Car Magnet Fundraiser vs. Car Wash Fundraiser

Car Magnet Fundraiser vs. Car Wash Fundraiser

Are you trying to choose the right fundraiser? Have you considered a car magnet fundraiser? What about a car wash fundraiser?

Whether you’re raising money for a youth sports team, a scouting troop, your school, or any other group, the right fundraiser makes a big difference. Comparing a car magnet fundraiser to a car wash fundraiser will help you make the best decision for your group.

Benefits of a Car Magnet Fundraiser

When you choose to sell custom car magnets as your fundraiser, you gain a massive audience. Any car owner may be interested in a car magnet to support your organization.

When raising money for youth sports teams, schools, and other organizations, car magnets are a great choice. They are easy to sell, inexpensive, and help to spread awareness for your group or cause.

The profit margin on car magnets is also very high. They can be sold at many different places, as well. You can sell car magnets at festivals, community events, tradeshows, and many other places.

If you’re raising money for a youth sports team or school, each participant can sell the car magnets. They become even easier to sell when you realize, custom car magnets can be displayed on refrigerators, too.

If you choose a car magnet fundraiser for your group, you’ll gain the following benefits:

  • Easy to Sell
  • Very Inexpensive
  • High Profit Margin
  • Spreads Awareness
  • Can Be Displayed on Any Metallic Surface

Benefits of a Car Wash Fundraiser

Car washes are very popular fundraisers and many organizations use them to raise money. They draw quite a bit of interest the day they are held and it’s possible to raise hundreds or even thousands of dollars in one day.

Many car owners already get their car washed, so it’s not hard to imagine they would pay to have it done to support a good cause. You’ll also gain the benefit of a low investment in supplies to wash the cars. Most of the investment is time from volunteers.

Drawbacks to a Car Wash Fundraiser

While a car wash fundraiser may come with some benefits, it comes with quite a few drawbacks compared to a car magnet fundraiser. With a car wash, you have to:

  • Find a location
  • Create signs for the day of the wash
  • Buy supplies to wash the cars
  • Get volunteers to come out and wash cars
  • Collect donations or sell tickets for the car wash

Along with all of these preparations, you also have to hope the weather is good. A rainy day could kill your entire fundraiser.

It’s also important to note, car wash fundraisers are limited to daylight hours. You’ll have one, maybe two days, to make as much money as you can. Depending on the number of volunteers, you may be very limited on how many cars you can wash.

Which is the Best Choice?

In some cases, you may use both a car magnet fundraiser and a car wash fundraiser together. However, for most groups, a car magnet fundraiser will prove to be more profitable.

Since you won’t have to depend on the weather, go through the overwhelming planning process, and hope people show up in need of a car wash, a car magnet fundraiser offers a better choice.

If you’re ready to raise money for your group, Arc Marketing is ready to help. We provide custom car magnets for all types of fundraisers.

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