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Choosing the Right Youth Church Fundraiser Idea

Choosing the Right Youth Church Fundraiser Idea
Choosing the Right Youth Church Fundraiser Idea

Choosing the Right Youth Church Fundraiser Idea

The right youth church fundraising ideas can help you fund a trip for your group, a fun night out, or anything else you need for your youth groups at church.

Teenagers and other kids need fun things to do at church to help get them involved. With the right youth church fundraiser ideas, you can fund plenty of unique events and trips for the youth. Here are some of the best options for your youth church fundraiser.

Top 5 Youth Church Fundraiser Ideas to Consider

1. Sell Custom Awareness Magnets

Start by taking a poll within the youth of your church to find out which cause they feel the strongest about. Give them three or four choices, such as autism, cancer, or any other cause.

After finding out what the youth feel strongest about, have an awareness magnet created for the cause. You can have the youth sell these magnets to raise money for the youth of your church and for the cause you have chosen. Donate 10% to the cause and let the rest of the funds go into the youth activities at your church.

2. Hold a Festival

Festival events are great for raising money for the youth of your church. However, this youth church fundraiser idea takes some planning and might take some upfront cash to help you get rolling. With a festival, you can sell several items, including custom car magnets, and you can raise money by holding games, raffles, and so much more.

3. Have a Bake Sale

Bake-sales usually run off volunteers and donations making them great for the youth of your church. You can even ask the youth to do the baking and make it a 100% baked by the youth bake sale. This type of fundraiser is very popular and will go over well in most churches.

4. Parent’s Night Out

A fun fundraiser you can try is a parent’s night out. Have the teens of your church play games and babysit the younger kids while the parents get to go out on a date. You can charge a flat rate or a by-the-hour rate with this fundraiser.

5. Hold a Silent Auction BBQ Event

Much like the festival event, you will have to do some pretty good planning, but this youth church fundraiser idea can pay off. Holding a silent auction and BBQ event can help get the families of the church involved. Get local businesses to donate items for the auction and you might even be able to get a few BBQ food trucks to come out for the event.

If you choose to have food trucks, they might be willing to donate a portion of their proceeds back to the youth of the church. This event can also include carnival types of games, raffles, and you can even sell custom awareness magnets at the event.

Custom awareness magnets are one of the best ways to raise money for the youth of your church. Whether you sell them as your entire fundraiser or pair them with an event where people are already spending money, they can help you raise even more cash. With the right cause, you can get people excited to buy the magnets to spread awareness, along with supporting the youth of your church.