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Make Your Wedding Stand Out with Custom Wedding Magnets

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Make Your Wedding Stand Out with Custom Wedding Magnets

Custom wedding magnets are a great option when you want to make your big day stand out. They have many different uses and can enhance your wedding day by creating a lasting impression. If you want to make your wedding just a touch more special, consider the different ways you can use custom magnets.

Your wedding is very important to you and it should be very special. There are plenty of great ways you can use custom wedding magnets to make your big day even better. Let’s look at some of the top ways to use custom car magnets for your big wedding day.

4 Ways to Use Custom Wedding Magnets

1. As Save The Date Cards

Custom magnets work excellently when it comes to using them as a save-the-date card. Instead of potential guests having to find a magnet on their fridge to hold up your save the date, they can just put your custom wedding magnet save the date on the fridge.

Not only does this provide a bit of convenience for guests, but it also allows you a custom look and feel to your save-the-date. It will be thicker than card stock and far more durable, too. This is also very important if you want to send out your save the dates very early.

2. As Actual Invitations

While you will need a unique way to take RSVPs, such as a website, you can use custom wedding magnets as invitations for the big day. Again, just like using them as save-the-dates, they work great because they go right on the fridge. This can help remind guests of the big day and to RSVP on time.

We all go to the fridge multiple times a day, so having your invitation there is a great way to keep your wedding in their mind. It’s a branding trick that can ensure guests RSVP on time and also remember to come to your wedding.

3. As a Wedding Favor

If you’re giving away favors, you can give away a magnet as a cool and unique favor. Everybody does those little bags of Jordan almonds. Don’t be the same as everybody else. Instead, giveaway a custom wedding magnet with a picture of you and your spouse as a wedding favor.

4. Part of a Swag Bag

Maybe one wedding favor isn’t enough for your big day. If you’re giving away swag bags, you can include a custom wedding magnet in the swag bag. This can be a great way to complete your bag and make it a bit more special.

There are many ways to use custom wedding magnets to make your big day even more special. These magnets look and feel better than just simple card stock. They provide a great option to remind guests of the big day or as a way to give them a memento from your big day.

If you want to create your own custom wedding magnet, start with our free virtual magnet design tool. We can help you get the perfect magnets for your big day.

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