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How Awareness Magnets Help You Spread the Word

Awareness Magnets
Awareness Magnets

How Awareness Magnets Help You Spread the Word

Awareness magnets not only help you raise money but also help you spread awareness. They offer a double-edged sword for fundraising. Any organization can use this type of magnet to raise money and help spread the word.

When you want to raise money for your school, summer camp, or sports team, you don’t have to use a magnet designed to represent your organization.

Instead, you can choose an awareness magnet. This magnet will help another charity and use emotion to help drive more people to buy from you. It’s an incredible tool to help you raise money and do a good deed in the process.

Selling Awareness Car Magnets as a Fundraiser

It’s a pretty simple concept, you partner with a specific organization and sell magnets representing them. For example, maybe you want to raise money for your church youth group. Instead of selling custom car magnets to represent the church, choose a cause.

You could choose to sell an autism awareness magnet. Partner with a non-profit that works to raise money for autism or awareness. Then, have a magnet designed to represent the non-profit to spread awareness.

Now, when you sell the magnets, you can pitch it as a fundraiser for your youth group and an awareness spreader for autism. This can help you drive sales and raise more money, while also spreading awareness. It’s even common to share some of the raised money with the foundation you’re selling magnets to represent.

Easier Than Selling Other Magnets

There are a number of causes you can choose to partner with. Awareness magnets are simple to sell compared to some other magnets. If you were trying to sell a church magnet, for example, your audience is likely those attending your church. However, when it’s an awareness magnet, you open up a much larger audience.

Often, awareness magnets can be sold for a higher price and people will buy them without flinching. This is especially true if they believe they can help your organization and the cause at the same time. People want to be charitable and this gives them the opportunity to be charitable twice in one transaction.

Possible Awareness Magnets to Sell

Of course, you can stick with an autism awareness magnet from the example above, but there are many others. Some of the common awareness magnets include:

  • Breast Cancer Awareness
  • Leukemia Awareness
  • Cancer Awareness
  • AIDS Awareness
  • Suicide Prevention Awareness
  • And more!

There are dozens of possibilities and many use a ribbon of a certain color. However, you can choose a different design, if you prefer.

Combine the Two

When you partner with a non-profit, you can also combine their cause with your sports team or organization. For example, if you’re a baseball or softball team, you can design a “bats against cancer” magnet. There are many creative ways to team up and design a combined magnet.

No matter the reason for your fundraiser, an awareness magnet is a great choice. You can even start by using our free magnet design tool here.