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Custom Car Magnets Make a Great Business Giveaway

Advertising and Promotional Car Magnets
Advertising and Promotional Car Magnets

Custom Car Magnets Make a Great Business Giveaway

When you want to drive more people through your doors or increase sales, you have to get creative. Of course, you don’t want to spend a ton of money, either. With custom car magnets, you have a great business giveaway to gain more business.

You can hand out something with value and people will be reminded that you exist. Most people slap their magnets onto the fridge. With a good design, you can be in their face, every single time they go to the fridge.

Did you know the average person will go to their refrigerator 22 times a day? If your custom magnet is front and center, that’s 22 times someone is seeing your message. What if your custom magnets were on the back of hundreds of your customer’s cars? Thousands of new, potential customers would be looking at your ad message every day. Let’s look at some of the reasons why custom magnets make a great business giveaway.

Top 5 Reasons to Use Custom Magnets as a Business Giveaway

1. Very Affordable

Compared to many other types of advertising, giving away custom magnets is very affordable. You can get quite a few custom magnets for just a few dollars or as little as about a dollar per magnet.

2. Very Powerful

As long as you have a well-designed custom magnet for your business, it can be a very powerful advertising tool. Whether you give these magnets away to current customers or to potential customers, they can drive more foot traffic, more orders, and more sales.

For example, if you run a restaurant, you can use a custom magnet giveaway to turn customers into repeat customers. They will put it on the fridge and when they are hungry, they will think about your restaurant.

3. Practical

Some forms of advertising just don’t make sense for all businesses. A branded custom magnet is a very practical option to help you drive more business today, tomorrow, and years from now. They last a very long time and offer you plenty of opportunities for repeat business.

4. Incredibly Visible

With a good design, your custom magnets will become small billboards inside the homes of the people receiving them. They will advertise repeatedly to those people and to their guests. When your magnet catches the eye of someone, it can become a conversation piece or it can stick in their head.

5. Last a Long Time

Unlike some types of advertising, custom magnets last a very long time. Our custom magnets are designed to last many years. This gives you more advertising for a longer amount of time. Your magnet could be on someone’s fridge or filing cabinet for a decade!

It’s even possible to grow your business even more with custom magnet giveaways. If you run a food business or you serve other community businesses with your service or product, give the business owners and managers free custom magnets. Imagine if, as a restaurant, you could increase your large to-go orders from businesses with custom magnets. It’s possible!

We provide you with the best possible magnet design. Start with our free virtual design tool and if you want our help, just call us today!

Fundraising Car Magnets

Top Fundraiser Ideas for Fraternities

Fundraising Car Magnets
Top Fundraiser Ideas for Fraternities

Top Fundraiser Ideas for Fraternities

Your fraternity needs to raise some money, but you’re not sure how to do it. You want to make sure you choose the right fundraiser idea for your needs. There are plenty of great ideas to consider.

When you need to raise money, sometimes, you have to get creative. Other times, you just need the right fundraiser ideas for fraternities. Let’s look at some of the top options.

5 Fundraiser Ideas for Fraternities

1. Sell Custom Car Magnets

You can sell custom car magnets that represent your college or you can pair your custom magnets with an awareness organization. When you work with an awareness organization, such as autism awareness or cancer awareness, you can also spread the message.

Custom car magnets work great because they have a high profit margin. You can sell fundraising car magnets for several times what you pay for them. They also give you an easy-to-store and easy-to-sell item. Unlike food items you could sell, custom car magnets don’t take up much room or require any special storage.

2. Car Wash

A very good fundraiser idea for fraternities is a car wash. You already have the necessary workers with those in the fraternity. All you need is a place to hold the car wash and some supplies to wash cars.

You can even pair this type of fundraiser with a custom car magnet fundraiser. Giving a custom car magnet that matches your school to anybody that donates a certain amount for a car wash can help you raise donations. For example, maybe your regular donation amount is $10, but for a donation of $15 or more, you give away a custom car magnet. This can help you make more money from your fundraiser.

