Fundraising Car Magnets

What can You Use Fundraising Car Magnets For?

Fundraising Car Magnets
Fundraising Car Magnets

What can You Use Fundraising Car Magnets For?

When you want to raise money for your cause, fundraising car magnets offer a great option. There are many ways you can use these types of car magnets and plenty of types of organizations you can use them for.

You can raise money for a number of reasons with magnets. They offer a great option and a good alternative to food fundraisers and other types of fundraisers. Let’s look at the different types of fundraising car magnet uses.

Top 5 Uses for Fundraising Car Magnets

1. Sports Teams

One of the top uses for fundraising car magnets is to raise money for sports teams. You can use these magnets to raise funds for any sports team including:

Whether you’re raising money for a youth team or a high school team, fundraising car magnets work great.

2. Youth Groups & Churches

Another great way to use fundraising car magnets is for youth groups. Church magnets and similar designs work great for youth groups raising money for events, mission trips, or any other reason.

Even if you just want to raise money for your church, you can use custom car magnets to raise money. This is a powerful way to spread the message of your church, as well. Each magnet is a small advertisement.

3. Schools

School fundraisers are necessary and custom car magnets work great for any level of school. Whether you’re raising money for an elementary school, middle school, or high school, the right custom car magnets will help with raising money.

4. Awareness Causes

If you want to raise awareness and funds for Autism, Cancer, or another cause fundraising car magnets offer a great choice. Not only can you raise money, but you can also spread awareness with every magnet, on every vehicle. This can help provide cash for research and other tasks, along with providing awareness so more people understand or at least start asking questions about your cause.

5. Scouting

Any type of scouting group can use custom car magnets to raise money. This is a great option for this type of group and a custom magnet offers a good fundraising option. It will be a fresh option compared to the fundraisers you’ve been running.

Along with these five excellent uses for fundraising car magnets, you can also use them for:

No matter the type of organization you want to use fundraising car magnets for, you need the right design and the right plan. You can choose a round or oval magnet. We even provide custom shapes to make your magnet stand out even more than the common options.

If you’re ready to start raising more money for your organization, ARC Marketing is ready to help you. Find out more about our fundraising car magnets today!

Fundraising Car Magnets

How to Create an Eye-Catching Custom Car Magnet

Custom Car Magnets
Custom Car Magnets

How to Create an Eye-Catching Custom Car Magnet

Whether you’re trying to raise money for a church or a school, the right custom car magnet can offer the right option. There are plenty of ways to create an eye-catching custom car magnet for your fundraising needs.

Fundraising car magnets offer a great way to make money for your organization. You can customize the design and provide a great magnet for those you plan to sell it to. Here are some of the best ways to make your custom magnet eye-catching.

5 Tips to Create an Eye-Catching Custom Magnet

1. Choose a Custom Shape

A custom shape goes a long way to make your magnet stand out. You can create a magnet that looks like a bike wheel for a biking group, one in the shape of a cross for a church, or even one that looks like a football helmet. No matter the shape you prefer, a custom shape for your fundraising magnet can help give you the eye-catching magnet you desire.

2. Show off Spirit

If you’re working on a custom magnet for a sports team or similar group, you can enjoy showing off spirit with your mascot. Adding your mascot to the right magnet design can make a huge difference in how eye-catching your magnet becomes.

3. Make it Look Modern

A modern design to your custom car magnet can go a long way to helping to get it sold faster and to more people. Custom car magnets offer a great option for your fundraiser and if you choose a modern design, it can make it much easier to sell.

The right colors can help it look more modern and you can also choose a font to help make it look modern. With a modern design, your magnet will look much higher in quality.

4. Choose a Larger Size

You will have different sizes you can choose from when designing a custom car magnet for your fundraiser. If you choose the larger size, you will have the ability to create an eye-catching magnet for your organization. There are plenty of options to make it stand out, but a larger size always helps.

5. Make it an Awareness Magnet

If you really want to capture the eyes of those you plan to sell to, make your custom fundraiser magnet an awareness magnet. This will help you to stand out and you can spread awareness for an organization or cause, such as autism or cancer.

