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Custom Car Magnets: Shapes and Benefits

Oval Car Magnets
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Custom Car Magnets: Shapes and Benefits

Versatile Shapes for Every Need: Oval and Round Car Magnets

Custom car magnets are a versatile tool for branding and messaging, with oval car magnets and round car magnets being particularly popular. These shapes are not only widely chosen but also highly effective for various promotional needs. While custom shapes tailored to specific logos offer a unique appeal, they often lack space for additional text, which can disrupt their aesthetic integrity. On the other hand, oval and round car magnets provide the perfect balance, allowing for both a prominent logo display and space for additional messaging without compromising on style.

Oval and Round Magnets: A Perfect Balance

In contrast, oval and round magnets expertly balance logo display and text accommodation. The logo typically sits at the center, leaving ample space around the edges for additional words. This design feature ensures the logo’s prominence without compromising on message clarity. Moreover, round and oval magnets boast exceptional durability. Their continuous, uncut edges prevent tearing, a common issue in more intricately shaped magnets.

Beneficiaries of Custom Fundraising Car Magnets

Schools: Enhancing Education through Magnets

Schools can significantly benefit from car magnets for fundraising. These school car magnets, showcasing school logos and mottos, not only foster community spirit but also provide a steady revenue stream for school projects and activities.

Churches: Spreading Messages of Faith

Churches can utilize custom car magnets as a tool for outreach and community building. Adorned with inspirational messages, these church car magnets help in spreading the church’s message and values beyond its walls.

Youth Sports: Supporting Young Athletes

Youth sports teams and leagues find car magnets an effective fundraising tool. They help raise funds for equipment and tournaments while boosting team spirit and visibility in the community.

Scouts: Promoting Values and Activities

Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts can greatly benefit from car magnet fundraisers. Scouting car magnets can effectively highlight scouting values and upcoming events, supporting organizational growth and community engagement.

Animal Shelters and Humane Societies: Raising Awareness and Funds

Animal shelters and humane societies can use car magnets to raise awareness and funds. Magnets featuring adorable animal images and shelter information can attract attention and support, helping to fund animal care and rescue operations.

Dance Schools: Showcasing Artistic Talent

Dance schools can leverage car magnets as a creative fundraising tool. Featuring vibrant designs and the school’s branding, these magnets can attract attention to performances and events, supporting the arts while raising necessary funds.

The Advantages of Car Magnet Fundraisers

A “car magnet fundraiser” is an easier and more profitable option compared to traditional fundraisers. Durable and visually appealing, these magnets ensure prolonged visibility and impact. With minimal upfront investment and substantial returns, they are ideal for various groups.

ARC Marketing: America’s Best Car Magnets

ARC Marketing is known for producing America’s best car magnets. Their commitment to quality ensures that each magnet is a powerful and lasting promotional tool. Organizations can trust in the effectiveness of their fundraising efforts with ARC Marketing.


Custom car magnets, especially oval and round shapes, offer a perfect blend of aesthetic appeal and practical utility. They are ideal for schools, churches, youth sports, scouting organizations, animal shelters, and dance schools. With ease of use and high profitability, car magnet fundraisers from ARC Marketing stand as a superior choice for fundraising initiatives.

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Fundraising Car Magnets

Make a Bigger Impression with Shaped Magnets

Fundraising Car Magnets
Custom Fundraising Magnets

Make a Bigger Impression with Shaped Magnets

Custom magnets can come in a variety of shapes. It’s common to see these magnets in an oval or round shape, but you can also use shaped magnets. With the right shaped magnets, you can make a bigger impression.

Whether you’re running a fundraiser with custom car magnets, using awareness magnets, or you want to promote your business, shaped magnets make a lot of sense. You want to customize the shape, the text, the colors, and everything else with your magnet. This will give you the best chance of grabbing attention fast.

There are many good reasons to use shaped magnets. Let’s look at some of the benefits you gain when you choose a shaped magnet over the traditional round or oval options.

