Fundraising Car Magnets

Custom Shaped Car Magnets: Make It Stand Out Fast

Custom Shaped Car Magnets: Make It Stand Out Fast
Custom Shaped Car Magnets: Make It Stand Out Fast

Custom Shaped Car Magnets: Make It Stand Out Fast

There are many ways to make your custom car magnet stand out, whether you’re using it to raise money, to advertise, or to spread awareness. A custom-shaped car magnet offers one of the fastest ways to make your magnet stand out. If it’s easier to spot, it will be easier for others to see it and for you to spread the word.

Of course, there’s also the cool factor for those looking to use custom-shaped car magnets as a fundraiser. When you plan to sell custom car magnets as your fundraiser, a custom shape can make your magnet look cool and reach a larger audience.

7 Options for Your Custom Shaped Car Magnets

1. Gear

A gear can be used for several different types of organizations. You can use a gear to promote your bike shop, raise money for a bike organization, or for anything else having to do with gears. Whether you want to spread awareness or raise money, the gear shape is a good choice for your magnet.

2. Star

Do you need to raise money for a cheer team, dance school, or another youth organization? If a star shape fits with your group, it can be a great choice for your custom-shaped car magnet. With a star, you can stand out and gain a look of class as it’s a very popular shape most people like.

3. Pizza Slice

Pizza slice magnets might not get put on cars as much, but they can certainly be placed on the fridge at home. If you run a pizza shop, you can have custom-shaped car magnets designed with a pizza slice theme and use them as fridge magnets. They will stand the test of time and be right there for families when they crave a slice of your pizza pie.

4. Triangle

Instead of the typical round or oval shape, you can use a triangle. This shape might better represent your organization as a triangle can be used as a mountain background or just as a unique shape to help you stand out.

5. Football Helmet

Of course, a very popular custom-shaped car magnet you can use for any type of football team is a football helmet. The face mask will make your magnet stand out quite a bit and you’ll gain plenty of exposure with this type of unique shape for your magnet.

6. Ice Cream Cone

Maybe you want to promote an ice cream shop or a dessert business. An ice cream-shaped magnet can certainly help you stand out.

7. House

while house-shaped custom car magnets are usually used for real estate, they can fit with other organizations, too. If a house makes sense with your group or organization, it’s a great custom shape you can use for your fundraising magnet.

There are several custom shapes you can use for your fundraising magnets. These are just a few of the unique ideas you can consider. If you want your magnet to stand out, we can help with a custom-shaped car magnet. Our team can even make recommendations if you’re not sure the type of magnet shape best suited for your organization.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Make Sure People Remember You with a Custom Shaped Magnet

Custom Shaped Car Magnets
Custom Shaped Car Magnets

Make Sure People Remember You with a Custom Shaped Magnet

Whether you’re ready to use school car magnets as a fundraiser or you’re looking for custom car magnets to promote your business, a custom shaped magnet just makes sense. You want people to remember you and a standard oval or round magnet might not cut it.

Custom-shaped magnets offer endless design possibilities. They can be used to raise money or you can simply give them away to promote your business, school, church, or another organization.

How Custom-Shaped Magnets Benefit Your Business or Organization

Whether you’re trying to drive customers to a business or you’re trying to get more people to attend our Sunday church service, custom-shaped magnets offer a great option. They also work well for fundraisers as they will be different from the typical magnets with oval and round shapes.

Custom-shaped magnets can be created in any shape. When you include your contact information, they can be displayed to drive customers to your business or to remind current customers to order again. Pizza restaurants have been using this trick for decades, and many other businesses can also benefit from custom-shaped magnets as a free handout.

Displayed on a Car or Fridge

Some custom-shaped magnets work great as car magnets, while others will work better on the fridge. Maybe you want to create a church car magnet in the shape of a cross. This could work as a good fundraising option and a promotional tool.

On the other hand, if you own a pizza restaurant, you might want a magnet created in the shape of a slice of pizza. This type of magnet can be displayed on the fridge to remind your customers to order a delicious pizza pie again.

Custom-shaped magnets can benefit plenty of businesses and organizations including:

  • Sports teams – Shape the magnet like your mascot, such as a tiger paw.
  • Dentists – Create a magnet in the shape of a tooth.
  • Real Estate Agents – Use the shape of a house for your custom magnet
  • Computer Repair Company – Have magnets created in the shape of a computer.
  • Church – Use the shape of a cross or a bible to promote your church.
  • Dance School – Have your magnet created in the shape of ballet shoes.

The possibilities go on and on. Whether you’re a business looking to hand out customs-shaped magnets or an organization looking to raise money, the right design makes a huge difference.

Beating the Competition with a Custom-Shaped Magnet

A high-quality, custom-shaped car magnet or fridge magnet helps set you apart from the competition. You might not be the only school or church selling car magnets as a fundraiser this year. Maybe your business has heavy local competition.

When you choose to design a better car or fridge magnet, you can set yourself apart. A church magnet in the shape of a cross will capture more attention than a simple oval or round magnet. It also gives someone looking to display their faith a very obvious sign they can put on the back of their car.

Do you think a family will order pizza from the place advertised on their fridge with a magnet in the shape of a pizza? When pizza night rolls around, they will remember the business with the custom-shaped magnet over the place with no magnet or a simple round magnet.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Uniquely Shaped Car Magnets

Custom Shape Car Magnets

Custom Shape Car Magnets

Custom Shaped car magnets for fundraising.

Although round and oval magnets are the most common (they are also the most durable), occasionally a unique “die cut” magnet makes a more powerful statement.

Some car magnet companies charge extra for uniquely shaped magnets, so be sure to ask about that before you get too deep into the design process. ARC Marketing does not charge extra for uniquely shaped custom designed car magnets, and we also do not charge more for extra colors.

There are a few things you should avoid when designing a “die cut” magnet, and we can go over those things with you in detail when we start working on your design, but basically you should try to avoid sharp “inside” angles, and long thin projections radiating out from the center of the magnet. These are considered weak points of the magnet and could tear over time if the magnet is removed and reattached over and over.

Having said all of that, we love unique shaped magnets. They add a lot of character and can really jazz up your design. As always, our art department is waiting to assist you with your car magnet design, so give us a call at 760-743-6340 or visit our website at

Fundraising Car Magnets

Custom Shape Car Magnets

Crest Car Magnet

Crest Car Magnet

Custom Shaped Car Magnets

ARC Marketing does not charge extra for custom shaped car magnets, but what is the best outside shape to use?

For durability, the best car magnet shape is either a circle or an oval. Both oval magnets and round magnets have a single, unbroken, continuous outside edge. Unlike squares, rectangles or intricate die cut shapes, round and oval magnets don’t have any sharp corners that can begin to tear over time.

But if a unique, irregular outside shape will make your magnet look better, then go with that! We do not charge extra for custom shapes. We also do not charge more for extra colors, so no need to compromise there either!

ARC Marketing is America’s leader in custom car magnets. Custom means just that… custom!

Visit our website for all of your custom car magnet needs.