Creating an eye-catching custom car magnet helps you sell more and raise more money for your organization. The return on investment with this type of fundraiser can be rather huge and it can help you support any type of organization including churches, schools, sports teams, and more.

If you’re sick of the typical fundraisers or you prefer to spread your organization, along with raise money, a custom car magnet fundraiser is a great option. ARC Marketing can help you by providing the right magnet design and the best prices for your custom car magnets.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Custom Shaped Car Magnets: Make It Stand Out Fast

Custom Shaped Car Magnets: Make It Stand Out Fast
Custom Shaped Car Magnets: Make It Stand Out Fast

Custom Shaped Car Magnets: Make It Stand Out Fast

There are many ways to make your custom car magnet stand out, whether you’re using it to raise money, to advertise, or to spread awareness. A custom-shaped car magnet offers one of the fastest ways to make your magnet stand out. If it’s easier to spot, it will be easier for others to see it and for you to spread the word.

Of course, there’s also the cool factor for those looking to use custom-shaped car magnets as a fundraiser. When you plan to sell custom car magnets as your fundraiser, a custom shape can make your magnet look cool and reach a larger audience.

7 Options for Your Custom Shaped Car Magnets

1. Gear

A gear can be used for several different types of organizations. You can use a gear to promote your bike shop, raise money for a bike organization, or for anything else having to do with gears. Whether you want to spread awareness or raise money, the gear shape is a good choice for your magnet.

2. Star

Do you need to raise money for a cheer team, dance school, or another youth organization? If a star shape fits with your group, it can be a great choice for your custom-shaped car magnet. With a star, you can stand out and gain a look of class as it’s a very popular shape most people like.

3. Pizza Slice

Pizza slice magnets might not get put on cars as much, but they can certainly be placed on the fridge at home. If you run a pizza shop, you can have custom-shaped car magnets designed with a pizza slice theme and use them as fridge magnets. They will stand the test of time and be right there for families when they crave a slice of your pizza pie.

4. Triangle

Instead of the typical round or oval shape, you can use a triangle. This shape might better represent your organization as a triangle can be used as a mountain background or just as a unique shape to help you stand out.

5. Football Helmet

Of course, a very popular custom-shaped car magnet you can use for any type of football team is a football helmet. The face mask will make your magnet stand out quite a bit and you’ll gain plenty of exposure with this type of unique shape for your magnet.

6. Ice Cream Cone

Maybe you want to promote an ice cream shop or a dessert business. An ice cream-shaped magnet can certainly help you stand out.

7. House

while house-shaped custom car magnets are usually used for real estate, they can fit with other organizations, too. If a house makes sense with your group or organization, it’s a great custom shape you can use for your fundraising magnet.

There are several custom shapes you can use for your fundraising magnets. These are just a few of the unique ideas you can consider. If you want your magnet to stand out, we can help with a custom-shaped car magnet. Our team can even make recommendations if you’re not sure the type of magnet shape best suited for your organization.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Autism Awareness Car Magnets

Autism Awareness Car Magnets
Autism Awareness Car Magnets

Autism Awareness Day is Just Around the Corner

April 2nd marks Autism Awareness Day and it’s a good reminder to start your custom car magnet fundraiser and use autism awareness ribbon magnets. These magnets make for a great choice when you want to raise funds for your group and raise awareness about autism.

This year will be the 14th annual World Autism Awareness Day and you can join in by running your fundraiser in the month of April. Many will come together to help raise awareness for autism and support those that love those with autism.

April is the month for autism-friendly events and a great time to run your custom car magnet fundraiser with autism awareness magnets. Many consider the entire month of April to be World Autism Awareness Month, which means you can start your fundraiser and participate in this great event.

The History of World Autism Awareness Day

The word Autism started to be used in 1911. It was first introduced by psychiatrist Eugen Bleuler and was used to describe the symptoms of schizophrenia.

The way Autism was defined changed later in 1943 when psychiatrist Dr. Leo Kanner used the word to describe a social and emotional disorder in children. Even though the word Autism has been used for more than a century, World Autism Day wasn’t started until 2007. It was first set up by the United Nations General Assembly through Resolution 62/139 and has been held on April 2nd of each year since 2007.

