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Custom Car Magnets As Marketing Swag

Custom Car Magnets
Custom Car Magnets

Custom Car Magnets As Marketing Swag

Are you searching for a cost-effective way to promote your business or organization? Custom magnets make great marketing swag and giveaways. Not only are they budget friendly, but they make an impression on potential customers and donors as well.

They also help you stay top of mind with current and prospective customers and donors, which could result in repeat business or donations.

A unique giveaway

Custom car magnets are a cost-effective giveaway that will make an impression on those you give them to. They make ideal marketing swag items at trade shows and other events.

They make for great giveaways for customers and donors alike. This type of promotion will keep your company, school, or cause top of mind and may encourage repeat business or donations from them.

Custom fridge magnets can serve to remind people of important information like local sports schedules or emergency numbers. These magnets tend to last months, helping you remain top of mind when people need your services.

Magnets make ideal gifts for someone special. Whether it’s for a wedding, birthday or baby shower, Shutterfly has customizable magnet materials and designs to meet all your requirements.


If you’re searching for a promotional item that will get your name noticed and stay in people’s minds, car magnets are an ideal option. Reusable and durable, they make them ideal for trade shows, conferences, school fairs and other events.

They’re cost-effective, making them a cost-effective way to get your message out there. These promotional items can be used in various ways to promote your business, such as trade shows, parade handouts or as complimentary gifts at eating establishments.

Custom magnets are an ideal choice for businesses that offer appliance and other mechanical repair services, such as auto and home repair work. These magnets advertise your company’s name prominently so customers know exactly who to contact when something goes awry with their appliances.


Car magnets are an affordable marketing swag option that service companies or small businesses with tight budgets can take advantage of.

Magnets are an economical and effective way to increase your brand’s awareness, and they can be tailored for any industry. Real estate agencies can use magnet calendars to stay in touch with clients and attract customer referrals; auto repair shops could use car door magnets as a way of advertising their services.


Custom magnets are an ideal way to showcase your logo and design on something people will actually use. They make for great marketing swag items for businesses of all sizes and budgets alike.

People enjoy seeing their beloved photos proudly displayed on a fridge magnet because it brings them joy every day. It’s like having an exhibition of memories right there in front of them – a constant reminder of those they cherish most in life.

Custom logo magnets are not only practical, but they make for a memorable promotional giveaway that people will want to keep. They can be given out at employee events, anniversaries and to promote charity initiatives or other awareness-based campaigns.

Start the design of your custom magnet today with our free virtual design tool or call our team for additional assistance.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Custom Calendar Magnets – A Year-Round Marketing Tool

Custom Calendar Magnets
Custom Calendar Magnets

Custom Calendar Magnets – A Year-Round Marketing Tool

Calendar magnets are an invaluable year-round marketing resource that keeps your brand top of mind for both current and potential clients. With a range of layouts and options to choose from, these magnets can be utilized in any type of business or organization.

They make ideal gifts for customers, employees, and prospects. Furthermore, they have become popular items at tradeshows, giveaways, and fundraising activities.


Custom calendar magnets keep your brand top of mind with customers, prospects and employees. Not only are they convenient to distribute, store or even mail–your business will receive daily exposure!

Realtors, insurance agents and home service professionals can all benefit from using a magnetic calendar as an incentive. Not only will the 12-month calendar help them stay organized, but the business card that comes along with it serves as a great reminder of your company’s existence.

Promotions can be expensive, but promotional items like calendars help you stretch your marketing dollar even further. Send these handy calendars along with notes to your prospects and be sure they’ll enjoy having them displayed proudly on their fridge every day!

Personalized calendars make ideal gifts for holidays or special events, or you can offer them as a promotional giveaway at tradeshows and other business gatherings. Everyone uses calendars to stay organized, so your brand will be visible year-round if distributed effectively.


Fundraising Calendar Magnets are an efficient and economical way to raise funds for your organization. Not only do they provide something of value to those receiving them but can be used as a handy reference guide as well. This type of car magnet fundraiser is very popular.

Schools and sports teams can utilize these to list important dates, remind students and parents about them. They may even be printed with the school’s logo or mascot to make it stand out in the crowd.

Magnets printed directly onto high-quality magnet stock create a lasting impression on refrigerators (fridge magnets), file cabinets and more. Promote your message with promotional messages, photos, schedules and more – make your message stick day in and day out!


