Should Realtors Use Car Magnets for Marketing?

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Car Magnets for Realtors

Should Realtors Use Car Magnets for Marketing?

Realtors must find ways to reach the community and get their name out. Whether you’re new to real estate or you’ve been around for a while, it’s important to become visible within your local community.

As a Realtor, you want to make sure your advertising builds your brand and draws in buyers and sellers. Many Realtors choose custom car magnets to help spread awareness. Is this a good way to spend your marketing dollars?

3 Benefits of Car Magnets for Realtors

Your target market is found everywhere throughout your community. Anybody owning a home or looking to own a home is your target market and these people span all demographics.

Gaining exposure is rather important and custom car magnets offer a great way to spread your message throughout the community. Here are a few great benefits of car magnets for Realtors.

1. Incredible Exposure

You probably drive all over your community when showing properties, running errands, or just commuting to and from your office. Every single time you drive, you have the opportunity to show off your company message on the side of your car.

Custom car magnets offer a great way to gain incredible exposure throughout your local community.

2. Amazing ROI

When it comes to marketing, the best forms of advertising provide a great return on investment. Custom car magnets don’t cost much money and one commission will likely pay for enough car magnets to outfit an entire fleet of vehicles.

Your investment in custom car magnets for advertising pays off with one closed sale. All you need is one lead, which is saying something since most forms of advertising require you to close multiple deals just to break even.

3. Versatility

Magnets don’t have to be used just on your car. Since a custom car magnet can be used on any metal surface, they offer great versatility for Realtors.

Along with the ability to use the magnet on any surface, it also allows you to live in a deed-restricted community with rules against car advertising. Since custom car magnets can be put on and taken off your car easily, you can take the magnet off when you arrive home and put it back on when you leave in the morning.

A Few Quick Do’s and Don’ts for Car Magnet Advertising

Gaining the many benefits of car magnet advertising for Realtors requires you do it right. There are some do’s and don’ts you want to follow including:

  • DO – Use a picture on your magnet. As a Realtor, you are branding yourself. Using a picture is a great way to get your face out there and become recognizable in your community.
  • DON’T – Drive poorly throughout your community. If you become a maniac on the roads, your reputation for cutting other drivers off, speeding, and driving poorly will become attached to your name (and picture). Make sure you’re courteous to those on the road and don’t drive aggressively.
  • DO – Make sure your car magnet is clear and easy to read. Use letters large enough to be read from a distance and make sure the message is very clear. Good colors and a border for your font will go a long way to ensure others can read your custom car magnet quickly and from a distance.
  • DON’T – Include too much information. Keep your Realtor car magnet simple as most seeing it won’t have long to read it. Your name, company name, picture, and phone number are about all you really need to include.

Custom car magnets are a great marketing tool for Realtors. They provide a very high ROI and offer the ability to create brand awareness. Contact Arc Marketing today and let us create the perfect advertising or promotional car magnet for your real estate business.