The day is filled with unique traditions including wearing the color blue and several events to help educate the public. It’s common for Autism Awareness Day to spark fundraisers and all types of awareness events throughout the month of April. You can start your awareness fundraiser for Autism in April, too.

Stats About Autism Awareness

With April 2nd marking the 14th annual Autism Awareness Day, it’s good to understand some of the stats about Autism.

  • 1 in 145 girls was diagnosed with ASD in 2016, while 1 in 34 boys was diagnosed with ASD
  • The most common age children are diagnosed with ASD is 4
  • 1 in 59 children was diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder in 2018
  • Children with a child with autism have a 2% to 18% chance of having a second child with autism
  • About 31% of children have an intellectual disability because of ASD

There are many things that can cause autism and it’s a rather complex thing. It’s important to spread awareness on Autism Awareness Day and all throughout the year.

Some of the ways you can observe World Autism Awareness Day include:

  • Sharing information online
  • Starting your custom magnet fundraiser with Autism magnets
  • Get involved with a local autism association
  • Attend awareness events

Taking the time to make others aware is a great way to help those with ASD. It’s very helpful to diagnose autism as early as possible and it’s important to spread awareness so parents and others know how to do this.

If you’re planning a custom car magnet fundraiser and you want to use autism awareness magnets, starting it in April is a great idea. We can help you with our autism awareness magnets.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Top Fundraising Ideas for Teen Youth Groups

Fundraising Car Magnets
Fundraising Car Magnets

Top Fundraising Ideas for Teen Youth Groups

Teen youth groups often need to raise money for outings, field trips, supplies, parties, and more. When this is the case, you need a great fundraising idea teens will enjoy as they raise money for the group.

Depending on your youth group, you may want to choose an awareness custom car magnet and partner with a charity, such as autism awareness or cancer awareness. This can help reach the emotional side of your teens and those they are selling to, along with providing funds for your youth group and the charity you partner with.

Here are some of the good fundraising ideas to consider, but selling custom awareness magnets will offer a higher profit margin and an easier fundraiser to run.

7 Fundraising Ideas for Teen Youth Groups

1. Unique Car Wash

Everybody loves a good car wash, but why not make it a bit unique? Put your own twist on it by letting your teens dress up to fit a theme or even putting on a quick little show of some sort during the car wash.

Imagine if you had a team of superheroes ready to wash cars. This could be a fun theme and you could even give away a custom car magnet with any donation of $20 or more.

2. Gift Wrapping

During the holiday season, everybody needs gifts to be wrapped. You can have a spot at your church or school where you offer to wrap gifts and make it known you will be available for a certain amount of hours and days.

3. T-Shirt Fundraiser

Custom t-shirts can be fun for teens to sell if you get the right design. However, be prepared to deal with sizes and issues if someone doesn’t like the way it fits.

4. Big Game Party

If the Super Bowl is coming up or another big game, you can hold a huge event for it or do multiple house parties with a telecast. This can be a good way to raise money as you charge an entry donation and encourage those attending to bring snacks and beverages.

5. Fashion Show

If your group of teens are into fashion, a fashion show offers a good fundraiser. You can pair it with a 50/50 drawing, selling concessions, a dinner, and selling custom car magnets for the ultimate fundraiser.

All you need is a space to hold the fashion show, chairs, and a runway. Then, you just need to get some students and parents to do the modeling and put your own unique twist on the show.

6. Sock Fundraiser

Selling socks is a bit unique and some groups of teens might like this type of fundraiser. It can be fun, but also a bit odd for some people.

7.  Spaghetti Dinner

Pasta dinners are very cheap to run as pasta is cheap to make. With teens, you can let them do serving and cooking, with supervision, and run the event. It’s a great way to bring together the community and raise some cash.

You can pair selling custom car magnets for your group with any event fundraiser to make it even better. This can help you gain bigger donations and bring in more cash.