3. Hold an Event

You are a fraternity, so holding an event should be something you do regularly, already. When you hold the right type of event, you can certainly raise the money you need. There are many types of events you can hold as a fraternity.

4. Sell a Food Item

While it’s not the best fundraiser you can run, selling a food item, such as pizza or candy can help you raise money for your fraternity. There are many different food items you can use as your fraternity fundraiser idea.

5. Run a Fundraiser within Your College

At some colleges, you can run a concession stand at a sporting event or do something else with the college to raise money for your fundraiser. Make sure you look into what is offered on campus to make it easier for you to raise money for your fundraiser. It’s important to explore your options and this is often an easier way to run your fundraiser.

There are many great fundraiser ideas for fraternities. You want to make sure you choose the right fundraiser for your needs. Often, you will need more than just one fundraiser throughout the year.

School car magnets offer a great option for your fundraiser. It’s easy to get started with our free virtual design tool. Of course, you can always contact us for assistance.

Fundraising Car Magnets

What You Should Know about Custom Awareness Magnets

Awareness Car Magnets
Awareness Magnets

What You Should Know about Custom Awareness Magnets

When you want to give away or sell custom awareness magnets, there are a few things you want to know first. These magnets are used to spread the word about a cause, such as autism or cancer. Custom awareness magnets fit with a lot of different causes.

Whether you’re trying to spread awareness only or you’re also running a fundraiser, custom awareness magnets can be powerful. Let’s look at some of the thing you should know about these magnets.

A Few Things to Know About Custom Awareness Magnets

1. Usually the Shape of a Ribbon

Typically, a custom awareness magnet is the shape of a ribbon. However, they can take on other shapes, too. Autism awareness often includes puzzle pieces, while other causes may have more than just a ribbon, too.

While other shapes might be used, a ribbon is a popular shape for custom awareness magnets. Different colors may support different awareness organizations or causes. The color may represent a specific thing, such as pink is widely known as representing breast cancer.

2. Great as Fundraising Magnets

Custom awareness magnets are an excellent choice for fundraisers. They give you a way to easily spread the word about a specific organization, but also raise some money at the same time.

Organizations can pair with a specific cause, such as autism awareness, and spread awareness, while raising money. For example, a football team could decide to sell custom fundraising car magnets that represent cancer awareness. Then, they can donate a portion of the funds raised to a cancer organization, while keeping the rest for the funds for their organization.

3. A Variety of Designs

You don’t have to do just a ribbon as a custom awareness magnet. There are many designs you can consider including oval and round magnets with the right design on them. You can incorporate a ribbon without having to make the magnet just a ribbon.

Some awareness magnets are designed with a ribbon and a rectangle to include a quote or other information. Others don’t use a ribbon at all. Many autism awareness magnets are the shape of a puzzle piece instead. Choose the design that fits best with your specific needs.

4. Pair Well with Other Fundraisers

There are many ways to use custom awareness magnets to raise money. They work great as a stand-alone fundraiser, but they can also pair well with other fundraisers. You can give these magnets out after a running event or another type of event. They can also be sold as a part of a higher priced package for an event.

Custom awareness magnets offer a way to enhance many other fundraisers. Whether they pair with your organization for a fundraiser or they help you achieve higher donation levels, these magnets are very powerful.

There are many ways to use custom awareness magnets for your organization. Whether you’re simply trying to spread the word or you’re trying to raise money, you need the right custom awareness magnets.

Use our virtual design tool to help you figure out the right design for your needs. We can also help you put together the best custom awareness magnet for you. Just contact our team and let us help you choose the best design.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Which Year-Round School Fundraisers Work Best?

School Fundraisers
Fundraising Car Magnets

Which Year-Round School Fundraisers Work Best?

School fundraisers are important. You probably run several each year, but some can become year-round school fundraisers. There are certain things you can do to make sure you’re raising money all year long for your school.

