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Another growing category at ARC Marketing is Car Magnets for Swim Clubs and Swim Teams. Like all other sports teams, Swim Clubs love to show off, and what better way to let the world know about your swim team than a custom car magnet? Also, like all other sports teams, swim clubs need to raise money for supplies (such as towels, swim robes, lane markers, timing equipment), for travel expenses, for pool rental, etc. Fundraising is a big part of getting the money needed for these expenses.

An easy way to make money and to show off is with custom car magnets from ARC Marketing. With our free design services (you’ll be working with a real human, not a computer program), you’ll get a magnet design that will make every member of your swim team proud. And getting started on your new custom car magnet is easy. Just answer a few simple questions about your design, and one of our artists will start working on your design. Then we’ll email the design to you and make any changes you want (all for FREE, of course!). Once you have exactly the design you want, we’ll print your weather-proof magnets and ship them to you ASAP. Are you ready to get started? Just click here to fill out our Virtual Magnet Form.

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