Friends of Scouting Car Magnets

Scouting Car Magnets

Friends of Scouting Car Magnets

Friends of Scouting Thank You Gifts

Friends of Scouting is your council’s annual giving campaign. In most councils, Friends of Scouting (or FOS) represents the council’s largest source of income.

Here’s a great way to say “Thanks” to all those individuals who contributed to your successful FOS campaign; a custom car magnet designed for your council.

The people who donate during your FOS campaign do not want to remain anonymous! They are proud to support scouting and they want the world to know. As a result, they prefer Thank You Gifts that have your Scout Council logo or patch on it. But they also want the world to see it, so your gift should be used in a very visible place. Clothing certainly fits those requirements. And here’s an even better idea; a custom car magnet printed with your Council Logo. Using a custom car magnet as a gift to them allows them to proudly show your community that they believe in the values and ideals that you are teaching the Leaders of Tomorrow.

Imagine your “Thank You Gift” becoming an advertising machine for your council. Picture your council magnet on hundreds of cars in your community. Eventually, everyone will have seen this magnet dozens of times. That type of advertising usually isn’t cheap.

This magnet will broadcast an image of your Scout Council

  • 24 hours a day.
  • 7 days a week.
  • 365 days a year.
  • Nonstop. And the best news… it not expensive!

ARC Marketing has been designing and printing custom car magnet for scouting for more than 15 years. Let one of our talented magnet designers show you what we can do for your council.

For more information, visit our website by clicking here.

Featured Car Magnet – Oak Park Elementary School

School car magnets

Oak Park Elementary School custom car magnet

Featured Car Magnet – Oak Park Elementary School

We design a print a lot of car magnets for the schools in the Brentwood Union Free School District, and Oak Park is one of those. There are 19 primary and secondary schools in the Brentwood Union School District, and we design and print car magnets for 7 of those schools.

Oak Park Elementary wanted us to design a magnet to use to acknowledge their best and brightest students. They already had a Student of the Month program in place, so instead of reinventing the wheel we built on that existing foundation.

Most schools in the Brentwood Union School District use a variation of their “B” logo. Oak Park’s variation places a bold “OP” over the B logo.

Since we use the most advanced ultra-violet resistant inks, the colors are bright, bold and vibrant. These inks will not fade, so this magnet will look awesome for years.

Also, since there is a steady turnover of students (new kindergarten students coming in while the older students are moving on to middle school), this is a fundraising program that can continue forever. This means that every year, the school and their PTA can raise thousands of dollars.

We can do the same for your school. To get samples and a free magnet design. Just give us a call at 760-743-6340 or visit our website at

School Car Magnets for Fundraising

Car magnets for school fundraising

School Car Magnets

School car magnets are our biggest sales category. We make magnets for every type of school imaginable.

Here are just a few:

Quite often, the magnets are requested by your school’s PTA, PTO or other Parent Group. The PTA then sells the magnets to other parents and faculty to raise money for the school. The money is compelling: a PTA selling just 250 magnets can easily make as much as $1,000 after paying for the custom magnets!

Sometimes the magnets are requested by a parent of a student athlete. For example, a parent with a student on the school’s Lacrosse Team might order a small quantity of magnets customized for the LAX team. Then they parents would sell them and raise funds for travel or equipment. The Lacrosse Team selling just 100 magnets can make as much as $250 after paying for their custom magnets.

Sometimes the magnets are requested by a school that wants to acknowledge Honor Roll Students, or Perfect Attendance Students. Normally, the school gives these away to the Honor Students, so no money is raised but the whole town will know who the Honor Roll Students are.

More and more frequently, the magnets are ordered by the school principal or other district official.

The bottom line is this; custom car magnets will raise money and raise school spirit. For samples, a free magnet design and all the information you will need, visit our website at


Scouting Car Magnets

Scouting Magnets

Custom Car Magnets for Scouting

Here’s another group that has put our car magnets to good use; the Scouting Organizations.

ARC Marketing designs and prints magnets for Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and Cub Scouts. Car magnets make an ideal fundraiser for troops, packs and councils of any size.

It’s easy to raise money with car magnets.

  • Start with a compelling design (that’s our job!)
  • Print that design on the highest quality car magnet in America (that’s our job too!)
  • Sell your fundraising magnet to Supporters of Scouting everywhere (that’s your job!)

Who can you sell your new Scouting Car Magnets to? Well, let’s start with the low-hanging fruit: families of the kids in your Pack, Troop or Council. Every one of these families will buy and proudly display your new magnet on their car. Who else might want to buy a magnet supporting your scouting efforts? How about some of these groups:

  • Local Business Leaders and Merchants
  • Out of town relatives (Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, etc.)
  • Teachers and Staff at your kid’s school
  • And just about every other Red Blooded American!