Custom calendar magnets make great promotional products to use at tradeshows and events. Not only do they offer various imprint options, but they’re more cost-effective when purchased in bulk compared to other promotional giveaways, giving your company an edge over its competition.

Calendar magnets are an excellent promotional gift for any business, offering your marketing message year-round to customers and providing them with constant exposure to your brand. Available in various colors and sizes, these magnets make great promotional items.

Employee Appreciation

These useful items can be given as gifts or added to an employee appreciation gift basket. Furthermore, they serve to promote national awareness months, employee appreciation days and other special events.

Custom calendar magnets come in an array of shapes, sizes, and themes. They can be as small as a business card with room for your logo or company name, or they could even resemble picture frames with pop out sections to showcase pictures.

If you’re ready to design your custom magnet, start with our free magnet design tool or contact our team today!

Fundraising Car Magnets

Can Car Magnets Damage Paint?

Custom Car Magnets
Custom Car Magnets

Can Car Magnets Damage Paint?

One common question we get asked is “Can car magnets damage paint?”

Thankfully, no! Car magnets are made with special materials to prevent scratching your vehicle’s paint job.

It’s essential to use magnets on a clean, dry and flat surface free from air pockets or other dents. Furthermore, rounding the corners of your magnet can help ensure it stays put longer as sharp points may lift off easily.

1. They’re made for ferrous metals

Magnets are composed of ferrous metals, meaning they adhere to any smooth ferrous metal surface. Furthermore, these magnets are paint-safe – you can place them on your vehicle without fear of scratching the paint job.

Car magnets are perfect for advertising businesses and products, as well as being artistic pieces. Since they’re thin enough to cut to shape, you can quickly create custom designs or messages using them.

Before applying your magnet, clean the surface it will adhere to with a mild detergent and water mixture. This will prevent dirt or small rocks from scratching your paint and guarantee an effective connection between the magnet and whatever surface it’s stuck to.

2. They’re made of vinyl

Car magnets typically consist of vinyl or other flexible plastic, making them easy to apply and remove from your vehicle without damaging its paint.

They’re weather-resistant, meaning they won’t fade or peel in the sun. Furthermore, they are easy to clean and store flat, meaning you can rest assured knowing these magnets will last a long time.

However, regular maintenance of these elements is essential to prevent scratches on your vehicle’s paint. Regularly taking them off and cleaning them will keep your wheels in top condition.

3. They’re made of plastic

Are you a car owner who’s worried that car magnets could harm the paint on your vehicle? Our team is here to help!

Most custom car magnets are made of vinyl and plastic and are safe for your vehicle’s paint job. They protect it from UV rays and fading damage.

They feature rounded corners to prevent air gaps and minimize the likelihood of fraying.

To keep your car’s clear coat from becoming clouded over, be sure to remove its magnets regularly. This is especially critical during summer months when your vehicle is exposed to intense amounts of sun and heat.

Car magnets are an excellent way to add a personal touch to your vehicle. Choose from humorous slogans, political self-expression, beloved Disney characters and more for endless creative options.

They’re simple to apply and remove, as well as paint-safe and reusable.

If you’re ready to use these for your business promotion or car magnet fundraiser, you want to make sure you understand that car magnets will not damage the paint. The material the magnets are made of doesn’t cause any damage, unlike a bumper sticker, which can be difficult to remove and may cause some damage.

Start the design of your custom magnet today with our free virtual design tool. Of course, you can always contact us with any questions you might have.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Why are Custom Promotional Magnets Still Relevant Today?

Custom Car Magnets
Custom Car Magnets

Why are Custom Promotional Magnets Still Relevant Today?

You might think custom promotional magnets have been around long enough that they are no longer relevant. This is simply not true and they are still very relevant, even in a world with more online marketing strategies than ever before.

When you use custom promotional magnets as a part of your marketing efforts, you will have a very powerful tool to help you gain more leads and customers. Compared to online marketing, you will be able to gain more visibility and get more value out of custom magnets. Let’s look at a few reasons why custom promotional magnets are still relevant even in the digital marketing era.

