Fundraising Car Magnets

PTA and PTO Fundraising

PTA and PTO Fundraising

PTA and PTO Fundraising car magnets

April is usually the month that the new PTA or PTO Officers take over. These new officers have a lot of work to complete over the summer so that everything is ready to run smoothly when school resumes in August.

One thing that is always on the “to-do” list is to line up the fundraisers that will provide the money needed to fund the various projects that they want to complete.

June and July are busy months here at ARC Marketing as hundreds of Parent Groups have us begin designing their new car magnets. You can avoid the rush by contacting us now!

Your Parent/Teacher group can make some serious money, and raise awareness for your school all at the same time.

Let one of our expert designers turn your ideas into a fantastic new car magnet.

Parents love participating in a fund raiser that does not involve huge candy bars, wrapping paper or magazine subscriptions. A custom car magnet will let the parents support their PTA or PTO, and show their pride in their child’s school.

Getting started is easy! Just give us a call at 760-743-6340, or visit our website and request a free “Virtual Magnet” design.

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