Whether it’s a high school, middle school, or elementary school, the right year-round fundraisers can help you. Let’s look at some of the best year-round school fundraisers to help you keep your school running smoothly.

Top 3 Year-Round School Fundraisers

1. Fundraising Car Magnets

An easy fundraiser to run all year long is selling custom car magnets. These magnets can be sold at all school events, on the school website, and in many different ways. They can be designed to represent your specific school in many ways. You can use a mascot magnet for sporting events and a school magnet for other events.

Since custom car magnets are not very expensive, they provide a high profit margin. You can sell these magnets for two, three, or even four times the cost you will spend to get them. If you’re looking for an easy and powerful year-round school fundraiser, selling custom car magnets is a great choice.

2. Collect Aluminum Cans

You can set up a shed in your parking lot to collect aluminum cans. This can be an easy fundraiser where you simply ask the families of the students to collect their aluminum cans together and donate them to the school. Then, when they are hauled away to the recycling center, you earn some money for all the cans collected.

Not only will you be able to raise money, but you will also be helping the environment by recycling. This is a great way to keep some money coming in for your school year-round.

3. Season Tickets

While season tickets might not be a completely year-round school fundraiser, it can be a longer fundraiser than just a one-off fundraiser. You can sell season tickets to football games, basketball games, baseball games, theater performances, and more.

If you have events that you host at your school, sell season tickets. You can even sell a package that includes multiple sports, along with other performances. This can be a great way to raise money and get more fans in the seats for all your events.

Plus, when you sell season tickets, you can give people the VIP experience by making these the best seats in the house. This can help you make more money from concessions and from anything else that is going on at the events, such as 50/50 raffles or even selling custom car magnets at the events.

These are three great year-round school fundraisers you can use. Depending on the level of your school, you might use one or all of these ideas. Some schools can certainly benefit from using year-round school fundraisers instead of just the one-off fundraisers used throughout the year.

If you want to sell custom car magnets as a year-round school fundraiser, use our virtual design tool. You can also contact us for assistance with getting the custom magnets you need.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Choosing the Right Low-Cost School Fundraiser

School Car Magnets
School Magnets

Choosing the Right Low-Cost School Fundraiser

You don’t have to spend a ton of cash to run a school fundraiser. There are plenty of good low-cost school fundraising ideas you can use. Let’s look at a list of possibilities and what each one offers.

Top 4 Low-Cost School Fundraisers

1. Custom Car Magnets

Selling custom car magnets is one of the best low-cost school fundraisers. Not only do you get the ability to raise money, but you can also promote your school at the same time. While this is a low-cost school fundraiser, it also has a very high profit margin.

With fundraising car magnets, you will be able to get the quantity you want for a very low price. These school magnets can sell for two, three, or even four times what you spend on each magnet. This means you can raise a good amount of money, while also promoting your school with a good custom car magnet design.

2. Run a No Uniform Day

If your school requires a uniform for the students, you can do a no uniform day as a low-cost school fundraiser. This is an easy fundraiser to run. Just have the students pay a certain amount to not wear a uniform for the day. It might not raise a ton of money for the school, but it won’t cost you anything to run this fundraiser.

3. Raffles

For the price of the tickets to run your raffle, you can raise some money for your school. Raffles are a very popular choice at events, especially sporting events.

You can choose to run a 50/50 raffle where the winner gets 50% of the funds and the school gets the other 50% of the funds. This can be a good way to raise money. Of course, you can also raffle off a prize, such as a bicycle.

4. Run an A-Thon Event

Getting the students involved in an a-thon event of some sort can go a long way when you’re looking for a low-cost fundraiser. This can be a walk-a-thon, run-a-thon, shoot-a-thon, or even a rock-a-thon.

This type of low-cost fundraiser allows you to raise money by having people sponsor the participants. For example, if you do a run-a-thon, sponsors can give a certain amount per mile or per minute. Then, when the participant runs a few miles, they multiply the sponsor amount by the per mile or minute and donate that amount to the school.