Imagine hundreds of cars, driving around town with your magnet on the back. That magnet is going to put your Cub Scout Pack on the map. For the next several years, that quiet, unassuming car magnet will be screaming your Pack’s logo to hundreds, and thousands of cars.

Not interested in fundraising? Are you looking for a way to say “Thank You” to everyone that helped your Council this year? Many of the councils we work with use their magnets as FOS (Friends of Scouting) gifts. Using your magnet as your FOS gift this year will achieve more than one objective. Your magnet will also broadcast your logo to the world for several years!

Want more info? Just give me a call at 760-743-6340, or visit our website at

Car Magnets for your Church

Church car magnets

Car Magnets for your Church

Church Car Magnets

Spreading the Word; this is what car magnets do best. Imagine your church’s car magnet on hundreds of cars in your town. Those magnets will be spreading your church’s message 24 hours a day, every day of the year! Plus, each of those magnets will be seen by hundreds of cars ever day. Talk about exposure!

Car magnets are the perfect way to appeal to new members and are a great way to acknowledge your current congregants.

What does a well-designed church car magnet look like? Most churches follow a similar format and an ARC Marketing designer will guide you through the process.

Most churches use their logo in the center of the magnet (don’t have a logo? We can help!). Of course, the name of the church goes at the top/center of the magnet, since this is where it is most noticeable. At the bottom of the magnet is a great area for your mission statement or outreach focus. This would also be the place to put your town name if you don’t wish to use a mission statement.

So, here are the three basics:

  • Logo or clip art in center of magnet
  • Church name at top of magnet
  • Mission statement or location at bottom of magnet

Some churches give the magnets to their members as a gift, and just let the magnet broadcast their message. However, most churches sell these to the members as a fundraiser. They can use the proceeds from the fundraiser to fund their outreach programs, day care center, etc.

Is it hard to get started on a custom car magnet? Not if your working with ARC Marketing. We’re going to be doing all of the heavy lifting throughout the entire process. You just give us a call and we will design your magnet, print your magnets and deliver them to your door; all in about 2 weeks!

Give us a call at 760-743-6340 or visit our website at

Political Campaign Car Magnets

Political Car Magnets

Promote your campaign with a custom car magnet

Political Campaign Car Magnets

Amazing. I just saw a bumper sticker that was promoting a candidate for President in the 2020 election cycle. Didn’t we just wrap up the mid-term election?

It seems that the political world in is a never-ending cycle of running for the next election, no matter how far off it is. Politicians get elected and immediately start fundraising for their next term. Maybe this is why they can’t get anything done while in office. They seem to think that their primary job is only to get re-elected. This leads me to conclude that they are not qualified for any other vocation; if they can’t be a U.S. Senator or U.S. Congressman/woman, then they’ll be waiting tables somewhere. Not very confidence inspiring, right?

Wow, did I just get way off-topic there? Sorry.

My point (I think) was to let you know that there was a better alternative to the typical bumper sticker; obviously a car magnet. And even though it’s too early to get excited about any particular candidate, it’s not too early to create a custom car magnet that shows your political beliefs. You can order as few as 50 custom magnets, and then you can give them to 50 of your most like-minded friends. Or, thinking bigger, you can create a magnet that appeals to a huge segment of Americans, and sell them on your website (don’t have a website? We can help with that. One of our sister companies creates custom websites).

Election cycles now are a never-ending loop; kind of like Groundhog Day. As a result, we have now become numb to an endless assault  of campaign slogans on our eyes and ears. We’re 2 years out from the next Presidential Election, and candidates are throwing their hats into the ring. I wouldn’t be surprised to see 20 or so Democratic Candidates entering the race, plus we might even see a Republican Primary Challenger or two running against President Trump.

As you can see from the magnet examples shown above, we make magnets mainly for local campaigns (mayor, councilmen, selectmen, judges, etc.). Promoting your favorite candidate on a car magnet makes perfect sense:

  • It’s inexpensive (you can get 50 custom magnets for about $200).
  • It’s effective (each magnet on a car will be seen by about 100 other drivers every day).
  • It broadcasts your message relentlessly (your magnet will be working 24/7)
  • And it makes your car look very cool!

So, if you want to get more involved in the political process, consider this a grass-roots entry. Let us design a campaign magnet for your favorite candidate or your favorite cause.

Want help getting this started? Give me a call at 760-743-6340 and we can chat about your idea. We’ll help you turn this into your 15 minutes of fame!