Top Benefits of Shaped Magnets

1. Sticks Out

Think about it, if you’re a realtor and you hand someone a business card magnet that is a normal rectangle, will it make the same impression as a magnet shaped like a house? Probably not. This goes for many other examples, too. Your shaped magnet will stick out above the crowd.

Maybe you attend trade shows for your business or organization. Do you want your magnet to get lost with all the other freebies at the bottom of the bag? With a shaped magnet, it will stand out.

2. More Custom Options

You can only do so much with a round or oval magnet. When you choose a custom-shaped magnet, you can do quite a bit more. It might allow you to make your mascot magnets look better or even provide a better choice for promoting your restaurant.

No matter what you’re using your fundraising car magnets for, a shaped magnet takes things to the next level. It gives you an endless number of custom possibilities to match your organization, cause, business, school, sports team, or anything else.

3. Budget Friendly

Shaped magnets are worth every penny and they are not expensive at all. They are worth investing in, if you’re promoting something, running a fundraiser, or spreading awareness. You will get more bang for your buck compared to many other options and you will make a better impression than a round or oval fundraising magnet.

4. More Creative

You can make your brand stand out or anything else you are promoting with a custom shaped magnet. Since the shape can allow you to design your magnet to look like anything you want, the design can be more fun and more impressive.

With shaped magnets, you gain more versatility with your creativity. You can create seasonal magnets for events or use a unique design that perfectly represents what you are promoting.

Getting the right design for your custom magnet will make a big difference. With shaped magnets, you will have plenty of options and you can make the best impression possible.

Figuring out your specific design can be done by using our free virtual design tool This tool allows you to design round, oval, or custom shaped magnets. You can also contact us if you have any questions.

Fundraising Car Magnets

A Few Things You Might Not Know about Custom-Shaped Magnets

Custom Shape Car Magnets
Custom Shape Car Magnets for fundraising

A Few Things You Might Not Know about Custom-Shaped Magnets

Whether you’re trying to find the right custom car magnets for your business or your fundraiser, there are some things you should know. Although round car magnets and oval car magnets tend to be a little more durable (a single continuous outside shape reduces the possibility of the magnet tearing during removal), a custom shape magnet might be more persuasive. Custom-shaped magnets offer a great way to grab attention when properly designed. They are also an affordable option to give away as a gift or to sell as a fundraising product.

Often, you will design your magnet to match your logo or mascot. With the right custom design, you can relate to your audience and draw the attention you’re after. Let’s look at a few of the things you might not know about custom-shaped magnets to help you make the right decision.

What You Should Know About Custom-Shaped Magnets

1. Help Convey an Emphatic Message

No matter what the message is, a custom-shaped magnet helps to get it across. For example, if you’re working on an autism awareness magnet, you will likely use a ribbon as your custom shape. Many people in today’s world recognize the ribbon as a sign of awareness for something specific, depending on the color or colors.

If you plan to raise money for a sports team, you probably want a custom-shaped magnet that matches your mascot and team colors. This gives your fans a nice item they can collect and use to show their pride and support.

2. Incredibly Cost-Effective

When you want to raise awareness for an organization, cause, or business, custom-shaped car magnets are very cost-effective. You will get far more mileage out of one magnet than you will get from many other forms of advertising or spreading awareness.

Since these magnets are very affordable, they give you a great return on your investment. Plus, the custom shape helps grab even more attention.

3. Very Versatile

Just because you order custom-shaped car magnets doesn’t mean they have to be placed on a vehicle. They can also be put on a fridge, filing cabinet, or any magnetic surface. This can help to keep your business or organization in the mind of the person that received your magnet.

People open their fridges more than 10 times a day, on average. If your magnet is right there on the fridge, they will continually see your magnet over and over again.

What Type of Custom Shapes are Possible?

Just about anything is possible from a football helmet to a light bulb. There are thousands upon thousands of possible custom shapes you can come up with for your custom car magnet.

A few more examples include:

  • A slice of pizza
  • An ice cream cone
  • A lacrosse player
  • A heart shape
  • A hockey puck
  • A Zamboni
  • A typewriter
  • A set of school books
  • And more!