There are plenty of options when you’re looking for a low-cost school fundraiser. You can also consider a car wash, a jelly bean count, or one of many other cheap fundraisers. Sometimes, if you get creative, you can mix a few low-cost fundraisers together to make it an even more profitable fundraiser.

Maybe you have regular sports events at your school. You can run raffles at the sports events regularly and sell custom car magnets as a souvenir at all the games, too. This can give you an ongoing way to raise money with these low-cost fundraisers.

Fundraising Car Magnets

How to Use Custom Magnets for Mailers

Fundraising Car Magnets
Fundraising Car Magnets

How to Use Custom Magnets for Mailers

There are many ways to use custom magnets for mailers. Whether you’re promoting a business, an event, or anything else, this can be a very easy way to get the word out.

As a promotional item, custom magnets work great. They become even better when sent in the mail because most people won’t just toss out a magnet like they might a postcard. Here are some of the ways you can use custom magnets for mailers.

4 Ways to Use Custom Magnets for Mailers

1. Promote Your Company

Companies use postcards often as mailers, and they work okay. However, when you upgrade to a custom magnet as your mailer, you will likely see better results.

For example, if you’re a real estate agent, you can include a business card magnet with your mailer. Even if someone isn’t ready to sell or buy a house now, they will toss that magnet on their fridge for later.

This can work great for a restaurant, landscaping business, a school, or any other type of business. People tend to toss magnets onto their fridges, which means they will see your advertisement over and over.

2. For Event Promotions

Maybe you have a charity event you’re trying to promote and you want to send out a mailer. Instead of using a paper mailer that will likely end up in the trash, use a custom magnet. You can have the magnet designed to match the event.

When the magnet shows up, people will think it’s cool and put it on the fridge. This will remind them of your event and they might buy a table, tickets, or decide to play in your golf outing. This is a great way to boost your attendance or participants.

3. For Your Sports Team

Whether you have a football team you want to promote, a soccer team, or any other type of sports team, a custom magnet mailer can work great. You can design the magnet as a schedule magnet to promote all your games.

Those looking for something to do in the area or looking to support your sports team will likely put the magnet on the fridge. They will be reminded of when you have home games and might attend more games due to the reminder.

4. Sponsor an Awareness Magnet

Another great way to use custom magnets for mailers is to sponsor an awareness magnet. As a business, you can do this by partnering with a cancer awareness or autism awareness organization.

Typically, you can sponsor the magnets that represent the awareness organization by paying for them. Then, when they are mailed out, your business name can be included as the sponsor on the magnet or on the mailer. This gives you some advertisement while helping an organization spread awareness, which can lead to more donations to help them out. It’s a win-win for everybody involved.

There are many great ways to use custom magnets for mailers. If you’re looking to send out a mailer and you want to include a custom magnet, start with our free magnet design tool or contact us today!

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Top 4 Ways to Use Custom Magnets for Your Restaurant

Advertising and Promotional Car Magnets
Advertising and Promotional Car Magnets

Top 4 Ways to Use Custom Magnets for Your Restaurant

When you run a restaurant, you might need to find unique ways to get more customers. Maybe you want your customers to come back more often, order delivery from you, or just remember your daily specials. Promotional car magnets can work great to help you promote your restaurant.

There are many ways to use custom magnets for your restaurant. Let’s look at some of the top ways to use these magnets to drive more business into your restaurant.

Custom Menu Magnets

A great way to make sure your customers come back is to hand out custom menu magnets. You can also mail these out to your local areas.

Most people will slap this magnet on the fridge, which means, that when they go to get things out of the fridge, they will be reminded of your restaurant. This can work very well for restaurants offering delivery or to-go options.

Custom-Shaped Restaurant Magnets

One of the coolest ways to promote your restaurant with custom magnets is to have the shape customized. You can have the shape be a piece of pizza, an ice cream cone, a sushi roll, or anything else that fits your restaurant.