Top 5 Reasons Why Custom Promotional Magnets are Still Relevant in Today’s World

1. Great for Target Marketing

When you use custom promotional magnets, you can target a specific group, such as current customers, trade show attendees, or another group. You can even send them out in a mailer and target your audience by location. This can be a great way to drive repeat and new business to your restaurant, local store, or any other type of business.

2. Longer Shelf Life Than Digital Ads

When you choose custom car magnets for your business, you get a longer shelf life compared to digital ads. You pay for the magnets once and they last for years, unlike digital ads you have to continue to pay for them over and over again. Plus, there is less competition when you choose custom promotional magnets compared to digital ads.

3. Offer an Opportunity to Partner with a Fundraiser

As a business, you can give back to the community by using custom magnets with a fundraiser. You might be able to sponsor a fundraiser for a school, sports team, or church and get your business name printed on all the magnets they sell. Fundraising car magnets can be a win-win for your business and for the organization you partner with.

4. Lots of Custom Options

From the fonts to the colors to the shape, you can create a custom magnet that fits perfectly with your brand. There are standard shapes you can use, such as round magnets or oval magnets, but you can also customize the shape to fit just what you want.

5. Create a Lasting Impression

When your custom magnets are floating around the local community, they will create a lasting impression. Imagine if you used 1,000 custom car magnets and you gave them all away. That would be 1,000 tiny billboards driving around your community for many years to come.

Even if your magnets end up on the fridge instead of a car, they are there for anybody that enters that house to see. Plus, they will likely remind those living in the house to give you their business again, whether it’s ordering another pizza or setting an appointment for another massage.

There are many reasons why custom promotional magnets are still relevant today. With the right design, you can make a lasting impression on your audience and you won’t have to keep funding the magnets like you have to with digital ads.

If you’re ready to get the right custom magnet for your business or organization, ARC Marketing is ready to help you. Call us today for assistance or start with our free virtual design tool.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Good Fundraiser Ideas for Volleyball Teams

Car Magnet Fundraiser
Fundraising Car Magnets for Volleyball Teams

Good Fundraiser Ideas for Volleyball Teams

Volleyball teams often need to raise money for equipment, practice gear, and travel expenses. With the economy in a slump, it’s important for these groups to find fundraising ideas for volleyball teams that are easy and straightforward.

The most successful school fundraisers involve selling something like fundraising car magnets, planning events that everyone wants to attend, keeping the schedule fresh each year, and maximizing donations at these events. Here are some fun and easy ways to raise funds for your volleyball team.

Top 4 Fundraiser Ideas for Volleyball Teams

Selling Custom Magnets

Volleyball car magnets can be an effective way to help your team’s fundraising efforts. Not only do they look great on vehicles, but they can also boost team spirit among players and supporters.

You can order these magnets in any shape or size you like, and they can feature your team’s mascot or logo. They are affordable, and you can order them in large quantities. This will maximize the already high profit margin for your volleyball team fundraiser.

A good idea is to create a unique design that reflects the spirit of your team with our free virtual design tool. This will give you a high-quality product that your supporters can proudly display on their cars, trucks, and SUVs.

Host a 10,000-Step Challenge

A pedometer or Fitbit is a great way to track your steps and get in touch with the health benefits of regular exercise. Ask your supporters to pledge how long they will walk 10,000 steps a day and then encourage them to keep tracking. This is a fun and healthy way to promote the sport of volleyball while raising money for your team!

Organizing an event like this will be a big hit with your community and can bring in a lot of money. You can even sell raffle tickets for the chance to win this experience.

Selling Gift Cards from Local Sports Stores

Your volleyball team may already buy their gear from local sports stores, so you can ask them if they will partner with your group for a fundraising event. This will allow your team to earn a percentage of sales on selected items during a designated time.

Writing Letters to Supporters

Getting in touch with your donors and asking for support is a great way to increase fundraising. Make sure that you write a sincere appeal to supporters and explain what your team is raising money for, such as new equipment or a trip to a championship game.

These letters can be written by the players themselves, but it’s a good idea to ask parent volunteers to help with this task as well. They will be able to help communicate your needs to friends and family members and will help spread the word about your team’s fundraiser.

A great way to increase your donations is by using a corporate matching gifts program. This can double the number of donations that your team receives.

The best part is that many companies have these programs, so it’s a great opportunity to increase the number of donations that your team receives.