Fundraising Car Magnets

Custom magnets

Fundraising Car Magnets

Start 2019 with a high-profit fundraiser.

We all procrastinate. I had intended to publish this blog post on January 2nd, but now it’s January 16th. So I’m two weeks late.

It’s not too late to start the new year off with a successful fundraiser, and selling custom designed car magnets is one of the easiest and highly profitable ways to do that.

What makes car magnets such an easy way to raise money? Well, first, our art department will handle your new custom design work (at no charge), so you know your going to get a cool looking magnet.

Once your custom car magnets are delivered, then selling them to parents is easy also. Once your parents start seeing these on cars all over town, they will sell themselves.

What groups can benefit from a car magnet fundraiser? It might be easier to list the groups that wouldn’t benefit. Here are a few of our more common clients:

  • Schools
  • PTA’s and PTO’s
  • Little League Baseball Teams and Leagues
  • Youth Football Teams and Leagues
  • Soccer Teams and Leagues
  • Humane Societies and Animal Shelters
  • Churches
  • Scouting
  • And so much more.

Your car magnets will cost about $2 each (less if you’re ordering a larger quantity), and most groups sell them for $5 to $10 each. It doesn’t take a math major to see the potential.

Here’s another advantage to car magnets… exposure. Imagine the impact of hundreds of cars in your town, driving around with your magnet. Most of those cars will be seen hundreds of other people every day. Overwhelming.

As I mentioned earlier, we’ll take care of everything, so getting started is easy.

Want more information? Get the low down on custom car magnets by visiting our website at

Want even more info? You can email me directly at or you can call me at 760-743-6340, and you’ll have your new magnets in about 2 weeks.

Custom Car Magnets

custom car magnets

Custom Car Magnets for Fundraising

There are many fundraising options available to you. Unfortunately, most of them are ineffective. Not only do these not raise enough money to justify themselves, they waste an enormous amount of time.

Think of the time and effort your team invests into a fundraiser like a car wash. How many hours are spent getting these set up, finding a location to host it, putting up signs, and then getting your team in place to do the hard work? And what’s the end result? A few hundred dollars and 10 poorly washed cars.

Let me offer an alternative; Custom Car Magnets. A well-designed custom magnet will practically sell itself. You just need to collect the money.

A fundraising car magnet does more than just earn money, it creates awareness. Imagine hundreds of cars, driving around town with your magnet. You can safely assume that each of those cars will be seen by at least 100 other cars every day. You do the math; it works!

Getting a custom car magnet design is simple if you’re working with ARC Marketing. We have a team of experienced designers and they are here to help. With a little input from you, our art department will create a design that will impress everyone.

Now, all that’s left is the timing. Production typically takes 2 weeks plus a few days for UPS delivery. Designing your magnet could take a few days in our art department, including any revisions that you’ll want to see. Add that all up and it will take about 3 weeks to receive your magnets after contacting us. What’s this mean? It means plan ahead!

Just give us a call at 760-7473-6340, or email me at can we’ll get busy!

Fundraising Car Magnets

School Magnets

Fundraising Car Magnets

Okay, now it’s October and you haven’t decided on all your fundraising projects for this school year. So it looks like you’re going to come up short on your fundraising goals.

Not so fast. Did you know that car magnets are one of the highest profit fundraisers available, and that if you get started right now, we can have custom magnets in your hands in 2 weeks? That’s just 14 days for a unique, on-of-a-kind promotional tool that will bring tons of attention to your school, plus make a 100% profit or more.

Some people are intimidated by anything custom, preferring the ease of using a generic, “me too” item to sell to parents as a fundraiser.

  • We invite those of you who are intimidated by JPEGS, GIFS, PNGS and Vectored art files.
  • We invite you to experience the ease of getting a customized, me-alone item to sell to parents.
  • We do not charge a single penny for a professional magnet design (or 10 designs, if that’s what you need).

And don’t think that it can’t be good if it’s free. We have some amazing designers. Most of us got our experience designing promotional items (like magnets) for all the Professional Sports Leagues and Major Colleges. We’re talking NFL, Major League Baseball, NBA, NHL and NCAA. You don’t get paid to do work for those guys if you aren’t the best in your industry.

Bottom Line: your procrastination doesn’t need to ruin this school year. Reach out to us ASAP and we’ll design a magnet that you, your school and all your students can be proud of. And we won’t tell anyone that you kept putting this off (our little secret)!

Want more info on our amazing car magnets? Visit our website at

Get started now. Give us a call at 760-743-6340.