Fundraising Car Magnets for your School

School Car Magnets

School Fundraising Car Magnets

Okay, it’s the middle of August, and your PTA/PTO still hasn’t finished their fundraising. Well, today could be the day that you can finally say “We’re Done!”.

The car magnet experts at ARC Marketing can design, print and deliver your new custom magnets in about 2 weeks. That means in about 14 days, your parents could be rockin’ your new magnet on their cars, trucks, mini vans, SUV’s and more.

Want to use this magnet in your refrigerator? No problem; this is a fridge-magnet on steroids. The magnetic strength of this magnet is about 10 times as strong as your typical fridge magnet. You can hold up a week’s worth of homework with this magnet. The days of slamming the fridge shut and having everything fall to the kitchen floor are over.

On your car, on your fridge, on your school locker… this magnet is going to put your school on the map and your fundraising on the fast-track to success.

How much can you sell these for? Quite a few schools are selling them for $10 each with no price resistance. Most parents realize that the money they pay for the magnet is a donation to the PTA, and the magnet is a gift for their donation, so in essence… money is no object.

How much money can you raise with our magnets? Let’s say you have us print 250 magnets at $2 each (your cost). Now let’s say you sell them for $7.50 each (that’s the average fundraising price). That’s a $5.50 profit on each magnet. Sell all 250 magnets and your PTA will raise $1,375. Try doing that with magazine subscriptions. Have a bigger school? Order more magnets and double your profits.

Now, we’re not saying that our car magnets are going to be all you need to do for fundraising this year, but custom car magnets should be part of your fundraising “mix”.

Let us help you get started with a free magnet design created just for you by one of our expert designers. It’s fast, it’s easy and it’s free. Just fill out a simple form, giving us an idea of how you would like your magnet to look, and we’ll get a design to you ASAP. Just click here, or give us a call at 760-743-6340.

Basketball Car Magnets

Basketball Car Magnets

Basketball Car Magnets for Fundraising

It’s hard to believe, but the 2019 – 2020 NBA Rookie of the Year will be playing for a high school team this year. Before he played for his high school team, he probably played for a local rec league or in a local AAU Basketball League. Right now, he’s probably in his drive way practicing his 3 point shot on a hoop his dad installed above the garage door when he was only 5 feet tall.

Basketball is one of the quintessential North American Sports. Invented in 1891 by Dr. James Naismith (who just happened to be Canadian) in Springfield, MA.

Just like every other youth sport, Youth Basketball is not an inexpensive endeavor. Heck, just a pair of the coolest new shoes can set you back $200 And just like every other youth sport there are expenses that the parents need to pay for (uniforms, shoes, coaching, etc.) and there are expenses that the entire team needs to pay (Spoiler Alert… you parents are going to pay for those too!). These team expenses (such as court rental for practice and league games, travel, referees, etc.) add up and the teams usually try to offset these somewhat with fundraising.

I’m not going to sit here and make fun of all of the other lame fundraising ideas out there (just read some of our previous blog posts to see what I’m talking about), but the best fundraiser out there, IMHO, would be a fundraising car magnet customized with your team name and colors.

Think about it, this is an NBA quality magnet, and every car it’s put on will become a rolling billboard for your team. You’ll be just like every other professional team, but without the salary cap.

Here’s another huge plus for the car magnets versus the other fundraisers (I’m looking at you, car-wash) … it adds a ton of fame to the equation. 250 cars with your team’s magnet stuck on the trunk lid is going to create a lot of awareness. Every car with your magnet will be seen by at least a hundred other cars each and every day. Instant street cred. That’s an awesome responsibility, and now you’re going to need to step up your game on the court.

Want to see what your basketball magnet will look like? We’ll design your new magnet for free, with no obligation to buy anything ever! Just let us show you what our talented team of artists can do. All you need to do is answer a few simple questions about your team logo, colors, etc. and sit back while our art department throws their mad skills at your project. Magically, in about a day your design will arrive in your in-box. To get started on your free basketball magnet, just click here.

PTA and PTO Fundraising Car Magnets

PTA and PTO Fundraising

PTA and PTO Fundraising Car Magnets

Welcome to the 2016 – 2017 PTA and PTO Board Members

Summer is here and the kids get the next few months off… but not the new PTA and PTO Board Members. You guys are hard at work preparing for the new school year.

