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Tips for Customization with Car Magnets

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Tips for Customization with Car Magnets

When you want your custom car magnet to stand out, you need the right professional advice. Sure, your logo is great, but there’s more to designing an attractive magnet than just slapping your logo on it.

If you’re ready to raise more money for your group or spread awareness for your cause, you need to design the right car magnet. The following professional customization tips will help you create the best car magnet for your group.

4 Professional Tips for Car Magnet Customization

1. Original is Best

It’s easy to copy someone else’s design with a few touches to make it your own. This strategy might work just fine, but if you choose an original design, it’s more likely to catch the eye of your audience and you might sell even more custom car magnets.

For example, everybody does the common oval or round shape for their custom car magnets. It might cost a bit more, but a custom shape can go a long way to standing out.

Choose a shape that fits with your group or brand. If the word “star” is in your name, maybe the shape of a star makes sense. Maybe you’re raising money for a youth hockey team. Designing your magnet in the shape of a hockey stick might be the perfect way to stand out.

2. Do More with Less

You don’t need to go crazy and make your magnet busy. Make any important text you put on the magnet prominent, but don’t let it become imposing. Keep the colors simple and use just a few elements to make your magnet clean and easy to understand.

A clean car magnet will deliver your message easier. You want someone seeing the magnet to get what it’s about quickly. If they have to study it, your magnet is too busy.

3. Don’t Use Trends

Trends and fads are great in the short-term, but they don’t keep your design spreading your message for years into the future. It’s better to choose a design that will hold up today and five years from now.

Since custom car magnets get put on the back of cars and forgotten about, you want a magnet with a timeless design. Your magnet could be displayed on the back of vehicles for years. Don’t make vehicle owners want to take it off by choosing a fad or trend that goes out of style as a part of the design.

4. Don’t go Cheap

Some custom car magnet companies try to pass off refrigerator magnets as car magnets. They are thinner and they don’t hold up over time.

Make sure you work with a professional like ARC Marketing when designing your custom car magnet. With the right company, you’ll get a durable magnet capable of spreading your message for a very long time.

These four tips will help you better customize your car magnet. Whether you’re raising money, spreading awareness, or doing both, you want to make sure you choose a great design for your magnet. If it’s attractive and communicates your message quickly, it will sell better and spread the work faster.