When you have a custom shape for your magnet, it will stand out. It can become easier to find on a fridge of magnets or it might even be attractive enough to be put on a person’s vehicle. Either way, you will find these magnets can be very helpful for promoting your restaurant.

Event Magnets

Maybe you run a restaurant that has regular events, such as trivia night or kid’s night. If you have weekly or monthly events, you can create an event magnet to keep people reminded of the fun, regular events you have going on.

This can also work for specific food specials you run that might draw more people in. Whether you want to promote happy hour or Sunday brunch, an event magnet can be a very powerful promotional tool.

Magnets to Target Businesses

You can gain larger orders from businesses if you give them a magnet specifically for them. Maybe the businesses in your area want to order lunch on Fridays, or another day of the week. You can run a promotion specifically for the area businesses.

Have some custom magnets created to target all the businesses in the area. You can hand the magnets out in person or mail them to all the businesses. Make sure they get some type of deal specifically for businesses and you might be able to get more lunch orders for your restaurant.

There are many great ways to use custom magnets for restaurants. If you’re looking for a unique and powerful way to promote your restaurant, consider any of these options. You can start by designing your custom magnet with our free virtual design tool.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Top Reasons Why You Should Invest in Custom Car Magnets

Cheerleading Car Magnets
Swim Team Car Magnets

Top Reasons Why You Should Invest in Custom Car Magnets

When you run a business or you need to promote a cause, it’s important to invest in the right promotional tools. One of the top marketing tools you can use is custom car magnets. These magnets work great for fundraisers and to help promote all types of organizations including churches, schools, sports teams, and more.

There are many reasons to invest in custom car magnets. Whether you want to run a fundraiser or promote an organization, these magnets can work great. They can also be used as fridge magnets. Here are a few top reasons to use custom magnets for your promotions.

Increase Leads and Sales

If you’re running a business, you can use custom car magnets to increase leads and sales. They can be used on your own vehicles or handed out as a giveaway at trade shows and other events. You can even use these magnets to get repeat business more often.

A good example of how a business can get more sales with custom car magnets is a pizza delivery business. Give away a free custom magnet to your customers and they will slap it on the fridge. Then, when they are ready to order pizza again, you will be in the front of their mind.

Brand Locally

If you can get people driving around your community with your magnet on their vehicle, it will help with branding. Even if it’s just you driving around with a large magnet on your vehicle, it can help. Local branding can help you grow your business, too.

Excellent for Fundraising

Whether you need to raise money for a football team, your swim team, or your cheerleading team, you can use custom car magnets. They can be designed to match your cause perfectly. With a good design, your custom car magnet will be easy to sell.

These magnets come with a very high-profit margin. They are inexpensive and you can sell them to raise money for your cause pretty easily. It’s even possible to get a local business to sponsor your magnets by covering the cost of the magnets. If you can do this, it will make your fundraiser even more profitable.

Provides Reminders

While not all organizations can benefit from providing reminders for their customers or supporters, some can. Churches, schools, and sports teams can use custom magnets as calendar magnets. You can create a game schedule for your magnets or your magnet can be used to promote one specific event.

This can go along with a fundraiser or it can help to draw more people to your events. Would it be beneficial if you could increase attendance at your high school sports games? Could this lead to higher ticket sales and concession sales?

There are many reasons to invest in custom magnets for your business, organization, or cause. You can start your magnet design today with our free virtual magnet design tool. If you need help with your design or have questions, call our team today!

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Make Your Football Team Popular with Custom Sports Magnets

Sports Car Magnets
Sports Car Magnets

Make Your Football Team Popular with Custom Sports Magnets

Football season is right around the corner and you want to pack the stadium. Whether you’re a college football team, high school football team, or another type of football team, you can use custom sports magnets to make your team more popular.

These custom magnets give you a tool you can use in many different ways to get more people to your games. Let’s look at the best ways you can use custom sports magnets to grow your team’s popularity.

Top 4 Ways to Use Custom Sports Magnets for Your Football Team

1. Schedule Magnet

Custom sports magnets can be created with a schedule of your games on the magnet. Then, your fans and supporters can slap it onto the fridge and they will know when you are playing your game.

