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Custom Car Magnets: Shapes and Benefits

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Custom Car Magnets: Shapes and Benefits

Versatile Shapes for Every Need: Oval and Round Car Magnets

Custom car magnets are a versatile tool for branding and messaging, with oval car magnets and round car magnets being particularly popular. These shapes are not only widely chosen but also highly effective for various promotional needs. While custom shapes tailored to specific logos offer a unique appeal, they often lack space for additional text, which can disrupt their aesthetic integrity. On the other hand, oval and round car magnets provide the perfect balance, allowing for both a prominent logo display and space for additional messaging without compromising on style.

Oval and Round Magnets: A Perfect Balance

In contrast, oval and round magnets expertly balance logo display and text accommodation. The logo typically sits at the center, leaving ample space around the edges for additional words. This design feature ensures the logo’s prominence without compromising on message clarity. Moreover, round and oval magnets boast exceptional durability. Their continuous, uncut edges prevent tearing, a common issue in more intricately shaped magnets.

Beneficiaries of Custom Fundraising Car Magnets

Schools: Enhancing Education through Magnets

Schools can significantly benefit from car magnets for fundraising. These school car magnets, showcasing school logos and mottos, not only foster community spirit but also provide a steady revenue stream for school projects and activities.

Churches: Spreading Messages of Faith

Churches can utilize custom car magnets as a tool for outreach and community building. Adorned with inspirational messages, these church car magnets help in spreading the church’s message and values beyond its walls.

Youth Sports: Supporting Young Athletes

Youth sports teams and leagues find car magnets an effective fundraising tool. They help raise funds for equipment and tournaments while boosting team spirit and visibility in the community.

Scouts: Promoting Values and Activities

Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts can greatly benefit from car magnet fundraisers. Scouting car magnets can effectively highlight scouting values and upcoming events, supporting organizational growth and community engagement.

Animal Shelters and Humane Societies: Raising Awareness and Funds

Animal shelters and humane societies can use car magnets to raise awareness and funds. Magnets featuring adorable animal images and shelter information can attract attention and support, helping to fund animal care and rescue operations.

Dance Schools: Showcasing Artistic Talent

Dance schools can leverage car magnets as a creative fundraising tool. Featuring vibrant designs and the school’s branding, these magnets can attract attention to performances and events, supporting the arts while raising necessary funds.

The Advantages of Car Magnet Fundraisers

A “car magnet fundraiser” is an easier and more profitable option compared to traditional fundraisers. Durable and visually appealing, these magnets ensure prolonged visibility and impact. With minimal upfront investment and substantial returns, they are ideal for various groups.

ARC Marketing: America’s Best Car Magnets

ARC Marketing is known for producing America’s best car magnets. Their commitment to quality ensures that each magnet is a powerful and lasting promotional tool. Organizations can trust in the effectiveness of their fundraising efforts with ARC Marketing.


Custom car magnets, especially oval and round shapes, offer a perfect blend of aesthetic appeal and practical utility. They are ideal for schools, churches, youth sports, scouting organizations, animal shelters, and dance schools. With ease of use and high profitability, car magnet fundraisers from ARC Marketing stand as a superior choice for fundraising initiatives.

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