Car Magnet Fundraiser vs. Raffle Fundraiser

Car Magnet Fundraiser

Car Magnet Fundraiser

Car Magnet Fundraiser vs. Raffle Fundraiser

When it’s time to raise funds for your group, a car magnet fundraiser or a raffle could help. Car magnets are custom designed to fit your group, cause, or anything else you prefer. A raffle usually involves prizes and participants buy tickets for a drawing.

Both are viable fundraising ideas, but one is likely a better option for your needs than the other. Let’s look at both and figure out which one fits best with your needs.

Raffle Fundraisers

Using a raffle fundraiser might help you raise funds, but it could also come with consequences. Some raffles may actually be illegal, depending on your state and the type of raffle you choose to run.

In fact, the IRS has strict rules involved in governing gaming or gambling. Raffles may be considered a form of gambling, so make sure you check with local and federal laws first.

In addition to potential legal issues, some donors may find a raffle to be offensive. If they have specific religious or moral convictions, they may not participate in gambling or raffles. It’s possible some may find it to be a waste of money or even sinful.

While running a raffle to give away prizes, such as a door prize raffle, could work, other raffles might come with issues. A 50/50 raffle, for example, could be seen as gambling and may not be something everybody wants to participate in or it could be illegal.

Car Magnet Fundraisers

If you prefer a fundraiser without so much controversy, a custom car magnet fundraiser offers a good option. Compared to a raffle fundraiser, it’s straightforward. Simply have a custom car magnet designed and sell it to raise funds for your group.

When compared to a raffle fundraiser, a car magnet fundraiser is easier to run and doesn’t come with any legal issues. Also, it may be called a car magnet, but it can be put on a fridge, locker at school, or any other metal surface.

Compared to most other fundraisers, a car magnet fundraiser offers a higher profit margin and a good way to raise funds. Car Wash fundraisers are popular but don’t offer the same profit margin. and raffle fundraiser comes with possible controversy and legal issues.

Car magnets offer an opportunity to spread awareness, raise money, and sell something people will actually enjoy. Instead of buying tickets hoping to wind a big prize, donors can make a small purchase of a custom car magnet to support your cause.

If you’re looking for the right fundraiser idea for your group, comparing car magnet fundraisers to raffle fundraisers is a good place to start. For many groups, it will be an easy choice between the two.

Even when comparing custom car magnet fundraiser to other types of fundraisers, you’ll find it’s a great option. The high-profit margin, custom design, and low price point make car magnets a pretty easy choice for raising funds.

When it’s time to start raising funds for your group, selling car magnets as a fundraiser just makes sense.