Among the many jobs you have in front of you is fundraising. Fundraising is a key part of the inner workings of your organization. The money that you raise provides a huge benefit to your school.

Most fundraising items are sold to parents and are soon forgotten, never to be seen again. Almost none provide any awareness for your school.

Custom car magnets provide a lot of money (usually 200% profit or more), plus they provide the added benefit of “exposure”. Imagine 500 cars driving around your town with your school’s car magnet. Each magnet will be seen by hundreds of other cars every day, and car magnets never take a day off! That’s 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Before long, everyone in town will have seen your car magnet.

Getting started on your new car magnet is easy. We offer a fast, free, no obligation design, prepared by one of our professional magnet artists. We have the best artists in this industry. Your magnet design is perhaps the most important element of a successful car magnet (we also use the best magnetic material and the most durable outdoor inks). The easiest way for us to show you how talented our artists are would be to have you visit the websites of our competitors. Just like us, they show several of their best designs on their websites. Compare their designs to ours. I’m sure you will find their designs just a little unprofessional. The fonts might not be bold enough to be seen from a distance, the logos might not be just right, etc. Then look at the designs on our site. On our magnets, you are going to see the perfect marriage of text to logo. The perfect colors, with great contrast for easy reading from several car lengths away. But more than anything else, ours will be a car magnet that you can be proud of, as opposed to a lame design that will embarrass your kids.

Go with the pros. Get your fundraising car magnet from ARC Marketing, Inc.

To get started on your free, no obligation design, just click here.

Youth Football Fundraising

Fundraising Car Magnets

Youth Football Fundraising Car Magnets

It’s June, and that means football season is not too far away! Registration has already begun (with some leagues, it’s already finished) and soon your young football stars will be strapping on the pads, tightening their chin-straps and getting ready to rumble.

All youth sports are expensive, and youth football is among the most expensive. There are expenses that must be paid for by each parent for your player (uniforms, helmets, pads, etc.) and there are expenses that are paid by the teams and the league. Just because these are team and league expenses does not mean that the parents don’t ultimately pay for them. They are wrapped into your league fees.

Fundraising plays a huge part in keeping these league fees low. I doubt that any youth football league is not involved in fundraising to some degree, and most are deeply involved in fundraising. It’s critical to the continued success of the league.

I Googled “Youth Football Fundraising Ideas” and the usual suspects show up every time. None really look like “money makers” to me, and most will be downright embarrassing for your kids (are you trying to scar them for life?). I mean really? Take a look at these…

  • Rent-a-kid (expect a visit from Child Protective Services)
  • Sell batteries (batteries? Really?)
  • Sell team jewelry (where do you get team jewelry to sell?)
  • Mow-a-Thon (your kids won’t even mow your lawn)
  • Scavenger Hunts (how do you make money at this?)
  • Punkin’ Chunkin’ (honestly, this is on the list. What the heck is Punkin’ Chunkin’?)
  • Neighborhood Chores (again, good luck getting your kids to do your neighbor’s chores)
  • $1 Candy Bars (Won’t make much money but will provide a mouthful of cavities)
  • Face Painting (ugh, no thanks)

How about doing something that won’t destroy your kid’s self-esteem, will bring awareness to your team and will make everyone proud? Yeah, I’m talking about customized car magnets. Our magnets are the best on the planet and our designers can create a magnet that an NFL Team would be proud of.

Consider this… If you had us design and print just 250 magnets, and you sold them for $6 each (most teams get $10 each), then you would be able to pay for all 250 magnets, plus you would make about $1,000 profit. You’d need to sell 2,000 $1 candy bars to make that much (your local dentist could sponsor this one).

Let us show you how easy a Car Magnet Fundraiser can be. We’ll do the design-work. We’ll do the printing. We’ll ship right to your door. You just let the parents know they’re available and start collecting the money. No humiliation, no calories, no Pumpkin Mess to clean up.