Fundraising Car Magnets

How to Increase Your Fundraising Sales Fast

School Magnets for Fundraising
School Magnets for Fundraising

How to Increase Your Fundraising Sales Fast

Fundraisers are not easy. Many groups try to perform better than they did the year before, which means you need to increase your fundraiser sales. Let’s look at a few ways you can get more sales this year.

7 Ways to Boost Fundraiser Sales This Year

1. Choose the Right Product

If you ran a fundraiser with cookie dough last year and did okay, maybe you need a different product this year. Custom car magnets can help you boost your sales as they give you an easy-to-sell product for a high-profit margin.

With the right product, you can increase your fundraising sales fast. Choose wisely and match the product with your group and your audience.

2. Don’t Run Too Many Fundraisers

Your supporters can get rather burned out if you’re trying to sell them something every few months. Sometimes it’s better to just run one or two fundraisers instead of running them consistently. Focus on selling more with one and you might see larger profits compared to trying to run three or four fundraisers every year.

3. Get the Work Out

There are many creative ways to get the word out when you’re going to run a fundraiser. You can partner with local businesses to help sell your fundraising item or even get them to sponsor some advertisement for you.

It’s also possible to get featured on local news channels, speak at local churches, or get advertising from another type of organization donated to your cause.

4. Sell a Custom Product

Maybe you’re just one of many groups selling cookies, popcorn, or pizzas. It’s not very unique and your audience might not find it necessary to buy from you.

A custom product, such as a custom car magnet, might offer a better option for your fundraiser this time around.

5. Choose a Different Time of Year

Did you try to run a fundraiser in the summer last year and it didn’t go so well? Try the spring this year or even the winter. Many groups find the holiday season to be a great time to run their fundraiser due to the generous mood many people are already in.

6. Get More People Involved

Maybe last year you just got the students involved in your school fundraiser. This year, get the parents and teachers involved, too. The more people involved, the easier it is to spread the fundraiser by word-of-mouth.

7. Consider Expanding Your Audience

There are several ways to expand your audience and sell more for your fundraiser. When you want to increase your fundraiser sales, maybe it’s as simple as posting up outside more stores to sell or going into the next community over this year. The more reach you can create, the more sales you can make, even if they are to people you didn’t think would be that interested.

These seven tips will help you to increase your fundraiser sales this year. Use these tips to create a plan you can use to raise more money with your fundraiser the next time around.

Fundraising Car Magnets

How to Sell a Product for a Fundraiser

School Magnets for Fundraising
School Magnets

How to Sell a Product for a Fundraiser

You’re in charge of raising money for your school, the youth group at church, sports team, or any other group, but where do you start? Maybe you’ve decided to sell a product for a fundraiser, such as an awareness car magnet or a custom car magnet.

If you’re still not sure how to sell a product for a fundraiser, use the guide below.

Before the Sale

Before you start selling custom car magnets, you want to get organized. It’s important to get a team of people in your organization to help with the fundraiser. Figure out how you will order the item you plan to sell, what the budget will be, how much you will charge, and other details of your plan.

Once you have a plan in place, it’s time to actually move onto selling your product and raising money for your group.

Get Your Group Ready

Whether you’re raising money for a high school football team or for an entire middle school, you need to assemble your group and get them prepared. They should understand what you’re selling, the benefits of the product, and how to sell it, if they will be helping with the sales.

Provide samples of the product or products you will be selling and speak to the group about how the process will work. Let them know how to accept payment, how to deliver the product, and how to go about selling it. You might even want to have a simple script they can use for selling the product as a fundraiser.

Put Money Management Practices in Place

With some items, your sales team (students, parents, group members, etc.) will collect money as they take orders, and then deliver the product later. Custom car magnets don’t require this step with fundraising, but you will still want to have money management practices in place.

Set up a separate bank account for the fundraiser, if necessary, and decide how you will accept payment. Will you take cash only, credit cards, debit cards, checks, etc.?

You also want to know what to do if a check bounces or if you receive cash payments from your sales team. Make sure you have a plan for dealing with the money and where you plan to deposit it as it comes in.