Selling custom car magnets can be paired with events, too. You can even include a magnet when you write letters to supporters to help them better connect with your volleyball team. Consider these fundraiser ideas for your volleyball team before the season starts.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Outdoor Car Magnets Vs Fridge Magnets: Which is Right for You?

Car Magnet Fundraiser
Fundraising Car Magnets

Outdoor Car Magnets Vs Fridge Magnets: Which is Right for You?

Custom car magnets and fridge magnets are popular ways to promote your business or services. They are inexpensive, versatile, and effective. These custom car magnets are also extremely durable and will stay on metal surfaces like fridges for years to come.

Choosing the Right Type of Magnet

Choosing which type of magnet to use is important, but it is based on many factors. For starters, you need to decide if you want your car magnet to be an outdoor magnet (for your car), or an indoor magnet (for your fridge).

In most cases, you want an outdoor custom car magnet, as it will last longer, and it won’t damage the vehicle. This type of magnet will also give you a more powerful magnetic hold that is weather resistant and able to withstand road salt, dust, and ice.

These car magnets are a bit thicker than standard fridge magnets and are designed to provide many years of service. We use the best one-piece magnetic material for our car magnets, meaning that there is no way it will delaminate from temperature extremes. We also use the latest generation of UV resistant inks so that your new fundraising car magnet will not fade (not necessary for indoor fridge magnets). This means your car magnet’s vibrant colors will look great for years.

Pros of Outdoor Car Magnets

The biggest advantage of outdoor is durability. Every aspect of our outdoor magnets is designed with durability in mind. They are made with a thicker 30mil magnetic material which is more able to hold up in harsh conditions and on the move. These car magnets are also weather resistant and will last a long time.

The “pull strength” of our car magnets is amazing. They will stay on your car at freeway speeds and will even stay on your car at the car wash (not recommended!!). ARC Marketing car magnets are the real deal.

Cons of Car Magnets

The only real con of custom car magnets is that a lot of cheap imitations are printed using a paper coating that quickly fades and wrinkles. A lot of local printers offer paper-based magnets as car magnets. These paper-based car magnets are a bad choice for your car magnet fundraiser. They don’t have the magnetic “pull strength” to remain on your car at freeway speeds. Also, since the top layer of these inferior magnets is paper, they will fade and delaminate in a very short time. Make sure to ask any company that you are considering for your magnet project to explain the materials that they use.

At ARC Marketing, we provide high-quality custom car magnets you can use for a vehicle or. We know how to make outdoor magnets; it’s all we do and we have been doing it for over 20 years! Our magnets are some of the best you will find and will ensure you get a long-lasting option for your business promotion or fundraiser.

We know that you will love the quality and price you will receive from us. We have an experienced and knowledgeable team that can answer any questions you may have about your design and production needs. Contact us today to get started or use our free virtual design tool.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Top Dos and Don’ts for Custom Car Magnets

School Car Magnets
Car Magnets for Fundraising

Top Dos and Don’ts for Custom Car Magnets

Custom car magnets can be used for many things from marketing to fundraising. You can spread your message all over your community and even throughout the country with the right custom magnets. Before you start using these magnets, it’s important to understand some of the top dos and don’ts for custom car magnets.

Dos for Custom Car Magnets

1. Choose a Relevant Design

Of course, you want to choose a relevant design for your custom car magnet. If you’re trying to raise money for a sports team, you should choose a mascot magnet or a design that fits the sport you play. Make sure you have a good design for your magnet that fits your business or organization well. Fundraising car magnets can be very profitable with a compelling design.

2. Choose the Right Size

There are different sizes you can use for your custom car magnet and size does matter. Sometimes, a slightly larger magnet size gives you just the room you need to create the perfect design. Other times, a larger magnet will stand out better and get your message across easier. But, since most people prefer to put their magnet on the back of their car, larger magnets might not be better. On the back of some passenger cars, there might not be enough room for a magnet larger than a 5” round or 6” oval car magnet.

You want to consider the overall length and width of your magnet, but you also want to consider the thickness. If it’s too thin, it won’t stand up to the elements very well and might not have the durability of a true custom car magnet.

