Fundraising Car Magnets

Fundraising Revolution with Car Magnets for Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts

Boy Scout car magnets
Scouting Car Magnets

Fundraising Revolution with Car Magnets for Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts

Fundraising plays a pivotal role in the success of Boy Scout councils and Cub Scout packs. Among various fundraising strategies, the car magnet fundraiser emerges as both the most lucrative and the easiest to implement. While a scouting magnet alone might not cover all financial needs, its integration into a broader fundraising plan significantly bolsters the pack’s overall success. This approach not only aids in meeting financial goals but also introduces a creative and engaging method to support scouting activities.

The Importance of Scouting

Scouting holds immense value in shaping young boys into exceptional young men. Through its structured programs, scouting imparts vital life skills, fosters a sense of community, and instills values of leadership and responsibility. However, the cost of delivering these enriching experiences can quickly add up, making scouting more expensive for parents without effective fundraising efforts. Thus, fundraising not only supports the logistical aspects of scouting but also ensures its accessibility and sustainability for all families interested.

Navigating the Financial Landscape

The journey of scouting has seen its share of fluctuations in popularity. Despite this, its core mission remains unchanged: to uplift everyone involved and mold them into the best version of themselves. Scouting uniquely teaches both teamwork and self-reliance, guiding scouts to balance these often-contrasting ideals. The costs associated with running a Boy Scout Troop or a Cub Scout Pack are varied and substantial, covering equipment, activities, events, and more. Highlighting the indispensable role of fundraising, it becomes clear that these financial undertakings are crucial for the continuation and success of scouting programs.

The Power of Custom Car Magnets

Enter the custom car magnet: a simple yet powerful fundraising tool. Each magnet, adorned on a vehicle, serves as a mobile billboard, potentially seen by hundreds daily. Imagine the impact of 250 magnets circulating in a community; the visibility and awareness for your Boy Scout Troop or Cub Scout Pack would skyrocket. Moreover, the pride a young scout feels seeing their pack’s magnet on their family car is immeasurable, reinforcing their connection to the scouting community. Boy Scout car magnets and Cub Scout car magnets really work!

Expertise of ARC Marketing

ARC Marketing, with over 20 years of experience in designing car magnets, stands at the forefront of this innovative fundraising strategy. Their expert art department has crafted hundreds of custom magnets for Boy Scout Troops and Cub Scout Packs nationwide, earning them the reputation of producing America’s best car magnets. This expertise ensures that each magnet not only meets the highest standards of quality but also perfectly captures the spirit and values of scouting.


Fundraising through custom car magnets offers a unique blend of financial support, community awareness, and personal pride for Boy Scout councils and Cub Scout packs. As scouting continues to play a crucial role in developing young boys into remarkable young men, the support provided by successful fundraising campaigns becomes ever more vital. With the help of organizations like ARC Marketing, scouts can continue to embark on this transformative journey, equipped with the resources they need to explore, learn, and grow. In the end, the collective effort of fundraising, especially through avenues like car magnets, ensures that scouting remains a thriving and enriching experience for all involved.

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