Set Up Places to Sell

While you might encourage those participating to go door-to-door or speak with family and friends, there are other ways to sell custom car magnets or another product during your fundraiser. You can set up grocery and department stores that will allow you to sell outside of them and send some of your sales team to each location.

It’s also possible to take advantage online with social media. Design a post that everybody can use on Facebook, Twitter, Tic Tok, Instagram, and other social sites. Let them share it on their profile or page with their audience.

With a good social media post, you can drive product sales with the family and friends of all those involved in selling for your group.

You can learn how to sell a product for fundraising with the simple guide above. There are plenty of other things you want to figure out, but this will get you started on the right track.

Fundraising Car Magnets

A Quick Beginner’s Guide to Fundraising

Fundraising Car Magnets
Fundraising Car Magnets

A Quick Beginner’s Guide to Fundraising

Fundraising isn’t the easiest task to undertake. Whether you’re trying to raise funds for a youth group at church or for a middle school, it can be a rather daunting task.

If you’re a beginner at fundraising, there are some basic things you want to understand before moving forward. Let’s look at a few quick things to ensure you have a guide you can use to start fundraising for your group.

Five Quick Tips for Fundraising Beginners

1. Clear and Concise Communication

It’s always important to communicate your fundraiser properly. Whether you’re speaking to a church congregation or you’re sending a letter home for parents, the communication needs to be straightforward and easy to understand.

This is especially true if you plan to let parents, students, or members of your group do the selling during your fundraiser. You want to ensure they receive the message and know exactly how to sell the product you plan to use to raise money.

2. Choose the Right Product/Fundraiser

A huge part of fundraising is matching the right product or fundraiser with your group. It wouldn’t make much sense to have a group of seven-year-olds hold a fancy gala, just as it wouldn’t make much sense to have a casino night for a church that doesn’t believe gambling is okay.

You want to choose a fundraiser your group members can get excited about and fits the age of the group. Some fundraisers are a bit universal, such as selling custom car magnets. Just about any group can sell car magnets designed specifically the way they prefer.

3. Create Opportunities for Your Fundraiser

If you’re selling a product or tickets to an event as a fundraiser, you want to create opportunities for those doing the selling. Don’t just send students or group members out on their own to find ways to sell. Give them ideas and even create opportunities.

For example, you can speak with local businesses and see if there’s a time you can have a few group members set up to sell outside the business. This can effective with grocery stores and gives participants an easy way to earn some sales.

4. Motivate those Selling for You

There are many ways to motivate your group. While you might think the end goal of raising money should be enough motivation, it’s often not going to be.

Some groups will be motivated by prizes they can receive for selling the most or hitting certain milestones. Others might be motivated by a collective goal that helps them earn a pizza party or another type of reward.

Figure out what will motivate your group and use it to your advantage.

5. Stay Very Organized

It can become rather hard to run a successful fundraiser if you’re not organized. Have a system in place to ensure everything is organized and easy to understand.

There are many things you should know about starting out with fundraising. These five tips will get you started and the type of fundraiser you choose will determine how much more you will need to learn before taking on fundraising for your group.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Church Youth Group Fundraisers for Low or No Cost

Church Car Magnets
Church Car Magnets

Church Youth Group Fundraisers for Low or No Cost

You might not have much cash you can spend upfront for your church youth group fundraisers. When you need a low or no-cost fundraiser for your church youth group, you need to know your options.

Below, we are going to look at a few fundraisers you can run without spending a dime. We will also cover a few others that have an upfront cost, but it’s minimal compared to other fundraisers, such as gala events, festivals, and other expensive fundraisers.

Church Youth Group Fundraiser with No Cost

There are several church youth group fundraisers you can run with no upfront cost, such as:

  1. Car Washes (If suppliers are donated and you get volunteers)
  2. Bake Sales (If you have a free place to hold the sale and get donated baked goods)
  3. Wall O’ Money (Cost nothing if you can get the envelopes and a whiteboard or bulletin board for free)
  4. Custom Awareness Magnets (No cost, if you can partner with a sponsoring business)

Car washes and bake sales are pretty common and easy to hold with the youth group members volunteering their time. Congregation members at the church can donate baked goods or supplies for the car wash to make this a free fundraiser to run for your church youth group.