For more information, and a free, no obligation magnet design, just give us a call at 760-743-6340 or visit our website at

PTA and PTO Fundraising Ideas

PTA, PTO car magnets

Car Magnets for your PTA and PTO

Google “PTA and PTO Fundraising Ideas” and you get the usual suggestions… car washes, selling chocolate bars, selling magazine subscriptions, etc. All of these ideas, and more, should be part of your fundraising efforts. Branded merchandise sales (customized with your full color school mascot) are also a great source of revenue. Some examples of branded merchandise are

  • Custom Car Magnets from ARC Marketing (we’re biased)
  • Custom T-Shirts from a local screen printer
  • Custom Decals from ARC Marketing (we offer these also)
  • Custom Baseball Caps from a local screen printer

These customized goodies, printed with your school mascot, tend to be very popular as fundraising items and your school can make some serious money selling them to parents, faculty, local business leaders, and the population at large. An additional benefit to raising money is that they provide a little bit of advertising, or “awareness”. As more and more of these items start appearing around your community, your school gets more and more recognition.

T-shirts and baseball caps can generate quite a bit of exposure, but these items tend to only be worn on weekends (unless your work’s Casual Friday allows for this type of attire!). And then after a few months, the T-shirt ends up in the rag-basket and is only used to wax the car.

Car magnets on the other hand, provide exposure every time your car is on the road. Can you guess how many other cars will see your car magnet on a daily basis? Of course this is hard to measure, but conservative estimates are a minimum of 100 cars daily (this would be for a very small community) to more than a thousand cars each day (easy to achieve in large markets like Southern California).

Car magnets also can provide a larger profit margin than T-shirts and caps. First, always use a high quality T-shirt (you should only use the best T-shirts from known suppliers such as Hanes, Gildan, etc.), otherwise you are going to need to handle a lot of quality complaints beginning a few weeks after the fundraiser. Doing a quick internet search for pricing, I have found that several of the larger on-line custom T-shirt companies will charge you about $13.50 per shirt (with a one color front logo and a full color larger logo on the back) for 250 shirts in various sizes. How much do you think you could sell each T-shirt for? Would you pay $25 for a T-shirt? Probably not. $20? Maybe. $15? You’re getting warmer, but a $15 each, you are only making about a buck and a half per shirt. Plus, you’ll be shelling out $3,375 up front for those shirts. Sounds like a lot of risk for only $375 profit (at a $15 sales price).

On the other hand, 250 fully customized car magnets from ARC Marketing will only cost $2.00 each (fully customized with your team logo) and you can sell them $6 to $10 each. Let’s assume that your parents and faculty are very involved with supporting your school and you sell them for $10 each. Doing some quick math, I come up with the following… you’ll be shelling out about $500 for 250 custom magnets and at $10 each, you’ll be pulling in $2,500. That’s about $2,000 in profit. This makes selling T-Shirts seem like an exercise in futility.

Again, we’re not saying not to use T-Shirts and candy fundraisers. We’re just saying you can make a lot more money with a lot less work and risk with custom car magnets from ARC Marketing.

Getting started on your magnets is easy, and we’ll do all of the design-work for free. To begin on your free design, just visit our website and give us a little info about your school. One of our artists will design your car magnet pronto and email it back to you. Click here to get started!




Custom Car Magnets for your Church

Custom Church Car Magnets

Church Car Magnets

Your church is not the same as the other church down the street. Nor is it the same as any  of the other churches in your town. Sure, there are similarities, but your church is different.

  • You have a different outlook on a variety of subjects.
  • You have an outreach program that is designed to serve those whom you feel need the most help.
  • You have a “mission statement”, which conveys your churches message eloquently, in just a few words.
  • You have a church logo, artfully designed with just the perfect colors.
  • You have a beautiful church, that has become the icon for your congregation.

How can you bring all of these things that make you different, and put them on some item so that the rest of the world can learn more about your church?

Here’s an idea… how about a custom car magnet that your members can put on their vehicles. Just one car, driving around with your magnet, will be seen by between 100 and 500 other cars every day. Not all of these cars will read the magnet, but the potential is there. That’s an amazing amount of exposure and publicity for your church. Okay, now consider the fact that not just one car, but hundreds of cars driven by your members will have your church magnet on them. It will be difficult for anyone in your home town to not see your car magnet on any given day. What a great way to get your message across.

ARC Marketing has helped hundreds of churches just like yours get a custom car magnet. We will design your magnet for free, and then we will print the highest quality magnet made in America.