Any shape you can come up with can be created for your custom-shaped magnet. When you want to make a statement, a custom shape is the way to go.

At Arc Marketing, we can help you choose the right design for your custom car magnet. Start with our free magnet design tool online and if you need help, contact us.

Fundraising Car Magnets

How to Get a Great Personalized Car Magnet

School Magnets
School Car Magnets

How to Get a Great Personalized Car Magnet

When you’re trying to personalize a car magnet for a fundraiser, your wedding, or any other reason, there are some ways you can make it better. Whether your magnet will represent a sports team or your business, it should be personalized to your specific needs. Let’s look at some of the best tips to help you personalize a car magnet for your needs.

Choose a Unique Shape

We offer custom car magnets in both oval and round shapes. We also offer unique shapes. For example, if you’re magnet will represent a football team, you can have it created in the shape of a football helmet. No matter the shape, it can help to personalize your car magnet pretty easily.

Choosing a unique shape that helps better represent your organization or cause can make a big difference. Think about the ribbons used for awareness. That shape is easily recognizable and people automatically know it means you’re trying to spread some type of awareness.

Out of all the tips in this article, choosing a unique shape is the top way to personalize your car magnet. This makes customization basically endless as you can choose any shape you want.

Add the Right Info

When you’re trying to personalize your car magnet, adding the right info will make a big difference. Maybe you’re trying to promote your non-profit and you really want larger donations than just someone buying a magnet. You can provide a phone number or website for donations.

This works great, too, for small businesses. For example, if you run a plumbing business, you can include your contact info and people can place the magnet on their fridge. Imagine if you had a cool design with a wrench and a pipe that stood out on their fridge. When they need a plumber, they will call you.

Use Contrast

White text on a dark color can help your magnet stand out. You can use contrast to make the words pop and the design stand out. This can even be done with a very light color and a darker color on the magnet.

Whether you’re designing a magnet for a school, a sports team, or any other organization, contrast can help to personalize the design. There are many ways to use contrast to personalize your car magnet.

Match Your Magnet to Your Logo

Of course, an easy way to personalize your car magnet is with your logo. This is great for brand awareness and makes the design portion of your magnet very easy. With your logo tossed onto a custom magnet, you’ll be in great shape when it comes to showing off your brand, organization, or business.

There are plenty of ways to create a personalized car magnet. With the right colors, fonts, text, information, and shape, you can enjoy a beautiful magnet for your fundraiser or promotion. If you’re ready to personalize your car magnet, you can start by using our Free Design Tool.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Custom Shaped Car Magnets for a Great Brand Reminder

Custom Shaped Car Magnets
Custom Shaped Car Magnets

Custom Shaped Car Magnets for a Great Brand Reminder

Did you know that the human brain will decipher shapes and images much faster than words? This means the first thing people engage with when they see your brand is the shape. With custom-shaped car magnets, you can provide a great brand reminder just from the shape of the magnet.

Consumers have a very short attention span these days. Due to the internet, it has become even shorter than ever in the history of humans. On top of a short attention span, there are so many advertising messages thrown in our faces every single day.

Using custom-shaped car magnets is a great way to remind customers and potential customers of your brand. Let’s look at some of the many benefits of using these magnets for your brand.

Top 4 Benefits of Custom Shaped Car Magnets

1. Grabs Attention

Whether you’re using custom shaped fundraising magnet or you’re using these car magnets to promote your brand, you will grab attention with a custom shape. You can choose any shape you want, which helps you stand out. This means a customer will see the shape as an image and process it much faster.

If you want to grab attention, get your custom-shaped car magnets on a bunch of vehicles throughout your community. This can help spread your message fast and works great for churches, non-profit organizations, small businesses, and many other organizations.

2. Very Cost-Effective

With custom car magnets, you get a very cost-effective way to advertise or promote your organization. Since they can last for years, you get a ton of advertising for a very small cost. Depending on the quantity you choose, custom-shaped car magnets can be a very cost-effective choice to spread brand awareness.

