Best 7 High School Sports Fundraiser Ideas

High School Sports Fundraising Magnets

High School Fundraiser Ideas

Best 7 High School Sports Fundraiser Ideas

Raising money for high school sports requires the right fundraiser. When you need to buy uniforms or provide funds for travel, using fundraising car magnets is a great option. There are several other options to consider, too.

Whether you need to come up with one fundraising idea or multiple options, you’ll want to consider a few choices. Let’s look at seven popular high school sports fundraising ideas to consider.

Fundraising Car Magnets

One of the best ways to raise money for high school sports is selling fundraising car magnets. With the right custom car magnets, you can show off your team’s spirit, while raising money.

Unlike some of the other goods, you can sell to raise money, fundraising car magnets have a higher profit margin. They are inexpensive and offer a great option to help raise money for new uniforms, travel, or anything else your team needs.

Kids Summer Sports Camp

Another popular fundraising idea is to offer a summer sports camp for kids. For example, if you’re trying to raise funds for a high school volleyball team, you can offer a volleyball camp for younger children.

The high school player can volunteer their time to teach the younger player and run the camp. Each child will pay an entry fee for the camp and you can raise money while helping spread your sport to the next generation.

Silent Auction

Auctions are a very popular fundraiser and you can hold one for your high school sports team. Get local businesses to donate items in exchange for sponsorship for the event. Then, hold a silent auction with a cookout or dinner to raise money.

You can charge for the meal and let participants bid on items up for auction. This is a great way to raise money for your team.

Car Wash

High school sports teams often hold car washes to raise money. It’s a good fundraiser if you need to raise a little bit of money and the weather cooperates. You may need to hold a few car washes each year to raise enough money, however.

Sell Candy

Of course, selling candy is a popular fundraiser as candy is cheap. Many teams sell candy as a yearly fundraiser to raise money. You can also sell candy at your events to help raise money.

While candy fundraiser is a good idea, it doesn’t offer the profit margin of fundraising car magnets. You may not want to count on candy as your main fundraising idea.

Fitness Classes

Another good fundraiser to get your team involved is fitness classes. You can hold a series of unique fitness classes taught by team members throughout the summer or any other season. Charge a per-class rate or a rate for all sessions and raise money while helping others get fit.

Rent a Player for the Day

You can rent out players on the team for chores around the house as a fundraiser. This can even be combined with an auction where people bid on each player and they get a set number of hours of help from them with yard work and other household chores for the day.

All of these fundraising ideas can help you get the money you need to support your high school sports team. Fundraising car magnets are easy to sell, while some of the other ideas get the players really involved. You can even try a combination of a few ideas above for fundraising this year.