A Wall O’ Money fundraiser is literally a wall of money. You place envelopes with dollar amounts from $1 to $50 or $100 on them. Then, you can put instructions for the donation in the envelope telling donors to put cash or a check in the envelope and put it in the offering plate or basket.

The youth group members can decorate the envelopes to make them stand out and you can raise a good amount of cash with this type of fundraiser. The envelopes will be put on a whiteboard or bulletin board and you will need someone to announce the fundraiser at services to the congregation.

Custom awareness magnets allow you to support a cause, such as autism or a cure for cancer. You can donate some of the proceeds to the organization while raising the funds for your church youth group. If you can find a sponsoring business, they can pay the bill for the magnets in exchange for including their logo on the magnet or within other promotional materials. This makes selling custom awareness magnets a free church youth group fundraiser.

Church Youth Group Fundraiser with a Low Cost

Along with the no-cost church youth group fundraisers above, you can try some of these low-cost fundraisers for church youth groups.

  1. Custom Car Magnets – Pay as little as $0.95 per magnet and sell them for as much as $15 each.
  2. Carnivals – If your church already has supplies for a carnival, such as games and booths, you can run this type of fundraiser for a low cost.
  3. Ice Cream Socials – For the cost of ice cream and toppings, this fundraiser can be run for your church youth group.

There are plenty of good church youth group fundraisers you can run at low or no upfront cost. These are just some of the good ideas. You can even pair selling custom car magnets with another fundraiser to boost your revenue.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Grasping the Many Benefits of Custom Car Magnets

Custom Car Magnets
Custom Car Magnets

Grasping the Many Benefits of Custom Car Magnets

Custom car magnets can be sold to raise funds for all types of organizations. They don’t spoil, require special storage, or take up much space. These effective, powerful little marketing tools can be used to spread your organization’s message, too.

There are many benefits behind custom car magnets as a fundraiser and for other purposes. Let’s look at some of the top benefits so you can better understand what you will be getting when you choose custom car magnets from Arc Marketing.

Easy to Sell/Distribute

Whether you’re selling custom car magnets to raise funds or handing them out to spread awareness, they are easy to sell and distribute. The compact size makes it easy to store thousands of magnets in a small space and hand them out or sell them easily. This is one of the most convenient fundraising items you will find.

Provide Value

For parents of athletes or students, custom car magnets provide the value of showing off pride. They can also be a way to show fandom for a sports team or support for a specific cause. When you sell custom car magnets, they offer value to your audience.

If you’re raising money for a sports team, you can use custom magnets for schedules (more for the fridge than the car) or you can use them to show off pride with the mascot and/or team name. They can also offer a way to spread awareness for a cure for cancer, autism, or another cause.

Very Budget-Friendly

Custom car magnets are incredibly affordable for those trying to raise awareness or funds. Whether you want to buy them in bulk and sell them for a high margin, or you plan to hand them out as a part of another fundraiser or to spread awareness, they are very budget-friendly. You can get custom car magnets for as little as $0.95 per magnet.


While they are called custom car magnets, these magnets can be placed on any magnetic surface. They can be placed on a fridge, filing cabinet, or any other surface. Whether you want to market them as car magnets or just magnets, they can be displayed in many ways.

Visually Attractive

Since these are custom car magnets, you gain the benefit of a visually attractive magnet. You can choose the size, shape, colors, fonts, and more. Of course, our design department is here to help you make these decisions to ensure you have a great-looking magnet.

Offer Functionality

While there isn’t much functionality for the magnets if they are displayed on a vehicle, they can become very functional on a fridge or filing cabinet. Not only can they be decorative, but they can also hold shopping lists, pictures, or other items you want to display. This gives those buying or receiving the magnets a functional item they can use, which offers even more value.

Custom car magnets come with many benefits. Whether you’re using these magnets to raise awareness or to raise funds, you can get them for a low cost and gain all of these benefits and so much more.