3. Gain Brand Recognition

Even if you’re not a business, you might want your brand to be recognized. With custom-shaped car magnets, you can gain brand recognition for your church, your organization, or even just for a message you want to spread. Look at how well the awareness ribbons have done for the causes they support. Whether in magnet form or another form, most people know what the different ribbons represent today.

If you want to gain incredible brand recognition, a custom shape to represent your brand can be huge. This can be done with custom magnets for cars, refrigerators, or even for direct mail campaigns.

4. Raising Money

Even as a business, you can use custom-shaped car magnets to help raise money. You can partner with an organization or a cause to help raise money by sponsoring their custom magnets. They can include your contact information or even make the custom shape to fit your brand.

There are many benefits of using custom-shaped car magnets for your brand. Whether you’re trying to raise money or spread awareness, a custom shape makes a big difference. Think about it, if you’re raising awareness for a football team, most people know what the shape of a football or football helmet represents. However, if you just put your logo on a round magnet, it might be harder for people to recognize.

Get your custom-shaped car magnets today and create a better image for people to recognize your brand easier.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Custom Shaped Car Magnets: Make It Stand Out Fast

Custom Shaped Car Magnets: Make It Stand Out Fast
Custom Shaped Car Magnets: Make It Stand Out Fast

Custom Shaped Car Magnets: Make It Stand Out Fast

There are many ways to make your custom car magnet stand out, whether you’re using it to raise money, to advertise, or to spread awareness. A custom-shaped car magnet offers one of the fastest ways to make your magnet stand out. If it’s easier to spot, it will be easier for others to see it and for you to spread the word.

Of course, there’s also the cool factor for those looking to use custom-shaped car magnets as a fundraiser. When you plan to sell custom car magnets as your fundraiser, a custom shape can make your magnet look cool and reach a larger audience.

7 Options for Your Custom Shaped Car Magnets

1. Gear

A gear can be used for several different types of organizations. You can use a gear to promote your bike shop, raise money for a bike organization, or for anything else having to do with gears. Whether you want to spread awareness or raise money, the gear shape is a good choice for your magnet.

2. Star

Do you need to raise money for a cheer team, dance school, or another youth organization? If a star shape fits with your group, it can be a great choice for your custom-shaped car magnet. With a star, you can stand out and gain a look of class as it’s a very popular shape most people like.

3. Pizza Slice

Pizza slice magnets might not get put on cars as much, but they can certainly be placed on the fridge at home. If you run a pizza shop, you can have custom-shaped car magnets designed with a pizza slice theme and use them as fridge magnets. They will stand the test of time and be right there for families when they crave a slice of your pizza pie.

4. Triangle

Instead of the typical round or oval shape, you can use a triangle. This shape might better represent your organization as a triangle can be used as a mountain background or just as a unique shape to help you stand out.

5. Football Helmet

Of course, a very popular custom-shaped car magnet you can use for any type of football team is a football helmet. The face mask will make your magnet stand out quite a bit and you’ll gain plenty of exposure with this type of unique shape for your magnet.

6. Ice Cream Cone

Maybe you want to promote an ice cream shop or a dessert business. An ice cream-shaped magnet can certainly help you stand out.

7. House

while house-shaped custom car magnets are usually used for real estate, they can fit with other organizations, too. If a house makes sense with your group or organization, it’s a great custom shape you can use for your fundraising magnet.

There are several custom shapes you can use for your fundraising magnets. These are just a few of the unique ideas you can consider. If you want your magnet to stand out, we can help with a custom-shaped car magnet. Our team can even make recommendations if you’re not sure the type of magnet shape best suited for your organization.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Make Sure People Remember You with a Custom Shaped Magnet

Custom Shaped Car Magnets
Custom Shaped Car Magnets

Make Sure People Remember You with a Custom Shaped Magnet

Whether you’re ready to use school car magnets as a fundraiser or you’re looking for custom car magnets to promote your business, a custom shaped magnet just makes sense. You want people to remember you and a standard oval or round magnet might not cut it.

Custom-shaped magnets offer endless design possibilities. They can be used to raise money or you can simply give them away to promote your business, school, church, or another organization.