3. Include Your Contact Information

In most cases, you want to include contact information on your custom car magnet. It’s very rare that you won’t want some way for someone to contact you, but it does happen. Maybe you’re raising money by using an awareness magnet and you just want to spread awareness for a cause. This is one instance where contact information won’t matter, but usually, you want to include your website or phone number on the magnet.

Don’ts for Custom Car Magnets

1. Choose Bad Colors

Most commonly, the colors you choose will match your business, sports team, school, or church logo. If you choose colors that don’t look good together, it will throw off the entire design of the magnet. Make sure you choose the right colors for your custom car magnet.

2. Use Low-Quality Photos

If you plan to use an image for the design of your custom car magnet, it needs to be a high-quality photo. Low-quality images won’t turn out very well and you won’t be happy with the finished product.

3. Choose Fancy Fonts

Unless you use a very fancy font for your organization already, don’t choose a fancy font that is hard to read. Stick with fonts that stand out and communicate your message clearly and quickly. A fancy font makes the onlooker have to struggle to read what your magnet says and they will likely give up quickly.

The right custom car magnet can help you raise money, promote a business, or spread awareness. These magnets work for a variety of organizations, but you want to make sure you have a good design. Use the dos and don’ts above and our free virtual design tool to design your magnet today! Of course, you can also contact our team to help with the design of your custom magnet.

Fundraising Car Magnets

How to Maximize Your Benefits from Using Logo Magnets

Logo Magnets
Logo Magnets

How to Maximize Your Benefits from Using Logo Magnets

Logo magnets are super popular today. Most professional and collegiate sports teams offer logo magnets as a souvenir and a way for fans to show off their support. They are also used by many businesses and organizations as a way to promote and brand themselves.

Whether you plan to use logo magnets as a fundraising item or a promotional item, you want to get the most out of them. Let’s look at some of the creative ways you can gain the maximum benefits from our logo magnets.

4 Ways to Benefit the Most from Logo Magnets

1. Include Your Magnet in a Package

Promotional and fundraiser magnets can be packaged with other items to increase the value and likelihood of someone getting your magnet. They can be packaged with other items in the following ways:

  • Toss them in a new-hire welcome kit for employees
  • Get your magnet into a new homeowner’s kit with a real estate agent
  • Package with other logo gear, such as t-shirts and hats
  • Put them in new student kits or parent kits

There are many ways to give away and sell custom logo magnets as a part of a package deal.

2. Use Your Magnet as a Giveaway Item

While logo magnets work great for fundraising, they also work great as a giveaway item. You can give them away at trade shows, through a mailer, or in any other way. When you give away logo magnets, they end up on the fridge of those that get them or even on their vehicle, if it’s a custom car magnet. This will become a reminder of what you offer and who you are on a regular basis.

You can even give your magnets away to current customers. For example, if you run a restaurant that delivers food or offers carry-out, including a logo magnet with contact information with each order. This can help increase repeat orders.

3. Make Your Magnet a Discount Coupon

You can make your logo magnet a discount coupon or include a discount code for ordering online or over the phone. This can help to get new customers to order from you and become regular customers. When you do this, you can also give the magnets away or sell them as a fundraising car magnets.

4. Make Your Logo Magnets Custom Car Magnets

While fridge logo magnets are very powerful and some custom car magnets will end up on the fridge, when you create a custom car magnet, it becomes a small billboard on the back of every vehicle that has one. This can be a powerful way to brand your business, church, school, or sports team throughout a local community.

There are many ways to maximize your benefits from logo magnets. With a great design for your custom magnet, you can drive more people to your sports events, gain more donors for your organization, or build your customer base faster.

Start the design of your custom magnet with our free virtual design tool. We are always here to help you directly, too. Just contact our team with any questions you might have.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Why are Custom Car Magnets so Effective?

Custom Car Magnets
Custom Car Magnets

Why are Custom Car Magnets so Effective?

Whether you’re trying to get more people to show up at your sports games or you want more business for your pizza shop, custom car magnets are a great promotional tool. Most families feature quite a few magnets on their cars and those magnets are like little billboards. Getting your magnet onto the cars of locals can lead to the results you are looking for.

Custom car magnets go a long way to getting businesses repeat orders. They can also help fans of sports teams show their support. You can even create a schedule magnet for a school or sports team to drive more people to your events.

Before you decide on the right custom car magnet for your needs, let’s look at how these magnets can help you.

