareness ribbon magnet, how much awareness you could gain if 1,000 vehicles were driving around with your magnet displayed on the back.

3. Cost-Effective Advertising/Promotion Option

One of the main benefits you gain from custom magnets is the low cost for a great return. Since custom car magnets cost just a few dollars each and last for many years, they can garner a very nice return. You can gain a ton of brand awareness through custom car magnets for fundraising or for promotion.

Three Quick Ways to Use Custom Car Magnets to Promote Your Cause or Business

1. As Car Magnets

Of course, you can use custom car magnets as a car magnet to promote your cause or business. As long as your supporters will be happy to display the magnet on their vehicle, you can gain plenty of benefits

2. As Fridge Magnets

Another option is to market your magnets as fridge magnets. This works great for businesses as it can become a magnetic reminder for customers and potential customers. Restaurants (especially delivery restaurants), animal shelters, and other businesses can use custom car magnets fridge magnets. Since these magnets are designed to handle the outdoors, they will last even longer on a fridge, too.

3. For Fundraising

Another great use for custom car magnets is as a fundraiser. This can help you raise money and spread awareness for your non-profit or another type of organization. Even as a business, you can partner with a local cause or organization and sponsor their fundraising magnets.

There are many great benefits and uses for our budget-friendly custom car magnets. When you want to promote your cause or business, this can be one of the top options for your needs. If you’re ready to get your magnet designed and created, start with our Free Virtual Magnet Design tool today!

Fundraising Car Magnets

Should You Consider Custom Wedding Magnets as a Favor?

Custom Wedding Magnets
Custom Wedding Magnets

Should You Consider Custom Wedding Magnets as a Favor?

People love magnets. In most homes, you will find magnets holding up a ton of things on the fridge. You might even find magnets in offices on filing cabinets and other metal surfaces. If you’re looking for a unique wedding favor, a custom wedding magnet might be the perfect option.

You can choose a fridge magnet, which will be thin and flimsy. However, choosing a custom car magnet is a better choice. It will be a higher-quality magnet and can still be placed on the fridge or any other magnetic surface.

When you want to give away a unique favor for your wedding, a beautifully designed custom magnet is a great choice. It’s an affordable option and will give your guests something they can use at home or at work. Let’s look at a few of the ways you can use custom wedding magnets.

As a Wedding Favor

Of course, you can use a custom wedding magnet as a wedding favor. You can give away at the reception for those attending your wedding. Then, they can take it home and place it on their fridge to hold up anything they want. It can also help provide a reminder of your big day.

For the Save the Date Cards

Sending out save the date cards has to be done early in the wedding planning process. You don’t want people to forget about your big day. Creating a magnetic save the date card is a great way to remind them of your upcoming wedding day.

It can be tossed on the fridge, which most people look at multiple times per day. This can ensure your potential guests know when your big day is coming and won’t forget. They will likely remember to RSVP and if they can attend, they won’t make other plans with this great reminder.

As the Actual Invitation

While it’s a little less popular, you can use a custom magnet as a wedding invitation. Of course, you may need to include an RSVP card and a printout of any important information. However, your main invitation can be a beautifully designed magnet with a picture of the happy couple.

Three Reasons to Use Custom Magnets for Your Wedding

1. Very Durable

Our custom car magnets are incredibly durable, so they will last a very long time. This means your guests will be able to use the magnet for many months or even years into the future. They will be reminded of the great memories of your wedding day from the magnet.

2. Great Reminder

If you use the magnets for save the dates or invitations, they won’t get tossed in a drawer or in a pile of clutter. Instead, they will go up on the fridge and provide a great reminder of your big day coming up.

3. Unique

While the number of couples using magnets for save the dates is growing, using magnets as a favor is a newer trend. You can provide something rather unique by using wedding magnets for some part of your wedding.

If you’re looking to make your wedding unique, custom wedding magnets offer a great choice. You can use these magnets for favors, save the dates, and even invitations.