How Custom-Shaped Magnets Benefit Your Business or Organization

Whether you’re trying to drive customers to a business or you’re trying to get more people to attend our Sunday church service, custom-shaped magnets offer a great option. They also work well for fundraisers as they will be different from the typical magnets with oval and round shapes.

Custom-shaped magnets can be created in any shape. When you include your contact information, they can be displayed to drive customers to your business or to remind current customers to order again. Pizza restaurants have been using this trick for decades, and many other businesses can also benefit from custom-shaped magnets as a free handout.

Displayed on a Car or Fridge

Some custom-shaped magnets work great as car magnets, while others will work better on the fridge. Maybe you want to create a church car magnet in the shape of a cross. This could work as a good fundraising option and a promotional tool.

On the other hand, if you own a pizza restaurant, you might want a magnet created in the shape of a slice of pizza. This type of magnet can be displayed on the fridge to remind your customers to order a delicious pizza pie again.

Custom-shaped magnets can benefit plenty of businesses and organizations including:

  • Sports teams – Shape the magnet like your mascot, such as a tiger paw.
  • Dentists – Create a magnet in the shape of a tooth.
  • Real Estate Agents – Use the shape of a house for your custom magnet
  • Computer Repair Company – Have magnets created in the shape of a computer.
  • Church – Use the shape of a cross or a bible to promote your church.
  • Dance School – Have your magnet created in the shape of ballet shoes.

The possibilities go on and on. Whether you’re a business looking to hand out customs-shaped magnets or an organization looking to raise money, the right design makes a huge difference.

Beating the Competition with a Custom-Shaped Magnet

A high-quality, custom-shaped car magnet or fridge magnet helps set you apart from the competition. You might not be the only school or church selling car magnets as a fundraiser this year. Maybe your business has heavy local competition.

When you choose to design a better car or fridge magnet, you can set yourself apart. A church magnet in the shape of a cross will capture more attention than a simple oval or round magnet. It also gives someone looking to display their faith a very obvious sign they can put on the back of their car.

Do you think a family will order pizza from the place advertised on their fridge with a magnet in the shape of a pizza? When pizza night rolls around, they will remember the business with the custom-shaped magnet over the place with no magnet or a simple round magnet.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Uniquely Shaped Car Magnets

Custom Shape Car Magnets

Custom Shape Car Magnets

Custom Shaped car magnets for fundraising.

Although round and oval magnets are the most common (they are also the most durable), occasionally a unique “die cut” magnet makes a more powerful statement.

Some car magnet companies charge extra for uniquely shaped magnets, so be sure to ask about that before you get too deep into the design process. ARC Marketing does not charge extra for uniquely shaped custom designed car magnets, and we also do not charge more for extra colors.

There are a few things you should avoid when designing a “die cut” magnet, and we can go over those things with you in detail when we start working on your design, but basically you should try to avoid sharp “inside” angles, and long thin projections radiating out from the center of the magnet. These are considered weak points of the magnet and could tear over time if the magnet is removed and reattached over and over.

Having said all of that, we love unique shaped magnets. They add a lot of character and can really jazz up your design. As always, our art department is waiting to assist you with your car magnet design, so give us a call at 760-743-6340 or visit our website at

Fundraising Car Magnets

Custom Shape Car Magnets

Crest Car Magnet

Crest Car Magnet

Custom Shaped Car Magnets

ARC Marketing does not charge extra for custom shaped car magnets, but what is the best outside shape to use?

For durability, the best car magnet shape is either a circle or an oval. Both oval magnets and round magnets have a single, unbroken, continuous outside edge. Unlike squares, rectangles or intricate die cut shapes, round and oval magnets don’t have any sharp corners that can begin to tear over time.

But if a unique, irregular outside shape will make your magnet look better, then go with that! We do not charge extra for custom shapes. We also do not charge more for extra colors, so no need to compromise there either!

ARC Marketing is America’s leader in custom car magnets. Custom means just that… custom!

Visit our website for all of your custom car magnet needs.