You can even get these types of magnets to highlight your home games for fans. Plus, you can include an easy way to buy tickets for those wanting to come to your games.

2. Custom Car Magnets

Maybe you need a fundraiser, along with the ability to spread your team’s name throughout the community. Having a custom car magnet designed for your football team will go a long way. You can sell these for a high profit margin and they can help spread your team’s name and mascot throughout the community.

When you want to raise money and make your team more popular, this might be the type of custom sports fundraising magnet that is right for you.

3. Custom Magnet Giveaway

Another way to easily spread your team’s name all across the community is with a custom magnet giveaway. This type of magnet giveaway will help spread the word. You can pair this type of giveaway with a custom schedule magnet to make it even more powerful.

It’s even possible to get a small business in your area to sponsor your custom sports magnets. Have them pay the cost for the magnets for a tagline on the magnet advertising your business. Then, you can do a custom magnet giveaway without any cost to your football team.

4. Mascot Magnet

If you want to spread your popularity without using a schedule magnet, you can get a mascot magnet designed. These magnets tend to fit best for fans and supporters of your team. You can sell them at games, at school, or even through social media.

The mascot magnets make it simple for your supporters to show off their fandom. They can display this type of custom car magnets for all to see throughout the community.

There are many ways to use custom sports magnets for your specific team. Whether you’re at the college level, high school level, middle school level, or even the pro level, you can use custom sports car magnets to pack your stadium.

Get your custom magnet designed today by using our free virtual magnet design tool. Of course, you can always call our team to ensure you get the best design possible.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Top Fundraiser Ideas for Sororities

Fundraiser Ideas for Sororities
Fundraiser Ideas for Sororities

Top Fundraiser Ideas for Sororities

When you’re trying to raise money for your sorority, you need to pick, the right fundraiser. There are plenty of fundraiser ideas for sororities to use. With the right fundraiser, you’ll be able to raise the money you need.

Before you choose the right sorority fundraiser, you should consider a few ideas. Let’s look at a few of the top sorority fundraisers to consider.

4 Best Fundraiser Ideas for Sororities

1. Custom Car Magnets

One of the best fundraiser ideas for sororities is selling custom car magnets. You probably won’t be able to do very well if the magnet represents your sorority, but you can do quite well with an awareness magnet.

These magnets allow you to spread awareness about cancer, autism, or something else. When you sell these types of magnets, your sorority can partner with a specific cause. Then, you can donate a portion of the proceeds to the cause and use the rest of the funds raised for your sorority.

Custom car magnets work well because they are budget-friendly, easy to sell and provide plenty of versatility. You can also sell custom sports magnets that represent your school with permission from your school. The ideas of endless with custom car magnets.

2. Car Wash

Another fundraiser you can use for your sorority is a car wash. Your members can do the work and the only cost you will have are the supplies to wash cars. This is a popular fundraiser idea you can use to get some cash flowing into your sorority.

It is possible to combine a car wash with a custom car magnet fundraiser, too. For every car that donates a certain amount, give them a free custom car magnet. This magnet can match your school, a cause, or anything you want and can help drive up donations at your car wash.

3. Sell a Food Product

You can also sell a food product, such as popcorn, pizza, or something else. This can make for a good fundraiser, but it will require the right storage in place when you deliver the products. Plus, you do have to collect money and take orders, and then later, deliver the products you sold.

You can do very well with the right food fundraiser, but it might not be the best choice for your sorority.

4. Hold an Event

There are many types of events you can hold as a sorority to raise money. You can hold a gala night, a cookout event, a competition type of event, or one of many other events. An event can help you work with multiple fundraisers in one place. You can charge for the event, hold a silent auction at the event, and even sell a few products, too.

These are four of the best options when you’re looking for fundraiser ideas for sororities. If you want to make sure you get the right fundraiser, make sure you consider your options and choose the fundraiser you believe you can be the most successful with.