How To Use School Magnets for Cars as a Fundraiser

School Magnet Fundraiser

How To Use School Magnets for Cars as a Fundraiser

How To Use School Magnets for Cars as a Fundraiser

School magnets are great for raising funds. Parents love them, students will buy them, and even other supporters will enjoy showing off their pride for your school with a school car magnet.

When you decide you want to start a fundraiser for your school, it can be difficult to choose what to sell. From popcorn to candy to pizza to school car magnets, there are so many choices. Instead of selling something consumable, why not sell something people can show off with pride?

What are Custom School Car Magnets?

School magnets are designed to represent your school. Whether it’s the football team, volleyball team, baseball team, or the entire school, these magnets can be designed to represent any group you want.

You can even have a school car magnet designed to spread awareness about a disease or cause. Instead of having the entire magnet represent the school, it can be a popular Hashtag for a cause. Then, you can add small wording stating the magnet was designed to spread awareness by your school.

Custom Design Makes it Fun

When it comes to using school car magnets for fundraising, the fun custom designs make it worth it. You can have magnets made in the shape of a football, baseball, basketball, or any other shape you prefer. You can even have different types of magnets designed for each group to sell within your school.

Along with a custom shape, you can customize the actual design of the magnet. There are several ways you can go about designing a custom school magnet for a fundraiser. At Arc Marketing, we will help you choose the right custom design to best represent your school or cause.

An Incredible PTO/PTA Fundraiser

When the PTO or PTA of your school needs to run a fundraiser, school car magnets just make sense. What parent wouldn’t want a beautiful car magnet representing the school their children attend? Most parents will buy one for each car they own and maybe one for the fridge.

How the School Magnet Fundraising Process Works

It starts with a simple virtual magnet designed specifically for you. Once you’ve seen the virtual design and you’ve approved, we will go to work creating your magnets. Of course, if you need any changes made, our art department will work closely to help you get the perfect design.

Your magnets will be delivered fast and you will have the ability to start your fundraising efforts within two weeks of contacting Arc Marketing. We know raising funds is vital to your success and we work fast to get you the right school magnets for your fundraiser.

If you’re sick of trying to sell perishable goods people have to wait for, custom car magnets offer a better alternative. You won’t have to worry about storing candy safely or taking orders, and then fulfilling them. Instead, just collect cash and hand out school car magnets for parents, students, and other supporters to show off their pride.