It is so easy to get started. Just complete a simple questionnaire on our website. Answer a few questions about the magnet you would like us to design (shape, colors, logo, etc.) and within 24 hours, one of our artists will design your magnet. We’ll email the design to you and then you just let us know what changes to make to the initial design. Once your magnet looks perfect, just let us know how many you want. Within 2 weeks, your magnets will be delivered to your church where you will give them to your eagerly waiting members, or sell them for a modest fundraising price.

Get started right now by clicking here!   

Cub Scout Fundraising Car Magnets

Scouting car magnets

Cub Scout Car Magnets

Okay, the Girl Scouts have their cookies for fundraising, and no one questions that this is one of the most popular and successful fundraisers in America. It’s the cornerstone of their very financial existence. In fact, according to Fortune Magazine, the numbers are staggering. Fortune says “Overall, though, Girl Scout cookie sales declined, as the organization sold 194 million boxes (about $776 million in sales) this year, including both e-commerce and traditional, in-person sales. That’s getting close to a billion dollars’ worth of cookies. Maybe it’s time to stop blaming McDonald’s for the obesity epidemic in America.

But wait, the Cub Scouts offer their own fund raiser. It’s calorie free and creates a lot of brand awareness. A custom designed car magnet, designed specifically for your Cub Scout Pack makes a terrific fundraiser. Every Cub Scout Pack, big or small, can benefit from a custom car magnet program from ARC Marketing. Available in quantities as few as 50 magnets (try finding another company offering quantities this low), it’s easy to raise money and put your Cub Scout Pack on the map. Imagine seeing hundreds of cars driving around your town with your Cub Scout magnet on them.

We also make car magnets for Girl Scout Troops and Boy Scout Troops and Councils, but the Cub Scouts have really embraced custom car magnets as a fund raiser.

One advantage to using our car magnets as a fundraiser (compared to the Girl Scout Cookie program) is that you can conduct it at any time, and your Cub Scout Pack can do it on your own. By contrast, the Girl Scout Cookie program happens only once a year, and it must be coordinated with their National Program. Of course, we’re not saying that car magnets will make as much money as Girl Scout Cookies, but they should be an important part of your fundraising mix. Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts have no national fund raising item. Each Pack makes their own fundraising decisions. Many Packs, Troops and Councils participate in popcorn sales, but many packs search for different ways to raise funds.

It’s easy to get started on your Cub Scout fundraising magnets. The first step is to have us create a free design for your Pack (click here to see how). The second step is to have our art department fine tune the initial design (with your input). Once the design looks perfect to you, just decide on a quantity. Then we’ll print and ship your custom car magnets to you. The final step is to have your Cub Scouts sell them to neighbors, friends and local business leaders. Believe me, almost everyone will be willing to help by buying your magnet, and they will all be proud to put your magnet on their car and advertise your Pack to the world.

Have questions? Give us a call at 760-743-6340!



Youth Football and Cheerleading car magnets

Cheer and Football car magnets

Cheer leading and Youth Football car magnets

Okay, I know it’s early Spring, and most of our young athletes are getting ready for baseball and softball. But if you are also a “Youth Football Parent”, you should also be planning for late summer football fundraising.

Also, if you are a “Cheerleader Parent”, fundraising is an important part of your life.

I’m not taking sides on the “which is more important” issue of cheerleading versus football (The cheerleaders feel that the football players are there to entertain the crowd in between cheer routines. The football players feel that the cheerleaders are there to entertain the crowd in between plays). Regardless of which group you side with, fundraising is still very important.

Car magnets make the easiest fundraiser ever. Car magnets are easy to store, easy to sell and create a lot of awareness for the cheerleading squad and for the football team. Your young stars are going to love the exposure that these custom car magnets provide. They’re going to feel like rock stars once hundreds of cars in your town show up with their team’s car magnets on them. And you can make a lot of money! If your team can sell just 300 magnets, you can make a profit of over $1,200! To see our “Profit Calculator”, just click here.

We have been making car magnets for Youth Football and Youth Cheer teams for over 10 years. Our design team knows what it takes to create the perfect design in order to make your team look like pros. Compare the designs shown on our “Football Gallery Page” with the designs shown on the other car magnet sites (if they even show them). You are going to see a big difference! Ours are professionally designed and look like an NFL team would have designed them. There’s look amateurish, and look like they were designed by a 12-year old. The design really matters, and our designers are the best in this industry. You can view our Design Gallery by clicking here.