4 Reasons Custom Car Magnets are Effective

1. Very Cost-Effective

Compared to other forms of marketing, custom magnets are very cost effective. You can get 1,000 magnets for a very low price. With just half of those magnets ending up on cars in your local area, you can drive more customers to your business.

Fundraising is also possible with these magnets and the cost-effectiveness makes it easy to raise money. You can get these fundraising car magnets for as little as $1 easy and they can sell for five times that or even more. All types of organizations can use fundraising magnets to raise money.

2. Provides Value

Customers and supporters see a custom magnet as something that provides value. People toss them on their fridge to hold all kinds of things from coupons to artwork from their kids. Those magnets might stay on the fridge for years. Since you are providing something of value, whether for free or for a cost, people will be happy to take your custom refrigerator magnets.

3. Customizable

You don’t have to get stuck with a basic magnet that looks like all the others out there. Car magnets are fully customizable and can display your message how you prefer. You can choose the size magnet you prefer, the shape you want, and the message, too. There are many ways to customize your vehicle magnet and make it stand out.

4. High ROI

If you’re trying to promote your business, custom magnets offer a very high ROI. You will spend a little for each magnet and anytime a customer orders from you, the cost of that magnet will likely be covered multiple times over.

Plumbers, electricians, restaurants, retail shops, and many other businesses can benefit from custom car magnets. These magnets are some of the best advertising tools you can use for your business.

The high ROI also expands to fundraising. Whether you’re a school, church, sports team, or any other organization, you can gain a massive ROI by selling custom magnets as a fundraiser. These magnets can be sold for 3x, 4x, or even 5x what you pay for them.

No matter what you want to use custom vehicle magnets for, they are incredibly effective. Start today by using our free virtual magnet design tool or call our team for assistance.

Fundraising Car Magnets

How Custom Car Magnets Have Become So Popular

Custom Car Magnets
Custom Car Magnets

How Custom Car Magnets Have Become So Popular

There was a time when you would never have seen a custom car magnet on the back or side of a car. Instead, it was all about decals and bumper stickers. While both decals and bumper stickers are still rather popular, custom car magnets have become incredibly popular over the past decade or so.

Some of the reasons for the growth in custom car magnets might seem obvious, while others maybe not so obvious. Let’s look at some of the reasons why these agents have become so popular.

History of Magnets

While magnetism has been around and known for centuries, it was just recently discovered that magnets emit a magnetic field that attracts iron, nickel, cobalt, and steel. The popularity of magnets began with the fridge magnet. in the middle of the 1900s. It’s a rather common type of magnet found in every gift store today.

The peak of fridge magnet popularity happened in the early 1990s when Dave Kapell created Magnetic Poetry due to the writer’s block he suffered. While fridge magnets are still rather popular today, custom car magnets have taken over.

The past decade or so has seen the rise of the car magnet. From real estate agents using large magnets to promote their services to sports teams creating mascot magnets as a souvenir for fans, these magnets have become very popular.

Custom car magnets allow businesses to run promotions and get more out of every dollar spent. They also provide a great option for a fundraiser for schools, churches, sports teams, and more.

3 Reasons Why Custom Car Magnets are Popular Today

1. Better Option Compared to Stickers and Decals

While stickers and decals are often cheaper, they also become very difficult to get off a vehicle. These items can also look tacky and cheap. Custom car magnets can be easily removed when it’s time to update your magnet. They can easily be swapped out for a new sports season, political campaign, or even for the holiday season.

2. More Expression/Identity

With more and more people wanting to show their personality and identity on the outside of their vehicles, custom car magnets have gained popularity. They work great for businesses people want to support, causes they want to promote, and even for those just proud of the school their children attend, school car magnets are common.

Custom car magnets also allow people to change their minds. Yes, a sticker or decal can be removed from a vehicle, but it’s far more difficult compared to taking off a magnet when you decide you want to support something else or you switch schools.

3. Printing Technology Advancements

One of the main reasons custom car magnets have become more popular is the more durable materials that can be used. Printing advancements have allowed suppliers to provide higher-quality custom car magnets for a variety of uses. These magnets don’t fade nearly as fast as older designs and they stay on vehicles, even during storms.

If you’re ready to find out more about custom car magnets, ARC Marketing is here to help. Contact us today with any questions you might have.