And guess what? You won’t pay a penny for our design work. In fact, we’ll provide with a free initial design, then fine tune it with multiple renditions (all at no charge or obligation) and after all of that you still don’t owe us anything… even if you don’t go forward with an order! Find another car magnet company who will do that for you. To get started on your free magnet design, just click here.

Of course, if you are “old school” and don’t want to mess with on-line requests, you can always give us a call at 760-743-6340 and talk to one of our humans!

Animal Shelter Car Magnets


Car Magnets for Animal Shelters

Humane Society Fundraising

mal Shelter Car Magnets…

Here’s another growing category for custom car magnets… fundraising for animal shelters, recue societies, humane societies and more.

We all love our pets, but we also feel an obligation to help other pets who do not live in loving homes. This is where the rescue societies and animal shelters come into play. Shelters and humane societies perform such a valuable service. They take in the abandoned and abused pets of America and help find them new homes. Most of these dogs and cats (as well as horses and other animals) have never had a home where they felt welcome. They are sometimes mistreated by their owners, or abandoned.

These rescue societies operate on donations and volunteers. The work they do is not free, even though most of the people working at the shelter are volunteers. They still need to rent the building, pay for medication, pay for utilities and more. And again, it’s donations that make up the majority of the money that comes in to keep the shelter functioning.

Fundraising also plays a huge role in the day-to-day operations. Donations alone do not cover all expenses, so these shelters look for creative ways to add a little additional money to the mix. Car magnets from ARC Marketing are used by dozens of animal shelters and humane societies every year. It’s easy for these shelters to raise thousands of dollars by selling a creative car magnets designed and printed by ARC Marketing (click here to see a few car magnets created for animal shelters around America).

Here’s another benefit of using car magnets… free publicity and increased awareness! Every one of those cars with the shelter’s car magnet will be seen by hundreds of other drivers every day; day in and day out. That’s 24/7/365. Every day of the year, hundreds of cars multiplied by hundreds of daily advertising exposures! The total amount of free advertising is actually staggering. This just might be the best way for the humane society to get the word out.

So, if you’re involved with an animal shelter or humane society and you want to both increase awareness and increase your cash flow, just give us a call at 760-743-6340. Better yet, visit our website at


Softball Car Magnets

Baseball and Softball car magnets

Fundraising Car Magnets for Youth Baseball and Softball

Play Ball!

Wow, it’s February already! That means we’re only about a month away from Major League Baseball Spring Training.

Also getting ready for spring baseball are about a million youngsters playing youth baseball and softball. If you are a parent with a kid playing baseball or softball you know that it’s not all fun and games. Another unfortunate byproduct of youth sports is money (and lots of it!). After you pay your league fees, team fees then buy all of the equipment that your young athlete will need, you find out that even more money is needed. Instead of asking parents to keep writing checks, most teams and leagues hold several fund raising events before and during the season. Most of these fundraisers are very ineffective and poorly received (I’m talking about fundraisers such as “Cookie Dough Sales” and those “Over-Sized Chocolate Bar Sales”… really?!!).

Here’s a fat-free fundraiser to consider… custom car magnets from ARC Marketing. Customized specifically for your team, these high quality, weather-proof car magnets will stand the test of time (they last for years and do not fade) and they will bring well deserved attention to your team. Imagine hundreds of cars in your town with your car magnet on them!

Now is the time to start designing the fundraising car magnets for your Little League Baseball teams and your Softball Teams. You don’t need to be an expert magnet designer to do this… because we are expert magnet designers and we’ll do this for you for FREE.

So, if you’re looking for a high-profit fundraiser, then custom car magnets are the easy choice. First of all, everyone will want one (unlike those stale, over-sized chocolate bar fundraisers). And it’s easy to double, or even triple your money (you can’t do that with any other fundraiser).

Here’s another bonus; after your car magnet fundraiser is over, you have hundreds of cars driving around your town with your team’s logo. After your over-sized chocolate bar fundraiser is over, all you have is a weight-loss problem.

Here’s the fun part… getting your free car magnet design. One of our artists will design your magnet (working with input from you) and we’ll email you the preliminary design ASAP. Just click here to get started: